Discussion 2: This week we need to discuss your resume and profile. This important to us and you because this is how selections are made.

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In talking to many of you, lots of resumes are being sent out with out much success. This may be due to your resume not giving the right information or format.

A resume should be clear and easy to read. Objectives are not necessary.

If you have many jobs over a short period of time, change your resume to a functional resume.

If you have not loaded your resume to Campusjobxpress, please do so. We can not consider you for any job with your resume and profile.

Rachel has already begun the search for employers and we have jobs that may have to be filled before the job fair

The Following is Our Sample Resume. Please Review:


123 Harris Drive • Anytown, Texas 76701 • Tel: (254) 444-4444

E-Mail: myname@yahoo.com


• Over 20 years of responsible work experience

• Experience operating and repairing forklifts

• Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills

• Quick learner and committed to quality work

• Dependable, safety-conscious and self-motivated

• Work well individually as well as part of a team


STEWART & STEWART, LLC                                                                  Anytown, Texas


Duties: Responsible for servicing and maintaining forklifts for a local company.

• Repaired all makes and models of forklifts and drove field service van to sites

• Maintained service checklist and accounted for repair parts.

Field Service Mechanic

Duties: Responsibilities involved performing various duties for forklift operation company.

• Repaired forklifts on site and inspected forklifts to diagnose defects or problems

• Disassembled and re-assembled heavy equipment utilizing hoists and hand tools

• Immersed parts in tanks of solvent or sprayed parts with grease solvent to clean parts.

WORLD WIDE TRUCKS                                                                     Anytown, Texas

Field Service Technician

Duties: Responsible for repairing forklifts for a large local company.

• Repaired forklifts after diagnosing mechanical problems

• Examined parts for damage utilizing micrometers and gauges

• Tested forklifts to ensure operation was safe and efficient

• Disassembled equipment, cleaned parts, repaired parts and re-assembled for efficient use.


USAR Mechanic

Duties: Responsibilities involved performing mechanic operations on all types of construction

equipment while serving in the military.


USAR Mechanic/Supply

Duties: Responsible for implementing mechanic practices learned as a reserve mechanic.

• Repaired generators and compressors as well as trucks and engineer equipment

• Repaired small motor vehicles such as jeeps and trailers.


Motor Sergeant

Duties: Responsibilities involved basic running for the Mechanic Office for the USAR.

• Loaded testers, amp probes, radiator testers and fuel pressure gauges

• Diagnosed electrical systems and handled man hour accounting.


Motor Officer (Management)

Duties: Responsible for Mechanical Division for the USAR.

• Monitored work done by Motor Sergeants and organized work for USAR Mechanic


ANYTOWN HIGH SCHOOL                     GED                                  Anytown, Texas


• Computer (Microsoft Word, Excel)

• Office Equipment (10-Key Calculator)

• Forklift Operation Skills (20 Years)

• Welding Equipment

• Air Conditioning Installment (Auto, Home, Commercial)

• Carpentry, Electrician and Plumbing Skills (3 Years)

• Mechanic Skills (30 Years)

• Sheetmetal Work (8 Years)

• Sheetmetal and Welding Layout (5 Years)

• Maintenance and Personnel Management (8 Years)

• Truck Driving Skills (6 Years)


Motorcycle, Class C, Texas (with Endorsement P-Passenger)

Forklift Operator Training


 Certificate, Forklift Operator

References furnished upon request




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  1. sheilaparrish

    Good morning job seekers.
    I hope everyone is doing fine.

    Sheila Parrish

  2. beverlyheaton

    My resume is on Campusjobxpress and profile is updated.

    Thank you.

  3. joancampbell

    Good morning!

  4. joancampbell

    My resume is posted as well and had been reviewed.

  5. markskinner

    Morning. On the resume thing…I was involved in some hiring in my previous job-life. The best thing for me was a concise listing of previous job(s) and short description of skills applied/learned. It was easy to ask questions from those points. It’s most important to focus info on a job application that will most directly point out those skills that you possess that will best transfer to the position you’re seeking.
    However, it needs to be realized that every job hiring HR department or manager has a different outlook on what works for them. You just have to take your best shot on what you think will work & go with it. For me, the “Reader’s Digest” condensed version of information was always appreciated. later…

  6. jannpage

    This is a good item to discuss. My concern(as listed in prior comment) is my age shows thru with the dates listed on each employer. My history of employement is long term, and that gives away my age. How do I approach this problem? Do I remove employment except for the most recent on (lasted close to 17 years). Any help would be appreciated.

  7. ljwp

    Good morning everyone,

    My resume is posted and has been reviewed.

    It is my understanding that most employers want the “elevator resume” initially. Something that can be read between floors.

    Jobs in the McGregor area.

    These were in a story in the McGregor newspaper.

    Expert Structures, Inc. — 254-840-2028 — located in the industrial park at the former location of Duster Campers and have been there for a few months

    They manufacture commercial modular structures primarily used in oil fields, but also in other areas.

    Drafts Person
    Purchasing Manager
    Costing Manager
    In-House Sales Person
    Line Production People

    They currently have about 20 people and are looking to hire up to 100.

    Best of luck, everyone. I hope this helps.

  8. sheilaparrish

    Re: Mark Skinners comment.
    This is correct. I was involved in hiring on my last job and the shorter the resume the better. We an employer receives 250 + resumes they want to be able to week through pretty quickly, then if you land the interview you can go into detail at that time. Trust me for every one position there are at least 300 applicants.

  9. sheilaparrish

    Re: Jann Page
    I think it is a wonderful idea to only list the last employer if you were on the job 17 years. Then when you land the interview you can go into detail.
    Good luck.
    P.S. CPL lab on Hwy 6 had a receptionist position open.

  10. jannpage

    I gave my resume to Sheena Williams the end of May, I assume it was posted on Campusjobxpress.com, and I have updated the profile. I do not find the picture that Sheena took of me at my office when she was discussing help in finding a job for my age. Can this be confirmed? If not I will try to obtain a new picture.

  11. jannpage

    I did send a resume to CPL, Thanks.

  12. michael calderon

    I have removed the objectives from my resume. My resume and profile have been updated.

  13. Charles Becker


  14. jeffwhite

    ok I finally made it here took me a little bit to figure out where it was LOL hey Im old ok be easy on me lol

  15. Melvin

    Jan, most resumes should not show beyond 10 or 15 years as your most recent experience is what is really relevant. You also have the option of doing a functional resume.

  16. vikkireese

    Well I guess I have been in the wrong discussion. This one just now showed up on my end.

  17. vikkireese

    I turned my resume into Sheena also. I did not see it in my profile so I downloaded it myself.

  18. angeladevinney

    I actually have a curriculum vitae rather than a resume. It doesn’t contain an objective as was part of the discussion that Melvin had mentioned last week. They are typically longer than resumes as it asks for more information from your history than a resume will. Mine is loaded on campus job express and I gave a copy to Sheena as well. My problem is that with the market so saturated right now, and funding being cut left and right for everything, they want to hire people with less experience so that they can pay them less. In fact, CPS just cut their contract for the Fall. Individual therapy will be paid out at 20% less and family therapy will be paid out at 10% less. This is something I just found out about at the part-time job I’ve had for the past year. I’ve worked less than 10-20 hours with them. The worst part is that you already don’t get paid if the clients don’t show up for their appointment, and now they are further cutting the funding for the services you are providing to the clients.

  19. peggylane

    Hello, it is my understanding that the purpose of your resume is to pique the prospective employer’s interest and open the door for further communication.
    You may want to create several different resumes in order to accomplish this –e.g. your resume needs to be tailored or “targeted” towards the specific type of position you are seeking. Instead of simply providing a laundry list of past jobs and responsibilities, your resume should be a powerful selling tool, which showcases the ultimate value of hiring you. Right?

  20. Ron

    Good morning!
    I’ve loaded my resume and included changes based on thoughts about Melvin’s words about the objective lines. It helped to shorten the resume just a little and I’m pretty sure that if they are reading my resume, they already know my objective. I can see how it could possibly limit a person.

  21. Frances Gerick

    Ok got in the right topic now. I listed in the other topic that I don’t think that the “Objective” is as important as having a “Summary of Qualifications” listed so that the employee will have a good “first glance”, that will help pull yours out of the many resumes that they get. But there are some employers that do want a objective listed.

  22. rhondagade

    Good Morning Everyone,
    My resume has been reviewed and excepted, but still working on getting it posted. Have a great day!

  23. brettbaldwin

    Sorry folks, had some trouble logging into the site!! I feel your pain Jeff!! LOL

  24. carolynwalter

    My resume is on Campusjobexpress.com and profile updated. I have been instructed to do my resume 3 ways so I hope the one posted is correct.
    My last job was 7 years, prior to that 18 months and prior was 14 years. That is over the 15 year limit you are suggesting. I personally, as a previous Business Owner would prefer to look at a resume with Qualifications & Skills rather than a person’s entire work history. If the past 3 jobs they list match up with their skills, then an interview could give you the insight required for hiring. Just my personal opinion.

  25. fgerick

    Ok will try this again. I guess I wasn’t logged in correctly. I don’t think the “objective” is as important as having a “Summary of Qualifications” listed so that the employer can have a first hand glance to your qualifications to pull out among all the resumes sent in.

  26. carolynwalter

    peggylane..I like your thoughts of creating varied resumes. This would benefit if your field of expertise varied from all your qualifications and some of your skills could obtain you a job in another field.

  27. heatherellis

    i have updated my resume, but feel maybe there is something else i could do to make it stand out

  28. evel

    I Currently Have A Resume.That was done By Texas Workforce.I Will Bring A Copy Of My Resume to be put in my Profile.

  29. jannpage

    I have tried to download my resume and seem to have some trouble with PDF/adobe. Will keep working on it, also will change format and list summary of qualifications first. Maybe that will help.

  30. Melvin

    Heather, the resume I see has an objective but no summary of qualifications. The summary is most important for employers.

  31. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone. I had some trouble logging in. I have a resume. I dont know if its in my profile or not. Everyone good luck on your jobs seaches & have a blessed day

  32. sheterricawiggins

    Good morning all! I tweaked my resume’ according to the example we were given at our initial job club meeting. The example helped me take my resume’ from 3 pages to 2 by deleting the objectives and summarizing my qualifications and education. I feel more confident about my resume’ and have uploaded it to campusjobexpress along with my updated profile.

  33. jeffwhite

    I just sent off my resume to Weber’s Gun Shop and range waiting to hear from them. keeping my fingers crossed.

  34. peggylane

    Most of us have had various types of jobs or have many talents and skills. I think that when you find a specifice job that interests you, you will want to concentrate on the “summary of qualifications” section and list those particular qualifications that will be relevant to this position.

    Then you could “Support Your Case” for the target position based on your past roles, experiences and specific accomplishments for this particular position.

    Embracing this “targeted” resume strategy might help you capture the attention of the hiring manager by including only relevant information that emphasizes your qualifications for the desired position.

  35. jannpage

    I am closing off to work on a better resume and hopefully, get it downloaded to campusjobxpress.com. Good luck to all and will talk with you next time.

  36. vivianmonroe

    When we first began coming to the classes they had us to do our resumes however when I tired to submit mines it would never submit so S Williams put it on another part of the computer and I have no idea what became of it

  37. brettbaldwin

    These suggestions are great, I have objectives & summary of qualifications in my resume. I have yet to post mine on campusjobxpress, but will do so shortly.

  38. jeffwhite

    Ok I’m signing out Gotta look for more places to send my resume. Good luck all see Ya’ll next week.

  39. MissRudd

    Ms. Monroe,
    We will begin our search for your resume and once found we will upload it.

  40. Michael

    I have made some changes on my resume and pic. They are on Campusjobxpress, but my profile has not been updated with new resume and pic since yesterday morning. How long does it usually take to be updated?

  41. joannbrown

    My resume has been reviewed and will be uploaded today!

  42. ljwp

    Good luck on your searches everyone!

  43. peggylane

    If we are still talking about keeping a resume concise and to the point, I just generally tweek mine for each job submission (e.g. adding in keywords from a specific ad you are responding to, or changing the order of accomplishments).
    Another tip, since employers are most interested in your recent experience, is to consolidate similar prior positions, separating where there were significant functional changes. Or you may be able to collapse older positions into one sentence, e.g. “Additional experience in …” or “Additional roles as …”

  44. cristinaespinoza

    Good Morning everyone! Well I think I’ve come to the conclusion myself, as Jeff, that going back to take some courses to refresh or just going back to school for a new career is in the plans now. I want to wish everyone luck, as I too understand how it feels to be searching and searching and nothing just a lot of waiting…..Don’t give up, God doesn’t give us more than we can’t handle, he just tests our faith!!!! Have a Good Day, I’m off to looking into going back to school!!

  45. vivianmonroe

    Thank you. If I need to I can come back in and redo another one

  46. garymccully

    My resume has been uploaded.

  47. Melvin

    Sorry, I have been in a meeting. Everyone be sure the resume we have is the one you waant employers t review.

  48. MissRudd

    Michael, it should not take long. I will check the system to see if there is a problem.

    Ms. Monroe, coming in will not be necessary we can work on the resumes through email. I will be searching for yours and if we need anything we will email you. Thank you.

  49. zshade37

    My resume is posted, an do value any assistance that you may provide.

  50. vivianmonroe

    okay thank you for your time

  51. lynwaren

    I’ve updated my “profile”; but still working on my resume. The last time over (5 years ago) that I worked on my resume was through the Texas Workforce. I was instructed to use an “objective” at the beginning and to follow suit with information about previous jobs, locations, dates, etc. From that time on, I have only updated with current job change information. I was instructed to try and keep my resume at least 2 pages and no more. Thinking about the “objective” information as presented in this current class at Texas Workforce makes me wonder if it should be listed or not; will it help or hinder me finding work. I listed on my objective the following: ” Career Objectives – I would like to obtain a full time position utilizing my administrative, educational, customer service and research skills.” is this considered more of a summary? I understand as time changes, so is the way we do things to obtain our goals and with that in mind, I also will change with the times. I have tried to download my resume without success, but will send it to Ms. Rudd.

  52. lynwaren

    Yeaaaa, got my resume loaded, someone please look over and help me improve it. Thanks for the help, I need it.

  53. gaylonthreadgill

    i gave my resume to my employment specialist and she has it on file. we’ve talked several times,but nothing in my field.

  54. Candice Lovell

    I posted my resume, and a picture and updated my profile.I also sent it to Racheal via e-mail.

  55. Candice Lovell

    I used a workshop on my computer to help me complete my resume, but I could not upload it at the Workforce center yesterday.Do I need to add another resume using a differant program, Mr.Melvin?

  56. brandyrodriguez

    My resume has been uploaded…

  57. angelacotton

    Making changes to my resume.

  58. victorianimmo

    Great suggestions! Cover letters also are important because they provide a way to explain how your past job experience might be the right fit for a position.

  59. melvinfreeman

    My resume registered with campusjobxpress

  60. MissRudd

    I’m loving everyones participation!

    If any of you would like individual pointers, ideas or edits feel free to email us your resume as an attachment.


  61. pennybell

    I will have to post my resume in a bit. I’m revising it to a more functional resume. A resume that will highlight my skills for the job field that I’m most interested in. I can tell you from experience as a previous hiring manager, that employers will over look resumes that are not brief and exact. Resumes that are long and drawn out takes too much time to review, especially when you are having to review several for a position listed.

  62. Melvin

    We are discussing the resume with and without objective. Do you think it will help you to see the sample again?

  63. sherriemorgan

    I am having trouble with uploading my resume. I have saved it but can’t find it to post. I believe it is a good resume. I will continue working on getting it posted.

  64. taylorroywilliam

    Had interview at Loew’s left resume.Also left app.at Bj’s Brewhouse. Will be at Sanderson’s Monday to apply for job.

  65. Melvin

    We are having problems with the loading of resumes and we are working to solve the problem

  66. Melvin

    If you save your resume as a pdf, it should load. If that does not work forward it to rachel@campusjobxpress.com

  67. Melvin

    If we do not respond right away, it only means we have stepped away from our desk. Leave your comment for us and we will respond asap.

    To help get messages to us quickly, Silva a student volunteer, is monitoring the site and forwarding us text messages.

  68. Candice Lovell

    Mr.Melvin, I have already sent my resume via e-mail to Racheal. Thanks

  69. Melvin

    If you will look at the top of this page, Rachel has loaded a sample of our recommended resume format. Dates were left out due to formatting, but should be placed to the left of the company.

  70. jarmstrong8

    will post resume now.


  71. jarmstrong8

    Actually my resume has already been submitted. Also as a reminder, I am moving to Houston next week so it would not likely be helpful to place me with any employers in Waco. I expect an offer from a company there sometime this week.

  72. Charles Waddle

    My Resume is uploaded.

  73. tammywitt

    I want to tell everyone about a very cool experience that I had last week. I called to check on an application that I put in somewhere for multiple positions. While on the phone with the lady in human resources I must have really sold my self because she put me on hold. Now at the start of the call she told me that my application had not been pulled to look at, but when she came back on the phone she told me that it had just been pulled. I thought wow I just sold my self over the phone. Now the fun part of this is the week before Melvin had been standing in the front of class talking about how we have to sell ourselves. A couple of days later I was called in for an interview. The lady doing the interviews was someone different then the one I had talk to on the phone. She told me that the other lady was so excited about talking with me that she had to meet me in person. The sad part is that she had already hired someone with more experience that me, but had still wanted to see me. After about an hour she told me that she was sorry that she had already hired someone else but knew of a few other slots that would be coming open. She then asked if she could give them my application. It is amazing the things that can be done when you just try.

  74. Jonathon Pledger

    I have uploaded my resume and entered my profile information. However, I received an from Rachel stating that I have not selected an “Employment Interest (NAICS Code).” I followed the instructions given, but I still could not find the listing for “Employment Interest (NAICS Code)” in order to make a selection. Can someone please help me?

    Also, on my resume, I have listed “Key Skills” instead of “Summary of Qualifications.” It is essentially the same type of list. Should I change the name or does it matter?

  75. sharringt0n

    That sounds like a terrific experience, Tammy!

    I’ve updated my profile and resume is there. I do still try to customize it per job opening.

  76. sharringt0n

    Good luck!

  77. Mac McKnight

    My application has been reviewed and submitted to campusxpress.
    The people that have interviewed with me have said it is quiet impressive, but I still not getting many replies for interviews.
    Also can you give any advise on how a placement test can impact on how well you can do a job.
    The one I took the other day was just asking what I thought about my self and what others would say about me?

  78. mikedpetry

    checking in and still looking for gainfull employment

  79. Melvin

    After reviewing your resume, the summary is need to show more of your qualifications. You have a lot more that you can show. I had to read most of the first page to get the true picture of your great qualifications

  80. Melvin

    Placement tests are the employer comparing your answers to a select group of people with qualities the employer would like in an employee. There is no right or wrong.

  81. Melvin

    On Campusjobxpress.com front page, right side choose my user profile, on your profile page scroll down to Details. Under this caption, you will find employment interest NAISC Code. Please pick one area that is closes to your career.

  82. Melvin

    Jonathon, key skills is just fine.

  83. christiemiller

    I finally realized that my resume was not how it was supposed to be, the whiole thing was confusing. I let one of the teachers at the college show me how to do my resume. It is better now.

  84. mikepetry

    still actively looking for position as millwright

  85. Ernestine Sample

    I haven’t had a chance to post my resume yet, I’m still having trouble.

  86. Ron

    I’ve applied for several jobs through Indeed, Monster etc., and have made a few changes to my resume before uploading. if it is in an area that I have experience, I try to accent that and put a little more emphasis on the qualities that pertain to that field. As a result, I have a few versions of my resume…all factual but each geared a little differently.

  87. amyarthurwhite

    I have turned in my resume however, I have not confirmed that it has been uploaded. I will take care of that.

    I have submitted my resume to many differenct “job search” sites. Some sites have their own formatting and it can certainly affect how your resume appears to a potential employer. I am constantly updating or revising my resume (always keeping an orignia). I often will make adjustments in order to customize it for a specific company or postion/industry etc.

  88. William

    My resume is at campus job xpress. I haven’t heard how it looks so I am thinking that the changes I made that Rachel wanted me to do is what it should look like. Thanks everyone.

  89. williamsheiser

    I missed this discussion yesterday as I was out of town on a job interview. I too have turned in my resume but am not sure where it is in the system.

  90. Courtney

    Had trouble uploading my resume to the site so I emailed it to Rachel.

  91. Eugene Wlodarek

    My resume and profile should be current.

  92. tedwalton

    What I did was after realizing I would be willing to work in several different fields, and since I have worked in several different fields, I customized my resume for the field im applying in. Hope it helps.

  93. Christie Watson

    My resume has been corrected I as well had trouble uploadng my resume to site so emailed to Rachel.

  94. Melvin

    If your resume has been submitted but is not showing, don’t worry. We will see if it is in one of our systems. Give us a day to check out who we have. Thanks.

    We have had a lot of you logging into the job club but not commenting. We need your comments.

  95. Minnitt

    I have learned a resume should show continuous work history and length of employment. This helps the employer see that when you start working a job you are more likely to stay. I don’t think a resume should show a break in work history. I will post my resume shortly to the site.

  96. machellharrison

    i have made a resume of my most recent jobs and would like to seek work in a different field clerk, driver.

  97. Candice Lovell

    I was wondering if you, Mr.Melvin or Ms.Rachel has had a chance to look at my resume? Thanks

  98. tammystanphill

    My resume is on my profile. Do employers get to see our profile and have acess to our resumes?

  99. chaiho

    I have updated my profile and uploaded my resume.

  100. Melvin

    Employers should be able to see both profile and resume. This is why I am asking everyone to check both.

  101. Melvin

    We are looking for welders and a delivery driver, If you are interested email info@campusjobxpress.com

  102. Olga Sepeda

    I need a copy of my resume sent to me, I accidentally deleted it the other day. I sent and e-mail to Ms. Williams but have not heard anything yet. I know there are a lot of people that you all are working with and I know it takes time to get to everyone. I am being patient. I also need to change my home number on my resume.

  103. lolabuchanan

    I need to be in touch with Sheena because if memory serves me right my resume was scanned on the same day my photo was taken. I edited my resume recently so I need to provide the updated document. I’m having problems on this end of the line, but I will persevere. I also need to provide profile information.

  104. Jennifer

    I had my resume professionally done and emailed it to Racheal.

  105. Linda Fowler

    I have previously emailed my resume to Sheena Williams also and have now updated it. How do I tell if it is uploaded on this site or is that something I need to do?

  106. Linda Fowler

    Finally found where my resume is loaded here but now my question is….how do you know if anyone is seeing it? I have sent out so many resumes or attached to online applications but have only had one interview in the last 11 wks. This makes one not want to say you really have 30+ years experience in anything.

  107. Cathy Gerik

    I uploaded my Resume, will you please look at it for me. Thank you!!!!!

  108. Cathy Gerik

    And I was trying to log in but just found out my name is spelled incorrectly for my user name.

  109. austinholes

    My resume is a work in progress, I only include employment history from the last 10 years, and modify it to the job I am applying for.

  110. debbiearmour

    Hello! I just uploaded my resume to job xpress. My genuine desire is for a title abstracting, but until one opens up, I’m willing to consider a wide range of possibilities–just as long as it pays the bills. Also, as an FYI, I am a professional clown–Giggles. So, I included entertainment in my profile. I’m currently looking at ways I can clown while looking for a full-time job. Suggestions a certainly appreciated.


  111. Eenestine Sample

    Hi, Racheal
    My name is Ernestine and iam having trouble finding out how to do a resume on this website.Also not sure if iam suppose to register when iam on this website or not…Please let me know what i need to do and how i need to do it. Thanks so much

  112. Melvin

    All resumes are available for review by employers. We refer employers to resumes who match their qualifications.

  113. keithallen

    I have redone my resume and rachle said look good. Still have not recived any job offers, still plugging away at it!

  114. Melvin

    We are screening resumes now and will have questions about your resume. You will receive an email soon.

  115. sherrimills

    Finally, got to checkout this site and discovered the appropiate information. Will keep a watch on the information and reply appropiately.

  116. audrey1966

    Once I put my resume in this format, do I send it to Rachel for review? What about recommendations letters, should those be attached with your resume?

  117. Candice Lovell

    I was wondering if Mr.Melvin or Ms.Racheal has had a chance to review my resume

  118. jeridsmith

    I am building my resume from your example and will post it.

  119. lancesanders

    Still looking for work .

  120. barbaradugger

    Good morning everyone, hope all are finding suitable jobs. Good article, instructors keep up the good work.

  121. Melvin

    I want to thank those of you who have put up pictures. It really helps to see you.

  122. frankbrown

    Rachel is helping me re-format my resume will be ready soon.

  123. kimmisharobinson

    I have a resume already but I need to make some small changes to it….

  124. william taylor

    job interviewed aug.30 sanderson:s farm. Hired.


    My resume has been updated and I use it every week in my job search. It really looks more professional if it is printed on ivory stationery.

  126. Sally Green

    My resume has been updated and submitted to Campus Jobs Xpress. It doesn’t quite match the example resume that was given above, however I have had a lot of employers comment on how professional mine looks. I have had a lot of great interviews with this resume.

  127. Beverly Harrell

    My resume has been updated & posted on campus job xpress. My profile has also been updated.

  128. shellycawthon

    Mine is good 🙂

  129. Michael

    Thank you for sharing your testimony on how we have to sell ourselves over the phone. I will try that. Thanks again Tammy.

  130. kirstenenglish

    I have a put a updated resume on jobexpress.

  131. ladonnasasscer

    Hi there… My resume is posted – however I keep getting emails to update it??


  132. paulletsop

    my resume is in my profil fill feel free to contect me if it need updating.Thank you

  133. zonagreen

    thanks for the info


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