Job Club Alamo Area

The job club discussions for the New Braunfels area

Discussion 62 Alamo: Resume Builders

Hello! We're going to touch upon a topic that we have a lot of questions about. Building your skills. YOu may think that all the skills you have now are all you need for your job, and in some cases that might be true. But it never hurts to add another skill to your resume. Maybe they have free classes at your local library. Maybe they have a leadership seminar run by the city that you can join. There are hundreds of free events that go on throughout the year that will not only give you free...

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Discussion 61 Alamo: Making Choices Simple

There are times when you are looking for a job that you have to make choices. Sometimes the job maybe a little fruther thenyou want to drive. Or maybe the hours are no just right. These are all things that can factor in your success at your job. What you have to decide is if the road blocks are really road blocks. The job might be a little further away then you would normally drive, but the pay is better then anything closer. The hours might not be the best, but they have benefits. Take a...

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Discussion 55 Changes To Job Club And Applicant Roundup

  The monthly Applicant Roundup for August is being cancelled. We are preparing to put together a Job Event and we felt our time would be better spent in doing this. We would like to ask everyone to ensure they have an updated resume and make sure your interviewing techniques are sharp. Please let us know what type of positions you are looking for as we will start recruiting employers within the next few weeks. FYI, we will be changing our Job Club Discussion to Mondays instead of...

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Discussion 54 Alamo: Questions to ask yourself

Monster has listed some questions that everyone should ask themselves before accepting any new job. Do you agree or disagree with this list below. What would you add? By: Chrissy Scivicque @ Monster College Is this a long-term career move? If not, what does this position offer in the way of experience and/or connections that will put me in a better position for achieving my long-term career goals in the future? How long do I need to stay in order to gain these advantages? If this is a...

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Discussion 46 Alamo: What Am I Missing (Revisited)

*Due to discussion 46 not going up as scheduled we are keeping it up another week to give everyone the chance to read it*   WHAT AM I MISSING? To succeed, one must be thorough in their goals. Being thorough is the highlight of our upcoming Applicant RoundUp Events. These events have been scheduled for the third Friday of June, July, and August. Everyone and anyone can participate. This event is to ensure that each subscriber has a complete, efficient and updated profile for employers to...

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