Discussion 46 Alamo: What Am I Missing?

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To succeed, one must be thorough in their goals. Being thorough is the highlight of our upcoming Applicant RoundUp Events. These events have been scheduled for the third Friday of June, July, and August. Everyone and anyone can participate. This event is to ensure that each subscriber has a complete, efficient and updated profile for employers to review. Too many of our subscribers still have incomplete profiles or have yet to upload professional photos or videos. These areas of the profile are considered very important because they are what sets our subscribers apart from all the rest.
To properly participate in one of the Applicant RoundUp Events, you will need to prepare as follows:
1. Upload an up-to-date resume with easy-to-read/short/bulleted phrases. The resume should have a Summary of Qualifications with short, bulleted phrases.
2. Take a professional photo of yourself and post it to your Profile Page. You may take this photo yourself and email it to us for approval or have the photo taken at the event. If you take the photo yourself, remember that it should be a photo of yourself without any additional people or props and it should be taken against a plain background.
3. Practice a one-minute or less speech discussing your qualifications (education, experience, skills) that an employer would find appealing as well as what you can offer the company, if hired. It is very important to keep this presentation positive and professional. This one-minute video presentation will also be posted in the Quality Assured Section of CampusJobXpress.com.
4. Please choose a job category from the list of jobs under job data base. If the job category that you need is not listed there, let us know by e-mail the category that you need

All of you who are interested in the Summer Applicant RoundUp should e-mail us at info@campusjobxpress.comonce the above three items have been completed.

All screened applicants will be presented to employers as candidates for interview.
What are you missing? What do you have to present in your video?


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    ill keep posted

  2. lkmiddlebrook

    I do not have a professional picture or a video.


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