Discussion 70: Getting Paid what you are Worth

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It is easy to allow yourself to fall into the trap of I need money now. So many times you get stuck at a job where you feel comfortable, and you’re afraid to leave or to ask for more because you have one bird in the hand. In the end that’s fine you have to chose what is right for you and your family, but there will come a time when you know that you should be making more for the work that you do. There are however things that you need to consider when you are thinking of making that move to management or to another company.  Are you truly worth the money? That is going to be the main thing, and if you stop and take a hard look at your skill set and the things you bring to the table you will have your answer. Without out knowing how much you do and can do, you will have no idea how much you should be making. If you don’t know as much as you think you may need for the job there is nothing wrong with picking some new skills. It can only make you more marketable. The next thing is being in a place that is going to pay you what you are worth. If you live in a smaller town you may not make as much money as someone in a larger doing the same job. There are a lot of things to consider when trying to figure out if you are being paid what you are worth. At the end of the day it is something that only you can decide.



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1 Comment

  1. Loyd Edwards

    I believe we’re all worth more, if knowledgeable enough to actually BE worth more to your workplace.

    How do I become indispensable and worth more at my job? Here’s 2 key areas.

    #1 – Social engineering

    A skill set that needs to be taught early in life. Debate clubs in college are a great learning tool. I’ve had to learn my social skills the hard way, once you “master” social engineering, you will have an advantage over all others around your job environment, social skills rule!

    #2 – Skill Set:

    You can NEVER have too much knowledge! The day you think you’ve learned enough, or you think your smarter than everyone else, is the day you put yourself at a serious disadvantage. HONE your job skills, continue to add to your knowledge, be well rounded with your education. EVERYONE will notice your education and intelligence around the office. You will know you made it when folks start asking you for advice.

    Thanks again to Campus Job Xpress for all you’ve done to help us get back into the work force.

    For what its worth…

    Loyd Edwards – I.T. Technician
    Corporate / Small Office / Home Office
    Personal Computer / Server Support
    Smart Phone
    LAN Ops


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