Discussion 44 Alamo: What Is Your Work Ethic?

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work′ eth`ic

a belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character.
Work ethic? Do you have it?  You should always take pride in whatever type of work you do. Your work should reflect what you expect to get back from the company that you work for. If you are only giving half of your effort then you should reflect on if you are really happy to be there. If not then you should look for something you are passionate about. It’s not fair to you, your job, or the others that work with you when you only give 50% of your effort.  This is true whether you have a job or looking for work, because looking for work is your job.
Here are some questions to ask your self about when you are looking for the career that is right for you. You should get out something to write with and some paper (or in this case put into your response) :
  1. What is your relationship with the work that you have or wish to do?
  2. What are your  beliefs concerning what you should be giving and receiving from your work place?
  3. When you think of your job what are your feelings about the job that you do or want to do.
  4. Do you like your job?


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