Discussion 4: Is That Your Final Answer?

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We have asked everyone to be ready to do a one minute presentation on the ultimate interview question: “Tell me about yourself”. Everyone assumed they were ready to do that, but after hearing some individuals this is not the case. All answers to every question should always be work related and kept positive. The below questions are major examples as to what employers normally ask during an interview. How would you answer some of these?

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What is your greatest strength?
  3. Can you describe a situation in your past where you learned from a mistake?
  4. What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced?
  5. Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?
  6. What is the most important thing you are looking for in a job?
  7. What are your career goals?
  8. What motivates you?
  9. Why would you like to work for us?
  10. Why should I hire you?


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  1. ljwp

    Good morning!

    2.What is your greatest strength?

    I am a positive person, who is a quick learner and a hard worker.

  2. garymccully

    10. Because I show up for work EVERY DAY, and EARLY. I’m a self-starter and do not need close supervision, if any, and do not need to be told to go to work. I will make an occasional mistake during the learning phase, but I will learn from that and not repeat that mistake.

  3. jannpage

    Good Morning, happy to be here today. In answer to #2, I am dependable, loyal and love to work as a team member. I do not need supervision after I have been trained for the position.

  4. joancampbell

    8. I am motivated by a challange. Where some people find certain situations daunting, I see the opportunity to find a solution.

    4. The most difficult situation I have ever faced was launching TIVO into the Dallas market. TIVO’s are very challanging and we found out that they would not function properly in all viewing areas. This was after the launch date was announced to the public. We put in 7 day shifts and brought in equipment from all over Texas. With determination, we were able to greatly decrease the number of households that would be negatively impacted. Our customer satisfaction ratings were amazing.

  5. vivianmonroe

    10.Why should you hire me? I should be hired by you because I have 25 plus years of experience. Im initive I believe that it is not what I doing while you are watching but what Im doing while you are not watching.

  6. vikkireese

    Good Morning! I am very dependable and always on time.

  7. lancesanders

    7.What are your career goals?

    My career goals are to advance as far as I can within the company. I want to make something of myself that,I myself can be proud of. So that I can have a secure future.

  8. beverlyheaton

    Happy Wednesday all.

    I think my greatest strength is listening to customers and learning from them what their needs are then being able to make recommendations as to how I can help them.

    What motivates me is doing what is right for a customer and they continue to come back for my help. Getting a nice salary is also a good motivation.

  9. vikkireese

    #6. Stability and benefits

  10. chriscutbirth

    i show up to work everyday im ontime and i usually have to be force to take vaction i like fishing and huntin arrowheads i have a dog named dog that goes every where i go she went to work with me for 9 years at my last job and its going to be weird to leave her at home

  11. Heather Ellis

    My career goals are to work for a stable and dynamic company, where the opportunity exists for personal and professional growth

  12. Charles Becker

    Good Morning, great topic. Besides being dependable, on time, I’m a team player. Enjoy interacting with customers, listen to their personal needs, and search for their right solution, always in a positive way.

  13. susantipton

    10. I should be hired because I am self-motivated and set high goals for myself. In a supervisory setting, I am able to motivate people to complete and go beyond set tasks. I also have excellent customer service skills and know how to treat a customer so that they continue to do business with the company that I am working for.

    Had a great interview yesterday and hoping that I get the call today to go to work!

  14. gaylonthreadgill

    You should hire me if you need mature ,experience,honest,dependable,desire to apply the knowledge that i have in my field of work.

  15. Mark Skinner

    6.What is the most important thing you are looking for in a job?
    Any job that I would want would be challenging and would give me the chance to learn something new. I enjoy working in an atmosphere where everyone does their part and pitches in when others need help, pretty much a team type setting. The supervisor would be wise enough to push people to grow, but would also know when to lend a hand or seek additional resources/help when needed.

  16. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone,

    #1 I’m a hard worker,dependable & can work by myself.

    #6 The most important thing that i’m looking for in a job is a job that i love to come to everyday, benefits, most of the people that i like to work with & that i’m making a difference.

  17. gaylonthreadgill

    8. what motivates me???? security,benefits,$$$$$$$$$.

  18. chriscutbirth

    i always get tripted up that question

  19. chriscutbirth

    i have always have had a hard time bragging about myself & when asked certain questions ifeel that is what im having to do and i find it difficult

  20. chriscutbirth

    how do get new responses to show up without making a comment

  21. joancampbell

    Hit the refrest button at the top of your browser. It looks like a circle with an arrow.

  22. michael calderon

    I’m a very hard worker, team player and dependable. I have 16 years experance in machine operator and did 4 years in shipping and receving. I am a quick learner and will show up to work every day. I have excellent communication and writing skills.

  23. jeffwhite

    Good Morning to all… I would say number 7. Reason is. To move up in the corporate level. Benefits and vacation time, and a decent pay wage. But on a funny note. #7 Would love to tell the interviewer that one day I will have his job… Just would love to see his facial expression… LOL….

  24. jannpage

    Michael, I have seen many jobs listed for machinist in the lical newspaper. perhaps you will get lucky on a job soon. I understand the job fair is listing machinist as jop listing. GOOD LUCK!!

  25. jannpage

    Sorry about the type-o, meant local newspaper

  26. jeffwhite

    I am waiting to hear back from a military armory. They had a sign out on fence that said Now Hiring. I went into facility and applied for the vehicle maintenance position. Pretty much sold myself right on the spot. Told them about previous experience at Fort Hood and How long it took to do the job. They were amazed Cause they go by books that give way too much time to complete task… So looking forward to hearing from them. And I don’t have to wear another uniform yea me lol

  27. tommyharper

    Questions 1 and 2

    I am a self motivated individual who enjoys learning and doing. My experience teaching technology both lecture and the hands on laboratory has provided me with multiple strengths.
    First how to communicate with people from different backgrounds and how to listen.
    Second how to analyze a problem and develop a plan to approach the problem and how to follow procedures.
    Third how to work effectively as an individual as well as part of a team.

  28. sheilaparrish

    Good morning job club:
    Good idea of for the mock interview. I will have to practice doing this for the next couple of days. Still no job but I am confident something will come around.

  29. markskinner

    What motivates you?
    Motivation for me is doing a good job, contributing to the goals of the business, and then seeing that these efforts paid off through improved efficiencies and/or positive outcomes. An occasional verbal acknowledgement also goes a long way with me.

  30. carolynwalter

    Good Morning.
    I would have to say that I am a very efficient worker and like a variety of duties. It has been my experience that if you want to suceed in a certain position you have to be willing to apply all your skills and do your best at all times. Regardless if the employer acknowledges them.
    I am cutting this short this morning, I am having to take my daughter to the ER. Goodbye.

  31. sharringt0n

    Can you describe a situation in your past where you learned from a mistake?

    I once had a large project with a tight deadline. All went well until the very end… at which time I learned there were additional stakeholders with additional requirements. All of which required extensive revisions.

    What I learned from that is that at the start of a project is the time to find out who, exactly, has a stake in it, and what exactly do they need out of it?

  32. sharringt0n

    I had an interview just now and some of the questions he had for me were:
    “What is your ideal job?”
    “Tell me about a project where you weren’t happy with the final results.”

  33. Melvin

    Sorry, in a meeting I will be back soon

  34. jannpage

    Most of the time I am not a patient person. However I want to wait for just the “best” job for me so I can be as happy as I was the last 16 years of employment with a doctors office. I am sure it will show up!!!

  35. danielcoulon

    I am self motivated, a problem solver and detail oriented. I am always on time. I have empathy with customers and clients and enjoy doing customer service.

  36. Melvin

    We have many jobs for the job fair. I really need you to study the interview question above. Have good thought out answers for each. If you have an interest in any job let us know.

  37. Ron

    I see a few in the list that I have been asked. when asked about greatest strength… since I have been in sales and hoping to stay in this field, I speak of an outgoing personality which allows me to make relationships easily.
    When asked to tell them about myself, I usually begin with the latest in my work history and go back. Usually a few questions spring off of this.

  38. joancampbell

    Where can I view the list of employers? Thanks

  39. Michael Dutton

    “Tell me about yourself.”
    I have over 20 years’ experience as a lean manufacturing materials professional with a proven record of increased productivity and cost reduction. I have lead multiple cross functional project teams annually. Projects focused on quality improvements, phase in / phase out of raw materials, new part introduction, design changes, set up of new production lines, material flow, new vendor qualification and risk mitigation.

    “Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?”
    I am a certified lean six sigma – green belt and I plan to complete the APICS certification in Production and Inventory Management within the next two years. Would that be of benefit to your company? Does your company reimburse employees for certification programs?

  40. Frances Gerick

    #1 I have 35 years experience in payroll, with all that applies to it, calculations, data entry,maintenance of records, solving payroll problems and inquires, with 2 years experience as a payroll supervisor. I have experience in filing and preparing tax deposits, 942″s and W-2″s. I know the importance of confidentiality and being a team member.

    #6 I’m looking for a position that my skills can be applied to help serve and benefit a company not only for them, but myself also. I want a position that I love going to everyday and a company that appreciates that also. Of course good benefits help also. I think this can apply to # 8 question also.

  41. Michael Dutton


    I know that you said that you would rather not give us the name of the companies that will be at the job fair, however, could you at least give us the job title or a description of the jobs that these employeers need to fill?


  42. Sherry Wiltshire

    #7 What are your career goals?
    My career goals are to work full time with a great company that offers good pay and some benefits so that I am finacially able to support myself and my children while I continue my education which will then give me the educatuon and tools to become a professional in my field of study.

  43. jeridsmith

    10. You should hire me because I am a very hard worker and very dedicated. I know I would be a great asset to your company.

  44. jannpage

    I have to log off now, so good luck to all and I will return next wednesday.

  45. ljwp

    Are the job posting going to be updated with any new positions? I don’t see any new ones since 7/31. Thanks.

  46. melvin

    Please remember we are monitoring who is participating in job club. It would help for each of you to tell us your name on line.

    This helps us keep track of everyone. We will be giving a report to Workforce next week about your activity.

  47. peggylane

    Those are good sample questions. I am currently working on my unique responses to each one. The most difficult part is keeping responses concise.
    I will not include my responses here, but will have them available. Great idea to practice too.
    I still think that accomplishments and what talents/expertise that you can bring to a company are key.

  48. melvin

    New job will be post as soon as they are check out.

  49. Melvin

    Rachel has posted all of the current job titles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. please check out that list and see if there is a position there that interests you.

  50. melvin

    Remember to get to the point quickly. Some of us like to tell to much.

  51. rhondagade

    Good Morning,
    2.I am dependale
    5. I’d like to improve my confidence level.
    6. Benefits and ofcourse money.

  52. MissRudd

    Here are the positions we have available thus far:
    Psychiatric Nursing Assistant
    RN, LVN, CNA
    Texas State Trooper
    Home Health Care Worker
    Administrative Assistant
    CNC Machinist
    School Bus Drivers
    Hands-On Construction Crew Foreman
    Apartment Maintenance
    New Home Demonstrator & Appointment Setter
    Bilingual CSR
    Call Center CSR
    Catering (part time)
    Production Supervisor
    Line Operator/Foreman
    Physical Therapist
    Occupational Therapist
    Bilingual gaurds and Medical applicants needed for a detention center
    And more to come…
    If you are interested in one, email me your name and the position(s) you’re interested in and I will review your qualifications and determine if you match. Once matched I will schedule you an interview time for the event.

  53. MissRudd

    Also, there are new jobs posted in our Employement section.

  54. ljwp

    I have to log out for today. Good luck to everyone in your search. Have a blessed afternoon.

  55. brandyrodriguez

    2. My greatest strength is being able to handle multiple tasks and strict time constraints. Another strength would be being a team player

  56. sheilaparrish

    #1 “Tell me about yourself

    I am very dependable and hard working
    I work great with little supervision
    I get along with co-workers very well because I consider all of us a team player.
    I always keep in mind it is not about me but always about the company and what I can bring to the table.

  57. evelyn dickerson

    My Name is Evelyn Dickerson.I,ve Been a CNA for About 18Teen Year,s.My Greatest Strength is Handeling Multi-Tasks.In a Timely Manner.#4Dealing with Family Member,s that is Fighting Among each other while their love one,s is Dying.And trying to keep peace at the same time.#6 Less stress, Going to work in a pleasant Atmosphere.And growing with the Company.#7Becomeing A RN.#8Going to work And doing my job to best of my Ability.#9 I Would like to work for you.Because I heard Nothing.But Good things About your company.And I Want to work for a Company that I can Learn from.And grow ask a Employee.And a Person.#10 I Should be hired.Because I,m The One for The Job.And I am Willing To Learn What I Don,t Know.And Eveyday I Will Give It 110Percent.All The Time.

  58. Charles Waddle

    Rachel, could you send me the requirements for Production Supervisor.


  59. evelyn dickerson

    I Am Really Interesting in the Job For THe Medical Detention.And The CNA Position.I,m Trying To Stay Closer to Hewitt till i get my car fix.T

  60. evelyn dickerson

    I,ve Been A CNA for 20 years.I can Handle Multi-Tasks,I,m a Hard Worker,Fast Learner.And I am Willing to Learn what I Don,t Know.And I Always Give110 Percent.I,m A People Person.I love People.And They Love Me.My Goal Is To Have My RN Degree Within 2Years From This Day.

  61. Victoria

    Great question! I love working as a team player, but I also am a self-starter who enjoys working independently and can be depended upon to get the job done. When I don’t know something, I will do the research and think creatively to find the answers. I am responsible, reliable, and professional.

  62. Jonathon Pledger

    7. What are your career goals?

    My ultimate goal is to one day be involved in upper management and lead a team toward maximum success. I will strive to earn that position every day.

    8. What motivates you?

    I am intrinsically motivated. I have an intense desire to make a positive impact on others and strengthen my character through the maximization of my capabilities.

  63. sherriemorgan

    #1- I’m self-motivated, dependable, hard working, and a fast learner.
    #6- The mist important thing for me us the pay, benefits, & a job I like going to.

  64. MissRudd

    Ms. Dickerson,
    We do not have your resume on file. Would you be so kind and send it to me as an attachment to Rachel@campusjobxpress.com so that I may review it.

  65. pennybell

    I’m a positive, independent and loyal person. I’m a very hard worker. I would like to work for a company that has room for growth. My desire is to work for a dynamic company in which I can utilize my skills to help make a difference.

  66. tammywitt

    I am a person who enjoys helping find the right answers to their problems. I am very dedicated to being a proffesional person and am very detailed in every aspect of my career path. I love to look into problems and solve the issue at hand. I believe that I am the correct person for almost any company that deals in customer service and wants the best for the customer without going into a bad situation for the company.

  67. MissRudd

    A quick reminder that I cannot stress enough:
    If your resume is not uploaded to your CampusJobXpress Profile you could possibly get passed up for a potential Job Opportunity. We are reviewing resumes first and foremost. If we are unable to review yours, or if we do not have accurate contact information for you, then we are unable to match you to Employers participating in the Event. If you would like to be considered, please be sure your resume is uploaded. If you are having trouble getting it to upload then you are most welcome to email it to me as an attachment: Rachel@campusjobxpress.com
    Thanks Everyone

  68. Melvin Freeman

    My best asset is my organization skills.In maintenance work the ability to find parts or information Quickly is a matter of good utilization of time.

  69. angeladevinney

    Afternoon all,

    Sorry for my late entry. As some of you may have seen if you looked later in the week to the 3rd entry, I was offered a job (at around 24-28 hours a week). This is MUCH better than what I have been doing part time so I am excited!!! And Melvin and Rachel don’t even know this yet, but I was just called about an hour and a half ago and offered an interview for a full time position somewhere else!!! So, things are finally looking up for me. With all of this going on, I was filling out the paperwork for the almost full time position this morning as I had paperwork for those contracts to sign for them (and as they said it was 24 hour job club, I thought it was ok, as long as I answer). My other interview is next Wed (15th ) at 1pm at the Waco Center for Youth for the Assistant Director of Treatment. That’s the one that I heard about before you posted it in the computer at one of the job clubs actually held there at the TWC. I’ll let you know how it goes. Regardless, I’ll start the other job, which is with a local psychologist who has a group practice literally within bicycle riding distance from my house. Her name is Dr. Jasmine Khan. She mainly practices with adolescents and their families. She has many contracts across town including at the juvenile detention facility, with foster homes, and with a local boys ranch. I’m excited! I start with her on Thursday the 23rd. I go tomorrow to finalize the contract with her. At least I will have insurance benefits and can stop paying $485.77 a month in Cobra insurance! Thank you everyone for your well wishes. Here are the answers to my questions:

    1. I am a people person, loyal, dedicated, team worker, and driven individual.
    2. My greatest strengths are empathy and active listening.
    3. I learned not to give a coworker too much personal information too soon before getting to know them better.
    4. I was involved in a major motor vehicle accident on my first day to a new job in 2002 on my 29th birthday. They actually held the job for me for almost 90 days until I arrived in a wheelchair. I was able to work there for almost 8 years whether in a wheelchair, on crutches, using a cane, or an electric cart. It was actually a juvenile correctional facility.
    5. I think we could all improve upon out time management and organization skills. I love the way computers and new phones have calendars with reminders and programs for school and other assignments and appointments. That helps in organizing a variety of things in this regards. Teachers can send out assignments via things such as signupgenius.com.
    6. Intrinsic value, ethical standards, and insurance benefits.
    7. I am working on my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) and plan to eventually open up a private practice although that will be many years down the line (although in the past year I have done some private practice work, mainly on a contract basis).
    8. Helping others, especially adolescents and children.
    9. I enjoy being part of a team, helping to motivate others to work towards common goals, and I want to see how I could best work within your agencies (state their specific goals here…) in order to best meet the needs of the surrounding community.
    10. I think I would be the best candidate for the job because not only am I a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor, but I decided to return to school in order to obtain further training so that I might be capable of delving into the heart, soul, and minds of my patients in the most expeditious and budget conscious way in this managed care environment we live in.

    Some other interesting interview questions I have occasionally received were:

    1. If you had three wishes what would they be?
    2. If you had a superpower what would it be?
    3. What is your greatest weakness?
    4. Describe a time when you had a disagreement with a supervisor and how did you attempt to resolve it?
    5. Describe a time when you had a disagreement with a coworker and how did you attempt to resolve it?
    6. What does it mean to you to be a part of a team or a team player?
    7. How do you see your role as a member of the team/how do you define your role on the team/how do you establish your role on the team?
    8. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one thing with you, what would it be and why?
    9. What do you do to de-stress, unwind, and take care of yourself?

    Angela Devinney

  70. angeladevinney


    I just read what you said above about the military jobs. I hope one of the two that you applied for works out for you. Good luck! I still have your e-mail address and after I get my first or second full paycheck I’ll be in touch!!! Let us know when you get a job!


  71. angeladevinney


    Please let us know how your interview went. Thanks,


  72. Ernestine Sample

    2. What is your greatest strenght? People. I love to work with them. I love the face that you can learn something eveyday from someone. I love interaction.

    6. What is the most important thing you are looking for in a job? To be a great access to the company. Engery, motivation, a great atomsphere. Things that Iam going to bring.

    8. What motivates you? Giving back.Giving a 100% in everything I do.Changing people lives.

  73. lynwaren

    Good morning all :), this is Lynda Warren looking for work and meeting the requirements of life. I hope all of you are blessed this day and that it brings you all the dreams you have.

    1.Tell me about yourself.
    I am a 50+ year old female of multiple talents. I was raised to work hard, give 100% to everything I do; be respectful to all (you never know who your boss may be one day)and start it all over the next day. I love to play guitar, I love to travel, I am a big history buff, I love my garden and I so love to watch the birds.

    2.What is your greatest strength?
    My greatest strength is keeping an open mind about all things. All aspects of our lives change daily and with these changes our attitude must change and be flexible.

    3.Can you describe a situation in your past where you learned from a mistake?
    I think mistakes are made daily. If we see those mistakes, this allows us to work at improving ourselves. My most current lesson was to remember no matter what education status I am at; no matter what great level job I am in; no matter what excellant dollar amount I make; I am no better than the person out there with no education; no job, no money. Being humble is something that must be remembered.

    4.What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced?
    a. Loosing a grandchild to SIDS;
    b. Telling someone that their child, spouse, friend has died;
    c. Dealing with a child on drugs.

    5.Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?
    I would like to improve on my daily exercise regime. I could loose a few pounds, lol.

    6.What is the most important thing you are looking for in a job?
    I would like to have a job that I could share all the information I’ve learned. For example, I am know a wealth of information about places to locate medical supplies, I know where to refer people to places about food banks, I know where to refer those who need infant car seats, but can’t afford them. I know lots of things that might help someone lessen their stress if they know where to go or what questions to ask that will help them obtain the basic needs of life.

    7.What are your career goals?
    a. To further my education if needed to meet the needs of any job I may obtain;
    b. To stay at the job I can be an asset until retirement time.

    8.What motivates you?
    a. I am motivated by haveing a place to go that what I do matters;
    b. I am motivated by seeing that what I do or share makes a difference in someone’s life;
    c. I am motivated in being an advocate for someone less fortunate;
    d. I am motivated by a challenge. If I don’t know it, I will find out about it. This increases my knowledge, allowing me to again, help those who don’t know.

    9.Why would you like to work for us?
    My life and education experences would help any company become a better company.

    10.Why should I hire you?
    You should hire me because:
    a. I am older;
    b. I am responsible, I show up for work and need little supervision;
    c. I can multi-task
    d. I am energetic;
    e. I am open minded;
    f. I am flexible;
    g. I can handle constructive/positive feedback;
    h. I have great organization skills;

  74. ChaiHo

    1. Tell me about you.
    I am a hard worker, fast learner ,and I have a good personality.

    6. What is most important thing you are looking for in a job.

  75. Mac McKnight

    1. Tell me about yourself.

    I’m 52 years young and love to fish, watch sports and anything to do with cars.
    Married to a loving wife for 7 yrs and have one son, two step sons and one step daughter.

    2. What is your greatest strength?
    my ability to handle stressful situations .

    3. Can you describe a situation in your past where you learned from a mistake?

    Never tell the wife she looks like she may have put on a few pounds.

    4.What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced?

    In law enforcement there was many, but the most was a car accident where the person was trapped under the vehicle and I didn’t think we had enough people to raise it safely of him. Autopsy showed that they suffocated
    5. Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?
    My Intelligence, always want to learn more.

    6. What is the most important thing you are looking for in a job?

    Sound company that is honest.
    A ethical position that pays enough to pay my bills

    7. What are your career goals?

    I have met most of them, but the most is to have a carrer that I enjoy going to work and helping others

    8. What motivates you?

    Sense of a job done well

    9. Why would you like to work for us?

    Because I have researched your company and found it to be a company of ethics and good standing

    10. Why should I hire you?

    Because I will be the most loyal employee you ever had.

  76. Olga Sepeda

    10. Why should I hire you?
    You should hire me because, I believe, that I would be a great asset to your company. I am a hard worker, a quick study, dependable, and I believe in doing the best job I can possibly do. I learn from my mistakes as well as from criticism given to me to help me do my job better.

  77. Candice Lovell

    #1 I am a friendly, loyal and dedicated individual who has a ambition to succeed in any given environment.
    #2 Multitasking,time efficient
    #3 I forgot to pack barb sauce on a catering job, the nearest store was two towns away
    #4 Firing someone older than myself
    #5 there is always room for improvement
    #6 Stability
    #7 To work my way to the top
    #8 Liking my job
    #9 I believe together we would make the company excel
    #10 Im punctual,realiable and responsable

  78. Minnitt

    6. The most important thing I’m looking for in a job is stability.
    10. I should be hired because I am dependable and will be at work when I’m scheduled.

  79. sherrimills

    Considering my greatest strength:
    My greatest strength is keeping an open mind about life events, people,and cultural environments. Maintaining a open mind permits a easy going style and increases overall flexiblity in our self-preception and attitudes.

  80. debbiearmour

    Good morning! Sorry for my late entry–I was under the weather all day yesterday. My answers for the interview questions would vary somewhat, depending upon the position for which I’m interviewing. However, if I were interviewing for a title abstracting position, my answer to question #1 would be something along this line…

    I’m a detailed & task-oriented person. I LOVE doing research! I LOVE puzzle-piecing! And I really enjoy paperwork! I’m very bright, a quick learner, very hard working, and I prefer working independently whenever possible. Because I’m very task-oriented, I make sure every task I’m given is completed on-time–and typically before the deadline. When necessary, I will work a little later and come in a little early to ensure the task is completed on-time. I’m highly versatile and very flexible. People find me very pleasant, quite likeable, and easy to work with–qualities which can be difficult to find among those, like myself, who are detailed-oriented. I am also a person of great integrity–which, sadly, is becoming increasingly rare. I will be a true asset to your company!

    Thank you for taking time to meet with me!

  81. Melvin

    Great comments!

  82. Melvin

    We are working very hard on the showcase (job fair) and have found many jobs.

    The employers coming are very serious about hiring you. All you have to do is practice for the interview, check how you want to look and most important check your attitude.

    Remember, people hire people they like.

    Make your interview answers in the form of a conversation. Talk to the person, don’t just answer questions. Have personality!

  83. Jonathon Pledger

    “5. Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?”

    Melvin, correct me if I am wrong, but I feel that one should turn a weakness into a positive in this situation.

    The following is an answer to the question “What is your greatest weakness?” that I discovered in a book on interviewing:

    “I don’t like to be over-supervised because I have a great deal of iniative, and I like to anticipate problems before they even arise.”

    Of course, there are many ways that this can be done, and I will answer in my words depending on the flow of the conversation. In my opinion, the key is to be humble without giving them a reason not to hire you.

  84. Melvin

    The answer that comes to mind is “I tend to push myself and I am sometimes my greatest critic.” This way your negative is a positive for the employer.

  85. Jonathon Pledger

    I like that because it is very accurate in my case. Thanks.

  86. mikepetry

    #10 I am Qualified and teachable

  87. christiemiller

    I am very skilled in my profession. I am also a quick learner.

  88. machellharrison

    i have been on two job interviews this week and one of the interviews i was told that i had the job, but i will have to wait until they check past job history that may take 2 weeks

  89. Chris Salinas

    2.What is your greatest strength?

    My greatest strength would have to be my ability to adapt to any situation. I am always willing to utilizes various skill sets to complete a task, no matter how “new” or “different” the task may have been in the past. Most people resist change, I embrace and even invite it. Change brings growth in not only for the company, but everyone those changes effect. Though, the thought of change can frightening at times, if you can look past your fear and look at the change as a learning experience. You will find change benefits you every time.

  90. tammystanphill

    I am self motivated, multia tasker and very determined to achive the very best from my self.

  91. debbiesather

    August 12, 2012

    Melvin, Rachel

    Sorry I did not get this done sooner. Please find below my answer to the questions.

    Debbie Sather

    1.) Tell me about yourself.

    Recognized by superiors for excellent attendance, independently multitask, capable of working independently or in a team environment. I am a person that is loyal, dedicated, and driven individual.

    2.) What is your greatest strength?

    Being able to multitask under stressful situations and still meet deadlines timely.

    3.) Can you describe a situation in your past where you learned from a mistake?

    Sometime higher up management personal thinks they are above the company rules. Everyone makes mistakes, remember no matter what your position is within the company. You should treat people with respect. After all, keep in mind without customer or employee you would not have a business to call a company.

    4.) What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced?

    Working in a nursing home, I have come across lots of difficult situations. One you never get use to is a resident passing away and trying not to get close to the resident/family members. Unfortunately, that is not always easy to do.

    5.) Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?

    I tend to push myself and I am sometimes my greatest critic. I have been told to quit being so hard on myself.

    6.) What is the most important thing you are looking for in a job?

    To work for a company in which I can utilize my skills and knowledge to move up within the company in order to help make a difference.

    7.) What are your career goals?

    Be able to work for a great company that can offer me the financial security and the ability to continue with my education.

    8.) What motivates you?

    Being able to utilize my knowledge/skills to help the senior citizen/families when entering the nursing home for the first time.

    9.) Why would you like to work for us?

    After researching your company background, I found it to be a company with high ethics and in good standing within the community. It would be an honor to respect your company as and employee.

    10.) Why should I hire you?

    I demonstrate a very good work attitude, and show conscientiousness and dedication to my work and I am very dependable and punctual.

  92. austinholes

    My career goals are to advance and grow in a position with a successful company that encourages its employee’s to blossom as a professional.

  93. amyarthurwhite

    I have always had a strict work ethic. I am a skilled communicator, I am critical thinker and results driven. I excel in a creative, faced paced, challenging environment. I am a problem solver and posses the ability to quickly adapt to an ever-changing landscape. I enjoy working as part of an innovative team as well as on an independent basis, achieving desired results with quality of excellence.

  94. amyarthurwhite

    I have always had a strict work ethic. I am a skilled communicator, I am critical thinker and results driven. I excel in a creative, faced paced, challenging environment. I am a problem solver and posses the ability to quickly adapt to an ever-changing landscape. I enjoy working as part of an innovative team as well as on an independent basis, achieving desired results with quality of excellence.

  95. Ron

    Career goals…I would say that I am seeking a position with a company that I would want to stay with until retirement and would be able to use the education, experience and gifts that I have.
    Why should I be hired? I am dependable and very teachable. I pick up on things fairly easily and could adapt comfortably to the new position.

  96. angelacotton

    To obtain a challenging and long term position with a successful company that encourage growth and development of employees allowing opportunities for advancement which will allow me to utilize my experience in positions of increasing responsibility and leadership.

  97. Melvin

    Sorry everyone, we all have been working with eighteen different employers trying to match you with their openings. We will attempt to be involve ourselves as early as we can tomorrow.

  98. Michael Rogers

    I am very patience, a problem solver, love to find solution to any problem that may arise. I have to say one of my greatest strength would be working with others. I have been known to work well with colleagues. As part of team player I have been known to motivate others and help them work towards their goal. This help to promote teamwork and diversity. By doing so it help increases my knowledge about them, allow them to be comfortable with me, and allow me to share with them my experience and knowledge of 25 years of being a graphic designer.

  99. lolabuchanan

    I have always thought libraries are wonderful learning places to be. And that is why I am excited about the idea of being able to work here. I am a dependable and positive person who works well with co-workers or by myself in achieving what needs to be done to promote the best overall atmosphere possible. I am a very detail oriented person who would like to have the opportunity to use my abilities and knowledge to contribute to this fine library.

  100. Jennifer

    I am very enthusiastic about my job and the duties that go into it I am also very efficient in what I do.


    2.) Computerized accounting is easy for me. I can help employers streamline their workload by utilizing accounting software to its fullest potential.
    4.) Audited a company that was owned by a friend of mine and discovered he was losing more money than he thought.

  102. kirstenenglish

    1. Tell me about yourself. I am a happy person. I love to laugh alot. I love to scrapbook,fish and be with family alot. I would like to have a job that I love to go to.

  103. Christie Watson

    I am a hard worker and easy going with a positive attitude.

  104. angelacotton

    I am a well-round person whom enjoying working with people to accomplish the same goal, “Getting the job done”.

  105. Sally Green


    In answer to question #7, my career goal is to work my way up in a company from the ground up and learn everything I can, and eventually become a supervisor or manager. I have never been in a position where I have had to supervise anyone, so this is a goal of mine.

  106. shellycawthon

    I am an educated, professional. I have experience in management and I hold a license in Dental Hygiene through the State of Texas. I enjoy working with both patients and employees. I am dependable, friendly and honest.

  107. paulletsop

    I have worked in Health Care for 10 years are more as a certified nurses aide. My first encounter with this type of work begin with caring for my grandmother after she had a stroke she told me i had a gift and that I should be a nurse from than on I have been using my gift working in the profession of caring for people. I made a bad choice I once went on a job interview unprepared I wanted this job so bad I went in shorts, tennis shoes did’nt get the job but, I learned to dress for success.My most difficult situation I have ever faced was not finishing school that, is also my regret.What I would like to improve about myself is my status as a high school drop out,to get my GED or Dipolma.I am looking for security in a job one I can retire from or, at least be there intill I retire.I want to go to nursing school to be a licensed vocational nurse to further improve a job with security.I am motived by knowing I am essential in the success of the business.
    I would like to work for this company because i want to widen my horizons on different opportunties in this establishment.You should hire me because of my desire to go above and beyond the call of duties and,I have the ability to multi-task.


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