Job Club Alamo Area

The job club discussions for the New Braunfels area

Discussion 73 – What Does Your Resume Say About You?

While teaching class this week, it came to our attention that many of our participants have good looking resumes; however, the resume does not fit the job they are seeking. If you have a varied work history and a number of careers that you are able to pursue, does your resume reflect the job that you want the most? Look at the job description for each job you are considering and then look at your resume. Are they similar? Do you have what it takes for that job on your resume? If not, it may be...

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Tell Me About Yourself

In January 2014, is bringing online a new service. This service is a personal web page featuring you. It will have your picture, resume,  summary of qualifications and a one-minute video. This page will then be emailed to employers to show who you are and what you have to offer. This may not be for everyone, but it certainly will give many of you the added boost you need to clear the pack of applicants that look good on paper, but really don't have what it takes. Many...

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Discussion 68 Alamo: 10 good things about you

There are times when you can get so down on yourself, that you forget how great you are. There are things going on around you that constantly tell you that you can give in to negative thoughts about yourself.  When that happens it’s hard to do 30 seconds to a minute of talking about your self in a positive light. So the exercise for this week is to list 10 good things about your self. The more often you do this the easier it will be to get used to saying good things about yourself and...

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Discussion 66 Alamo: Getting that Job

You know what job you want. You know that it's open, and that if you can just get your foot in the door you'll get it. Are you ready to get your foot in the door? Getting a job is not just about being qualified. It's about going above and beyond. Have you?   1. Worked on staying current?- All of the people who are interviewing for this job know the same things you do. What is setting you apart? 2. Revised your resume?- Have you tailored it to fit your new job? 3. Practiced talking about...

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Discussion 64 Alamo: The Little Things

When we look for work there are times that we are so focused on a job that we gloss over the little things that might help us land that job. Are your shoes scuffed? Did you print your resume on resume paper? Maybe a new haircut or color is in order? Do you have a thank you note ready to send to the employers? Are you keeping busy by volunteering or networking? Are you still in touch with your references?  Try checking your cover letter for any mistakes. There are so many things that could...

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