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Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services – a dedication to the growth and productivity of our clients and JOAT Adtheir people. It is very evident that a company is made by its people. Every business depends on its people for success.

This makes hiring a crucial part of your company’s operations.

This is also where we come into the picture – Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services is at your service to support you in Human Resource Pooling, Job Matching and Employment. We screen our applicants and sort them according to experience and specialization. This makes it more efficient for us to provide you with the staff that you need when you need them.

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Jack-of-All-Trades Personnel Services is a full-range employment agency representing the best companies in central Texas. We place qualified workers in short-term, long-term, temp-to-hire and permanent positions.

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Jack-of-All-Trades is an “Equal Opportunity Employer”.

Jack Of All Trades has much to offer:

  • Vacation Pay
  • Safety Awards
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance Available
  • Telephone Answered 24/7 by a trained counselor
  • Bilingual Counselors

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At Spherion®, we believe a job is more than just a means to pay the bills—it is a creative outlet for people to apply their skills and talents to something that’s bigger; something that is both challenging and rewarding. The right job will not leave you dreading Monday morning, but joyfully anticipating what new things the week will hold. If that is something you have yet to discover, then it’s time to call Spherion!

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Spherion is a locally owned staffing company with more than 68+ years of experience helping job seekers find fulfilling career opportunities that enable them to live the life they love! With Spherion as your career partner, you’ll gain access to some of the best jobs in the market. And, because we have strong relationships with the companies in this area, you’ll attract the attention of leading employers who rely on Spherion to fill their jobs with strong Jobs designed to fit your individual needs…

Whether you are seeking a temporary job or a permanent position, Spherion can help you get situated in a job that’s uniquely suited to your needs. Every year, we help 160,000 individuals find jobs that complement their skills, including:

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  • Professional Specialties

Let Spherion help you find a job you’ll love!

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Exciting New Job Opportunity

Are you looking for a great paying job where you can work independently?

If you said yes, we have an amazing opportunity for you?

You will need a CDL B or the ability to obtain one in your first 30 days of employment. You will also need to have a good driving history, positive attitude and the ability to sale and stock delicious merchandise!

Routes run from Waco/Temple/Killeen/Hillsboro

$13.00 per hour + commission

Must be able to pass a D.O.T. physical and a hair follicle drug test

Full-Time Hours (12hr shift)

Full Benefits/ 401K/ Discount Programs (baby formula, etc.)

Criminal Backgrounds considered on a case-by-case basis

Environment: Cold/Hot/Lifting/Driving

Uniforms will be provided


If you would like to apply for this position, please email our Account Executive at:

Hurry! These positions will not be available for long!

Top 10 Jobs of 2014

By Yolanda L Salazar

This article is based on an article by U.S. News of their 100 best jobs selected for 2014. Here I will be providing you with the top 10 Jobs of 2014. If you click on each of the job titles in this article, the link will take you to a full review of the job, to include salary, training and reviews and advice.

badge_the-100-best-jobsAll jobs are definitely not created equal. In fact, some are simply better than the rest. U.S. News 100 Best Jobs of 2014 offers a mosaic of employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-life balance and job security. Some careers offer just the right mix of these components.

For example, nearly 40 percent of our picks are health care jobs; however, the list does include strong showings from occupations in the social services and business sectors. And for the first time, strangely enough, the No. 1 pick is a technology job.

Software Developer #1

software developerWhere would we be without our software developers? Lost, that’s where we would be. They develop software that helps us wake up in the morning, track our routine exercise, allow us to play our games on our devices or computers, find us a restaurant or keep our calendar updated. They do it all.

One type of developer is the individual who develops applications and designs computer software, databases and games. On the other hand, we have the developers who focus on building computer operating systems.

Growth for both types of IT professionals should balloon: The  Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be nearly 140,000 brand new positions created before 2022. That is a projection of 22.8% employment growth for software developers between 2012 and 2022, much faster than average for all occupations.

The profession’s superb job prospects, low unemployment rate and excellent median salary helped this job to grab the coveted No. 1 spot in the ranking of the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

Computer Systems Analyst #2

Comp Systems AnalystA Computer Systems Analyst has a very difficult job. The requirements are numerous, but the most important thing that an analyst of this type needs is the knowledge and understanding of computer hardware, software and networks that make everything work together. These individuals are the ones who make the recommendations to companies and organizations for them to purchase the best operating systems available to meet their particular needs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 24.5 percent employment growth for this job by 2022. The demand for computer systems analysts should grow pretty steadily over the next ten years because businesses are relying more and more on information technology. This profession’s strong growth prospects helped boost computer systems analyst to the No. 2 spot in the ranking of the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

Dentist #3

general_dentistryWho likes to go to the dentist? No one, I suppose, but it is very necessary to see your dentist at least twice a year for regular, routine checkups. If there is anything bad stirring in there, you definitely want to know before it gets any worse. I guess that is the way it is with everything, but the dentist is crucial.

The many jobs of the dentist can cover teeth cleaning, extracting teeth, fitting dentures and filling cavities, to name a few. There is also teeth straightening as well as teeth whitening for those of us who want to have a beautiful smile with brilliant white teeth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment growth of nearly 16% between 2012 and 2022, with more than 23,000 new openings. A comfortable salary, low unemployment rate and agreeable work-life balance boost dentist to the No. 3 position on the list of the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

Nurse Practitioner #4

medical nurse and colleaguesA nurse practitioner is a highly sought-after employee. If you are in training or are thinking about going into training as a nurse practitioner, you may as well have won the lottery. Well, it seems that way anyway. Truthfully, the health care field has bumped up the demand for medical professionals across the county.

Nursing is an excellent field because job opportunities are rampant at the moment. The unemployment rate for this profession is extremely low. Nurse practitioners can take patient histories, perform physical exams, order labs, analyze lab results, prescribe medicines, authorize treatments and even counsel patients and their families with regard to continued care. Candidates for nurse practitioners could also select a specific area of training such as cardiology, dermatology, oncology, orthopedics and much, much more. Along with a specific area of training, nurse practitioners could also specialize in a specific population such as families, adults, pediatrics or geriatrics.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 37,100 new positions for these professionals between 2012 and 2022. It’s a nurse practitioner’s array of capabilities, coupled with the fact they can work independently of physicians when treating patients, that makes the Number 4 position on the list of the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

Pharmacist #5

pharmacistThe job of Pharmacist requires a mix of medical knowledge and people skills which puts this job in high demand. The earnings potential remains relatively high in the health care field and wages have climbed slightly from a year ago.

Pharmacists mix technical, organizational and people skills in a customer service environment. This profession, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is expected to grow 14.5 percent by 2022, with the field adding 41,400 new jobs.

Each day, more than 281,560 pharmacists dispense medicine and advice to patients, hospitals, retail chains, as well as clinical and corporate settings. This is why the profession of Pharmacist has come in as Number 5 in the list of the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

Registered Nurse #6

Registered NurseNursing is an indispensable profession in health care; one where workers are almost always needed. Normally, there are four main areas of specialization for Registered Nurses:

  1. Offering care for a specific health condition, such as diabetes or cancer
  2. A specific part of the body as in dermatology or cardiovascular
  3. A group of people such as premature babies or the elderly; and
  4. A particular type of environment such as emergency room or school.

Also as part of this field, registered nurses could work in anything from medical offices or administering medicine to performing procedures and monitoring a patient’s progress.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates 19.4 percent employment growth and 526,800 brand new jobs in this field between 2012 and 2022. This amazing growth coupled with a 2.6 percent unemployment rate plus good job prospects have helped this industry become the Number 6 spot on the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

 Physical Therapist #7

Physical-Therapist-with-patient3There is a high demand for professionals who plan and execute rehabilitative programs designed to improve patient mobility and lessen pain. Physical therapists could work in hospital settings, clinics or in private environments. The thing that is driving this demand for physical therapists is the fact that older people who have had heart attacks, strokes and other injuries require rehabilitation.

A physical therapist’s job description might also include helping a paralytic regain mobility or a cancer survivor renew his or her strength. Physical therapists are also being called upon to help manage chronic conditions, to include diabetes and obesity.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession can be expected to grow 36 percent by 2022, with the field adding 72,500 more jobs. This is why this profession has secured the Number 7 slot in our list of the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

Physician #8

Doctor with StethoscopePhysicians are truly amazing; some miraculous! This is a title that can add much respect and acknowledgment to any name. This requires many years of education and training. There are two types of doctors: Medical Doctor (M.D) and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (O.D.). Both diagnose and treat patients for a range of medical issues, although a D.O. might also specialize in preventative medicine and holistic patient care.

Of course, physicians, just like nurses, can practice in many and various specialties and they all carry various titles such as pediatricians, gynecologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, psychiatrists and the list can go on and on. This can cover any visible or non-visible parts of your body, to include dealing with your feelings and emotions.

Due to the ever increasing need for medical attention and the fact that we are living longer these days, physicians will always be in very high demand. This means stellar employment prospects in this field.

Physicians are at the top of the health care food chain – it’s their responsibility to diagnose and treat patients, and instruct on proper diet, hygiene and disease prevention. Like other jobs in this industry, physicians will see abundant job growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 123,300 new job openings for physicians from 2012 to 2022, with a jump of 18 percent. That makes physicians Number 8 on our list of Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

Web Developer #9

web developerWeb developers are awesome people, at least in my book! I have the utmost respect for someone who is able to create, design and implement a web page. It may seem easy for some people, but I give my full support to those individuals with the smarts and the know-how in working with web pages.

Web developers are responsible for everything that is perfect when you click a name on your browser and everything neatly falls into place. You can see a color scheme, main image, sleek fonts and clean layouts. The responsibility of designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function, falls on the web developer.

They strive to create the best looking websites for their clients, taking into account what products and services they offer, all in an easy to read and user-friendly manner.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics considers this one of the fastest-growing jobs this decade and predicts employment should swell at a rate of about 20 percent by 2022. 28,500 new jobs are expected to be filled in an industry that already has approximately 141,400 positions already. Because this is a fast growing and highly needed position, the job of web developer makes its mark as #9 on the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

 Dental Hygienist #10

dental-hygiene-new-jerseyA dental hygienist primarily works on preventing dental problems. Their job is to educate patients on the proper ways to brush your teeth, ensure that you floss and offer guidance and advice on the products needed to do this. Everything involved with oral hygiene is the responsibility of a dental hygienist. Something else of note: They make yearly salaries of about $70,700, although most work part time.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 33.3 percent employment growth for this field from 2012 to 2022. That’s why this job has made the list as #10 on the Top 10 Jobs of 2014.

For a complete list of U.S. News Best Jobs of 2014, check out this link.


* All salary information from the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Employment and Wages data, May 2012.


Excerpts from Money Careers of U.S. News

The Graduate Program – Why Should I and How?

By Yolanda L Salazar

That is the question on many grad students’ minds! The reasons to go to graduate school are many and varied. Some students want to ensure that they will have higher earning power and others want to enhance their education — two very good reasons.

graduationWhile having a graduate degree does not always instill a higher earning power, it is something that gives you a higher potential for advanced positions, thus helping the bottom line of making more money. For individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree who have worked and are thinking about going back to school, graduate school is definitely good for advancing your career or perhaps allowing you to make a career change.

It takes a very responsible, mature and committed person to tackle graduate school. It can be very expensive as well as stressful which could cause emotional, physical and financial strains on your family and/or relationships. As I said before, there is no guarantee that you will receive a higher salary; however, it could very well be a worthwhile investment in your future.

The opportunities that can open for you are endless, from working on specialized programs or projects to getting recognition. It can also give you a deep feeling of self-satisfaction and accomplishment.

Whether you decide to go to graduate school or not, I would like to offer you some of the top 10 colleges around the country that are great for 5 very popular fields in today’s workplace. Check these out!

Healthcare Administration

healthcare-administrationA career in Healthcare Administration would certainly merit earning a Master’s Degree. A quote from Tim Dugger, a longtime career coach at Career Café, a provider of one-on-one career coaching programs, says, “If you have a clinical background, this is definitely a degree that is going to enhance your career.

The general business education topics contained in these programs, coupled with the increased knowledge of hospital and practice operations make this one a clear winner, both personally and financially.”

Potential Career Path: Medical or Health Services Manager

Median Annual Salary*: $88,580

Top 10 Percent of Earners: $150,560

Bottom 10 Percent of Earners: $53,940

The Department of Labor also says that if you already work in the medical field, a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration or a related field could be necessary to move into more advanced positions. For example, if you’re a registered nurse, this degree could help prepare you to pursue a position as a Nursing Service Administrator, according to the Department.

Top 10 Online Master’s Degree Program in Healthcare Administration

  1. Colorado State University
  2.  Penn State University
  3.  Ohio University
  4.  University of Cincinnati
  5.  Louisiana State University-Shreveport
  6.  University of Memphis
  7. Saint Joseph’s University
  8.  University of Maryland
  9.  Bellevue University
  10.  George Washington University

Psychology and Counseling

PsychologyIf you already have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, it would probably be wise to consider going after a Master’s Degree. It should definitely be a great investment.

Mr. Dugger says, “In areas such as mental health, marriage and family counseling, industrial and organizational psychology, therapy, and counseling, a Master’s Degree is the entry-level ticket to admission in this high-growth field.”

Potential Career Path: Marriage and Family Therapist

Median Annual Salary*: $46,670

Top 10 Percent of Earners: $75,120

Bottom 10 Percent of Earners: $25,540

To have a career in marriage and family counseling, a Master’s Degree is a requirement. Marriage and family therapy programs typically teach students how different types of relationships function, and how they affect mental and emotional disorders. In addition to this degree, you will need a license which requires an  additional two years of supervised clinical practice.

Top 10 Master’s Degree Programs in Psychology and Counseling

  1. Columbia University
  2.  University of Wisconsin
  3.  Pepperdine University
  4.  Princeton University
  5.  University of Pennsylvania
  6.  Harvard University
  7.  Stanford University
  8.  Carnegie Mellon University
  9.  John’s Hopkins University
  10.  University of California

Business Administration

business-administrationIf you have a business background and would like to move up the career ladder, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration is your ticket. An MBA can be different and Tim Dugger explains why: “It all depends on your area of expertise. In general, undergraduate technical degrees (in areas like science, tech, engineering, or math) married with some kind of graduate business education can create a well-rounded and more promotable individual. For these people, an MBA is a powerful career enhancer.”

He goes on to say that if you’re not in a technical field, not to worry. He says you could still do well with an MBA if you look specifically at a concentration in finance.

“I’ve seen this degree make the difference in numerous hiring situations. Finance done right is a ‘big picture’ field and so it only makes sense that a finance MBA with its broad focus is viewed as an asset by hiring managers,” he says.

Potential Career Path: Financial Analyst

Median Annual Salary*: $88,580

Top 10 Percent of Earners: $150,560

Bottom 10 Percent of Earners: $53,940

While you may be qualified to pursue this gig with a bachelor’s degree in a field like accounting, economics, or business administration, many employers now require an MBA, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Additionally, The Department of Labor says an MBA or a Master’s Degree in Finance can improve your chances of advancing to positions like portfolio manager, in which you might oversee a team of analysts. Another career you could advance to with a Master’s is Fund Manager, in which you would be in charge of big portfolios for single investors.

Top 10 Master’s Degree Programs in Business Administration

  1. Pepperdine University
  2.  Quinnipiac University Online
  3.  Northeastern University
  4.  Arizona State University
  5.  University of Massachusetts
  6.  Drexel University
  7.  University of Louisiana Monroe
  8.  Ball State University
  9.  University of Nebraska Lincoln
  10.  Texas A&M Commerce

Public Administration

public-administrationIs the government a field you would like to explore? If your goals are to one day pursue a career in the political system, then, you definitely should check out a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. This is what Mr. Tim Dugger feels as well.

“Most people pursuing this degree are seeking a career in some area of government. This is yet another degree that can be a significant contributing factor in a person’s advancement potential within government roles.”

There is one caveat, however: If you ever want to switch career tracks and transition out of government, this degree could hold you back – in terms of both general preparedness and marketability, says Dugger. That’s because it may be more difficult for employers to relate to the skill set this degree may have given you.

Potential Career Path: Political Scientist

Median Annual Salary*: $102,000

Top 10 Percent of Earners: $155,490

Bottom 10 Percent of Earners: $49,290

For this career, a Master’s Degree is imperative, since the U.S. Department of Labor lists a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. in Public Administration, Political Science, or a related field as a requirement for this career track. Most students in an MPA, Master of Public Policy (MPP), or Master of Public Affairs program can choose a specific area of interest, says the Department of Labor. And political scientists with a Master’s Degree could also qualify for teaching positions at community colleges, the Department notes.

Top 10 Master’s Degree Programs in Public Administration

  1. Syracuse University Maxwell
  2. University of Georgia
  3.  Indiana University
  4.  Harvard University
  5.  University of Kansas
  6.  University of Southern California
  7.  Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
  8.  American University
  9.  New York University
  10.  George Washington University


nursingPursuing a career in Nursing may get you to thinking that there is no need for a Master’s Degree. However, in many states, nurse practitioners with a Master of Science in Nursing can perform many of the same functions as a physician, to include physical exams and writing prescriptions.

Joe Weinlick, Vice-President of Marketing at, a career network website that helps people grow and succeed professionally states, “Nurses don’t necessarily need a Master’s Degree to find good jobs, but getting a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) can open up additional doors and opportunities.”

For example, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) says that a job as a nurse practitioner can be highly rewarding and also pays as much as 50 percent higher than a registered nurse. And Weinlick agrees, but says you’ll need to hurry to cash in. “Today an RN can become a nurse practitioner in most states by obtaining an MSN. Starting in 2015, a Doctor of Nursing Practice will be required, according to the AACN,” he adds.

Potential Career Path: Nurse Practitioner

Median Annual Salary*: $89,960

Top 10 Percent of Earners: $120,500

Bottom 10 Percent of Earners: $64,100

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, you’ll need a Master’s Degree to move forward in your career to a position as an advanced practice registered nurse which includes nurse practitioners. And here’s an important point: In addition to earning your MSN, you must also be licensed as an RN, the Department says.

Top 10 Master’s Degree Programs in Nursing

  1. Georgetown University
  2.  John Hopkins University
  3.  Western Governor’s University
  4.  Duke University
  5.  Capella University
  6.  Drexel University
  7.  Kaplan University
  8.  Loyola University New Orleans
  9.  University of Florida
  10.  University of Texas Tyler

* All salary information from the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Employment and Wages data, May 2012.

Excerpts from article entitled “Is Grad School Worth It? Five Degrees That Are” by Andrea Duchon

College Loans Giving You the Blues?

By Melvin Collins, Jr.

College loans certainly can be a pain in the side and in the pocketbook, if not handled properly!

It’s the college loan that makes students (and parents) worry about their education plan. They have to be aware of how much money it is going to take in order for them to complete their requirements and not totally burden themselves with this financial animal. It is terrifying and intimidating to think of all the money they will owe for a college education.

In 2012, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that the average outstanding student loan balance was $24,301, with 10% of borrowers owing more than $58,000.

Today we are going to talk about how you may be able to get out from under that debt in a more expeditious manner. According to investment managers and financial planners, the following are the top 5 fastest ways to re-pay your college loan and get out from under that financial burden.

1Treat the Loan Like a Mortgage

payment-plansIf you can afford it, treat the loan like a mortgage and simply make larger payments to reduce the principal more quickly, says financial planner Allan Katz, CFP, president of Comprehensive Wealth Management Group in New York’s Staten Island.

For example, a $25,000 student loan with 6.8% interest with a 10-year payback period would cost $288 a month. Paying $700 a month instead of $288 enables the borrower to re-pay the loan in just over three years, Katz says.
By doing this, borrowers are “paying the principal down more quickly, which results in lower interest charges,” he says. By paying extra, the entire loan would cost $28,000 rather than $34,560.

Another strategy is adding payments and sending in checks every two weeks rather than monthly.

Once that college loan is repaid, the benefits proliferate. “It’s one less debt you owe. The money you make is now free to be invested and applied to owning a house, saving for retirement or putting a child through college,” Katz says.

2Create a 3- to 5-Year Plan

budgetClayton Shearer, a Certified Financial Planner at Wellness Financial Services in Thornton, Colo., urges clients to create a three- to five-year plan to pare down college debt. Knowing exactly when the loan ends is comforting for many clients. Clients “have a goal in place, they’re committed to it and they know exactly what to pay monthly,” Shearer says. Paying it becomes part of their monthly routine comparable to submitting checks for mortgages, cable TV and telephone.

For example, two clients had $50,000 combined in college debt and were making around $100,000 a year jointly. To pay it off, they established a budget and curtailed spending. Their budget was helped by two sizable bonuses from work, resulting in their sending $800 per month for two years to cancel their college debt. Had they not prepaid, it would have taken about 15 years to pay off the loan. The result, Shearer says, is clients “get debt-free and have a load lifted off their shoulder.”


3Establish Your Own College Re-Payment Fund

savingsIf a graduate can save an additional $100, $200 or more a month and deposit it into an account via automatic savings, it can expedite re-payment. Having money moved automatically is effective because it’s forced savings, Katz says. It enables people to set aside money to grow what otherwise would be spent on TVs or iPhones. Just make sure to set up an account that will be used only for paying back your college debt. Don’t use checking or savings accounts you already have because you might use that money for something other than your loan.

When you create the account, you can tie it to mutual funds, saving accounts, annuities and stocks that offer dividend re-investment plans. The most effective way to ensure that the money saved multiplies is to let the money grow until it accumulates into a lump sum and then transfer it a chunk at a time to pay off the loan balance. “How long somebody must save depends on the returns they get, as well as the amount they are investing and how much they owe,” he says.

Of course, there’s risk associated with savings in investments like mutual funds because the stock market is volatile and can falter. Typically over the span of a five-year or longer loan, stock market investments recover and grow, he says.

4Start Early With a Part-Time Job in College

Work_in_progressEarning money while attending college is one way to be proactive about keeping college debt in check, says Charles Sachs, a principal at Private Wealth Counsel in Miami. He says it’s a win-win because “getting a paid position while still in school generates some money that offsets loans and builds invaluable industry specific knowledge.”

If a student can manage to put away $1,000 a month, “that’s $12,000 (a year) less in student loans and not having to take that money out in loans — a big savings,” Shearer says.

Working part time while attending college can also strengthen a student’s ability, Shearer says. It develops discipline, provides real-world experience and earns income to lower future debt obligations, he adds.

5Avoid the Usual Traps

The most compelling obstacle preventing people from re-paying loans faster is the need for “instant gratification,” Shearer says. People can lose sight of their future financial goals, live for today, and “fall off the budgetary wagon,” he says. The most effective way to reduce debt is to plan ahead, make some sacrifices, focus on future financial goals and delay instant gratification.

Katz agrees. Maintaining financial discipline is a difficult hurdle for many people, he says. “Most people don’t have the discipline to save. Most people spend like goldfish eat, which is non-stop,” Katz says.

The people who succeed at reducing college debts are those who “live within their own means and are conscientious about saving,” Katz says.

These are all some very helpful tips given to you by professionals in the field of finance and investment. They all require commitment, planning and definite budget constraints, but won’t it be worth it to get rid of that heavy burden of a college loan? I hope these tips help you get your college debt under control.

• Excerpts from article entitled “The 5 Fastest Ways to Re-Pay Your College Loans” on the Bankrate website.


Are You Using the Right Job Search Tools?

By Yolanda Salazar

For the past 50 or 60 years, resumes have been the thing to do in putting your name out there for a job. Resumes do serve their purpose; however, with today’s technology, there is so much more out there to take advantage of in order to announce to employers that you are available and ready to work.

I am going to summarize a few tools that might come in handy for you in your job search efforts. Some of them may be right down your line and others may not even be of any interest to you. Go over each of them and see if there is something that might be able to help you get noticed or something that you had not even thought about doing in your job search.


Internet1The Internet

You can search for jobs anywhere on the Internet by simply going to a search engine (such as Google, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and entering the type of job you want and the location, for instance, and the Internet will locate the types of jobs you are looking for in the area you want them. You can also look up names of companies and see what they have in their own particular websites to see what job positions are open.

Social Media

Social media is all the buzz right now. You can’t turn the corner on your street without somebody knowing where you are, what you are doing and where you are going, maybe even how you are feeling! But social media can especially be used in working your job search. You can get alerts, make comments, search for jobs, or even re-tweet information. There is so much you can do with social media.

  • Twitter2Twitter: 140-character (or less) messages can be sent and received between Twitter registered users. If an employer is on Twitter, you, as a job seeker, can choose to follow them and see all the news for that company as it happens. They can also post jobs and other pertinent information.
  • LinkedInLinkedIn: LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that can be used by employers to connect with registered interested individuals of jobs that they post. They can also establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. It is almost like a business version of Facebook or Twitter.
  • Facebook-Icon-2Facebook: Facebook was started as an online tool for fellow students to connect and share photos around campus. The idea spread to other colleges and then, it went public. Now, it is not just for friends and family; it also is being used by employers to post jobs and job information. By creating a business page, they can make contact with various registered individuals as this tool offers users a variety of ways to publicly or privately share data. Users can “like” a business page and then be connected to everything that is posted for that particular employer.
  • youtube_logo_stacked-vfl225ZTxYou Tube: This web tool allows users to upload short videos for private or public viewing. This allows job seekers to post a video of themselves for the benefit of an employer seeing it. The only drawback to an employer being able to see it is that everyone else can see it as well — not very secure for this purpose. A job seeker can, however, view company information or data posted on the site for the purpose of filling a position.

There are other social media avenues available and used such as Pinterest, Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram and many, many others. Check them out at your leisure and find out if any of them will work out for you.


A blog is a web log that can be created by an employer or even just another person and you can read information relevant to the topic they are discussing. If it is an employer, they will, most likely, be talking about a job or event such as a job fair. If It is simply another person, they could be discussing anything. However, if you research and find job blogs, then, you can read the entries and if you care to, you can post to their blog. You can even register with them so that you can get notifications when new things are posted. You have the option of just reading, responding or joining in the discussion.

Forum poster conceptual design. Online public discussion message backgroundForums

A forum is a communication tool that individuals, schools, companies and employers use to engage with other individuals. Employers can use a forum for posting job information or positions. A forum is used to distribute information with regard to a company position, listing all pertinent data with regard to a particular job or category. I have seen a forum that lists various job categories and the job seeker is able to click on a category and it will take them to various positions within that category. At the end of the forum, there is usually a website or link where you can apply for a particular job or send an e-mail to a certain e-mail address.

E-Mail NotificationsE-Mail Notifications

If you register with certain employment websites, you can choose to have e-mail notifications sent to you by a company website. You can manage how you want those notifications to come into your e-mail box.  Go to your Settings, click on Notifications and indicate what notifications you would like to receive and where and what you do not want to receive. Employment websites can send you notifications of job openings, closings or job or hiring events, if you are registered with them.

WebsitesJob Websites

This form of tool is similar to just using the Internet. It simply allows for a job seeker to google or search a company name and be able to select how much or how little information they want to see or read. In this medium, everything you ever wanted to know about a company can be accessed. Job websites give you instructions of how to apply for jobs, the location of the position, telephone numbers with names of individuals posting the jobs or doing the interviewing.

unnamedRSS Feeds

An RSS feed is a vehicle for delivery of information. This format is used when news needs to be spread to various other places. When the information is distributed, it is called a feed. Many employers use RSS feeds so that their company information, to include job announcements, can be widespread. You, as a job seeker, can choose to receive partial feeds or full feeds. Partial feeds can include a headline and some content with a link to take you back to the website where you can read the entire story.

A full feed just delivers the entire article to your news reader and you don’t have to go back to the website to gather any of the content. You can receive all the latest news right away without having to do a search on the web. Simply set up your preferences one time and then, the news or content comes straight to your desktop. Your subscription can remain anonymous; you don’t even need to supply an e-mail address. Search the web to find out how to subscribe to a news reader so that you can begin to receive RSS feeds for particular companies.

These are just some of the tools available to job seekers. There are literally thousands of websites, feeds, search engines, employment sites and company sites that can help a job seeker. Take a few minutes and explore the Web for resources you can use. Good Luck in your job search endeavors!

When Opportunity Knocks…

By Ayunne Collins

when-opportunity-knocksWhen opportunity knocks, do you answer?

Well, do you?

Everyone is always told to never give up. Many people take that advice, but others may not always follow suit. At a certain age, you start to get hit with life quotes and I am throwing one at you. Here is one that may apply to most.

“When one door closes, another opportunity will come knocking on your door.”

Opportunity-KnockingHave you ever been out looking and applying for jobs, just to find out that you didn’t get the job? Well, view that as a door closing, but pretty soon, another job will come up and that will be your other opportunity knocking at your door.

Never give up, even if something should go wrong because another opportunity is always on the way to you and it can only get better.

87You can fall down 7 times, but you need to get up 8 times. Don’t let your fallen opportunities make you. You should keep striving and getting where you feel you should be and where you belong. Make the best of yourself and of your life. Make your family and friends proud of what you can accomplish. Make yourself proud!

positivityPositivity is the best key to success. Things may not be presented to you right to your face, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. As soon as you see that opportunity knocking, get up and open that door. Take it! Say, “Opportunity, come on in!”

Don’t let anyone else tell you what opportunities to take or discard. Make up your own mind what will work best for you and for your family. Don’t get discouraged. Do something about it. Many times, people will miss opportunities, even when they are staring them in the face, because they are so focused on not getting what they want. They complain and they moan about it, but they won’t do anything. Why? Because they are afraid. Afraid of what, you say? Failure, change, the unknown. So don’t fall into this category. Get up and do something about it. You will feel better.


Is Your Career Blooming?

By Silvia Seelig

In searching for a job, many things need to be taken into consideration when selecting the companies that interest you. You should think about the type of job you want, the type of work environment that best suits you, and what a company has to offer you as an employee.

Compass Pointing the Way to Business OpportunityOne important thing you should do is to determine whether a company offers advancement opportunities that you can take advantage of in order to create job longevity. You can take control of your job advancement opportunities by identifying a company and what it has to offer before you accept a job with them. After you have been hired, you need to find out what you need to do in order to be considered for a promotion or another position within the company. By selecting stable and secure companies and companies that will advance you from within, you can create job security for yourself.

OJTMany companies today look at their employees to promote into positions within the company or give them the opportunity to apply for jobs that become available. If you are interested in advancing within a company, knowing what they offer and how you can best take advantage of the opportunity will help you reach the desired position you are seeking. You may find that in order to get into a desired company, you may need to accept an entry level position and work your way up into your desired position. Many companies offer on-the-job training and then, quickly advance individuals into higher positions.

IBEX GlobalOne company that is new to the New Braunfels area, IBEX Global, is such a company. It offers its employees the opportunity to advance into higher positions within a few months of working on the job. They offer on-the-job training and advancement opportunities including having employees apply for job openings within the company.

IBEXThey have quickly identified employees that show leadership skills and have positioned them to be promoted into team leader roles and management positions. IBEX Global is an advocate of looking at its own employees to promote and supports them as they seek to move into other positions within the company.

How can you grow within the company you are working for, you may ask?

LearningFirst of all, identify the advancement opportunities that exist and determine what you need to do in order to be recognized and considered for a promotion or for a job opening you may desire. You may need to learn a few new skills or take a class or two in order to qualify for the position, but you may find that the company offers educational incentives and/or training. Take advantage of any training your employer may offer to further develop your skills.

perform engageSecondly, take the initiative to increase your visibility within the company. Increase your responsibility to show your value and abilities to your employer. Your action will show your employer that you are able to handle more responsibility and will increase your chances of being promoted or considered for the job you desire. You want to position yourself so that when a job opening becomes available, your job performance and abilities have already been recognized.

Thirdly, let your employer know that you are interested in advancing within the company. You may find that your employer will work with you to establish a long-term job opportunity for you and turn your job into a career.

opportunity_careerGrowing and advancing within a company is a win-win situation for you as the employee as well as your employer. Take the time to find out if the company you are looking to work for offers job advancements and lateral job moves. If so, take advantage of every opportunity offered and create job security for yourself.  Remain visible as a valued and qualified employee and be prepared for any opportunity that presents itself.


If Not Resumes, Then What?

By Silvia Seelig

Regular resumes have almost become obsolete. It is still a good idea to have one, but don’t stop there. We suggest that you always have an electronic resume at your convenience, but other than resumes, we will also discuss other job search tools available to you.

Electronic Resumes

InternetThe internet has become a tool widely used by many individuals searching for a job and many companies are now using the internet to find qualified candidates for positions they need to fill. Many companies are now requesting that job candidates apply online through their company websites for jobs instead of filling out paper applications or just providing a resume.

In order to be prepared for the online environment in your job search, you should have an electronic resume in addition to a paper resume. You may ask why have an electronic resume or what are the advantages of having one?  Very simply, you will be able to submit your electronic resume to potential employers or individuals helping you find a job within minutes of talking with them by e-mailing your electronic resume to them. The internet provides you with the opportunity to immediately submit your resume with just a click of a button.

Also, since most people have e-mail capabilities on their phones today, you can access your electronic resume from wherever you are and are able to forward it to any interested party. Being able to take quick action in submitting your resume for a job could make all the difference between you getting a job versus being too late in submitting your resume for consideration.  Having an electronic resume keeps you prepared for any opportunity that may arise.

Employment KeywordsA paper resume is written for a visual scan by an individual while an electronic resume is written to be searched by a computer. Putting an electronic resume together requires that you follow certain guidelines in order to have success in your job search.  When employers look at electronic resumes, they use key words or phrases to find qualified candidates. In writing your electronic resume, you should focus on nouns to describe yourself to employers. These keywords should provide information on your work experience, education, and skills. Keep your electronic resume simple … remember that it is a computer that is reading your resume. Some simple guidelines to be effective are to use white paper, simple templates, no underlining, and if using bullets, be sure to space between the bullet and the text that follows. These guidelines can help your electronic resume stand out from the pool of resumes that are being searched by employers.

Applicant Database and Tracking

Applicant DatabaseMany companies are using resume database services that maintain pools of job applicants and having an electronic resume is mandatory for any applicant to be entered into the employee candidate pool of resumes. CampusJobXpress (CJX) uses such a database system for applicant information as well as tracking. Employers provide CJX with specific qualifications required for a job by using relevant keywords or phrases which will be used to match the specific qualifications to possible candidates by having the system search the database.  Again, using nouns as your keywords and/or phrases on your electronic resume will make it easier for you to get noticed when employers are looking for qualified candidates and it can be done quickly.

With the Applicant Tracking tool, CJX can maintain a job seeker’s process as they interview from company to company. The job seeker’s job search efforts will be followed closely and monitored throughout the process of finding employment by company, dates and various other criteria.

Employment Web Page

PastedGraphic-1There are many online platforms available to those seeking jobs today. There are job bank sites, recruiting companies, and company websites that allow you to submit an electronic resume. These platforms can range from being able to submit only an electronic resume or to those sites that offer you the opportunity to submit video bios and pictures of yourself. CampusJobXpress offers free employment web pages to all job seekers. This database site offers those individuals seeking jobs an opportunity to create a personalized web page on the CJX platform at no cost to the job seeker. Job applicants are able to submit an electronic resume, a picture, a summary of qualifications, and a video resume. These individuals are then entered into an applicant job pool and their resumes are then available to any employer who is seeking candidates for its job openings.

This type of database offers job applicants an opportunity to be considered for a job without having to apply for it because employers are contacting CampusJobXpress and asking that they search their applicant pool database and search through the electronic resumes to find qualified candidates for them to contact. These types of services are more effective in helping you find the job you are looking for without having to go from one company to another. Take advantage of the online services available to you and have more success in your job search.

The Employment Web Page consists of your electronic resume, your summary of qualifications or bio, your professional photo as well as a video resume. It also provides a URL for job seekers to send to interested employers or other individuals.


Once a job seeker registers onto, they can upload their resume to the CampusJobXpress platform. This resume will be available to any employer seeking applicants.

Summary of Qualifications

This bio will either be extracted from the resume itself or one will be developed for the job seeker to showcase their qualifications, education, experience and skills and abilities. The employer will be able to view the job seeker’s bio at a glance and know which applicant they would like to interview.

Professional Photo

The job seeker can either upload their own photo to the website or request to have one taken. Photos should be taken with a clear background and the job seeker should wear clothing of solid colors, not heavily patterned. A smile is always nice on a professional photo. CJX Staff will approve all photos uploaded to the website.

Video Resume

The video should be no less than 30 seconds but no longer than one minute. If the job seeker chooses to record their own video, they can then upload it to the website for viewing capabilities by any employer on the CJX database system. Again, remember to have that clear background and no noise factors while you are recording. Just as in the photo, remember to smile during or at the end of your video. Thank the viewer for taking the time to view your video. If the job seeker does not have the capability or the tools necessary for creating a video resume, then, they may request from CampusJobXpress to have one done for them. This can be requested by simply sending an e-mail to


A URL is created for each job seeker who creates a video resume. This URL is a link that appears at the bottom of the Employment Web Page. The URL can also be placed anywhere on the job seeker’s resume or if the job seeker chooses to send it to an interested employer, they may provide the link by e-mail, text message, or any other means available to them.

All information on the CampusJobXpress website is secure and password-protected and can only be viewed by registered employers, never by other users!

 Register NOW for your own Employment Web Page at!

Employment Page

Job Search: Ready! Set! Go!

By Ayunne Collins

When preparing for a job search, what are the appropriate steps to take? What do you have to do to get ready? What items should you put together for purpose of ease? How should you conduct this job search? All these questions come to mind when you get out there trying to find that perfect job for yourself.

ten-stepsThere are ten steps to easily follow from the book Ten Steps To A Job Search from ADAPT Publishing Company.

adapt04Pay attention to this format because it is a very simple process, but if executed correctly, it can lead to a successful job search.

Step 1: Accept the Job of Finding a Job

Plan out the types of of jobs you would like to do. Write down the skills required. Then, write down your thoughts and goals with the jobs you find that fit you and your needs. Write down the date the job offer closes so you don’t miss it; put multiple reminders in your phone and jot it down in multiple places so you can be reminded.

Step 2: A Winning Attitude

Have a positive attitude while searching for jobs. Make sure your mind always says, “I am successful and I am smart.” Don’t sell yourself short. Make sure you stay confident and strong-willed. Do NOT let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because you can.

There are 18 tips for powerful ways of approaching your job search:

1. Be curious 2. Be confident 3. Be gutsy
4. Be prepared 5. Be and feel challenged 6. Be connected
7. Be frugal with your time 8. Be fearless 9. Be friendly
10. Be easygoing 11. Be creative 12. Be active
13. Be diligent 14. Be proactive 15. Be positive
16. Be promotable 17. Be sellable 18. Be successful


get-organized1Step 3: Get Organized

Being organized while searching for a job is very important. This is true, not only while searching for a job, but more importantly, when you get hired for the job. While job searching, create a To Do list to help you keep up with what you need to do in order to find that job. As you complete the things on your list, you should check them off, so you know what has been completed. For the things you weren’t able to complete in that day, start a new list for the next day, and start it off with the ones you weren’t able to complete the day before. This way, you won’t leave anything undone.

Keep a daily record of jobs you find with notes for each one to help you remember which jobs had more benefits than others or which jobs would be a better fit for you. Also on this daily record, keep track of contacts and phone numbers to help you stay connected.

Step 4: Target What You Want

As I said before, look for the jobs that you would like to do and want to do. Getting a job you don’t enjoy or a job that you have no passion for will make it harder for you to be motivated or even want to go to work. Always research the job and read up on it to make sure that is the job you really want. Don’t just jump in for the money; make sure you are going to enjoy that job and give it all you’ve got. Make sure it’s the right fit for you. Use the internet and keep track of everything you research on the job as well as the company.

Step 5: Discover Leads

Keep your lines of communication open to everyone you know and ask them for help in searching for a job. Ask them (family, church members, former co-workers, etc.) if they know of any open job openings or places you can check out.

networkStep 6: Create A Network

Job searching requires you to establish a network — a network of people, agencies, resources, internet, social media and anything else that will assist you in finding your perfect job.

 Step 7: Produce Great Materials

By materials, we basically mean, write a great and successful resume Use the following tips to help you:

Use the following tips to help you produce your resume.

1. Carefully prepare what you want to say or present.
2. Use a format best suited to make your resume say its best about you.
3. Use a format which will be easy to read by the potential employer.
4. Carefully check and correct any all errors.
5. Use very good resume paper for printing and/or copying purposes.
6. Use a format that will make your resume look appealing.
7. Read your resume out loud to test its impressiveness.
8. Be specific, accurate and truthful while presenting yourself in the best light.
9. Match your experience and qualifications to fit the job(s) for which you apply.
10. Learn all you can about creating a resume by reading a book, taking a class, researching the internet or seeking the assistance of an expert.

Step 8: Make Contacts

Design contact sheets for yourself. These sheets can contain information on individuals who you speak to on a daily basis or people you know who may be able to help you. Maintain a list of their name, address, telephone number and e-mail address for ease of contacting them. You may also be able to keep little notes about what job they referred you to or what company they told you to research. This way, when you do your references, it’s a breeze in filling out your reference page.

scheduleStep 9: Stay on Schedule

Applications and contacts should always be followed up with requests for interviews. You have a lot to do in planning and scheduling your job search. Find the time to create a Daily Action Log as well as your follow-up information. When filling out your applications, it’s very important to remember things you’ve done and when you’ve done them.

Step 10: Give A Great Interview!

You make think you’re done after all that, but you have one more step. Your interview! Go into your interview with confidence and a big smile. When you are greeted, give a nice firm handshake, not a floppy fish handshake. Walk with your back straight. Sit tall with your back nice and straight, but look relaxed. Make eye contact and be honest. Most of all be you and you will do great!

These steps are excerpts from Ten Steps To A Job Search by ADAPT Publishing Company. To read these steps on a more thorough basis, go to and click on WPMG Network and click on Workforce Partners. Scroll down to Books and there you will find, not only the Ten Steps Job Search Workbook, but you will also be able to view and read other books, videos and other services that may be helpful in your job search or even in your life.

Getting An Employer’s Attention

By Yolanda L Salazar

With the job market the way it is today, it is not only difficult to get a job, but it is becoming extremely difficult in just getting an interview. There could be many reasons why you are not getting an interview. Take a good look at your resume.

Is it concise and easy to read?
Does it have a good appearance?
Does it state the qualifications needed for the job for which you are applying?
Is it error-free?
Does it capture the employer’s attention?

Let’s take these one at a time!

First, Is it concise and easy to read?

Make sure that your resume is not over two pages long. A one-page resume is ideal; however, it is understandable if you have had various jobs that require you to show the experience that you have, it may need to be two pages long, but never more than that! I cannot tell you how many resumes I have seen that are as long as 6 or 7 pages and very difficult to read and understand. Many times, people get too wordy or too explicit about the job they performed and essentially, it is not really necessary to state everything that you did in a job. You only need to mention the most specific and vital duties necessary in carrying out your daily assignments and responsibilities. Also, make sure that you list your duties in a bulleted format to make those duties pop out. Do not use sentences, rather use phrases.

TelephoneFor example, I answered all the telephones for five people who worked in my area and I gave them all their messages on a daily basis.

Instead, say, Answered telephones on a daily basis and distributed messages to 5 department staff

Second, Does it have a good appearance?

When preparing your resume, select a format that is pleasing to the eye. The regular traditional resume is a good format because it allows you to list your entries in a way that can make your resume balanced. Try not to leave sentences or phrases hanging.  Don’t  crowd your resume; ensure that it looks well spaced and neat.

Third, Does it state the qualifications needed for the job for which you are applying?

Don’t use skills or qualifications that don’t even matter to the employer. If he is looking for an accountant, don’t tell him about your nursing degree. Whatever the position is, focus your attention to those qualifications. If you don’t have extended experience in a certain field, but you have, in your jobs, done something similar to what the employer is seeking, then build that up. Make it noticeable and gear your words and statements to make a better fit for that job. Do the same thing with your education and training. Have you completed courses in that field or perhaps, you have been enrolled in some sort of training that could possibly be the thing that gets you noticed. If you see a job and it is no where near what you do, don’t apply for that job. You are just wasting your time as well as the employer’s.

error-freeIs it error-free?

After you have done your resume, look it over and read it thoroughly, down to your name, telephone number, address and email. Check it to make sure that you have not made any mistakes or have any typos. After you have read it, re-read it. After you have done that, give it to a family member or a friend who will take the time to read it thoroughly as well. Don’t give it to your brother who doesn’t even like to read and expect him to point out any errors. Give it to your friend who is a good editor or looks for attention to detail. Those individuals will help you find all the errors and they will also correct any wording or phrasing to make your resume sound awesome.

Does it capture the employer’s attention?

Is there something on your resume that will make that employer look at you more than the other 99 people applying for his job? Let me give you this small tidbit of information. I like to create resumes with a Summary of Qualifications. This summary is a list of phrases that will address everything that is on your entire resume. When employers have 100 resumes to review, they will only take 15 to 30 seconds to glance at a resume. That is hardly enough time to read the entire resume and you have some very important things that you want the employer to know about you. Therefore, create this Summary of Qualifications and say everything that is important in about 8 to 10 phrases or bullets.

For example:

  • Over 15 years experience in the Nursing Industry
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Alto College
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Completed Training in Emergency Medical Shelter Management
  • Supervisory and Management Skills
  • Punctual and Dependable with Strong Work Ethic
  • Dynamic Communication and Organizational Skills
  • Ability to Work in Fast-Paced Medical Environments
  • Willing to Accept New Challenges and Learn New Tasks
  • Work well independently as well as part of a team

SummaryFrom this summary, an employer can see that you have extensive experience in nursing plus you earned a degree from Alto College. You are certified in CPR/First Aid and you have also completed courses in certain programs. An employer can see from this summary that you possess leadership skills because you have supervised and managed staff, plus you have the ability to convey assignments to them with your dynamic communication skills. You are also telling the employer that you are a responsible and dependable employee. An employer likes to see that an individual is always willing to learn new things and does not shy away from accepting new challenges. Lastly, that employer can see that you work well alone but you are also a team player. This summary could very well catch the eye of the employer or hiring manager

Now, the beauty of all of this is that reading through that Summary of Qualifications will probably only take 10 to 15 seconds to read. That is enough time for the employer to know just about everything about you. If he sees something in this summary that intrigues him, then, he will look further at your resume to read some more comprehensive information about you. It could very well catch his eye and have him wanting to see more. This is where you will get noticed.

Are you using the technology that is available to you?

There are many different websites that offer various services for little or no money. Find these job search sites and learn what they can do for you.

You definitely want to make yourself stand out in a crowd! You want to do something different from everyone else. At, you can create an Employment Profile Page. This is a web page of your very own. You will be able to download your resume, a professional photo, your bio or summary of qualifications plus you can create a one-minute or less video of yourself. In this video, you will answer the question an employer will make of you, “Tell me a little about yourself.” You can tell the employer all about your education and training, your experience, your knowledge, skills and abilities in addition to awards, certifications or licenses that you may possess. This video allows you to talk to the employer as if you were sitting directly in front of him at his office. The video creates a link that you can send to the employer by e-mail or simply place the link on your resume. In this way, the employer will be able to determine whether he  wants to grant you an interview and possibly hire you.

Check out the page below and check out the rest of this website. Should you have any questions and want to find out more, simply send an e-mail to Someone will respond to you.

Get Noticed! Get an Interview! Get Hired!


General Assessment

As you conduct your job search, besides considering the usual — dress for success, arriving timely, questions to ask, knowledge of company, knowing your interviewer’s name, etc., realize also that upon getting the interview, you may be asked to go through various assessments, surveys or questionnaires prior to you getting the job. In fact, how you take some of these tests WILL determine IF you get the job.

assessment-coverCampusJobXpress has created a General Employee Assessment and Evaluation format that we provide to our website users who would like to see where they stand with regard to Common Knowledge. The assessment consists of 5 sections: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Basic Math and Organization/Filing.

For your entertainment, I am going to select a few questions from each of these sections and provide them to you so that you can test yourself for the purpose of knowing some of the questions that are asked on assessments of this type.

Ready? Okay, see how you do.



1. How many nouns are in this sentence? “The elderly woman thoroughly enjoyed the ride on the Lakeshore bus.”

a. 3
b. 4
c. 2
d. None of the above

2. You, your, yours, yourself and yourselves are all:

a. Nouns
b. Verbs
c. Pronouns
d. None of the above

3. An adverb describes a verb or another adverb. What is the adverb in “Karen ran excitedly to meet her father.”

a. excitedly
b. Karen
c. ran
d. None of the above

4. Which statement is correct?

a. A verb describes a noun
b. A noun describes a pronoun
c. An adverb describes a verb
d. None of the above



5. The meaning of abridge means

a. to shorten or cut off
b. to delay
c. to express resentment
d. to bind together

6. Chronically means

a. irritably
b. sickly
c. habitually
d. due to a run-down condition

7. Select the correct meaning of the underlined word. “Tim preceded John in serving as mayor of the city.”

a. to come before
b. to come after
c. to function simultaneously
d. to advance

8. Select the correct meaning of the underlined word. “Tom was very credible.”

a. irritable
b. sick
c. believable
d. run-down


Bookworm_ReadingCornerREADING SECTION:

One day on a cool breezy afternoon, Tammy decided to go for a walk because she was feeling lonely and depressed. She ventured down to the park where she knew she would see children playing, dogs barking and maybe a balloon or two in the air. Tammy loved balloons. When she arrived at the park, she noticed that there was an empty seat on the bench next to a small fountain. She thought to herself, “What a lovely fountain and what a lovely seat to help ease me out of my depression.”

9. What was Tammy feeling on that cool breezy afternoon?

a. bored and depressed
b. lonely and depressed
c. tired and depressed
d. None of the above

10. What is the thing that Tammy loved?

a. puppies
b. kittens
c. balloons
d. None of the above

11. How was the afternoon Tammy decided to go for a walk?

a. hot and humid
b. cool and breezy
c. cool and windy
d. None of the above

12. In her state of depression, where did Tammy venture down to?

a. store
b. church
c. movies
d. None of the above



13. How much money does an individual pay per month for a life insurance policy that costs $144.00 semi-annually?

a. $26.50
b. $32.00
c. $24.00
d. None of the above

14. Bob’s telephone service for a year is $1,152.00, plus an upfront one-time connection fee of $50.00 and a monthly processing fee of $5.00. What will be Bob’s first quarterly payment?

a. $96.00
b. $126.00
c. $152.00
d. None of the above


15. Write one-eighth (1/8) in decimal.

a. .8
b. .125
c. .08
d. None of the above

16. Write the number 18 in Roman numeral.

d. None of the above


organized-filing-cabinetORGANIZING/FILING SECTION:

Select the correct alphabetical order of filing for the problems below.

17. a. Bennett, Inez     b. Benson, James     c. Carter, Dennis     d. Neans, Yvonne

a. d,c,b,a
b. a,b,c,d
c. d,a,c,b
d. None of the above

18. a. Smith, Amy        b. Smith, Bob            c. Smiths, Ana         d. Smith, Anna

a. a,d,b,c
b. a,b,c,d
c. a,c,d,b
d. None of the above


The following drawers represent a numeric filing system.

a. Drawer 3000 — 4500
b. Drawer 5600 — 6900
c. Drawer 7500 — 8900
d. Drawer 1000 — 2500

File the following invoices as shown to fit in the appropriate drawers.

19. Where would you file Invoice #8744?

a.     b.     c.     d.

20. Where would you file Invoice #3358?

a.     b.     c.     d.


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March: A Time To Spring Into Action

By Silvia Seelig

Winter ConceptAs the cold weather days dwindle into the ends of winter, look ahead to Spring — a time for regeneration, a time for cleaning out and throwing away the old and bringing in the new. As we look at ourselves, let us think how we can perform some regenerative skills to spring into action for that new job.

Whether you’ve lost your job recently or whether you are currently trying to find employment due to a job layoff, the loss of a job can completely turn your life upside down leaving, not just you in turmoil, but your home life as well.

happy springYou find yourself concerned about how to pay your bills and how to provide the day-to-day needs for yourself and your family. You may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what you should be doing. While it’s a difficult situation you find yourself in, don’t despair because there are plenty of resources available to you.

The key to managing this difficult time is to make the decision to use it as an opportunity to pursue something better. You have to make the decision to not allow the situation to cripple you and make the decision to use the situation to pursue new opportunities. You may be thinking it’s easier said than done but in essence, there are many resources available to you that will make your job search easier. Look at your situation with the mindset that this is the perfect opportunity to re-invent or regenerate yourself and pursue a career that you can be passionate about having. Take the time to re-evaluate your skills, your gifts, your training, and determine the best fit for you in the future.

Strengths-and-Weaknesses-DirectionIn seeking a new job, take the time to determine your strengths and weaknesses.  Review the job you had and figure out what you liked about it or what you didn’t like about it. Assess your skills and really take the time to determine what you have to offer an employer. Empower yourself with the knowledge of what makes you employable and why an employer should hire you.

You have the chance to take a bad situation and turn it into an opportunity to explore a new career path. You may find that along the way of everyday life, you’ve lost track of what you’re passionate about and you may have settled for a job just to pay the bills.

MoneyYou now have the opportunity to change things for the better.  Use this time to pursue a job that invigorates you and one that will make you happy. Yes, we all need to make money in order to provide for ourselves and our families, but you can seek opportunities that allow you to do both … provide a living and make you happy.

Entering the job market again, you will find yourself needing a resume and some assistance with interviewing techniques. You may have been at your job for a long period of time and are out of touch with the whole job searching process.

InterviewingBefore you step out to apply for jobs, make sure you are prepared for success.  Don’t let your unpreparedness make you lose what could possibly be the “perfect” job for you.  There are many online services that help you with resumes and you can use the assistance of family or friends in doing mock job interviews.

Practice answering questions and prepare yourself mentally for job interviews. Research employers you want to work for by doing online job searches and finding out the type of employees they are looking for and make sure you meet the criteria stated. Many companies today are taking applications online so make sure you provide accurate information and provide the best information that sets you apart from others that are applying for those same jobs. The more you find out about the companies you are applying with for a job, the better prepared you will be at an interview.

wpmglogoThere are many job listing sites online that you can utilize in your job search. You can also seek the assistance from an employment agency. There are also job seeking sites like that provide you with services in seeking a job. Most of these services are free of charge to you so take advantage of the assistance they are offering you.

Losing a job can be devastating and it can be the cause of much stress, but you have the power to turn it into something positive. As I said before, take advantage of any free services available to you in your job search and pursue that job that have always wanted. Turn your job loss as an opportunity to become a better you and to find the time you need for you to explore new things.  The key to your success lies in your hands. Make sure they don’t come up empty!


WPMG Story

Since January 1989, Workforce Partners Management Group, LLC (WPMG) has provided publishing, employment, consulting and transition-related services to clients around the world. Its clients include the United States Government (GSA), Texas Workforce Commission, local workforce boards, community colleges and various other institutions by offering books, training, consulting, job fairs and placement services.

ADAPT Publishing Company, a division of WPMG, has published more than thirty-five books about job search, job-readiness, transition, stress, and finance. These user-friendly publications have helped thousands of participants through their transitions to better lives.

In 2007, WPMG services included the development of a re-employment center which assisted many laid-off workers to create resumes, develop job-readiness/job search skills, learn to use a computer and find employment. Many of our customers continue to thrive today in new and exciting fields they had not considered viable for themselves.

Assisting military personnel, housing authority residents, food stamp/TANF recipients, and workers who have been downsized and seeking direction, WPMG has discovered a population that was not receiving much attention and a group who deserved a careful look – the college student.

This is a population considered more job-ready than most, a group who can easily read, write, and have better mathematical capabilities plus a proven desire to work and achieve.

This population is comprised of students from our local colleges and universities, community colleges, as well as technical and trade schools. Attending an institution of higher learning, these individuals have passed entrance exams, paid their way through college, have acquired loans and many are supporting families. They are motivated to work and seek the American dream. is designed to give deserving college students an opportunity to excel.

Employers benefit from CampusJobXpress by getting a more job-ready employee, an employee with skills, knowledge of computers, plus a degree of training and education that make them a valuable asset to any business.

CampusJobXpress is placing college students in a position to improve their lives and assist businesses in hiring the best employees on the market today.

Upon creating this website geared toward the college student, WPMG was confronted with the fact that this website can also work for any individual seeking employment. Other programs have been developed from this to create services and benefits to the workforce agencies, military and businesses by providing a bridge between job seekers and employers.

With the use of the website, individuals are able to create their own web page on where they can display and present their resume, summary of qualifications, their bio and a one-minute or less video interview.

WPMG, through CJX, screens and assesses applicants and puts them into designated categories of their choosing in order to make their placement a good and profitable fit. This allows for matching qualified job seekers to available and appropriate employers.

In this manner, employers have access to peruse the qualified applicants on file on CJX and are able to make definite decisions about the people they want to hire – without even leaving their office – at the tip of their fingers.

WPMG wishes to thank everyone with whom they have had the pleasure of working and is looking forward to continuing a professional and prosperous relationship with them, as well as building new ones along the way.


Fun Jobs and Careers

By Yolanda L. Salazar

Being a member of a Rapid Response Team for the State of Texas, the WPMG Team was witness to many, many people losing their employment through no fault of their own. These were certainly stressful times for these individuals. WPMG would come in and do their job of conducting classes in Stress Management, Financial Management, Resume Writing, Job Search Strategies and Interviewing Techniques.

choicesUpon conducting our Stress Class, which we always chose to do first, our trainers instructed these dislocated workers on the causes, symptoms and solutions of stress. This was very important because without these individuals de-stressing, the rest of the program was a loss. They had to get their minds around losing their jobs and what their next step would be. By de-stressing, their thoughts became clearer and enabled them to make choices as to what it was they wanted to do in their future.

We called our program, The Management of New Beginnings. That is because at this point in their life, they had choices to make. They had problems to resolve and they had to secure new employment. It was at this time that we would strive to enable our participants to be more choosy, more selfish and more geared toward what they wanted to do in their next job. Did they want to continue in the field from which they had just been removed? Did they need to just take any job to make ends meet? Did they require training in order to stay in a similar position? All these questions had to be answered prior to these individuals in continuing in their journey to a better tomorrow.

beginningsNew Beginnings allowed participants to stretch their imagination and allow them to conceive other ideas and efforts of where they wanted to go. Some would go right back to work in very similar positions, if not the same exact ones. However, we did come across so many individuals who would always state to us, “This job is not where I wanted to be. I just got stuck here in trying to take care of my family. I really wanted to be a (teacher, nurse, accountant, photographer, chef, landscaper)!”

The choices were endless. When you choose a job that you want to do and not go with a job that you just need to maintain, it makes a world of difference. Fun jobs and careers are possible in your life, very possible. You have three choices in life: Give up, give in or give it all youve got.

With a lot of these individuals with whom we worked, we saw many transformations in their lives. Some who worked in sales and call center positions realized that they hated talking on the telephone. They wanted to be outside and be one with nature, if you will. A landscaper! A photographer! How about an inspector of something? It doesn’t really matter what you want to be. You just have to take the steps to get there.

twclogoAs in the case with many of our dislocated workers, they were eligible for various programs provided through the Texas Workforce Commission. These programs allowed these dislocated workers the opportunity to return to school for training or re-fresher courses or specific vocational or technical programs. Many of these people took advantage of these programs and were able to receive certifications, licenses or the appropriate training needed in order for them to fulfill their new careers. It is very gratifying seeing individuals who were so low and stressed just a year or so earlier now accepting positions in a new field or career that they never thought would be possible for them.

I read in an article just a few months ago where only 13% of employees are fully engaged in their jobs or emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organizations improve, according to the latest Gallup poll. It also said that 63% were not engaged or simply unmotivated and unlikely to exert extra effort, while the remaining 24% are actively disengaged or truly unhappy and unproductive. (Only 13 Percent of People Worldwide Actually Like Going to Work, article by Jena McGregor)

trans_headFollow your dreams and stay away from those individuals who are dream stealers. Dream stealers are people who will not support you, will not encourage you and do not want you to succeed. Surround yourself with those positive people who help you make it from day to day. Those people have your best interest at heart. They want you to make it. They want you to be happy. They want you to succeed. Don’t waste your time on people who are not willing to be a part of your transformation. Find the ones who want to BE a part of your transformation.

 Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.

~Oprah Winfrey

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you dont see it yourself.


Fun can only be identified by you. So decide for yourself what that fun job or career can be and move toward that goal and continue to follow your dream. And remember, your dream doesnt have an expiration date on it. If it doesnt seem to come together right away, keep breathing, keep moving and keep trying.


For more inspirational stories and blogs, go to the above website:

Are You Being Watched At Work?

By Cmone Collins

My name is Lily Donovan and I work for a large drug chain as a cashier. I’ve never had a real job before, where I actually had to clock in, wear a uniform, etc. The only work experience I’ve had is doing light work for my grandparents’ company, so I had the luxury of working from home. Since I had never been in an actual work environment with customers and other employees, I had a lot to learn. One lesson though, I learned the hard way. That lesson was, you’re always being watched at work. Let me tell you my story.

clockSo, it had been about two months at my new job; I had gotten the hang of it and was getting a lot of praise from the higher staff. One night, I was closing with one of my shift leaders and we were determined to get out early; we both had plans for the night. So he pulled a couple of the registers early so that at the end of the night all he had to do was count one, while I just had to do returns and face my aisles. It hit 10 o clock, closing time, and we both hurried off to do our nightly duties.

I grabbed my basket of returns and quickly started running down aisles to find the proper place for each item. I had a lot of them and was starting to feel as if I wouldn’t finish in time, so I put a couple of the items in random places. No one would notice, right? After throwing the items on some shelves, I ran to do a quick once over of Aisle 6: the Promo Aisle. I fixed up half of the aisle that the customers would see when they first walked in and touched up a little on the other half. My shift leader walked out of the office and said, “Hey Lily, you done with everything?” I nodded and quickly ran to clock out. We finished 15 minutes early.

messy shelvesThe next day I came into work and started to clock in when the store manager, Jacob, called me into the office. “You closed last night, correct?” he asked. I already knew what was up next. I nodded yes. “Well did you have enough time to face, because it looks terrible…” he commented and pulled out a set of developed  photos;  they  were  pictures  of  the  promo  aisle, and  they  were indeed terrible. There was no point in lying; the proof was in the pudding, so I just told the truth. “I had time, I just didn’t do my best. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again,” I said. The assistant manager, Patrick, who had been sitting in on our discussion chimed in, “Thank you Lily, because you know this is unacceptable.” I nodded my head and quickly left. I don’t know why I was so surprised that my boss confronted me about it because they always check behind the employees. It’s safe to say that from that point on, I took more care with my aisles.

boss listeningThat incident opened my eyes to the fact that your boss will catch you when you slack on your job, so you might as well do it right the first time. But another thing to be weary of is the fact that your boss may not always catch you in the act of slacking. 80% of the time when your boss finds out something about you, it’s because they were told. At every job, there are also those few people who love telling the boss everything that happens when they aren’t around. It’s like it’s their own special mission to be the teller of all things that happen in the workplace. Unfortunately, I unknowingly befriended one of those people.

JETZT beraten lassen !Needless to say, I put myself in a situation again. Being a full-time student and working part-time, there is very little time for me to study. When I work the register, there are several times when I am just standing there waiting for customers to come to my register. I took it upon myself to bring notes with me to the register and when I have those few minutes, I take advantage of them and study. Well, you know it, this so-called friend went and told the supervisor what I was doing. I was called in again because I was studying during my work hours. Not a smart thing to do, I know, but you really have to be careful not to be doing something you are supposed to during work hours. You live and learn.

Security-CameraWith today’s age of technology, there are cameras everywhere so whenever anything happens, such as a crime or incident, people investigating the incident have somewhere they can see what really happened. This means that you need to be careful of what you do anywhere at any time. This could be anything. Don’t re-arrange your clothes or pick your nose or even talk to yourself because you will feel pretty silly when someone brings it to your attention.

Also, be careful when you are going on an interview. The moment you hit the parking lot, someone could be watching you. When you come up to the front door, when you wait in the waiting room and even when you are walking down the hall to have your interview, there could be cameras everywhere. Sometimes, they are very noticeable, such as the one above, but other times, they can really be hidden. So beware, you ARE being watched at work!



CJX Applicant Pool for Employers and Job Seekers

By Melvin Collins, Jr.

The Applicant Pool is here and growing! An Applicant Pool is a source of qualified job seekers and it is here now. A major undertaking is now in progress to recruit applicants and review the resumes of those available job seekers in the New Braunfels  and Seguin areas.

resumeheadWith over 4000 job seekers in this area, according to a Texas Workforce Commission report, CampusJobXpress (CJX), a Workforce Partners Management Group, LLC Company, along with the cooperation of the local Workforce Solutions Offices, local apartment complexes and local community organizations, will reach out to inform all job seekers of the opportunity to be screened for employment in the two cities. Applicants are screened by resumes and applications against basic qualifications in most of the major job categories open in the area. Once a job seeker has been deemed qualified for a job category, CJX asks the job seeker to provide more details of their work experience and work history.

It has been found that resumes tell only a part of an applicant’s story. CJX wants to bring the employers more!

As part of its duties, CampusJobXpress has, for the past twenty-five years, screened job seekers for the military, Texas Workforce Commission as a Rapid Response Provider, local workforce boards, housing authorities and many major employers. Our job is to make sure a candidate is ready to work, regardless of the position or job. Celebrating its twenty-fifth year in the industry, Workforce Partners and its companies have made sure job seekers are ready for the tasks at hand.

As part of this year’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration, WPMG, through CampusJobXpress, has created an Applicant Pool. This Applicant Pool will have a long list of pre-qualified applicants, separated into job categories for local employers to choose the candidates of their choice. When asked, WPMG President Melvin Collins, Jr., M.Ed., LPC, relates an analogy of the Applicant Pool this way. “I recently sold a house with a pool and with that pool, I had to maintain chemical level, repair of pool equipment, and remove trash in the pool as well as removing the occasional creature. In my present neighborhood, we have a private community pool which is well maintained, larger pool with life guards and no equipment for me to maintain. And the cost is minimal, as we all share the expense and get much more use out of it.”

group of professionalsThe Applicant Pool works the same way. All area employers are able to participate in the pool, taking as many applicants as they need from the pool in order to fill their open positions. We only ask for open positions to be posted in Work-In-Texas. The relationship with TWC will not change. Applicant Pool services are outside of normal workforce activities; however, all placements will be reported to them. This service is totally volunteer and CampusJobXpress is responsible for the maintenance of the Applicant Pool. No employer is exempt from using the pool. All employers are welcomed to use it, large or small, public or private, including placement and staffing agencies.

Is there a fee for using the Applicant Pool? It was desired to generate support from workforce funds; however, budgets are not available at this time. The need, however, does not go away, therefore, an agreement has been made to go ahead and deliver the service to our customers, employers and job seekers. So, in discussion with a couple of local employers, an affordable fee of $500 (or less) per month with no contract has been set. Employers will use it, as necessary.

E-mails and postcards are going out to every job seeker identified. They will be divided into groups and assessments made to identify those qualified to work in their chosen professions. After the review, each will be asked to take an assessment to determine their level of reading, math and job-readiness potential. All job seekers will be ranked and placed in the pool for consideration. A special designation will appear by those meeting the minimum standards for their position. Job categories/positions will range from professional to labors.

2014-Anniversity-CoverAll participating employers are given an access code to where they will be able to peruse available job seekers with resume, bio (summary of qualifications), a photo and a one-minute or less video. Photos and video are optional, but highly recommended, as resumes no longer tell the complete story of a job candidate. A job seeker showcase can be scheduled for employers and job seekers to meet for convenience’s sake, however, employers may see job seekers at their location, whichever is more convenient for both parties.

February 18th is the date! CJX will be doing face-to-face interviews at the New Braunfels Civic Center. Here, all job seekers will have a brief interview with CJX staff to answer questions regarding background issues, additional training, veteran status, daycare, transportation, etc. for the purpose of appropriate placement. Workforce staff will be available to assist with any workforce issues. Depending on job seekers’ time and convenience, their photo and video could be done at this same time. If an individual feels they are not ready for this, another convenient time and place can be scheduled.

After this date, employers will have the opportunity of making their selections out of the Applicant Pool. CJX will continue to replenish job seekers into the pool on an ongoing basis.

So, come on out, Job Seekers, and join us on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at the New Braunfels Civic Center between 9am and 3pm. Be prepared to conduct your short video and come dressed to take a professional photo. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Job Seekers, get ready for those employers and Employers, get ready to make your selections out of the Applicant Pool!!

20 Random Acts of Kindness At Work

By Ayunne Collins
Have you ever done a good deed and made someone’s day? If yes, that’s great! It will bring good feelings to you and eventually to your family because you pass your good feelings on to them. If you haven’t done a good deed, try making someone’s life easy or a little better by doing something nice and not expecting anything in return. Don’t always expect a thank you; you should just do it because it’s the right thing to do!
how is your day

Number One: This is something that is a very simple act of kindness and that’s just say to someone, “Hello, how is your day?” You may think that is the dumbest thing ever, but it’s not really. Some people don’t have anyone to tell them that or anything at all.

Number Two: Hold a door open for someone. Simple, right? But haven’t you found yourself in a situation where you have come up to the door and someone runs up to open the door for you. Isn’t that a good feeling? And again, don’t do it and expect that person to say “thank you” or anything at all to you. That’s just called being nice.

A man carrying a stack of work filesNumber Three: If you see someone struggling with their belongings at work, help them out by offering to carry something for them or offer to take it to their office for them. It doesn’t cost a cent to do that, just kindness.

Number Four: This next one is about appreciation because when you clean up around your work area, even if you work in an office that has janitorial services, it shows that you appreciate what you have. It also eases up the janitor’s work so they don’t have as much to do.

fundraisingNumber Five: If you have any fundraisers at work, donate a little extra just to feel good about yourself, plus you will help someone else out.

Number Six: Go to a company party or event and volunteer. You never know what struggles are present in organizing a function. I’m sure the organizers would love to use your talents and creativity.

Number Six: Another random act of kindness is to stay behind after a party or event to help clean up, even if it’s just to help clean off the tables or something really simple.

coins-2Number Seven: If you are able and can spare some change, pay for someone’s snack. Tape a dollar or some change to the vending machine and say something like “I am paying for your snack today. Maybe you can pay for someone else’s snack tomorrow. Pay It Forward!”

Number Eight: Say your boss doesn’t ever ask for help, one day just go and ask if they need any extra help or anything. Take a little weight off of their shoulders and take a little stress away. Your boss has a lot more work than you think or even care to know about.

Number Nine: If you work in an office where there are customers who come in for service, go up to someone who is waiting and ask them if they have been helped. Sometimes, customers get lost in the shuffle and whoever was helping them has passed them on to someone else and that someone else doesn’t know it. Simply ask if you can help them. They appreciate it.

mailNumber Ten: If you are in the mailroom and you see a lot of mail in your co-worker’s mailbox, take it to them. Save them some steps.

Number Eleven: Have you ever noticed how dirty the community microwave has gotten? Take a little time and clean it up for the next person.

Number Twelve: After washing your hands in the bathroom, clean the counter of any water or drops around the sink. It just takes a minute.

Number Thirteen: An act of kindness that will really help someone is if you see someone having a rough day, offer them words of encouragement.

Number Fourteen: If you see anyone eating lunch alone at work, ask to join them and start up a nice conversation. If they don’t care for company, then just wish them a good day and don’t harbor any negative or bad feelings toward them. You never know what an individual is going through and what is happening in their lives. Just know that you tried to be there for them.

Number Fifteen: Buy someone a drink.

Number Sixteen: Be the bigger person and let someone else get the great parking space. You can find another.

Number Seventeen: If you finish your work early, help one of your co-workers finish theirs.

smileNumber Eighteen: Before you step away from that printer or copier, make sure it still has paper in it.

Number Nineteen: Smile! Yep, just smile at someone for no apparent reason. Will they think you are crazy? Maybe, but I doubt it. Try it.

Number Twenty: The last act of kindness that you can do on a daily basis is that no one really realizes that a simple ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Give a friendly handshake or return the favor of being nice to that person. Many people receive acts of kindness and they won’t even say thank you. This is a major way to turn someone’s day around.

So, here are twenty ways for you to change someone’s day for the better. Try some of them out at your workplace and see what happens. Or, try them all. Smile!