Discussion 43 Alamo: Changes For You!

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Our role at the Heart of Texas Workforce Center has changed.

You will still be able to receive services at the Workforce Center from the Center Staff.

Now, for the service that CampusJobXpress provides you. Our services will continue as usual and in fact, our services have been enhanced. We have added a Quality Assured Applicant Section that will change how you present yourself to employers.

With this new section, you will present your resume, but have you noticed that everyone puts out a resume today and you look just like everyone else. So, we added a photo and a summary of your qualifications next to it. Employers can more easily see and screen applicants. The best applicants with a combination of a great resume and a self-video presentation (one minute or less) will stand out.

We have had meetings with employers over the last few weeks and they want to see more. They want something that tells them you are the better candidate. We suggested the video presentation and the thought was that anyone can do your resume, but only you can present your video. You presenting yourself is the difference. This will not be for everyone, however. For those of you who can do this, it will present you in a very different light.  If you would like to try this, let us know by email at info@campusjobxpress.com.

At CampusJobXpress, we are all trying to open as many doors for you as possible. We will be reviewing your profile on the site, looking at your resume and picture for ways to help you. You will also be getting email and messages about more jobs that are about to come our way. We now cover an area from Waco to the San Antonio Area. Things have begun to happen very fast.

For those of you who wish to be considered as a Quality Assured Applicant (an applicant who Campusjobxpress can refer as one of our best to employers), please let us know. Now, what is a Quality Assured Applicant? This is an applicant who has been assessed by us, has a good work history, a professional looking resume, has completed a video presentation of themselves and has interviewed with one of our team.

Many of you have already met the qualifications and will not have to do any more than create a short video. That’s it!

Please do not hesitate to continue contacting us through email, through Job Club or even through the Workforce Center. Stay connected!!!



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  1. cjxpadmin


    We are glad that you are still with us, and we enjoy seeing your post every Wednesday! We are going to be doing some site construction over the next few weeks, and some times there will be parts of the page that are down. Rest assured all of these things will be handled as quickly as possible, and Job Club will continue every wednesday. We thank you for your patience in advance!

  2. hcharwell

    is good to have a lot of different skills


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