Discussion 47: RoundUp

Job Club Heart of Texas | 9 comments

We cannot stress enough the benefits to you surrounding the upcoming Applicant Roundup Events. Every third Friday until September, we will be accepting your professional photo, accepting your resume and assisting in filming your very own video resume. To prepare ahead of time, we can accept and review your resume through e-mail prior to the event. Just send your document as an attachment to info@campusjobxpress.com. Also, if you have already taken a professional photo of yourself, you can submit the photo the same as you would your resume.

For those of you who are hesitant to try a video, let me explain how this can be very beneficial to your success. Years ago, a resume was only something created by the higher-end professionals and now everyone creates resumes when looking for a job.

A lot of you are expressing that you would do better in person, but what better way to ensure a face-to-face interview than by showing how different, up-to-date, professional and qualified you are through a one-minute video alongside your professional resume and summary of qualifications.

This will give the employer a convenient look at all you have to offer which will, in turn, create a better result for everyone. Matching yourself with the right company begins first by having the right attitude.

Technology and the workplace are constantly evolving. More and more employers prefer to communicate through e-mail, rather than basic mail or telephone. CampusJobXpress is simply feeding the need for convenience because it diminishes stress and saves everyone time. Creating and completing a full professional profile through CampusJobXpress ensures that you will be viewed as a new age professional and all of our subscribers’ amazing qualifications will be presented in a whole new light to employers seeking the perfect candidate.

Be sure to always maintain the appropriate attitude when searching for work as well as the appropriate attire. Remember to dress for the job you want and keep a positive attitude right there with it!




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  1. tommyharper

    Since this is a continuation of the previous weeks job club I don’t know what else to say. Except that I am working on preparation. Have a good day.

  2. jamesswanson

    Thanks for the info.

  3. scornett

    Good reminders.

  4. sherriemorgan

    Had a job interview yesterday 🙂
    I will b ready.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  5. Eugene Wlodarek

    Ready to go, except video

  6. angeladevinney

    Thank you for the additional feedback.

  7. dorothy conroy

    Thanks for the information
    Dorothy Conroy

  8. carolsmith1960

    Thank you for all your help yesterday!
    Resume updated….done
    Picture taken…..done
    Made video …..done

  9. James Swanson

    Possible job opportunity. Waiting to see if the company lands a new contract.


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