Discussion 61 Alamo: Making Choices Simple

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There are times when you are looking for a job that you have to make choices. Sometimes the job maybe a little fruther thenyou want to drive. Or maybe the hours are no just right. These are all things that can factor in your success at your job. What you have to decide is if the road blocks are really road blocks. The job might be a little further away then you would normally drive, but the pay is better then anything closer. The hours might not be the best, but they have benefits. Take a piece of paper and make two columns. Write down 5 must haves and 5 road blocks. Start with your road blocks. Can these things be fixed? Can you hire a sitter? Can you take a bus instead of driving? Is there anyway to surmount the problem. If so then take it off your road block list. Once you’re done with that, go to your must haves. Decide if the must have is a need or a desire. If it’s just a desire then take it off the list. If it’s a must have that you would ignore for the right job, then it’s not a must have. Once you’re finished with the list look at the job you’re considering then make your choice.



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1 Comment

  1. janetreeling

    I just joined the website. This is the first discussion/tip I’ve read. Previously, I’ve looked at only one or two pluses or minuses. I think your idea of looking at more can help to put the job into better perspective.

    I look forward to reading past and future discussions. Thank you.


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