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Welcome to Wednesday Everyone!

Today we would like to discuss outlook and attitude, but first we need to share a bit of information with you. Our role at The Heart of Texas Workforce Center will be changing. We will notify you of the changes as they occur. We will still be assisting you through Campusjobxpress.com with discussions, job matching and everything else that this website has to offer.

As for today’s discussion, we cannot stress enough how important attitude is when searching for a job. We have been witnessing many people successfully finding employment. A big part of their success has been to change their outlook on life and learn how to create a positive atmosphere around themselves.

You can tell someone a lot without even saying a word. Your mood is written all over your face and so you must always be aware of how you are presenting yourself. Are you going into an interview slumped over with a blank stare? Do you look everywhere in the room except at the employer? These actions can give the impression that you are not interested in working.

Also, how you act with others can either give a good or bad impression of your work ethic. Do you greet people with a smile and a warm hello as you meet them? Do you have an enthusiastic attitude about speaking with people? If so, you’re doing great!

One example of a way to improve your persona could be to become more involved in your community. Volunteering can be a great self-improvement activity as well as a social skills builder. When you volunteer, you build a relationship with people you never knew. This can help you feel more comfortable when talking with an employer or co-workers whom you have never met. Volunteering can also boost your self-esteem. Helping others for the greater good can really take a weight off of your shoulders and help you lift your mood. Seeing someone smile and knowing you made a difference, simply because you were there to help, can really open our minds up to a better way of being. We need to be a helping hand, a shoulder, a strong friend, a good heart, and someone who can be relied on. Now that, my friends, is something a company needs in an employee.




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  1. Paul Hodges

    Attitude is the most important

  2. zonagreen

    A smile is worth a thousand words.

  3. ernestinesample

    Wow, i cant beleive I miss this one. Sorry. A smile goes along way but even with that you need to have a positive attitude with it. It goes hand and hand..

  4. hcharwell

    O K


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