Discussion 42: Welcome to Wednesday

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Welcome to Wednesday Everyone!

Today we would like to discuss outlook and attitude, but first we need to share a bit of information with you. Our role at The Heart of Texas Workforce Center will be changing. We will notify you of the changes as they occur. We will still be assisting you through Campusjobxpress.com with discussions, job matching and everything else that this website has to offer.

As for today’s discussion, we cannot stress enough how important attitude is when searching for a job. We have been witnessing many people successfully finding employment. A big part of their success has been to change their outlook on life and learn how to create a positive atmosphere around themselves.

You can tell someone a lot without even saying a word. Your mood is written all over your face and so you must always be aware of how you are presenting yourself. Are you going into an interview slumped over with a blank stare? Do you look everywhere in the room except at the employer? These actions can give the impression that you are not interested in working.

Also, how you act with others can either give a good or bad impression of your work ethic. Do you greet people with a smile and a warm hello as you meet them? Do you have an enthusiastic attitude about speaking with people? If so, you’re doing great!

One example of a way to improve your persona could be to become more involved in your community. Volunteering can be a great self-improvement activity as well as a social skills builder. When you volunteer, you build a relationship with people you never knew. This can help you feel more comfortable when talking with an employer or co-workers whom you have never met. Volunteering can also boost your self-esteem. Helping others for the greater good can really take a weight off of your shoulders and help you lift your mood. Seeing someone smile and knowing you made a difference, simply because you were there to help, can really open our minds up to a better way of being. We need to be a helping hand, a shoulder, a strong friend, a good heart, and someone who can be relied on. Now that, my friends, is something a company needs in an employee.




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  1. lkmiddlebrook

    I have also heard that while answering/talking on the phone, that people can “hear” your smile. At a face to face interview, good eye contact and a great smile, can go a long way.

  2. tommyharper

    What happened? I posted around 9:15 and it showed up now its gone. Anyway good topic. I have often heard it said that attitude is everything.

    God Bless

  3. cjxpadmin

    Mr. Harper,
    We apologize for the confusion. We are looking into the problem now. Thank you for notifying us.

  4. sherriemorgan

    The smiling when answering the phone is something that I have used. Attitude is important. Even when you’re not headed to an interview but all the time, at the grocery store, getting gas, having your car serviced, just being out and about you never know who you’ll run into. It is a small world 🙂 after all.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  5. Charles Becker

    Hello this is Chuck. Excellent point. ZIG ZIGLAR TALKED ABOUT ATTITUDE HIS ENTIRE LIFE. On website, Youtube.com you can see some great videos. Also books by W. Clement Stone were always uplifting. A positive attitude will also help you do better, and see things in a better light. Noticed job club has been winding down. If I can help campusjobxpress.com; please let me know. With you expanding to San Antonio, and in Austin you must be busy. Job Club has been useful. Melvin, you your staff have always been positive, and have a GREAT ATTITUDE. Will keep checking for your information, THANK YOU!!

  6. shellycawthon

    I definitely think attitude is the key to success in all aspects of life!

  7. scornett

    I found the following quote and I think it very appropriate for those of us who are currently looking for work.

    A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.
    –Wade Boggs

  8. Jeffrey Gregoire

    I agree your attitude is “…written on your face…” & think that a smile from someone goes a long way when doing the interview process. Thanks. Jeffrey Gregoire

  9. zshade37

    I curious of the changes that were previously mentioned, and what they entail.

  10. brandyrodriguez

    I agree, attitude is everything and a smile goes a long way!! Having a good attitude does a lot for you besides just mentally!!

    Brandy Rodriguez

  11. dorothy conroy

    I have always smiled when I meet people, you can always tell how they respond as to what mood theu are in. Yessss
    volunteering is a great way to help someone else. That is
    why I volunteer.
    No matter what the changes are can we still have access to you, this had been a fantastic experience and very helpful to me in this tryhing time.
    Thanks Dorothy Conroy

  12. lindanelson

    I have always believed you can change anything if you change your attitude. Another mantra I try to live by was taught to me when I was about 10. “Greet the day with a song, make others happy and serve gladly”. This has made for a great life!

  13. Patricia Kolm

    The best thing you can take to an interview is a positive attitude. That will go along way with the interviewer.
    Be pleasant and smile.

  14. kn1964

    Good topic, the attitude is the one thing out of the entire process you can control.

  15. Eugene Wlodarek

    As others have said, a positive attitude while looking a job is essential.

  16. jamesswanson

    Good advice! I’ve started doing some volunteer work. Thanks!

  17. kimberlyjarratt

    a good attitude is 90% of your grade, try to be a person the employer would like to work with every day.

  18. angeladevinney

    My post just disappeared too after this post I better go back and check last week’s. I don’t k ow if I can recreate my last post…attitude is so important. People can hear your smile through the phone. Depression and apathy can set in after not having full time employment over a long period of time. It’s important to stay motivated whether through hobbies, or volunteer activities as mentioned before. If you can’t pull yourself out of it, get some therapy so it does not become chronic.

  19. hcharwell

    good attitude.

  20. carolsmith1960

    Your attitude has everything to do with getting a job. A winning smile goes a long ways as well as 1st impressions!

  21. Stanton Greer

    One of the benefits of not having a job right now has been the extra time I have been able to spend with my kids and serve others. Both of these have been a great boost to my spirit.


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