Discussion 40: Do you have the big 3?

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After many months of working with individuals on UI and other programs, it has become obvious that many of you do not understand the big three things that can get you employed. Let’s review:


Resume –   Resume must be clearly stated

Easily readable

Targeted to the job you seek

Checked by someone other than yourself for errors

References must be notified



Interview – The interview must be focused

Company should be researched

Be prepared to have a conversation

Practice in a mirror and in front of family or friends

Be prepared to give a one minute presentation about yourself (employment-based)

Tell the interviewer what you can do for the company (solve a problem or make the company money)


Likability – Employers hire people they like

You must be able to work well with others

A positive attitude goes a long way

A sincere smile can make a huge impact

An energetic interest in the company must be portrayed




Do you have your three? If not, what are you missing?






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  1. scornett

    I think I could use help in the areas of interviewing. When you have held positions for a lengthy time, you realize it has been a while since I have been interviewed formally.

  2. tommyharper

    I think i”m good to go.

    1)Resume current, correct, focused, references notified.
    2)For ever application I fill out I spend time learning about the position and company.
    3)Rather subjective, but I have a positive attitude.

    Have a great day and God bless.

  3. beverlyheaton

    Yes I have updated resume, I feel comfortable during the interview process and I try to go in with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

    Beverly Heaton

  4. Charles Becker

    Good Morning this is Chuck Becker; Good discussion; would like to “rank” the three areas above. Resume,Intervie, and Likability. Personally I have several resumes, slightly different for different employers. The Biggest challenge is to set yourself out from the other applicants. Have noticed employers “look” quickly at them. The Interview, preparation beforehand really helps. shows interest and desire. Likability, yes something to work on everyday. A pleasing and positive attitude with a “can do” feeling important.Ranking, #3 most important. #2. Interview skills important for your personal skills relating to employment. #3 A good resume important, to spur interest. How do the other JOB CLUB members feel? I’m open,what do you think??

  5. Eugene Wlodarek

    Have all three.

  6. sherriemorgan

    I have revamped my resume, practiced being interviewed, and I have a positive attitude.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  7. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, I beleive I have all 3, but a refreshing course could not hurt either…. have any courses avaviable? (Maybe actaully doing a class and everyone who wants to role play,can).

  8. lucretiar

    I have change my resume several times and used resources available to me to check it. I try to taylor my resume and /or my cover letters to the position for which I am applying. I believe I might need coaching in the interview part, however, I can’t even get to the interview stage with my applications. Not sure what i”m doing wrong.

  9. lucretiar

    (spelling oops) I have changed (notc change)my resume several times.

  10. alanmccoy

    I am comfortable with my “Big 3”. I believe the interview is most important. I think many of us could land jobs if we could just get the interview. That is where you get the chance to come across as likable, competent and qualified for the position.

  11. zshade37

    Of the big 3, I feel I could use improvement on my resume. I need to tweek my resume to cater towards individual jobs that I’m applying for. That way my resume will be more focused to that particular job.

  12. hcharwell

    i have not recieved any e-mail yet

  13. brandyrodriguez

    I have all 3…just missing the interviews. It will happen in due time- just trying to wait patiently and with a positive attitude.

    Brandy Rodriguez

  14. lkmiddlebrook

    Thank you for this discussion. It has been a while since I have interviewed. The practicing tips listed here I find are very helpful and encouraging.

  15. Michael Dutton

    Good discussion. I have all 3. I customize my resume & cover letter for each job opening specifically highlighting the skill set requirements for that particular job. I research the company & prepare questions before the interview. I always smile & have a positive attitude as well as stating how I could add value to the company.

  16. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Thanks for the information, it’s always good to review. Jeffrey Gregoire

  17. sheliabusby

    Thanks to my former employer I have the Big 3 as part of my severance package was to spend 3 months with a dedicated Job Coach. He helped me to articulate my background and skill set both in writing and verbally. LHH Consulting also helped me to develop a ‘marketing plan’ that highlighted my strenghts and diverse 25 year work experience.

  18. patkolm

    I feel that I have all three. My resume is constantly being updated as needed. I have good references and have been on several interviews in the past few weeks. So Let’s hope something happens soon.

  19. dorothy conroy

    I am comfortable with the ‘Big 3’. But I will keep reviewing them.
    Thanks for the great infomation.
    Dororthy Conroy

  20. Christie Watson

    I need to work on being more relaxed during an interveiw.I had my previous job for a while therefore I am working on my interveiw skills.

  21. stantongreer

    I’m good on the list except that I need to work on my “elevator pitch” on why I’d be a good hire for the teaching job I’m seeking

  22. lindanelson

    I believe I have a pretty good grasp on the big three. With my limited job experience the call backs have been disappointing.

  23. angeladevinney

    I have the big three. For a while I likely needed help with interviewing, but being unemployed provided opportunities for me to work on that. Sorry my post is later than usual. I work strange hours and my days have started running together. It’s good to be busy on the new job. I had 6 call outs this week!


  24. carolynwalter

    I believe I have all three, provided I ever get to the interview stage. Starting to think I need to change my resume, or employers are just not looking for someone with experience versus a degree. I apologize for my entry being so late but I have had to deal with parent’s health issues.
    Hoping things start to turn around soon!

  25. kn1964

    I have a complete inventory of my work experience, including volunteer work.
    I have a complete inventory of my life experiences.
    I have inventoried my transferable skills, my strengths, my work style.
    I’ve created a basic resume which I’ll customize for each job I consider.
    I have a good cover letter outlined and ready to customize for each job application I submit.
    I’m ready to work.

  26. chaiho

    Thanks for the information.
    Yes, I have the big 3.

  27. susanpense

    I have all three but one of the toughest things I deal with is presenting my abilities without causing the employers to instantly circular file me resume as “over-qualified”. I want to make the most money I can by highlighting my vast experience but I also struggle with giving away “my age”.

  28. Charles Becker

    Good Morning, this is Chuck. Will check back later for new discussion.

  29. Debb6

    I have all three and updated my resume. will have interview next week.

  30. Debb6

    I have all three and updated my resume. I will be having interview next week.

  31. tommyharper

    April 24, Just checking in will check back later for Discussion #41

  32. J C Riggs

    Yes, I have kept my resume up to date, concentrate on my interview skills, and try to be professional and courteous throughout the interview.


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