Discussion 6: Grammar Test

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The Grammar Income Test


As demonstrated in the research of Dr. Edward McCormick, an individual’s habits of grammar correlate with her or his income. Test results indicate that one can predict with 80 percent accuracy the income of an individual based on his answers to the questions below. Use this quiz to see what income level your grammatical patterns place you.

Instructions: Mark each sentence as C if it is grammatically correct, I if it is incorrect, or ? if you are uncertain. Wrong answers count as a minus two. A question mark, indicating you are uncertain, only counts as a minus one. Keep in mind that errors may be of any variety: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or usage.

  1. 1Her choice will strongly effect the outcome.
  2. We have alot of work to do.
  3. Mottsburgh is a busy industrial city, thousands of cars and trucks move through it every day.
  4. “I suppose”, she remarked “that success comes only with time.”
  5. The company should receive the package tomorrow.
  6. Its impressive to hear what she has done.
  7. She was late, however, she did make the presentation.
  8. Give the book to whom?
  9. When the ship arrives we can begin the journey.
  10. We rafted down the grand mountain river.
  11. The name of the book was “Outbreak.”
  12. There were four in the group: Ann, Jim, Theo, and Amanda.
  13. He sings good.
  14. You shouldn’t lie on the wet grass.
  15. He paid all the interest on the principal.
  16. I wish to go irregardless of his decision.
  17. He doesn’t know history very well. As you can see from his answers in class.
  18. He imagined that Hawking would have all the answers but he just posed more questions.
  19. Spiraling in the Andromeda Galaxy, Dr. Vilhelm insists that there is alien life on the Andromeda planet called Lanulos.
  20. We packed all of our luggage, then we were on our way to the airport.


For your scoring to this test, please check here tomorrow. For results showing the effect of your salary, refer to the article “Grammar Test” in the September Issue of CampusJobXpress.com.

  1. How well did you do?
  2. How well do you think you did?
  3. Do you feel you need assistance with your grammar?
  4. How important do you feel grammar is to your salary earning capacity?


*From Noden H. (1999). Image grammar: Using Grammatical structures to teach writing (pp. 195-196) Portsmouth, N.H: Heinemann.

Please DO NOT post your answers or corrections to these sentences.

 SCORING Answer Key:
1. I    2. I,    3. I,    4. I,    5. C,    6. I,    7. I,    8. C, 9. I,    10. I,    11. I,    12. C, 13. I, 14. C, 15. C,    16. I, 17. I,    18. I,    19. I,    20. I.

For the projected salary that goes with your score, check out the article, Grammar Test,  in the upcoming September issue of CampusJobXpress.com.



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  1. markskinner

    Good morning. This topic is one that I have strong feelings about. All through my years of school, I seemed to have teachers who really drilled us on correct usage of words, punctuation, etc. So often I’ll be reading an advertisement or an article and will see what seem to be glaring grammatical errors. Or, there will be the use of the wrong word in a sentence or statement. Even on television or the radio, I will hear a phrase that just isn’t correct due to misuse of singular or plural. I really think that this is due to several things. One reason is that these types of issues aren’t stressed in the classroom. Another reason is that the e-mail and texting shortcuts have had a real influence on use of incorrect spelling and punctuation. I’m really going to be interested in seeing how I scored on the examples above.

  2. vivianmonroe

    I guess i am doing something wrong because I’m not able to take this test on my phone

  3. tommyharper

    The ability to communicate effectively is critical in any business, it is even more critical in the field of education. Employers and colleagues will judge your intelligence based on how you speak. Unfortunately, many of us fall into the using habit of using incorrect grammar and slang in our personal lives and then use it professionally. Oral communication is only one side of the story. Written communication is even more critical, the written word lives on forever. My personal thoughts are that electronic media have contributed to the decline of effective writing skills. Texting and such have given rise to short cuts that detract for the intent of the message.

  4. vikkireese

    I have been in last weeks discussion. This one just now showed!

  5. jeffwhite

    Good Mornin All
    Well according to my 2nd grade teaching wife. She says I write like I talk. I know But it has been years since I been to school. But I always thought that talking and writing go hand and hand. Another words If i was wanting to tell you something in writing. I would explain it like I was talking. Just the way I do it ? is it wrong or right? Well I get corrected all the time. lol

  6. sharringt0n

    I had to copy and paste it into Word, saved the file so I can double check it tomorrow. It’s not set up as an interactive test.

  7. Charles Becker

    This is interesting; will look forward to the answers/ scoring thurs., and will enjoy more in article in Sept. news.

  8. sharringt0n

    After having several bosses in a row who regularly used the word “loose” rather than the word “lose”, I don’t have a lot of faith in good correct grammar resulting in a higher salary. In my experience the upper echelon expects the lower echelon to find and correct any mistakes they might make.

    I do need refreshing on the punctuation/quotation marks combinations.

    If anyone does not have it, I recommend the book “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. Thin, succinct, all the rules you need to know.

  9. carolynwalter

    I have always been able to write more effectively than speak. I am not an outspoken person. I have always been able to make my point more clearly on paper. The accuracy in our language has been broken by the electronic devices people use today. When we do something so many times, it becomes a habit. Those habits can be hard to break, or not even thought of when publicly speaking. I will see how I do on the scoring…

  10. sheilaparrish

    Good morning Job Club:
    This is a very good topic this morning. I agree with all of the comments thus far. Proper grammar is the key to successful employment. I took an interpersonal communication class this summer just to refresh my skills. It was a wonderful class. I had to write two papers and I really struggled with my punctuation but I made an “A” on both papers so I remembered more than I thought. I recommend everyone try to take a refresher course.

  11. Ron

    I like this topic and will read the article. Also, I agree that there is a distinct correlation between grammar and salary. I can’t think of anyone off hand, that has good communication skills and a poor salary.
    As for me, I believe I know how to talk correctly but I find myself speaking “Texan” a lot of times. I try to suppress that in interviews.

  12. gaylonthreadgill


  13. Brett Baldwin

    Good morning. It’s been a long time, got me thinking, spell check is wounerful.

  14. tommyharper

    Correct grammar is important, but proof reading before posting is equally important. Spell Check does not catch errors in which a wrong word is used. In my previous post, the last sentence should have read, “detract from the intent of the message.”

  15. gaylonthreadgill

    I took the test, and these are my answers…..this is the only way I know how to do this test!!!!!

  16. jannpage

    excellent topic. I do agree that good grammer is important to any job, however it does not make the person a better worker. I feel the person should be paid for her style of work as well as work ethic and abilities to perform her duties. Am I wrong?

  17. Jonathon Pledger

    1. 1Her choice will strongly effect the outcome. – /
    2. We have alot of work to do. – /
    3. Mottsburgh is a busy industrial city, thousands of cars and trucks move through it every day. – /
    4. “I suppose”, she remarked “that success comes only with time.” – /
    5. The company should receive the package tomorrow. – C
    6. Its impressive to hear what she has done. – /
    7. She was late, however, she did make the presentation. – /
    8. Give the book to whom? – C
    9. When the ship arrives we can begin the journey. – /
    10. We rafted down the grand mountain river. – /
    11. The name of the book was “Outbreak.” – /
    12. There were four in the group: Ann, Jim, Theo, and Amanda. – C
    13. He sings good. – /
    14. You shouldn’t lie on the wet grass. – C
    15. He paid all the interest on the principal. – C
    16. I wish to go irregardless of his decision. – /
    17. He doesn’t know history very well. As you can see from his answers in class. – /
    18. He imagined that Hawking would have all the answers but he just posed more questions. – /
    19. Spiraling in the Andromeda Galaxy, Dr. Vilhelm insists that there is alien life on the Andromeda planet called Lanulos. – C
    20. We packed all of our luggage, then we were on our way to the airport. – /

  18. jannpage

    I think most people could use help with grammer. We have slipped into a slump by using slange expressions. For proper punctuation,capitalization, etc. thanks to our computers for corrections.

  19. ljwp

    Good morning everyone,

    This is a very good topic. With texting and the shorthand that everyone seems to use, the quality of written communications has been very negatively impacted over the last several years.

  20. williamsheiser

    Yes some hiccup in the system, I’ve been logged in since 0905 and just now (1017) this conversation is showing. Although I admit I just took a 10 minute break for coffee.

    My grammar pet peeve is when people use ‘female’ when they mean ‘women’ or vice versa. It is especially perplexing to me because it’s unusual to see the same confusion with ‘male’ and ‘men’.

  21. tammywitt

    I know that with me not having attended high school and now trying to go to collage, that I am most defiantly having trouble with grammer. But then again I don’t believe that it was ever my strong suite. This is probably where I do so bad in some interviews.

  22. brandyrodriguez

    I also agree that proper grammar is important. I also think that technology is making people lazy when it comes to paying attention to it. I took the test and look forward to seeing how I did.

  23. jannpage

    Family business calling so I will have to log off . will check my results when I return and sorry it will be sometime saturday. I have results written down, did not
    send them in. I did not think it was to be done so everybody could read it.

  24. Charles Waddle

    I was military for most of my life. I can only say if you can’t write, you won’t be a success. No matter how well you do your job the results are written. Every proficiency report identifies written proficiency and every junior officer produces multiple written papers seen at every level of command. I suspect it is no different in the civilian world, just different “acronyms”.

  25. kareypatterson

    This is the first time I have been able to login. Last Wednesday I went to the Job Fair and have now had an interview with Epic Healthcare. I am wondering if anyone else out there has worked for them before or have heard anything about this company? I am sure I need help in my grammar.

  26. heatherellis

    Hey everyone. I was just letting y’all know I did pass the verification and started to work on Monday. Thanks to everyone and much luck to you all!

  27. Jonathon Pledger

    Congrats, Heather!

  28. MissRudd

    We are so glad this topic interests everyone, but from now on please do not post your answers or corrections to the test so that everyone has a fair chance of taking the test. This test is not interactive. To remember your answers you can write them down on a piece of paper or in a document on your computer. The questions we want answered publicly is your opinion of the test. How do you feel you did? What do you think of the topic? Good Luck to Everyone!

  29. Brett Baldwin

    I find that in speaking some times, even the most educated people will revert back to some “slang”.

  30. kareypatterson

    Hi Johnathon: I met your Mother and you while working at Bluebonnet. So what kind of job are you looking for?

  31. Brett Baldwin

    I do agree with everyone that good grammar is very important but writing is just as important. Sometimes my brain works faster than my hands so when I am typing/writing any correspondence I always read over what is written.

    I find it helps to read what you have written out loud, it may sound good in your head but it doesn’t sound/look right on paper.

  32. Jonathon Pledger

    In this age of social media, I have seen a lot of common grammar mistakes. We all make typos occasionally, but there are some that seem to be particularly troublesome.

    For example:

    Using an apostrophe in a non-possessive plural noun.
    (How many ticket’s did you buy?)

    Misuse of “there, their, and they’re” and “your and you’re.”
    (There going to the game.)
    (Your welcome.)

    I’m not saying that one can’t make these mistakes and still earn a decent living. However, it certainly cannot hurt to correct them, and it is relatively simple given the resources available on the Internet.

    Here is a joke I came across about comma usage:

    “It’s time to eat Grandma.”
    “It’s time to eat, Grandma.”

    Notice the difference. Punctuation saves lives. Haha.

  33. peggylane

    Great topic – very important to a successful career!

  34. MissRudd

    Just to clarify how to answer these questions:
    C – correct
    I – Incorrect
    ? – Unsure

    The reason we ask that you do not post your answers is because we would like this to be a “For Your Eyes Only” result. We will post the article on Thursday with the directions on how to score yourself, so make sure you write your answers down for your own reference. Don’t forget, check out the article Thursday for scoring! Once you have scored your results tomorrow you are then free to post your score if you so choose. Your answers do not have to be submitted to us.

  35. Jonathon Pledger

    Hi, Karey. How are you? I am looking for something marketing or management-related. How about you?

  36. Jonathon Pledger

    I’m sorry. I did not see the last line that said not to post my answers. Feel free to delete my post if possible.

  37. Frances Gerick

    I agree that proper grammer is important. You have to be able to express yourself not only verbally, but in written form also, especially if you have a postion where you are required to. I took the test and look forward to seeing how I did. For myself, there is always room for improvement!

  38. Michael Dutton

    Well writen senences with correct grammar are important and enable you to get ahead in the market place. Your resume and cover letter are evaluated for proper grammar when you apply for a job.

  39. Sylvia

    Congratulations, Heather! That’s terrific news.

  40. Sylvia

    Jonathon, Using an apostrophe + s to try to create a plural is my pet peeve. Grrrr!

  41. sherriemorgan

    This is a good topic. Grammar is important. It drives me crazy to hear someone use a word that doesn’t mean what they think it does. The office manager at my old job used to use the word ‘taunt’ instead of ‘taut’ to mean hold something tight. I didn’t correct her though, too funny.

  42. Eugene Wlodarek

    I will be very interested in my test score.

  43. Chris Salinas

    The topic of grammatical correctness is an important one, I constantly tell my teen, as I see his peers texting him or posting to his facebook. I tell him not to show his ignorance by purposely miss spelling words or using slang or even by just taking texting shortcuts. I feel what you enter onto the internet is a direct reflection of yourself and how people perceive you.

  44. garymccully

    Grammar is spelled correctly in the title of the discussion.

  45. garymccully


    “Please don’t stop”, or

    “Please don’t, stop”

  46. rhondagade

    Good morning,
    I think that the usage of proper grammar is important. I feel people have gotten lazy in the way they speak, using far too much slang. I know that my grammar needs some improving. Have great day everyone.

  47. Melvin Freeman

    Twenty years after finishing school I headed back to college.I found thruogh testing that all those years of constant reading but no writing lead to me doing very well on the reading part,but I was weak on the grammer.I found out that while I spoke correctly it is not the same as writing correctly.

  48. Penny Bell

    Grammar is very important. I’m would love to see how I scored on this test. I know that I could use help with my grammar.

  49. Victoria

    I worked as a professional editor for more than 10 years at a health education company before my position and my entire department were eliminated. In the editorial profession, of course, proper grammar is essential! As an editor, I took my grammatical responsibilities extremely seriously and strove for correctness and consistency throughout every project. I believe that proper grammar, proofing, and clarity of expression are important in a professional environment. If grammatical errors show up in a written product or a marketing piece, customers are more likely to question the professionalism of the company. Overall, I think I did well on the test. As a group, editors tend to be detail-oriented while making the big picture possible.

  50. jeridsmith

    I think grammar is very important to any job career. I feel I did very well.

  51. ernestinesample

    I believe an individual’s income is a reflection of their grammar because grammar is important in any career regardless of the position that is held. In order to be successful, you must be able to communicate clearly, effectively, and correctly.

  52. lschwarz

    I like this topic. Proper grammar makes you look more intelligent and helps you get your point accross.

  53. ernestinesample

    I agree with you. I also think everything is fast paced now and we have forgotten how to write complete words and sentences.

  54. Beverly Heaton

    Using proper grammar and correctly spelled words is an important way to communicate to your customers and clients. If something is not worded correctly it could sometimes take on a different meaning than you intended and you might not get the outcome you expected.

  55. Ernestine Sample

    I really enjoyed taking the test. It made my mind wonder, well put my mind to work.I do realize that I do write like I talk. Grammer is so important especially in the work area.

  56. Ernestine Sample

    Hey, Penny Iam excited to know how I did also. I write like I talk, so when I was doing the sentences it made me stop and reread the sentence several times but i enjoyed it.Hope you did well.

  57. lynwaren

    Good day job club members, Lynda Warren here.

    Sentence structure, spelling and grammer are very important. It’s so easy to verbally communicate and we forget how to put it down on paper the right way. This was an excellent way to introduce us to the proper use. Now, if we could get something to play with regarding reading the instructions completely first, then following instructions, maybe we would be just as successful with our other endeavors of life.

  58. tammystanphill

    It is a great topic to make you stop and think of what and how you are saying something or with writing. I feel I think more when I am writing something and speak from the cuff. This makes you think of how you sound when you are interviewing for a job. Thanks

  59. angeladevinney

    Sorry for my tardiness today. I had to go for various testing (ironically enough) for my new job. My job contracts with various agencies and some of them have children and adolescents that are placed with them by the state and require certain background checks. As such I needed a TB skin test, drug test, and fingerprinting. By the way, for those who haven’t worked in a while, the local health department no longer does free TB skin tests (there is a $23 fee). Supposedly Mission Waco does them on Tuesdays. I ended up going to my regular doctor office to do it instead. The other facility was paying for everything else, but the TB skin test.

    Grammar and spelling makes an impression on your employer and coworkers. It is important to use spell checker when you have it, but don’t use it as a crutch. You should also try to expand your vocabulary when you can in order to broaden your word knowledge. I remember those commercials when we watched cartoons as kids “knowledge is power.” That statement has brought a ton of truth to my life through the years. It is good to have someone else proofread documents for you when you have a chance because it is easy for us to leave out small words like a, of, the, and, if. Our brain will actually fill in the sentences for us when reading them as if the words are there because we are the one who wrote them to begin with. If someone else reads it they are more likely to catch the error since they did not know what we were intending to say. Another fun grammatical error is the whole “i” before “e” except after “c,” “e” before “i” except after “y.”

    People also rely too much on cash registers to count back change for them. I remember when I was in college and worked at a fast food restaurant. I tried to teach people how to make change. They would look at me like I was crazy and say, “Why would I want to do that when all I have to do is look at the receipt and give them back what it says?” There are a lot of good answers to that. People make mistakes and do not always enter the right information into the machine. What if the person gave you a $10 and you input $100? Big difference in the amount of change you would count back!

    I look forward to seeing the answers soon! Congratulations to all of those who just received jobs! Keep up the search to the rest! Good things are happening!

  60. angeladevinney

    I know I’m “dating” myself here, but how many of you remember School House Rock? It had a lot of great programs on it to help kids remember things about grammar, spelling, math and other school related things. Too bad so many places have gotten away from such things now. When it came out on DVD for the first time, I bought the first one. I think it was a two DVD set.

  61. Minnitt

    I think this is a good topic. I never thought proper use of grammar could help determine someone’s salary. People judge your intelligence by the way you talk. I think more training on proper grammar could increase my ability to find different jobs!

  62. ChaiHo

    English is my second language,and it is totally different with Chinese. I had learned it for 6years when I was a school student,and I have been USA more than 20years. All I can say is : English is hard to learn and grammar is the hardest part for me.
    Most of the time people understood if I made mistakes on grammar when I talked to them, because they knew I was from the other country. When I write something, usually take me longer time than I read or speak,unfortunately, I still make mistakes sometimes and I even didn’t know, especially on grammar.

  63. garymccully

    I missed four.

  64. MissRudd

    How did everyone do?

  65. William

    Good morning everyone. Still waiting for the openings in Bellmead to let me know something. I am going to call one place today and see if they have hired anyone yet.

  66. Jonathon Pledger

    I did very well. Grammar is one of my strengths.

  67. markskinner

    Ok, so I missed 4. I never could get the “lie vs lay” thing right.

  68. debbiearmour

    Good morning! According to Dr. McCormick, I’m should be making a great living. So what happened??? Furthermore, according to his research, several previous bosses should never have been given their level of responsibility since they struggle with correct word usage. Hmmmm…perhaps they didn’t receive the memo?

    Please forgive my tongue & cheek sarcasm. From my experience, excellent grammatical skills, though a powerful tool, is just that: a tool. In fact, in today’s business world, proper grammar is increasingly becoming more of a dinosaur. This topic is actually a bit of a “soapbox” for me because I do place a high value on grammar. But from my experience, careers rarely ever rise or fall because of it. Though I applaud Dr. McCormick for lobbying the cause of proper grammatical usage, I, personally, believe his conclusion does not “hold water” in “the real world.”

  69. Michael Dutton

    I missed two. If you want to see what Dr. Edward McCormick indicates what you should be making based on your knowledge of grammar follow the link below.
    Grammar is important, however, a lot of other factors come into play when determining salary level. If his findings were believable then our English teachers would be at the top of the salary ladder.

  70. Melvin

    There was a reason I wanted to wait to post the salary information. I want to concentrate on the english/grammar issue first. Good grammar is important in all aspects of our lives.

  71. sharringt0n

    It is interesting to see the answers, however, I wish they had also listed the recommended corrections. I have figured out some of them, but not all.

    For example, I marked #11 correct, but it is incorrect. On looking it over again I realize the period should fall outside of the book title quotation marks.

    But I marked #3 correct and I still don’t see what’s wrong with it.

  72. Sherry

    I took the test with just pen and paper as I was unable to do it on my phone. I scored my test based on the correct answers listed above and I missed 7. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I only have an 8th grade education and haven’t been to school in over 20 years and haven’t had a job that doesn’t allow you to use spell check. I feel it is important to be able to use proper grammer, spelling, and punctuation. But not as important as others may think it is. I also agree with one of the comments above that at most jobs, the lowest level,lowest paid position, is usually required to know more and it is their job to catch the mistakes of the “higher ups” or supervisors. Tgis is of course especially true in say a secretarial position.

  73. Charles Becker

    Did better than I thought.

  74. Victoria

    No. 11 is correct in American English as it is. In British English, the period would be outside the quotation marks at the end of the sentence.

  75. Jonathon Pledger

    Actually, it is my understanding that #11 is incorrect because book titles should not be in quotations at all. They should be in italics or underlined.

  76. Jonathon Pledger

    #3 is two full sentences separated by only a comma. A period could be substituted for the comma, and then “thousands” would obviously be capitalized.

  77. Jonathon Pledger

    I believe a semicolon could also be used in place of the comma.

  78. rhondagade

    Well, I missed 6. I actually did better than I thought I would. But, I definitely need to improve.

  79. Ron

    I was disappointed in my score. I thought I would have aced it but didn’t. I’m taking a second look at the ones I missed to see why I missed them.

  80. Laura Reid

    I feel that grammar is important when it comes to jobs. I know it is one of my main weaknesses, I mean writing has never been my strong points which is why I chose to go into teaching. They say those who can’t do, teach! I am going into language arts and social studies so I can fix my mistakes and learn from them. I spend a lot of time online and I read a lot of articles and it surprises me how many errors people make, not just grammatical but every thing. I once read a story that said, “the 49 year old victim, Joe Schmoe, 49, was killed on impact.” please tell me someone else sees the error in that! Regardless I do feel that grammar is important and I wish you all the best of luck in your job search. I am hoping to find something part time at a school or as a secretary somewhere. Happy hunting everyone!!

  81. debbiesather

    I believe I did okay on the grammar test.I have been told that I write like I talk.I agree that proper grammar is important in the work place. You need to be able to express yourself not only verbally,but in written form as well. I’m sure from time to time we all can use some improvement on grammar skills.
    Debbie S.
    August 23,2012

  82. austinholes

    I use spell check and yes proper grammar is important, also as a side note I applied to an IT position at Scott and White and will be attending their assessment test either in Temple or Round Rock they have numerous positions open that I wanted to share.

    Here is the site to apply at


  83. mikepetry

    most well paying jobs require the ability to present reports and proposals in an educated and proper format

  84. ladonnasasscer

    Indeed that is true

  85. suasanwade

    I believe grammar has fallen by the wayside like so many other important lessons in the never-ending struggle to pass state and federal mandated tests. I couldn’t take the test and post it, but I did write the answers (no cheating). I was surprised I missed 5 of the questions. Grammar was a separate subject when I went to school and was taught for an entire semester. With Twitter, texting and Facebook, I’m amazed people can still speak with each other. On one interview I had, the interviewer used “ain’t” twice. It did not sound professional.

  86. mac mcknight

    Interesting, very interesting.

  87. kilgovir

    Good Morning,

    This is my first time to log into the Job Express Campus website. The exercise this week is a good one and sure makes me thankful for the spell check tool that is available today.

    I agree with the comments above that with the slang that is used in the world today it is easy to forget the proper use of grammar.

    Virginia Kilgore

  88. christiemiller

    Very true.

  89. Loyd Edwards

    I missed 4.

  90. amyarthurwhite

    This is an extremely important part of my career. I’m in an industry where communication is key. Proper grammer is imperative and having a command of the language is a desirable skill. Also avoiding any miscommunication between you and your boss, client, customer or audience is imperative.

  91. amyarthurwhite

    And not using the same word in the same paragraph is also a good thing… 🙂

  92. Candice Lovell

    This was very interesting. I missed eight, a lot better than I thought I was doing.

  93. Brett Baldwin

    I missed 6, thought I would do better than that.

  94. Jennifer

    Did well as usual, I made A’s in English all the way through college.

  95. garymccully

    People, learn to spell grammar first, then how to use it..

  96. shellycawthon

    I always seem to get the boss that has horrible grammar! I end up doing all of the corrections and writing all the letters! Makes a person wonder why he is the boss…

  97. Christie Watson

    I feel as though grammar is very important when it comes to finding a job.I think it shows ones knowledge of properness.

  98. lolabuchanan

    1.How well did you do?
    2.How well do you think you did?
    3.Do you feel you need assistance with your grammar?
    4.How important do you feel grammar is to your salary earning capacity?

    I missed four. I didn’t do as well as I believed I would. I feel I could benefit from the use of a book such as the one S. Harrington suggested. The book is titled “The Elements of Style”. Ms Harrington noted the authors names are Strunk and White. I believe the use of good grammar is important to my salary earning capacity because it defines my sense of value in communicating. The use of good grammar can easily be associated with the thought of “put your best foot forward”.

  99. edgarrichardson

    I missed 4, not to bad. This is an interesting discussion.

  100. jannpage

    The test was very enjoyable. I always thought I could speak and write the english language fairly well. Surprise to me I missed 4 . I am an active reader and pay close attention to the grammar used in the stories I read. I will work a littler harder on this issue. Thanks for a test that allows us to see our weakness.

  101. kirstenenglish

    Thanks for the test. It helps to see my weaknes. Can’t wait to see the sept. issue on this test.

  102. ljwp

    I’m also looking forward to the September article. Does anyone know the exact date it will be published?

  103. Yoli

    The article will be published on September 1st. Thanks for your interest.

  104. Sandra Renner

    I took the test & found it to be very interesting.

  105. susiebauerlein

    Just got email yesterday and will participate this week

  106. Melvin

    Great comments, we will continue this grammar conversation through this week. It seems to be very important to a lot of us. There will be an article on grammar and a discussion on the results in this same article.

  107. robreinshuttle

    I missed 5 of them according to the scoring key. This was a very interesting topic. Especially seeing as how it has been quite a few years since I even really thought about grammar. I do not feel I need assistance with my grammar at this time. I also do not see a direct link to salary from grammar. I suppose it would based on the specific job one has. If one was typing up e-mails, reports, and documents all day I would say it would be very important then.

  108. Mark

    Interesting topic. Grammar is very important.

  109. sallygreen

    Being grammatically correct is very important when talking to employers. If your resume or cover letter has grammatical errors, it can make one look unintelligent. Luckily, my mother was an English teacher for 25 years, so it’s nice to have a second pair of eyes to look at my correspondence to employers.

  110. MissRudd

    Hello Everyone,
    I have some news! The following are current and open positions being hired for:

    Company-Position-How to Apply
    Merrick-Production Worker-In Person
    McDonald’s-Crew member-Online
    Things Remembered-Sales Associate and Assistant Manager-In Person
    Pei Wei-Cooks and Cashiers-In Person

    For more info check the listings that will be posted soon under JobMarket/Employment
    or email me at Rachel@CampusJobXpress.com

  111. Olga Sepeda

    According to the scoring of the test I did not do too bad.I thought I had done worse. I have learned to take pride in my spelling and punctuation because it is a reflection on me. I do not feel like I need help with my grammar at all. When typing out my discussion questions on my online classes I use the “spell check” to make sure everything is good. If there is an issue with my punctuation, my instructor tends to point it out. I think that it is very important to know your grammar for your earning potential. In some jobs it may not be that important but in jobs such as in an attorney’s office or government jobs, you should know how to spell correctly and know how to use grammar because one misspelled word could cause a lot of problems.

  112. edgarrichardson

    I feel that grammar is important because poor grammar can lead to miscommunication within the workplace; however I also feel that a person should not be judged because they have poor grammar.

  113. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone,
    How I missed this test last week. I don’t know, but here i go.
    1.\2.\3.\4.\5.c 6.\7.\8.c 9.\ 10.\ 11.c 12.c 13.\ 14.\ 15.c 16.\ 17.\ 18.\ 19.\ 21.\

  114. joancampbell

    I think I did well on the test. I had an instructor tell me once that they could tell who would finish college by their reading and writing scores, so this makes sense.

  115. jenniferobinson

    Wow!!!! Very good topic.
    I’ve got some things to learn. People judge My Intelligence by the way I talk. Wow….Wow

  116. Michael Calderon

    I missed 3 on the test. It’s been a long time for me to think about grammar. Corret grammar is important when talking to employers.

  117. evelyn dickerson

    I am doing something wrong.Tried several times unable to take test.The Topic is great. And Proper Grammar is Important not only in the work place.But every day Living.Congrat,s to everybody that has find jobs.

  118. angelacotton

    I guess I need to be refreshed on this subject, because of all the texting I do have caused me to forget the proper grammer.

  119. christiemiller

    I write like I talk. Sometimes it makes sense to me but when I go back and read it. It’s not


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