Discussion 37-Alamo: Consider This.

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After carefully reading the responses to last week’s discussion “Tell Me About Yourself,” it is apparent that many of us are still making the common mistake of providing answers with regard to our personal lives and interests. Consider this, an employer hires you for two reasons and two reasons only. One is to solve a problem and the other is to make money? So our answers should always be able to address these two reasons. When an employer starts off the interview with the question “Tell me about yourself,” they are wanting to hear about your work experience, where you see yourself in 5 years, what makes you a valuable employee, etc. So let’s try one more time: Tell me about yourself and how can you be beneficial to my company?



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  1. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, “Tell me about ypurself” I have work in retail for over 25 years, with that beening said 20 of those years I was either a manager, supervisor, area mananger, lead sales, etc. I very familar with customer service. I believe in it, so I live by it. I will bring to the company movatation,honesty, new ideas to help promote sales,morals and respect. If you allowed me the chance , I will make a big diffrence to this company.

  2. Paul Hodges

    One is to solve problems and the other is to work with people.

  3. cjxpadmin

    Hello! As we prepare for the other cities that are coming online with us you are going to notice some changes in how the site looks. We thank you in advance for your patience, and hope you have an amazing weekend! Happy Easter!


  4. hcharwell

    easy to get along with others


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