Discussion 49: New Mission for Job Club

Job Club Heart of Texas | 12 comments


We hope your week has been awesome and finds you well. Today we are announcing a change in how Job Club is conducted. We are going to be enhancing the content of our weekly discussions! The open discussions will continue as always, and we will still be sending you great interview and resume tips. However, we will be changing how we get the job information to you. We will be posting job information as it comes in! What we want for you is to send us the jobs you are individually looking for and our new job locater specialist at CJXP Jobs will find it for you! Come back everyday for our up-to-date job postings.

Also at this time we are screening for these positions at this time:

75 Engineering Jobs in Austin

19 remaining jobs for Food Service in Austin

54 Credit Union Jobs in Austin

Dispatcher Jobs in Waco

Psychiatric Nursing Assistants in Waco




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  1. tommyharper

    very informative. Will the job posting information be within the discussion page or will it be posted separately?

  2. lkmiddlebrook

    Sounds cool. Jobs I’m looking for are in property management, or clerical/office. Thanks!

  3. Loyd Edwards

    Looking for anything in I.T. Information Technology (Windows based desktop hardware or software support)

  4. carolsmith1960

    I was glad to get my resume updated and a newer picture taken. also did the video…it wasn’t that bad! Thank y’all very much!

  5. angeladevinney

    I’m glad to hear you are always looking for ways to improve job club.

  6. jamesswanson

    I will be looking every day at the job postings.

  7. dorothy conroy

    I will keep watching. Thanks for all you do
    Dorothy Conroy

  8. scornett

    Thanks for keeping us updated on recent developments.

  9. shellycawthon

    Thanks for the info 🙂

  10. Loyd Edwards

    I’m hanging in there, good luck everyone!

  11. Stanton Greer

    This look very helpful. thanks

  12. lindanelson

    I’m looking for retail sales merchandisers. Thanks for the help


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