Discussion 37: Consider This.

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After carefully reading the responses to last week’s discussion “Tell Me About Yourself,” it is apparent that many of us are still making the common mistake of providing answers with regard to our personal lives and interests. Consider this, an employer hires you for two reasons and two reasons only. One is to solve a problem and the other is to make money? So our answers should always be able to address these two reasons. When an employer starts off the interview with the question “Tell me about yourself,” they are wanting to hear about your work experience, where you see yourself in 5 years, what makes you a valuable employee, etc. So let’s try one more time: Tell me about yourself and how can you be beneficial to my company?



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  1. ljwp

    Good morning!

    I am very proficient in my chosen profession, honest, dependable, a quick study always willing to learn new skills and procedures, a team player and enjoy working.

    Have a blessed day!

    Linda Parten

  2. tommyharper

    I am a master instructor who is highly skilled in presenting topics in technology in a manner in which the student is actively engaged in the material be discussed. My preference is to involve the student in hands on learning activities that require thought and analysis by the learner.
    With that said, I am also a master of technology and its applications. I am well versed in Total Quality Management and the application of quality tools. One of my strongest assets is the ability troubleshoot systems (equipment), procedures, and methods to isolate and correct problems.

  3. tommyharper

    Just an additional thought, I took this as “why do you need me?” Or from the employers prospective. How will this person benefit my organization?

    God Bless

  4. beverlyheaton

    I have 36 years of banking experience providing customers excellent customer service and helping them to invest their money earning them the highest yield. In the next 5 years I can help you build your customer base while helping existing employees learn to provide this same customer service.

    Beverly Heaton

  5. sharringt0n

    I am happy to tell y’all that I have accepted a fulltime job in my field and will start in a couple weeks. I am really glad I expanded my work search to include nearby cities; this job is in far north Austin and is perfect for me. I wish you all the best.

    I said all along, “I only need ONE job.” And that’s all each of you need, is ONE job. I will keep you in my prayers that you find one soon.

    I would like to thank Melvin especially, for looking around the room at that very first meeting and telling us to take a good look at ourselves and think about what we might need to change. I took a look at myself and thought, “fat old woman.” Harsh, I know. I got a cuter haircut, and started exercising more and eating less. I’m 38 lbs lighter than when I began this journey, with more energy, more spring in my step, and more of a tendency to hold my head up. Thanks, Melvin, for getting me started on that!

    And thanks to Rachel and everyone at TWC who have been wonderful to work with.

  6. Charles Becker

    GOOD MORNING, this is Chuck. CONGRATS to sharrington!!! Good feed back, tremendous story. Very happy for you the RIGHT one appeared, and you did not give up. Todays topic, , maybe before the interview, investigate the “job”, do some research and develop a plan how you “fit” in, how you can help. What past experience can assist you in solving their challenges. Even check out the competition, know the business. We still need to have confidence to respond to the interview questions, however keep the answers related to their position. The hardest interview is the one with little or no preparation.

  7. Charles Becker

    Continue; Sorry if I’m saying too much. Myself, I enjoy helping people solve problems. Asking questions, to find their needs. Listen, alot, take notes, Smile, Asking how could I help them? What could I do to be successful with your company? What would it take to be successful with your company? Want to stay on track with your discussion, so will check back later to possibly add more.

  8. Charles Becker

    On the “home” page of workintexas.com, toward the bottom, you’ll notice “NEWS”. There is an article from US NEWS MONEY about interview skills. Talking about hard and soft skills. Interesting article talking about attitude, communication skils, time management, confidence. May help set us apart.

  9. dorothymacedo

    I enjoy working with people helping them to resolve thier
    problems as quickly as possible and ensuring their happness
    i enjoy a challange the requires a lot of mentel thinging
    and calcutating mathamatical problems.

  10. MissRudd

    CONGRATS @sharringt0n!!! We are so happy for you!

  11. Angela Devinney

    Well, I thought I answered pretty well last week, so I’m copying my answer and perhaps adding to it a bit…

    I’ve been a licensed professional counselor for the past twelve years and now supervisor for a year and a half (although not currently supervising any LPC’s). Generally I might say something like: I am dependable, hard-working, honest, reliable, ethical, team player, a people person, and a good listener. In 5 years, I hope to be supervising several LPC’s in a group private practice environment, with my PsyD.

  12. Victoria

    The above is good advice. Always tailor your qualifications to how you can best benefit a potential employer. Best wishes to everyone!–V. Nimmo

  13. ljwp

    Congrats sharrington!!!

    Best of luck to everyone else.

    Linda Parten

  14. Michael Dutton

    I am a procurement & project management professional with proven success in implementing cost saving ideas, decreasing inventory costs while increasing manufacturing efficiencies, quality & customer satisfaction.

    My leadership & analytical abilities allow my teams to make the right decisions concerning the viability of projects while minimizing risks as noted in my resume.

    I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and I plan to pursue my APICS CPIM certification should that be beneficial to your company.

  15. sherriemorgan

    Hi all,
    I have worked in a technical sales position which entailed learning an extensive line of products. I was responsible for creating our marketing campaigns from writing to mailing. I am a fast learner and taught our office staff the new computer programs that our factory required. I developed good relationships with our factory personnel and our customers. I managed the staff of a bar that I co-owned. I handled that payroll, AP, and AR for our company.
    I saw this listed on indeed.com: Waco, TX – Blender –
    Coca-Cola Refreshments
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  16. brandyrodriguez

    I would try to get to know the company and position that I am applying for and modify/limit my answers to what applies to the company/position.

    Brandy Rodriguez

  17. alanmccoy

    Good Morning Everybody

    I walked into a place of business, Insituform in McGregor, on Monday afternoon and asked if i could speak to the plant manager. When he sat me down i indicated that i was looking for a job and began talking about my qualifications and experience. After i described my role and duties on 4-5 construction projects which i had managed, he interrupted me and suggested i apply for other more responsible positions within the corporation. The Plant Manager asked that i call him on Friday if i had not yet received a response from Human Resources of the corporation and if not,he would call them to “shepherd” my application to the proper channel for review. We will soon see what develops.

    Have a good time…OK

  18. MissRudd

    @alanmccoy Good Luck Mr. McCoy. Sending even more positive thoughts your way as well as to all of our other subscribers. Everyone remember: Attitude is Everything, so let’s make ours a positive one.

  19. shellycawthon

    I have 25 years experience as a Dental Hygienist /business manager. I have also worked as a fund-raiser and event planner.

  20. Charles Waddle

    I am retired military and filled numerous rolls within the Air Force up to and including Squadron Commander. My specialties were Electronics and Intelligence.

  21. jannlasater

    Good Luck to SHarrington, am I right? That patience is good.I learned that myself by waiting for just the right job and I am so lucky to have found it. Glad for you!!
    jann page

  22. J C Riggs

    Good information, Thanks

  23. Eugene Wlodarek

    Depending on the position your are interviewing for, the answers will differ. If your applying for a position in your field, you can draw on past work history. If out of your field, then the answers will reflect the requiements that are needed to fill the position.

  24. cjxpadmin

    Hello! As we prepare for the other cities that are coming online with us you are going to notice some changes in how the site looks. We thank you in advance for your patience, and hope you have an amazing weekend! Happy Easter!


  25. dorothy conroy

    This is good info. Sharing your personal life in an interview is not a good idea.
    Thanks for all your help.
    Dororthy Conroy

  26. zshade37

    I was a lead over the small parts department, as well as a backup for shipping, recieving, Assemble to Order, and Backhoe Assembly. I have a nack for learning new computer systems quickly and throughly to ensure accurracy and efficiency. I follow a motto I obtained while working for a Dish Network contractor,”One and Done”. Do the job correctly the first time, us save time and money.

  27. ioniajones

    Hello, Everyone! This is Ionia Jones reporting. I would like to say Good Luck to SHarrington for finding the ONE job and to AlanMcCoy for his “spunk”(hope he gets that call).
    I would like to think that one of my biggest attributes as an employee would be my patience. I taught for 18 years in the classroom and before that worked with four supervisors in the office setting for 12 years. Patience served me well in both professions. The second biggest attribute that I would contribute would be having empathy. Being unemployed for two years has expanded that quality two fold.
    I am still job searching and putting in applications. You guys keep on truckin’ and I will see you next week.

  28. zonagreen

    Thanks for all the info and the feedback from all.

  29. Christie Watson

    I am a hard worker who loves a new challenge.I strive for one hundred percent accuracy.I know that my knowledge and years of medical insurance collections and customer service skills will be an asset to the company.I as well would research the company and utilize my skills that corrosponds to the job description.

  30. lucretiar

    The bulk of my experience lies in organization and assistance for executives and administrative staff, as well as, relief for other departments. I have worked in a variety of settings such as schools, production,insurance, and subsidized housing, to name a few. My organizational and multi- tasking skills are documented in each position. I, therfore, feel confident I could contribute to your , company, professionalism,and a work ethic that will endure for many years into the future.

    This is what I think would be an decent opening statement. Any pointers would definitely be appreciated.

  31. kn1964

    Really what the interviewer wants to hear is a little bit about our recent work experience and discuss our most significant accomplishments and strengths as they relate to the job for which we are applying.

  32. ChaiHo

    In my previous work experiences, I have dealt with a lot of human interaction. This has taught me to find ways to work together with my co-workers and also has taught me ways to efficiently communicate with many different kinds of customers.

  33. stantongreer

    I’m naturally introverted, but very balanced which means a few things. I’m not very good at selling “hype”, but what I can do is sell and execute “real”. I prefer to have my ducks all in a row before starting something, but “real” has taught me to handle expectations to allow for and create excitement about iterations. Now I can jump fully into something, sort it out as I go, and get rolling quickly. I like to have everything understood and organized in my head, and have joy in helping others do the same. This gives me the heart of a teacher in dealing with both co-workers and clients.

  34. carolynwalter

    I have 25+ years experience in the business office field. Starting up our own construction company and having to learn as I went, increased my ability to learn and curiosity of exactly how and why things in an office work as they do. How to setup the bookkeeping to applying that knowledge to day to day operations. While working for an employer my proudest accomplishment was the savings of over $50,000 a year on supplies. (this went without supervisory acknowledgement). Keeping an organized office and completing tasks on time are very important to me. I believe that being a business owner has helped me to understand both sides of the workplace. As an employer you want honest, hard-working, dependable employees. As an employee you want to work for someone who appreciates and acknowledges your dedication.

  35. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Good advice. Thank you. Jeffrey Gregoire


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