Discussion 38: Employer Feedback

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In just a few weeks, we will be hosting a breakfast for employers so that we can discuss the benefits of Campusjobxpress.com and brag about our wonderful subscribers. This is just one of our many efforts to bring in masses of great employers and more opportunities for you, the job seeker. We will begin sending invites to employers soon, but before we do, we want to hear from you. Which companies would you like us to invite and why?


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  1. beverlyheaton

    Well since my field is banking I would like to see some financial institutions represented.

    Beverly Heaton

  2. Michael Dutton

    Here are a few suggestions:
    Caterpillar, M&M Mars, Allergan, SpaceX, Trane, L3, Manatou, FEDEX and AHP. The above represent stable companies that have good benefits and are growing.

  3. tommyharper

    You might also include the Human Resources from MCC,TSTC, and ESC region 12.

  4. debb6

    I would love to see something fun in todays world. Someting part time to enjoy looking forward to getting out of the house.I was in customer service for 30 years talking on phones with customers, and not employed now is a heartbreak.

  5. lkmiddlebrook

    Organizations/Companies from the housing industry: HTAA, WAOR, TREC, ETC…

  6. sherriemorgan

    Michael Dutton covered the ones I would choose. L3 and Spacex are companies that I’ve applied to. Baylor Univ. and Aramark would be good too. Coca Cola, Glazer, & ICS are good also.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  7. Charles Becker

    Good morning, This is Chuck. This area is not my expertise. Probably would invite “newer” employers in the area that may be unaware of Campusjobxpress.com. The Chamber of Commerce may have a list of newer employers.Would encourage companies that have had SUCCESS with finding the right employees with you, to bring a “business” friend with them. You probably have a list of HR people that your company stays in touch with. Maybe some “store” managers from Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, City of Waco. Not sure if you want a “shotgun” approach or “target” certain industries. Probably also needs to be repeated quarterly.. To keep it in their mind for future reference.

  8. Charles Waddle

    Baylor of course has a lot of opportunities but they are limited in the non-education backgrounds. That doesn’t mean the don’t exist and I have applied for several over the last year. Unfortunately I don’t always fill all of their requirements…but I apply anyway.

  9. Charles Becker

    Just some additional thoughts from Chuck. Some of the “newer” companies could be Aldi’s Foods, Conns , SpaceX,;Expanding companies, Allen Samuels Dodge, Richard Carr Motors, even QTI promotions.I know Melvin wants to know “why”, Many of these companies may be unaware of the resources, contacts, and tools that you offer.In todays high tech world, the connections that campusjobxpress.com offer more reaching area, down to San Antonio, Austin, the I35 corridor. Wishing you a successful breakfast.

  10. Victoria

    Everyone appreciates employers that value good people and offer competitive benefits. These are the type of employers that find and retain good employees. Good luck to all!–V. Nimmo

  11. ljwp


    I agree with the suggestions, thus far. I would also like to see some representatives from the healthcare industry.


    Linda Parten

  12. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, I would like to see people from the Social Work Field( all agencies that job seekers are going to college to better themselves would be nice to sit down and have breaskfast with and ask question on our behalf). Im currently in college working on my Social Worker degree, so to see some of the agencies looking for someone to do their intern there and possiable a job line up afterwards would interest me. The reason why I suggest this is because alot of job seekers have went back to school to change there degree and it would be nice to find a new career job in the feild we are currently going to college for.

  13. Charles Becker

    One more idea, a new company to Waco, ; Building 8 new locations, that will need staffing. The company is “STRIPES” convenience stores. Based in South Texas. Campusjobxpress.com, has connections for quality employees contacts. Again, they may not be aware or your company web-site, and your edge, able to work fast…

  14. ioniajones

    I agree with MDutton’s list. I would like to see companies look pass one’s resume and not take the job seeker seriously, because he/she is not seeking a job in the area of his most recent employment. For intense, I taught for 18 years, but I am not seeking a teaching job. I feel that the companies, where I have applied for a cashier’s or secretarial positions, just ignore my experience in those areas, because I did those types of jobs earlier in my career. I, also, hesitate to apply for some jobs, because I’m afraid they must companies want the people that they hire to “hit the job running”! I would need some training, but I don’t think they have time to give, at least, some minimual training! I appreciate the fact that you are trying get a variety of busineses, for this closer encounter (the breakfast) with us job seekers! This is Ionia Jones, wishing everyone a great week.

  15. brandyrodriguez

    The suggestions already made sound good to me- I would just add the major hospitals in the area (i.e. Hillcrest, Providence, Scott & White)

    Brandy Rodriguez

  16. angeladevinney

    I would like to see something in the field of psychology or counseling. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor and am going back to school to become a Clinical Psychologist.

    By the way, I got the job to work on the Mobile Assessment Team. Although it is per diem, I have three shifts per week and am paid per number of call outs I receive. I could still potentially be paid more than I am currently being paid. I had orientation last night. My last day at my current job is next Friday.


  17. alisondillon

    Space X, HEB and L-3

  18. alanmccoy

    You may be interested in some of the utility type companies that operate in the Waco and surrounding areas such as Osmose, Atmos and Driver Pipeline. These are construction related career opportunities.

  19. markbeadle

    I would like to see outsides sales companies. I have
    experience selling for food companies; however, I am open
    to any good opportunity.

    This is for Charles Becker who indicated that STRIPES is
    coming into the Waco Area. I had a phone interview with
    them this past Monday. They require that the candidate will spend 10 weeks in Houston for training. Unfortunately, I was not able to spend that much time away from home.

  20. Rebecca Benson

    all the sugestions so far sound great, I recamend Blue cross blue shield & other Insurance companies.

  21. Eugene Wlodarek

    I would be interested to know if there are any work at home companies that will be invited, such as Convergys.

  22. zshade37

    I would like to see some state agencies; as that is my ultimate goal. I would like get astate or federal position where I can obtain a greatbenefitspackage.

  23. carolynwalter

    I think the majority of the companies/trades have been covered. I like the idea of “bring a business friend”. This way you may get to reach out to businesses that are not aware of the services you provide.

  24. Loyd Edwards

    Caterpillar, M&M Mars, Allergan, SpaceX, Trane, L3, Manatou, FEDEX and AHP are good suggestions. Thank you.

  25. carolsmith1960

    I would love to see Human Resources personnel for the Veterans Hospitals in Waco or Temple.

  26. Christie Watson

    I agree with Brandy, I to would like to see Hillcrest,Providence as well as other medical facilities in the area.

  27. kn1964

    My field is warehousing, operations and retail.

  28. Loyd Edwards

    Just a suggestion to add to your job search –

    Which jobs can set up to work from a home computer?

    This could be a viable option for some folks.

  29. ChaiHo

    I really want to work for city or any government job that on my field. Unfortunately , the government cut the budget, and it’s even harder to find one now.

  30. Becky Benson

    I had my dream job & with medicare cut backs I lost my job in medical purchasing so I undrestand, it is so scary that economy is worse instead of better.

  31. Loyd Edwards

    I work in the Information Technology sector – providing solid computer hardware and software services insuring data protection for 2 sites in Texas for the past 12 years – another company bought us out – my office was forced to close.

    I have deep roots in this area, I am looking for a company to support in McLennan and/or surrounding counties.

  32. lindanelson

    I love to teach and train, but have no current credentials in this field. I would like to speak with a company who would value skills I have acquired from life experience, not just job experience.

  33. scornett

    It looks like most of the bases have been covered. I would suggest looking into ways to develop relationships with school districts both large and small, so if they have a need they have a bigger selection of possible candidates. Also, independently owned medical/dental offices that might need positions filled,possibly Family Health Center and area non-profits.

  34. dorothy conroy

    I would like to see Health Care field.
    tks Dorothy Conroy

  35. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Will be watching for more info. THanks. Jeffrey Gregoire

  36. hcharwell

    might look in to parks and rec

  37. J C Riggs

    I agree with the selections


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