Discussion 5: Hey, What’s the Big Idea?

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What IS the big idea, we ask. So far Job Club has been a hit, but we want Opinions. What do you think would improve Job Club? What would you like to see added or talked about. Tell us Your Big Idea.
Just another serious reminder, many of you are not making at least one comment. This comment is critical as it documents you as participating in Job Club. You must say something in job club to be marked as present. Your participation in job club is one job search!

We welcome your comments.
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  1. jeffwhite

    The way this is set up seems to be working. However it could use a little tweeking up. I don’t want to sound like I am nit picking. when you all was telling us in the class at workforce center somehow I thought it was going to be a live group chat like video chat like skype or something. But the forum layout will work. This is a lot better than having to make that hour and 10 minuet drive there 1 day a week. But I am getting a little on the discouraged side due to talking with employers and not hearing back from. I guess My profession is not in the hiring status yet. Maybe I should look into some type of different field training. I just hate sitting here, I rather be earning my pay… just my opinion on the matter.

  2. jannpage

    I really like this format. It allows comfort rather than dressing up and driving into Waco. With gas prices the way
    they are I really appreciate the computer. I am still looking for physician clinic work, full time. However those
    types of employment seem to be hard to come by. I am patient if nothing else!

  3. beverlyheaton

    I have enjoyed this format. It has been helpful to read the comments from others on what is working or not working for them. On my way to job fair this morning will let you know what happens.

  4. jeffwhite

    Question If I add a photo will the photo i have now be deleted or will it be saved to where i can choose between them?

  5. Ernestine Sample

    I like how the Job Club is set up especially if you do not have the extra gas to move about and it is easlier for me to just log on and do what I have to do.However, I must admit sometimes I miss the interaction with others and hearing what is going on out their.For the most part this is a great format.

  6. jannpage

    Sorry, I have not been able to post a picture. I am not the most computer “savy” person. Waiting on some help
    to see what the problem is. Hope to get one soon.

  7. Ernestine Sample

    Hey Jeff I do pray that the Lord bless you soon with a job. I can relate to what you are taking about, but we both can say that this is teaching us patience if nothing else.(lol)Be Bless

  8. jeffwhite

    Thanks Ernestine,
    Yea I just have to sit and play the waiting game lol maybe soon we will find something and Praying wouldn’t hurt either…

  9. Heather Ellis

    I like this forum. It gives so many different perspectives. Still waiting on my background verification so keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. lancesanders

    I really like the site and tools offered. Can’t really think of anything atm off the top of my head that could be added to the site. But so far enjoying it.=)

  11. vivianmonroe

    It’s rather nice being able to sit at the computer and attend class opposed to getting dressed and driving across town. I like it especially because in the class room we were hestitant to speak but we all get a chance to say something

  12. jeridsmith

    This set up seems to be working and gives everyone a chance to speak.

  13. chriscutbirth

    my truck has a blown headgasket and gets horrible gas mileage. this saves me about 15$ verses driving there

  14. sheilaparrish

    Good morning Job Club,
    I like this format as well. It is a lot better than having to drive in. I am not sure about the video chat group that was mentioned earlier. I still don’t have my picture uploaded so I am not sure I will even grasp the concept of video chat. I am so happy for everyone that has potential offers, still waiting for my offer. I am also in the medical field (managar/supervisor). Thanks for all of the leads.
    Sheila Parrish

  15. Mac McKnight

    Its ok, I like being able to come in any time to make or read contacts.
    It does loose some of the personal contact aspect though as many of todays blogs and tweets ect.
    I like to read a person by body expressions as well as comunication.
    It tells alot about how concerned a person is about what you are saying and what they will do for you.

  16. Charles Becker


  17. chriscutbirth

    i do need to spend the money to go there and take a new pic. i’m 45 lbs lighter,had been wearing a cap, andneeded a shave. i don’t know why i let them take that pic or why they would have wanted it

  18. angeladevinney

    Earnestine, Heather, & Jeff,

    Be careful praying for patience, lol. The last time I did that I had a rollover wreck that took me 8 years to walk again unassisted. I certainly learned patience the hard way, lol. I say that kind of tongue in cheek. I had much difficulties in asking others for help back then, but was quite blessed to not only survive, but I was on my way to my first day at a new job then and they did hold my job for me and technically didn’t have to since per their state of Texas policy didn’t have to since I didn’t physically report to work that first day. It took me almost 90 days to get there and even then I was in a wheelchair. I worked the better part of those 8 years in a wheelchair or electric scooter at a juvenile correctional facility. During that time, I stopped counting after having 30+ surgeries on my left leg alone (I almost lost it after an open tibia-fibula fracture resulted in a staph infection settled into my bone, long story short I had four Illizarov external fixators to rebuild my leg during that time including bone and skin graphs-if you saw the movie Gattaca Ethan Hawke’s character used two of those to gain a few inches to his leg). During those 8 years, I was back to work in less than 90 days after the major surgeries. Here I am for the past 14 months and I have been out of full time employment for the longest in my entire life! I didn’t pray for patience this time, LOL! The funny thing is what I thought was this larger part time job that I accepted just two weeks ago is actually turning into full time after all. While her office isn’t open on Saturdays, a place that she contracts with is and they need someone to offer services there on Saturdays and I certainly am available! That takes care of that! Problem solved. I have an interview today at Waco Center for Youth at 1pm that was already arranged and an application I already had out there for a teaching position at MCC…I was e-mailed yesterday and they told me that they do not have any full time positions, but they would definitely consider me for an adjunct instructor position if I was interested. I had also applied for a Trauma Counselor position at Parkland Hospital in Dallas over a month ago and every few weeks I keep getting an email that says they are still reviewing my application, a recruiter will contact me once the application has been reviewed. All of this was to say, don’t get completely discouraged. If you do believe in God or a higher power of some kind, our time table and His are certainly not the same. Although I certainly wanted to go forth with relocating to Dallas to be closer to school. Now is obviously not the time to do that for me for some odd reason. I have accepted that and am going ahead with what I have been graced with. I now will have a job with benefits working with the population that I love (adolescents) and they are willing to accommodate my school and practicum schedule as I progress through my doctoral program. That makes all the difference! In addition to that, they are willing to give me the opportunity to do counseling and testing now. Have some faith in yourself and keep putting in the applications even when you don’t feel like it anymore. On the weeks that I didn’t feel like it, I would do more rather than less. I hope this helps.


  19. chriscutbirth

    i think your more apt to say something when you normally would just sit there

  20. Ron

    I like the set up, and like the others that live a little further out, it helps save on gas costs. So far, the questions that have been asked, help me in fine tuning my resume…I appreciate that.
    I think I would like to see more discussion from participants on the different, available job openings that has been discovered.

  21. ljwp

    Good morning fellow club members!

    I too, appreciate the forum. It is much better than the commute into Waco. I would like to hear more from the other participants regarding any possible jobs they may have seen while doing their searches. I will continue to post any that I find.

  22. angeladevinney

    Now to the thread topic…

    I originally thought it would involve some type of live feed of some kind. Perhaps through a video feed type of service like Skype. I think that would help for some of us who are more of visual and or audio type of learners. This method is helping others out there who may also be technologically challenged, lol. Thankfully I had to get with the times a long time ago. I’m still learning about things such as Skype. I’ve only done it a time or two, but I could do it again if I needed to. I think some other topics to cover that would be helpful would be how to improve your searches online such as what to change in your search topics, how to avoid scams (how to recognize them, how to avoid phishing, etc.), what are the top 10 or so mistakes made on the job, what are the top 10 mistakes made by new supervisors. Differences between jobs in the State, Federal, versus private jobs. I’m just thinking about a few things that might be helpful.


  23. vikkireese

    Going for an interview this morning! Wish me luck

  24. gaylonthreadgill


  25. ljwp

    GOOD LUCK VIKKI!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. vikkireese


  27. carolynwalter

    I like the job club format. Being able to read other’s comments is helpful also. I am not a people person so this, to me is a much better fit than having to be in a room filled with people. I’m more comfortable making comments on my opinions this way and seeing what others have to say. I like the fact that all the discussions are kept so that we have the ability to go back and review them.

  28. tommyharper

    I really like the forum. Maybe we could have a discussion about on-line applications. Just had a horrible experience with one. When you upload your resume it takes and scrambles the dates and description of both education and work experience. Be careful to check what matches.

    Many of the (*required fields) had me wondering. Like what year did you graduate from high school? Why is this important other than to establish age? Not complaining but I would like to have a better understanding.

  29. angeladevinney

    Like others I l too like that it is available anytime, anywhere, and at no cost for driving, etc. Money has been scarce for me during these times. It is helpful for others to post the jobs they see and job fairs that they are aware of in the area.


  30. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone,
    I like the Job Club Format, it saves gas & time.

  31. gaylonthreadgill


  32. angeladevinney

    Good luck, Vicki!!!

    Good point, Tommy!


  33. jannpage

    Tommy___I agree with the birthdate issue. I feel this is their way of establishing age. I have run into several
    problems with online applications, mostly no answer to them. Providence does sent send a thank you for interest email.

  34. jeffwhite

    What gets me is I submit all information to them. And I don’t know if they got it cause I never even get a confirmation email from them. Would be nice to know if it was received.

  35. jannpage

    I miss the old days, where life was simple. if you needed a job, you would interview in person, no resume, no internet, just you and the employer. (I really dont care for changes. that shows my age)

  36. vikkireese

    I totally agree with jannpage!

  37. sharringt0n

    THAT is a hard way to learn patience, that’s for sure! It sounds like your job situation is working out to your advantage; between the part time one going full time and the others you will be set. Adjunct Instructor – I did that for years at TSTC and really loved working with the students. It’s so rewarding to run into them in town and find out what they are doing now, they mostly have very good jobs which is much better than they would have done otherwise.

  38. sharringt0n

    I agree with you, Tommy. Date you graduated high school? As I type in “1969” I can feel the job opening closing right up.

  39. jeffwhite

    Where is Melvin, Rachel and the rest of the gang. They have not posted anything yet??? I need answers to my questions lol… are they still sleeping this morning… lol

  40. sharringt0n

    Now to the thread comment. I agree with others that it would be nice if people would post here jobs they found that might interest others during their search of the last week. You never know what someone’s Dream Job might be and you might have run into it.

    I had that thought when I ran across a job with Cirque du Soleil in Dallas for a seamstress… I thought to myself, this HAS to be SOMEONE’s Dream Job!

    I also have difficulty with the online application process. Those tests they make you take! And the fields that keep bouncing back time after time as an “error” that has to be fixed… and you can’t figure out for the life of you what on earth is wrong with what you typed in?! I’ve given up on some apps because of that, after I’ve spent a couple hours fiddling with it .

    I had an interview last week, I was the first candidate and they said they’d be in second rounds in a week or two. And I had another nibble on an app yesterday that would also be a really good job, it’s in Denton though so I guess I’d need an apartment there and commute home on weekends. There’s not a lot available in my field here in town but at least I hear from them when there is.

    Good luck everyone!

  41. ljwp


    Job Fair – I think.

  42. sharringt0n

    In the old days, I could use my beautifully-formatted resume to get me in the door, my portfolio and sales ability to get the job. It was rare that I didn’t get an offer on any job I applied for. Now it’s much harder to get in the door. I do feel that they use a lot of things to pre-screen. Like that high school graduation date LOL.

  43. sharringt0n

    What sort of positions is everyone looking for? I’m a graphic designer, so looking for positions for graphic designer, sr. designer, art director, creative director, art manager, art project manager etc.

    I’m asking because then I’ll keep my eye out for jobs that might work for someone here.

  44. jannpage

    I am looking or a position in a physician’s clinc. I am willing to hold off on other types of work until I just HAVE TO accept something less than what I love to do. At my age I have to love my job, that is what motivates me.

  45. Frances Gerick

    I like this format also, not only for the feedbacks on each weeks topic, but the campus site itself is very helpful.
    This also saves me gas too, as I live right outside of Waco.
    Wish me luck as I have a interview at the Job Fair today.

  46. jeffwhite

    Well the positions I have sent resumes are retail, and a few retail loss prevention jobs, mechanic jobs, heck i even applied at some car lots for detailing. Have not heard one thing yet. I applied at several gun shops. Not hiring. A shooting range that offers firearms instruction. again have not heard from them. just wish you would get some sort of a reply to let you know your information was received. frustrating it is ….

  47. jeffwhite

    Good Luck to all I am signing off now see everyone next week. same bat time same bat site LOL……

  48. jannpage

    closing now, will talk to everybody next week. Hope the job fair turned up some work for all that attended. Keep the light on!!

  49. peggylane

    Hi there,
    I have been on, but didn’t really have any comments. I do commend Campus Job Express for making this online opportunity possible — it is a start. This is an OK format, but there are so many web conferencing services that offer features that could make this more focused and interactive, even without the video features. They are simple to use.
    These serices may be cost prohibitive for Campus Job Express – not sure.

  50. markskinner

    Morning. Sorry I’m so late logging on…had an appointment early. I’ve enjoyed reading comments from everyone. My job search is getting frustrating. I would like to hear from others & from TWC as to other ideas/avenues to try in job searching. I’m really amazed at how much the online application process has changed the work-hunt process. Seems to me like it’s good & bad. Good in that there are more opportunities that are visable without driving all over the county. Bad in the “impersonal” nature of the process. You can sit at home & apply, but my experience is that 95% of the time you never get any kind of feedback or response. The few times that I have had some feedback, I have let the responding party know how much I do appreciate the reply. If anyone has recommendations or hints on how to get more out of this process, I would really like to hear that. As for this forum, it’s acceptable.

  51. rhondagade

    Goodmorning Everyone,
    I really like this format, it sav es on gas. Plus it works out better when (or if) someone should have an interview, as I did this morning (yay!!) that’ s why I’m signing in late. I pray I get this job. Have a good day

  52. Eugene Wlodarek

    As others have written, I enjoy the Job Club and the associated web site. I especially enjoy the comments from others. I greatly appreciate the ability to post comments.

  53. Michael Dutton

    The date field for completing education could be both positive and negative. Positive if an employer wants to get an understanding of your maturity level. Negative if they are trying to discriminate against your age legally, but if that is the case do you really want to work for them. Actually older workers are more dependable at showing up on time etc., according to studies that I have seen. Don’t be discourged, just fill it in and move on. The rest of your work experience and skills should carry the day.

  54. Michael Dutton

    Here is my take on job boards or other search sites. Regardless of the job board where I find an interesting prospect, I always go to the company web site to apply for the job if at all possible. This cuts out potential for the intermediate to eliminate the resume and it also allows to to include a cover letter. Try to hit the highlights of the job requirements in both your resume and cover letter. This will improve your chances of getting the face to face interview. Most larger companies will send you an automated email thanking you for applying.

  55. Gary McCully

    Initial benefits ran out. Applied for first set of emergency unemployment. We’ll see how this works. All benefits are due to expire at end of year for me.

  56. Michael Dutton

    I do like the online version of job club better than the hassle of going in and waiting for a room, etc. I do appriciate the reply comments and discussion questions. I would like to see a live webcast from the presenter with the ability for those watching to be able to make written comments as we go. I have been a part of this type format previously and it works very well because it give the leader a chance to respond immediately to the comments and also promotes more discussion from the viewers.

  57. sherriemorgan

    Just got back from job fair interview. I think it went really good. As for the job club…the format is good. And as others have posted it does save gas.

  58. sherriemorgan

    Was able to finally get a pic uploaded. It is waiting for review now.

  59. Melvin Freeman

    I can’t think of any ideas to improve what you are doing.

  60. Victoria

    After coming in for the first two meetings, I really appreciate this online format! It helps me to be connected while I can better devote my time and energies to the job search, plan for the future, and obtain perspectives from others in the same situation. I definitely think this format is ideal. I wouldn’t change it at all and very much appreciate the opportunity to do it this way. Thank you!

  61. ljwp

    I have to log off for today. Good luck to everyone. Have a blessed afternoon.

  62. Jonathon Pledger

    I like the online job club. Along with the aforementioned gas savings, I also like the fact that we are having a broader group discussion here than we did in the classroom. We do not have the same time and classroom size constraints online, users are able to share more easily.

  63. Jonathon Pledger

    *Because we do not have the same…

  64. tammystanphill

    I like the information that is on website and to see other people comments and information they have to offer.

  65. Melvin

    Okay, we have really been that busy, today. The showcase went well. Those of you that regularly participate in job club it showed.

    You came ready and the employers noticed. They were very pleased.

    Now, to some of the others. You must pay attention to the way you present yourself. Shorts and flip-flops don’t cut it. Alway bring your resume.

  66. Melvin

    Great comments on the job club activity. I would to make it better for all of us.

  67. lynwaren

    Good day Job Club Members: This is Lynda Warren. Welcome to the new and improved future of finding employment:) I like the forum, it does save time and gas money, both being precious and short lived.

    I see this format improving with time, and with suggestions, becoming the way of being hired on-line, with the possible 2nd interview being the “in-person” step.

    One suggestion is to stay focused on the purpose of the forum. Jobs that have been researched via internet should be shared here. That allows Campusjobsxpress to shared this same information with us and others in the surrounding counties, hopefully helping others find work.

    Good day

  68. angeladevinney


    Great feedback. I hadn’t thought about doing it that way. I’m not certain how my interview went (at Waco Center for Youth). It would all depend on whether or not they decide to work with practicum or not. Either way, I now have a job that will, thankfully and my start date is August 23rd! Yeah!


  69. angeladevinney

    About interviewing, I know this was last week’s topic, but it could be helpful to anyone at anytime so I’m going to post it anyway. Since they handed them to me and had me read them, verbally answer and then asked follow up questions as needed (their format). They didn’t take them up so I have the opportunity to share them with you. They mainly apply for Social Workers/Licensed Professional Counselors, but I am sharing them with all. Here they are:

    1. What one or two things from your prior experience and/or education do you see as being the most relevant and valuable to succeed in this position?
    2. Describe your experience managing multiple long-term projects while meeting immediate demands. What strategies do you use when faced with more tasks than time to do them?
    3. How do you determine what issues to bring to your supervisor which to delegate to staff, and which to resolve yourself?
    4. This position requires communication with many different departments and individuals, inside and outside of the facility. Give examples of strategies you have used to communicate effectively with different levels in an organization. Can you give us an example of a difficult interaction or conflict you have had with a supervisor or subordinate and how you might handle a similar situation differently (or the same) in the future?
    5. If we were to ask your reporting staff or your peers to comment about your leadership style/values, your leadership strengths, and your leadership weaknesses, how would they respond? What would this discussion tell us about you as a leader?
    6. Tell us about a time when you created an agreement and shared purpose from a situation in which participating parties originally differed in opinion, approach, and objectives.
    7. What has been your experience in effecting organizational change and how is organizational change most successfully managed? Describe what your strategy has (or would be) as an incoming manager for getting to know individuals, their styles, the various working relationships, the departments, etc. and how and when might you begin introducing change.
    8. Hypothetically, because of budgetary constraints, staff workloads are increasing more dramatically than resources, causing morale issues among staff who do not feel they have enough time to provide the level of work expected. What would you do to improve the situation? How would you prioritize competing responsibilities?
    9. It may be that you have already provided sufficient information in these next areas by your earlier responses; however, we wanted to give you an opportunity, if you’d like to expand on your experience in either overseeing and/or personally functioning in the following areas:
    a. Providing Mental Health Services
    b. Program Evaluation
    c. Performance Management (Personnel Management)
    d. Computer Competency
    e. Communication (Oral and Written)
    f. Fiscal Management
    10. Do you have questions of us?

    That was it. Hope this is helpful to someone.


  70. lolabuchanan

    I recognize the benefits of being able to meet in-person and at the same time I fall into the large group of people who are overwhelmed with the price of gasoline.

    I am very impressed by the Internet format also. I am a very detail oriented person and this allows for me to sometimes take a little longer to be able to cover what I feel as applicable to me. And I like to be able to reference what other peoples input is and note it additional times if I choose to.

  71. evelyn dickerson

    I Think the Set=Up is great.The only thing I think that needed to be added is more information on job leads.And Hopefully morer jobs oppournity,

  72. christiemiller

    i enjoy this forum. it is informational and its better than driving to the office to do it.

  73. Penny Bell

    I like the format but I would like to see more information regarding jobs in the community. Comments are always very interesting to read tho.

  74. brandyrodriguez

    I think that the format works well for both groups involved (the unemployed and the people trying to help us get employed) It saves time and money for both parties. I do feel that some people (myself included) could benefit from the “in person” interactions and for Melvin and Rachel to give their thoughts on appearances. I do appreciate being able to take care of all of this from home and not have to stress about childcare.

  75. William

    Sorry I missed last week I was doing a ride alone with FedEx. I wish it was a job I could do but the money is not right for me and my family. I put in an application and had a small interview at Fusion dental here in Waco so I hope to hear back from them.

  76. MissRudd

    Good Morning Everyone,
    As Melvin said we have been very busy with yesterday’s Showcase Event. I agree with Melvin about not wearing shorts and flip flops to an interview, but I would also like to add that if you have facial piercings we highly recommend removing them before an interview. We are so glad that this is working for everyone and I agree that we need more job search discussion. We may make that next weeks discussion.

  77. MissRudd

    Also, If you are interested in Dental Work, Office Work or have Welding Experience speak with Jesse at Jack of All Trades. Let him know CampusJobXpress sent you!

  78. tammywitt

    I know how some of you feel. I spent all day yesterday and will spend most of today following up on some of my applications. It seems to be a waste of time and gas. I keep being told that they are reviewing applications and will get back to me soon. I guess maybe I am starting to get discouraged and depressed about this situation. I know that my hours are not that great with me going to school and with my disability and all, but there must be something out there for me. Well I better go got to finish making phone calls and hope that there is some kind of answer out there for me.

  79. mikepetry

    better late than never still hunting a job even with experiance skills other factors hurt chances and then some offer pay that wont even compensate for schooling and wear and tear on my tools &equipment

  80. Jennifer

    I have sent out hundreds of resumes, hundreds of apps , had interviews and always the same answer we will get back to you. Its getting very discouraging for me. I have never had this much of a problem finding a job.

  81. debbiearmour

    Good morning! I apologize for being so late in commenting. I’ve had a lot going on this week and completely forgot all about this. So, you would like my feedback about the Job Club? Exactly how honest do you want me to be? First, I’m really glad this club has been very helpful & engaging for so many. That’s great!! For myself…not at all. For me, the best thing this club has done so far was the job fair. I think you did a really great job in putting together excellent, diverse companies. Thank you so much for all your hard work!! And I would like so see more job fairs like this in the future. Everything else I’ve experienced here…well, has bored the dickens out of me! In the postcard I first received informing about this club, it mentioned that we would be broken into smaller groups. From what I can tell, that never happened. Perhaps you could look into dong that? This way people with similar interests could “chat” together. And those needing lots of help with the very basics of getting a job (e.g. good hygene, dressing appropriately, mock interviews, etc) could receive the more personal attention they’re needing. For me, dissecting our group this way might help me to not feel so completely bored. But regardless of your decision, I am glad to know this does at least count towards a job search. Thank you for that! And thank you for posing the question–and being willing to hear everyone’s response! Have a great weekend!

  82. machellharrison

    i am still looking for work and waiting to hear from my last interview hopefully i will know something next week.

  83. kirstenenglish

    I like this format it lets me see other comments from other people and helps me get ready for interviews when I get one.

  84. Melvin

    Debbie, thanks. Honesty is what we want and the job fair is always a challenge. I am so glad you like it and we are doing it again soon.

    Now, for the job club, I too get bored sometime but it takes time to get the setup correct. We are able to do video and other things. But, many of our club members are still learning how to use their computers. Give me a little time and you will see much more.

    Thanks, again.

  85. tedwalton

    User messages that you can check as far as potentially interested employers. Just a thought

  86. Minnitt

    Actually meeting to discuss the questions would be beneficial. If we met as a group, we could hear the responses you all give right away versus having to log back in and read ALL the comments! And of we had questions about your answers, we could continue the discussion!!

  87. angelacotton

    It seems to be working fine.

  88. machellharrison

    i will continue to look for work as a prison guard, detention juveniles and going to temporary job services.

  89. audrey1966

    I like the forum of the JobClub. I learn alot and from reading everyone posts, I know that I am not alone in finding employment. I appreciate this forum, it is very helpful. It helps me with job searches and saves gas. Thank you!

  90. lschwarz

    Hi Everyone,

    I had three interviews two weeks ago and waiting to hear from these interviews..

  91. Brett Baldwin

    I also enjoyed the job fair last week, had an onsite interview with Pilgrim’s but have not heard anything yet.

    I was not aware that you had to comment in order to be “counted as present”. I thought logging into the website and doing job searches was enough, know better now.

    The topics have been o.k., I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and suggestions, makes me feel that I am not alone in my frustrations to find employment!!

    I can understand the frustrations of applying to jobs online, many times the answers listed do not apply. One problem I run across frequently is “how did you hear about this job”, the TX Workforce is not listed nor is Campus Job Express. You can’t leave it blank so how do you answer?

    Thank God for spell check!!

  92. MissRudd

    Ms. Harrison,
    Have you applied with the Texas Department of Public Safety or Jack Harwell Detention Center? If you have not applied to either place, do so, and state that you were referred by CampusJobXpress.com.

  93. Sally Green

    I think Job Club is a great asset for TWC. It is a great way for us to come together to talk about what kind of jobs are out there as well as some of our experiences with our job search.

  94. Olga Sepeda

    I have to agree with a lot of other people, that the Job Club is a good idea. I like the fact of not having to drive to Waco with gas being so high. I have turned in a few resumes and hopefully I will be hearing something soon. Good luck to everyone on their job search.

  95. Daniel Coulon

    The job fair allowed me the opportunity of and interview that I would probably not have had. Even though I didn’t get the job, it at least gave me some interview practice interviewing. More job fairs!

  96. Joan Campbell

    I like the Jobclub. Everyone is uplifting and it is needed when you are searching for a job.

  97. Joan Campbell

    I seem to have an issue posting this morning. I like this format. I like it when we have multiple questions and we were allowed to pick, so we do not have the repetition in the replies.

  98. Joan Campbell

    I am having issues posting this morning.

  99. joancampbell

    This is Joan Campbell. The only change I would make is the single question style. The answers can be repetious, though is does open communication.

  100. jannpage

    Good morning Job seekers!! I am happy to say I faxed a resume yesterday to a job that sounds hand made for me. Hope to hear from them soon, however I am going to be out of pocket for a few days due to a family death. good Luck to all and wish me luck./ at this time I could use some.

  101. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone,
    I would like to know more on jobs that will hire you with some thing on your back ground. It’s never stopped me from getting a job that i have applied for in the past but, for some reason I’ve been running into this problem and the problem happened over 13 years ago.

  102. vikkireese

    So is this going to be the discussion for this week too?

  103. beverlyheaton

    Is there not a new question this morning? I did enjoy my first job fair. I talked with two employment agencies and I was sent out to a dental office to fill out an application. I did have a telephone interview Friday and waiting for a call to set up an in person interview. It sounds promising.

  104. brandyrodriguez

    Maybe there could be a separate board where people could list jobs that they find…. Sometimes that is the help we need is to know where to look for jobs since not all of them are found the same way or at the same location on the internet. Some aren’t really listed at all- just a word of mouth type thing. Just a thought!!

  105. mac mcknight

    Im checking in, there seems to be no new question ?
    all is still the same,putting in apps and whating for that one to call.

  106. sheilaparrish

    Good morning job club,
    I hope everyone is doing fine. I had a telephone interview with a company but no call back yet. Wish me luck.

  107. sheilaparrish

    Is there not going to be a new question this week?

  108. Charles Becker

    I’m checking in also… right place I hope. no new question..(?) or maybe the time changed? Like the ideas I’ve seen. Not realy sure what could change. Seems good way to have answers quick, and advice.

  109. vikkireese

    I agree with most of the comments. I don’t have the gas to be drivning into Waco. The job event was dissapointing to me. I also thought it was going to be a job interview. I realize I don’t have an education on paper, but I have worked really hard most of my life. I don’t understand how employers think you can live on $10.00 per hour. I am very dicouraged myself!

  110. lancesanders

    Hello all, didn’t see a new topic to post under sooo doing it here. With the holidays coming up, I know Target and other retailers out there should be getting ready to hire people for holiday help. Most the time they keep people on after the holidays end.

  111. michael calderon

    I like working with the job club, it gets me more prepared for an interview. I would like more job fairs in the future. This is much better than being in a room full of people.

  112. evelyn dickerson

    The Job Club is a Big Hit.I went to the job fair last week.And I Think i got the Job.The only thing that i see for Improvement is maybe video conference,s.And more job leads for Doctor,s Offices.And clinican jobs.Other than that the staff is Wonderful.And your site is just great.Keep up the good work.

  113. Candice Lovell

    I think job club is great, my computer had went out but im back online now.

  114. debbiesather

    I like that it is available anytime,and that I don’t have to drive into Waco. Thank you for making this online opportunity possible. You might want to think about webinars I have found them to be very useful.
    Debbie S.
    August 23,2012

  115. christiemiller

    It’s fine how it is.

  116. Loyd Edwards

    I agree, I’d rather be earning my keep. Even though I work in the Information Technology sector. I’m a technician, not an English major. I’ll apologize in advance. My Texan gets in the way of my English. 🙂

  117. shellycawthon

    I like that it’s always the same people.

  118. Sandra Renner

    Job Club seems to be working OK, have read alot of useful information that will come in handy. Even though I haven’t found anything I am trying to remain positive that something will come up.

  119. billknox

    I agree with the general group. This is a wonderful way for us to search for work. Especially when gas prices are up to no good. It allows us to utilize job search tools. Using our computers at home. Just keep more companies available for use to apply too.

  120. Michael Rogers

    My opinions of Job Club is a great start but need improvement. I see a lot of chit chat but not enough talk about job. The more people post their comments the longer it take to read them all. I didn’t come here to talk about myself or to socialize. I need a job. I want to know how everyone is finding work, knows any opening, or have any suggestion for job search. I need to read about job not a thread about each individuals saying how they are doing, what they did, or how they are saving gas.

    Another idea, if someone read my comment and wants to add their comment to my should be connected, (those who want to leave comment to me), without me having to stroll through all those comments. Just my nickel worth.

  121. daletrail

    i recently got accesss to job club and i think it is a good commuication opportunity

  122. melissajohnson

    jobclub is ok, don’t really like having to make comments



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