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Job Seeker Services are customized for each board.

Customization includes the board’s logo. locations, and services. Additional modifications may be made to address specific needs of users and customers. Services may also be embedded directly into an agency’s existing website for a seamless appearance.

The site will be optimized to accommodate all typical devices,  to serve job seekers logging in from their desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.


  • Job Search/Job-Readiness
  • Interviewing: Before and After The Interview
  • Resume Writing Presentation
  • Stress Management Finance Management
  • Transitioning Employment Web Page
  • Online Bookstore Video Chatroom

Employment Web Page

Online Book Store

Video Chatroom

Job Club

Employer Services provide employers with an an application designed to meet their specific requirements. Our systems and processes faciliate a quick an easy way to review and rank appliants, and the opportunity to see and hear applicants on video.
  • Employer Web Page
  • Applicant Pool
  • Employee Tracking Form
  • Job Listings
  • Video Chatroom
  • Job Club
  • Online Virtual Job Fairs

Rapid Response Services assist the Business Services Department with ongoing layoffs, class requirements, and job fairs. These services also give employers access to the Applicant Pool, allow employers to publish all their job listings.


  • Job Search – English
  • Job Search – Spanish
  • Interviewing – English
  • Interviewing – Spanish
  • Resume Writing – English
  • Resume Writing – Spanish
  • Stress Management – English
  • Stress Management – Spanish
  • Financial Management – English
  • Financial Management – Spanish

Applicant Pool

Job Listings

Online Bookstore

Video Chatroom

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