Discussion 58: Approaching the coming job search

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Here is a list of some very powerful ways of approaching the coming  job search.

By Yolanda Salazar 10 Steps To A Job Search Workbook

1. Be curious.

Be curious about what you may create for yourself. Look for those jobs that you may not have ever done, but you feel that maybe, if given a chance, you could learn to do. It might be something that you really enjoy doing and never thought about getting paid for doing it.

2. Be confident. Believe in yourself! Be confident in what you have to offer your future employer.

3. Be gutsy. Develop a “It doesn’t hurt to ask” attitude and approach your job search with guts.

4. Be prepared. It is very important to express exactly what you are trying to say and do, both orally and in writing.

5. Be and feel challenged. Let challenge become your guide and discover how to come up with more and more leads.

6. Be connected. This is so very important. Connect to as many people as you can. Connect to agencies and resources wherever they may be available. This can help tremendously.

7. Be frugal with your time. Your job search is an urgent matter. There is no time to waste, so use your time wisely.

8. Be fearless. There is nothing you can’t do. Do not be afraid to talk to people. Ask them questions about who they know, about what they do in their jobs and especially about any job leads they might be able to give you.

9. Be friendly. You can get more with honey than you can with vinegar! Be friendly in all your transactions with everyone you meet and connect with along your route to a job.

10. Be easygoing. Relax, take it easy and enjoy the adventure of finding a job.

11. Be creative. Use your own imagination to create your own winning formula.

12. Be active. Try to keep yourself active, regular and consistent in your everyday efforts.

13. Be diligent. Make sure you follow-up every tip, lead or possibility that comes your way. Don’t let a miracle slip through your fingers.

14. Be proactive. Make things happen for you. Keep initiating the action.

15. Be positive. Go for what you want, what you really, really want and play big.

16. Be promotable. Create great stuff to promote yourself. Show all that you can and how well you do it.

17. Be sellable. Sell yourself like a champ! Be enrolling and likable. This is where you brag on yourself. Don’t hold anything back.

18. Be successful.



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    Excellent recommendations!


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