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In just a few weeks, we will be hosting a breakfast for employers so that we can discuss the benefits of Campusjobxpress.com and brag about our wonderful subscribers. This is just one of our many efforts to bring in masses of great employers and more opportunities for you, the job seeker. We will begin sending invites to employers soon, but before we do, we want to hear from you. Which companies would you like us to invite and why? For those of you outside the Waco area, Which employers would you like to see when we come to your area?

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  1. Charles Waddle

    Baylor of course has a lot of opportunities but they are limited in the non-education backgrounds. That doesn’t mean the don’t exist and I have applied for several over the last year. Unfortunately I don’t always fill all of their requirements…but I apply anyway.

  2. shellycawthon

    McLennan County, State of Texas and City of Waco.

  3. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, I already comment on this topic . I guess I’m early again. Check back later.

  4. hcharwell

    ill try to find the list


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