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Discussion 73 – What Does Your Resume Say About You?

While teaching class this week, it came to our attention that many of our participants have good looking resumes; however, the resume does not fit the job they are seeking. If you have a varied work history and a number of careers that you are able to pursue, does your resume reflect the job that you want the most? Look at the job description for each job you are considering and then look at your resume. Are they similar? Do you have what it takes for that job on your resume? If not, it may be...

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Tell Me About Yourself

In January 2014, is bringing online a new service. This service is a personal web page featuring you. It will have your picture, resume,  summary of qualifications and a one-minute video. This page will then be emailed to employers to show who you are and what you have to offer. This may not be for everyone, but it certainly will give many of you the added boost you need to clear the pack of applicants that look good on paper, but really don't have what it takes. Many...

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Discussion 70: Getting Paid what you are Worth

It is easy to allow yourself to fall into the trap of I need money now. So many times you get stuck at a job where you feel comfortable, and you're afraid to leave or to ask for more because you have one bird in the hand. In the end that's fine you have to chose what is right for you and your family, but there will come a time when you know that you should be making more for the work that you do. There are however things that you need to consider when you are thinking of making that move to...

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Discussion 69: Creating your Big Picture

Sometimes it's easy to feel as if you are floating around in the world. Like you are moving about aimlessly with nothing to guide you. You're working hard, but sometimes the results are just not there. That's when you give up. We at CampusJobXpress are here to tell you that it's moments like those when you need to push harder. It's times like those that let you know that you need to break up your goals in to accomplishable chunks. Goal setting is the act of picturing  the future that you want...

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Discussion 67: Being Positive

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. -Aristotle Onassis During your job search you are going to have times of doubt and worry. Things aren't comng as fast as you need them to, and you are fast getting into a bind. Those are the moments when you need to be the most positive. It is those exact moments when life seems its darkest that you need to rally your strength, your faith, and your support group around you. you won't ever see the light if you are focused on...

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