Discussion 40 Alamo: Do you have the big 3

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After many months of working with individuals on UI and other programs, it has become obvious that many of you do not understand the big three things that can get you employed. Let’s review:


Resume –   Resume must be clearly stated

Easily readable

Targeted to the job you seek

Checked by someone other than yourself for errors

References must be notified



Interview – The interview must be focused

Company should be researched

Be prepared to have a conversation

Practice in a mirror and in front of family or friends

Be prepared to give a one minute presentation about yourself (employment-based)

Tell the interviewer what you can do for the company (solve a problem or make the company money)


Likability – Employers hire people they like

You must be able to work well with others

A positive attitude goes a long way

A sincere smile can make a huge impact

An energetic interest in the company must be portrayed




Do you have your three? If not, what are you missing?






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  1. Melvin Freeman

    All good things to keep in mind,thanks.

  2. hcharwell


  3. Paul Hodges

    Resume done

    Interview available and prepared.

    Likability – I am a people person.


  4. zonagreen

    Good information. Thanks.

  5. Loyd Edwards

    The big 3 is your kick-start to a career at your next job.

  6. James Swanson

    Real good info!

  7. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, I must be early again…. Check back later

  8. crystalrodriguez

    Good information. I believe I have all three down! Thank you.

  9. Marie

    I was not familiar with the big “3”. Thanks for the info.

  10. Paul Hodges

    Good information.


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