Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services

Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services


Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services – a dedication to the growth and productivity of our clients and JOAT Adtheir people. It is very evident that a company is made by its people. Every business depends on its people for success.

This makes hiring a crucial part of your company’s operations.

This is also where we come into the picture – Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services is at your service to support you in Human Resource Pooling, Job Matching and Employment. We screen our applicants and sort them according to experience and specialization. This makes it more efficient for us to provide you with the staff that you need when you need them.

We respond to your staffing needs promptly. Call our office to begin services – 254-754-7997.


Jack-of-All-Trades Personnel Services is a full-range employment agency representing the best companies in central Texas. We place qualified workers in short-term, long-term, temp-to-hire and permanent positions.

We invite you to check us out!

Jack-of-All-Trades is an “Equal Opportunity Employer”.

Jack Of All Trades has much to offer:

  • Vacation Pay
  • Safety Awards
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance Available
  • Telephone Answered 24/7 by a trained counselor
  • Bilingual Counselors
Let Spherion Help You Find Your Dream Job

Let Spherion Help You Find Your Dream Job


Your Dream Job is Out There …
Let Spherion Help You Find It!

At Spherion®, we believe a job is more than just a means to pay the bills—it is a creative outlet for people to apply their skills and talents to something that’s bigger; something that is both challenging and rewarding. The right job will not leave you dreading Monday morning, but joyfully anticipating what new things the week will hold. If that is something you have yet to discover, then it’s time to call Spherion!

Consider us your local career connection

Spherion is a locally owned staffing company with more than 68+ years of experience helping job seekers find fulfilling career opportunities that enable them to live the life they love! With Spherion as your career partner, you’ll gain access to some of the best jobs in the market. And, because we have strong relationships with the companies in this area, you’ll attract the attention of leading employers who rely on Spherion to fill their jobs with strong Jobs designed to fit your individual needs…

Whether you are seeking a temporary job or a permanent position, Spherion can help you get situated in a job that’s uniquely suited to your needs. Every year, we help 160,000 individuals find jobs that complement their skills, including:

  • Administrative
  • Contact Center & Customer
  • Light Industrial
  • Non-Clinical Healthcare
  • Professional Specialties

Let Spherion help you find a job you’ll love!

334 Towne Oaks Drive
Waco, Texas 76710
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Discussion 34: What are you looking for?

Most people are looking for work because they are in need of money. Many people look for a job because they want to explore new experiences and find themselves. Some people look for a certain type of job because its fashionable (i.e. interior decorating. photography, etc.)
Reality is that an individual needs to look for a job that fits their individual personality, their family’s needs and one that suits their skill level. Money should be the last thing on your list.
Money is simply a pacifier, it can only get you so far. As human beings, our work should mean more than a paycheck. We should feel successful and confident in our choice. So tell us, what kind of job are you looking for? Any specifics? Why do you feel like this job will suit you?


Hiring Event 3-6-13
HOT Workforce Center - Room 130
Positions include Insurance Agents and Regional Team Leader
Job Posting Numbers: 6231652, 4901876, 4910015


Midway ISD Job Fair 3-23-13
8200 Mars Drive
Register at midwayisd.org/apply

The following is a list of Job Postings in WorkinTexas that are actively looking for the right candidate. These positions have a high possibility of resulting in an interview for those who apply through WorkinTexas.
Posting ID & Position
4902512 Catering – part time
6218571 Combo Truck Driver
3152471 Truck Driver
4903010 Truck Driver
3152671 Driver/Merchandiser
3149542 Production Assistant
8212217 Commercial HVAC helper
2677963 Dean of Instruction – Technical Education
8208746 News Reporter
6871232 Production Assistant
8209220 Maintenance Worker
3140805 Program Director Occupational Therapy
6862607 Data Base Specialist
8205261 Programmer Analyst
4898211 Division Chair – Nursing
6221574 Business Consultant
8213052 Business Consultant
4903291 Parts Specialist
4903294 Management
6871587 Driver
8213336 Retail
3145460 Route Sales
2663630 Cost Engineer
6867116 Driver
6867121 Driver
3151816 CNC set up programmer
6872409 Account Representative
2664023 System Application Integrator
8196811 College Police Officer
2679923 CNC Machinist – Day
6871054 CNC Machinist – evening
3151391 Driver
6225618 Diesel Mechanic
3158536 Insurance Agent
3159469 General Maintenance
2668814 Substitute Teacher

Job Fair and Showcase A Hit!!

Job Fair and Showcase A Hit!!

By Melvin Collins, Jr.


The Job Fair and Showcase for February, “My Heart Is Set On A Job,” was a huge hit with employers and job seekers alike at The Red jobfairflyerMen Museum sponsored by The Heart Of Texas Workforce Solutions Center in Waco, Texas.

The setting was plain and elegantly simple, the employers came with guarded expectations. “You never know what to expect,” said one employer, “it’s a job fair and a showcase at the same time.” This is the first time the two types of job events were combined like this. “How is this suppose to get-attachment-6.aspxwork?” everyone continued to ask as the day grew closer and closer leading up to the event.

Well, it’s works this way, the Job Fair portion of the event allows job seekers who have an interest in talking to employers about possible jobs to attend. Employers come with materials, goodies, brochures and applications to hand out. They will take resumes and accept completed applications right there on the spot. This will give them time to review resumes and applications at their home base. There are no restrictions on who can talk to these employers and many, if not most, will not qualify for a position with the employer. The ratio can be more than 9 to 1 of not meeting the minimum requirements. That means that 9 of 10 people who talk to the employer have no chance of getting a job.

Now to the Showcase, each and every participant is pre-screened for minimum qualifications and if they meet these minimum get-attachment-5.aspxIMG_1623qualifications, they are scheduled to meet with our staff for an interview. After being interviewed, the participant is told whether they meet the employer’s requirements and if they have an interest in the position, they are scheduled for the Showcase. Employers, if time permits, may get a copy of the scheduled participants’ resumes for them to review in advance. On the day of the Showcase, the employer comes to a private area to receive scheduled participants. Each participant is allowed a set amount of time for a face-to-face conversation with the employer. This is actually an interview! After this conversation, the employer will tell the participant what the next step will be for them, perhaps a second interview or a background check. The ratio of positive results is more than thirty percent getting a job with that employer. That is 1 out of 3 people getting a job.

The Showcase involves much more work for us, but the reward for the employer, the jobseeker and us is very much worth the effort.

This job event was one of the best that has occurred in recent memory. Everyone was orderly, many were dressed for the occasion and there were very few onlookers on, that is, people who just come to accompany the job seeker.

We did receive comments through our Job Club about the look of some of the job seekers. There were comments from some of our Job Club members such as the following:

“I went to the Job Fair today and was really pretty shocked by the appearance of many of the applicants. I saw wet hair, messy hoodies, lots and lots of t-shirt and jeans ensembles and wrinkled clothes galore.”

“First impressions are important.”

“Personal grooming is even more important.”

“Good hygiene is as important as dressing appropriately for the job. But, being overdressed for the position can also be a negative thing. I say, dress for the occasion.”

“Dressing the part is certainly important! I saw lots of people there today who were NOT dressed for potential job interviews and it showed! I saw people not only in jeans, t-shirts, sweats, but also with rags on their heads. You don’t go to job interviews like that!”

These are but a few of the comments we received about the appearance of some of the job seekers. I must say that our Job Club members came and represented well. And, there were members of my Job-Readiness Class who looked amazing. When asked, where did you get such a great looking outfit, one person said “Goodwill.” I was so proud of her. She looked great, had a beautiful smile on her face, chose a great looking professional look and did not spend a lot of money to make it all work for her.get-attachment-3.aspx

With her telling us that she got her outfit from Goodwill tells us all that we do not have to spend a lot of money to look right for an interview or for just looking for a job at a job fair.

There were thirty employers participating at both the Job Fair and Showcase. All comments, thus far, have been excellent and the HOT Workforce Solutions will be planning more events in the upcoming weeks.

If you have comments or suggestions, we are alway happy to hear from you. Please login a comment in the section below this article. Thanks for your participation! △

Discussion 33: Interviewing Continutation

This is the question we ask you all to answer last week in Discussion 32:

Of the following five behaviors that candidates exhibit during a job

interview, what do you believe is the one behavior most interviewers find


1. Poor personal appearance/hygiene

2. Overemphasis on money

3. Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing

4. Did not ask questions

5. Late to interview

The following is the answer given by the author of the book Interviewing Skills:

“If you guessed #4, you are correct! Job applicants who donʼt ask questions make

interviewers lose confidence in them and it makes them feel that you might not possess

the ability to take on a job as great as the one he is offering you. So, remember to have

your questions ready.”

However, it is our belief at CampusJobXpress that the answer should be all of the above.

We found all of your answers very informative, well thought out, and applaud the way you

answered. The following is the remainder of the discussion from the author and we

welcome your thoughts and opinions.

“Now, back to what other situations interviewers view

negatively during a job interview. Make sure you donʼt do any of these:

• Late to the interview (Big No-No)

• Personal appearance that is unprofessional

• Overbearing, overaggressive or egotistical behavior

• Lack of positive purpose

• Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing

• Lack of interest and enthusiasm —passive and indifferent

• Lack of confidence and poise, nervousness

• Over emphasis on compensation

• Evasiveness, making excuses for unfavorable factors in work history

• Lack of tact, maturity and courtesy

• Condemnation of past employers, managers, projects or technologies

• Inability to carry on a conversation

• Lack of commitment to fill the position at hand

• Failure to ask questions about the position

• Persistent attitude of “What can you do for me?”

• Inability to take criticism

• Indecisive, cynical, or lazy

• Lack of preparation for the interview—failure to get information about

the company resulting in inability to ask intelligent questions.

Employers hire people they like; they do not hire people they do not like.

Therefore — first and foremost— be likable and create a good first

impression on your interview. People get hired — experience alone does


Customer Service

Customer Service

By Sheena Williams

When most people think of customer service they think of sweating away in a fast food restaurant or maybe sitting on the phone in a cubicle eating Cheetos. That could not be further from the truth!

Customer service is exactly what it sounds like, providing service for customers. When you walk into a business of any type, you expect at the very least to be greeted customer-serviceand treated with respect, and rightly so! When you leave said business, you expect to have all of your needs taken care of within reason, and as a customer, you should. Not only should you expect this, you should also be giving this. As a Customer Service Rep, you were hired to make money or solve a problem, not lose money and cause problems.  So, we here at CampusJobXpress have a customer service cheat sheet to help you on your way.

  1. Use Common Sense. You should strive to treat people as you would want to be treated. If you expect someone to do anything they can to make your visit worthwhile, then, you should be willing to do the same. Granted, there are people who are naturally rude, but as an employee, you should do your best not to sink to that level. Continue to smile. It is not worth it losing your job due to a rude or disrespectful smileindividual. Just take a deep breath and continue to use the Golden Rule where applicable.
  2. Be Responsive. If someone asks you a question, sends an e-mail or makes a phone call, do your best to answer it or find someone who can give them an answer. You are providing a service that someone wants, and you run the risk of losing business by not providing it. Even if you don’t provide that particular service, you can help them find another department or politely let them know you don’t provide that service at this time.business card
  3. Make It Easy To Contact You. It is never remiss for you to make business cards. Maybe you have a specialized service, or maybe you can answer questions or resolve issues with ease. By making yourself easy to contact, you make it easier for people to see you as an expert when something is going wrong. This means more customers and more contacts. It’s a win/win for everyone involved!
  4. Listen. I cannot stress enough how often I have asked a customer service person, a lawyer, a CEO, or a fast food worker a simple question and an attitude suddenly appears out of nowhere. Keep in mind that not everyone knows the answer to even the most basic things. If they knew these things, they wouldn’t need to come to you. It shouldn’t be a bother to do your job as well as to listen for a few minutes. You may not have the answer, however, you can direct them to where the answer can be found. Listen to the complete problem, repeat it for understanding, and ask questions for clarity, then find a way to solve it. It’s that simple!listen
  5. Adapt. As stated above, customers have all sorts of questions. So when they come into your place of business, you need to be open to helping them, however you can. Let them lead and see where they need to go with each interaction you have with them. They may only need a small part to a piece of the puzzle. Don’t try to sell them the whole puzzle. This may be hard if you work on a sales job, so it’s recommended to do as your guidelines dictate, but do them within reason. You will get more repeat business by doing what the customer wants and needs rather than by giving them things they neither need or want.
  6. Embrace Social Media. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. All of these things are tools that you need to get get familiar with and social-mediause. If you don’t know how, find a class, a student, a second cousin, maybe even a daughter or grandson (if you’re lucky enough to be a grandparent) to help you navigate your way through the electronic jungle. You can notify people of sales, maybe suggest upcoming events, or just keep them abreast of what’s going on. It’s just another way of making yourself accessible to customers.
  7. Honor Your Word. Your word should always be your bond. If you tell someone that you are going to do something, then, by all means and by all cost, you should do it. Things do happen, and if you can’t honor your word, then you need to apologize profusely and find a way to rectify the situation as soon as possible. This builds trust with your clientele and it  keeps them coming back to conduct more business.keep your word

Remember. You are the representative of your company. What you do during your on-the-clock hours directly affects what people think of your company when they are away. Provide customer service, and being polite can go a long way to make everyone feel at ease. It doesn’t matter where you work, customer service is always acceptable and very much needed and appreciated! △