Discussion 1 Alamo: “Tell Me About Yourself”

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With the subject of interviewing still on our minds, we have to consider whether we are answering the appropriate questions appropriately. Consider when an employer asks you to tell them about yourself. What is your reply? If your answer is something along the lines of your personal life and interests, chances are that the employer may not have been looking for quite that answer. If you back track to what the illegal interview questions were, you may find that the illegal ones were asking for personal information. If you, then, consider your answer to the previous question, you will likely see that you willingly gave the employer all of this personal information without them having to ask you directly. Depending on the employer, your answer could either help you or hurt you. So Job Seekers, tell us about yourself.


For more suggested answers to tough interview questions, check out this article from CareerBuilder.com: http://www.careerbuilder.com/Article/CB-1115-Getting-Hired-How-to-Answer-10-Tough-Interview-Questions/



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  1. Shane

    I remember asking a very similar question to my beautiful bride 30 years ago during our first date and my ears lingered on every word she said. Perhaps what I wasn’t prepared for was when she posed the question to me. Still not sure what I said but it must have worked.

    Having asked this question to hundreds of prospective employees as a manager, I was amazed and sometimes amused at some of the answers which came across the desk. Among some were were filibusters, confessions, reality show scripts, and sometimes just silence with empty stares or giggling.

    Now, as a job seeker, my goal has been to answer that question in 20-30 seconds with a smile on my face, and keep eye to eye contact even if the interviewer is thumbing through a file, working on their phone. I feel some interviewers, especially for positions requiring heavy phone duty, use this technique because they want to listen to your tone and voice. Will your tone and inflection keep their customers focused?

    My suggestion, prepare, edit, refine and perfect your reply to that question and practice in front of a mirror especially on the day of your interview.

  2. Petra

    As A job seeker I would have to say you go in the interview confident, with a smile on your face. Make eye contact and be ready to answer questions. My suggestion is to practice at home and be very confident when you go on your interview. That way you have some practice under your belt. Remember to smile.

  3. Yoli

    Both answers are great, Shane and Petra. Keep connecting with us. We love to see your comments. Thanks for your interest in campusjobxpress.com.


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