This week is an open discussion about what’s own your mind? I would like to start the discussion with a few general statements.


  1. The Job Club is a place where each one of us can share job search experiences and opportunities. Each week, I would like for you to post one job you have found that you would like to share.

It is as simple as this example posting:

This is Melvin, I would like the group to know there is a job in Accounting at A to Z Office Supply on Washington Avenue.

Our discussions have been so good; however, the overall purpose is to share job information, even though the topics we are sharing are critical in finding and keeping a job.

  1. Any of you that have attended the Job Club meetings at the Workforce Center have heard me say that all of you are adults and we will not force you to do anything. You participate at will and we will give you credit for that. We are approaching 300 people who have gotten jobs and with your continued cooperation, we can do even more.
  2. Now, please share your jobs, your questions and your opinions.
  3. Two Quick Reminders! We have another Job Event coming up in September and we want you all to be prepared. This event will concentrate on Retail positions, which does not limit itself to clothing stores. Be sure that your resume is at its best and have the appearance to match it. Also, the articles on Grammar and Punctuation are now posted for your viewing in the September Issue.


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  1. ljwp

    Good morning fellow job seekers.
    I will post a job or two in my next comment. I want to make sure I have the correct contact information.


  2. Penny Bell

    Good morning. Since, I’m in property management it’s been really tough for me to find jobs in Waco and surrounding areas. I’ve been looking for jobs in the Dallas area that would be a good fit for me and I’ve been communicating with some companies that I manage for before that will be contacting me soon for a position if one is available. I may have to relocate to another city for work which is not what I want to do but if it is necessary I will do so. I have also applied outside the box to jobs at Mclennan county, Walmart distribution, VA hospital, etc.

  3. jannpage

    Good Morning Friends. I interviewed last week for a job at
    Nurses Unlimited. I felt like it was a good interview and left with a positive feeling. To date I have not heard back and they said they would call me back for a 2nd
    interview. Perhaps I did not fit their needs. The ad is still in the paper for anybody that wants to try it. good luck!

  4. ljwp

    This is one that I found. It is an outside sales rep job
    Sales Representative / Account Manager
    Central Payment – TX-Waco-76708
    Job Status/Type:
    Full Time
    Job Category:
    Credit Review/Analysis;Financial Planning/Advising;Corporate Accounting
    Career Level:
    Entry Level
    Management Consulting Services
    Computer/IT Services
    Financial Services
    Reference Code:

  5. beverlyheaton

    This is Beverly, I would like the group to know that there is a Senior Teller Position at First Central Credit Union on Sanger Avenue.

  6. Brett Baldwin

    I had an interview several weeks back that I thought was promising. I got a regret letter from them this week. I’ll keep on looking!

  7. ljwp

    This is another job I found:

    CSR – Commercial and/or Personal Lines C
    About the Job
    TH/HJ/AC/ CSR – Commercial and/or Personal Lines CSR wanted. 2 yrs exper.
    pref. ACSR or CISR pref. Email
    or call 254-753-5317.

  8. jannpage

    This mornings paper has a listing for front desk at Waco Surgerical Group. I interview there back in May and never got a call back. Apparently the choice did not work out
    since the ad today is for the same job.

  9. Melvin

    Thanks for the participation guys! This is great information. Keep it coming.

  10. vivianmonroe

    I think its time to look outside the box as well I really want to go back to school for what Im not sure but its abput to become necessary

  11. tommyharper

    Good morning.

    Found this position at TSTC it might be a good fit for someone with a marketing background.

    Development Coordinator
    Position Overview: The Development Coordinator will work with the fundraising team in Institutional Advancement to build and maintain a robust relationship with TSTC alumni and to integrate that element of the fundraising effort with other development functions managed within the office.

    Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or related field.

    Look in Career opportunities TSTC

  12. Michael Dutton

    Airgas Inc. – Belton, TX
    Operator I (Loader / Sorter)(1402)
    You can find this on Indeed

  13. sheilaparrish

    Good morning job club participants,
    I have been on several interviews since I have been out of work June 2012 but no offers.
    McLennan Community college has a position for a Dispatch Clerk/Security Guard for their Campus police. You have to go to their website to apply. If anyone is qualified to be an adjunct professor they also have several of those positions available.
    Sheila Parrish

  14. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone,
    Dollar Tree is hiring for

    Store Manager
    District Manager
    Assistant Store Manager
    General Warehouse Manager
    Warehouse Department Manager
    Warehouse Maintenance Manager

    I had an interview two weeks ago with Home Instead Senior Care. I thought the interview went well, but this week i received regret letter. Their still looking for CNA’s

  15. Charles Becker

    Good Morning, this is Chuck, One of the largest changes in the job market search, is the use of online searches. In the past, you could “walk in” and apply, or you would look in local newspaper ads. Times have really changed, just like JOB CLUB TODAY. I’ve even listed about 10 websites on a 3×5 card, for reminder. This is besides “company” websites that you register with. Maybe listing websites and searches, would help others…

  16. jeffwhite

    Hello All,
    The city of Waco had a opening for a animal control officer starting pay was around $10.81. with medical, vision, and dental benefits and retirement. please make sure you live in the Waco area. I am currently looking but it is frustrating.

  17. ljwp

    This is the third one.

    C3 in McGregor is hiring 134 people as of last week.
    You can apply in person at 1101 Johnson Drive, McGregor – Monday through Friday or online at:

    I hope this helps.


  18. Charles Waddle

    Still nothing for me, but not sweating it. A job will show up or it won’t.

    Both Waco and Temple have a lot of medical type jobs available. Unfortunatly I have no medical background at all.

  19. michael calderon

    I had an interview with target last friday. It is a lead job in the warehouse. It went well should know something by thursday. I have an interview this morning with H.E.B for a night stocker position wish me luck.

  20. rhondagade

    Good morning everyone,
    Still no luck for my job hunting, several inerviews, no call backs. But I won’t give up. Dogtopia has a Help Wanted sign.5301 Bosque Blvd. #300 2547763647.

  21. jeffwhite

    I just pulled these off of USA.Gov website. These jobs are through the government. I chose these two to put out cause I know there was someone looking for hvac work in here and we had a couple of nurses .

    Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic Supervisor (HVAC Foreman)
    Will the Federal Bureau of Prisons Pay for me to Move? Reimbursement IS NOT authorized for travel and transportation for this position. In accordance with 5 U.S.C. 3307, a maximum entry age of 36 has been established for initial appointment to a position in a Bureau of Prisons institution. If you ar

    Justice, Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System
    $26.34 to $30.73 / Per Hour
    Open Period:
    Wednesday, August 29, 2012 to Thursday, September 13, 2012

    Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration
    $45,810.00 to $90,004.00 / Per Year
    Open Period:
    Wednesday, August 29, 2012 to Wednesday, September 12, 2012

  22. markskinner

    Morning. The job search continues. I’ve pursued all of the administrative/office/clerical openings that I have found, but nothing yet in the way of a job. I haven’t received even so much as an interview. But, I’m not quitting. I have reduced the pay/hour that is acceptable and have continued to do follow-up communications on jobs that I’ve previously applied for. I’m really hoping that the job market will improve once the election is over…maybe there will be more confidence in the marketplace and hopefully more jobs will be filled. There is still a lot of uncertainty due to healthcare, the economy, etc.

  23. brandyrodriguez

    Good morning!! I have been searching for a job since May, and with the field that I am certified in- there aren’t any positions available. I have dropped the amount of pay that I can accept- but that still hasn’t really helped since my degree is so specialized. I am contemplating returning to school, but don’t really know what to go back for.

    Baylor has quite a few clerical/administrative positions posted at

  24. jannpage

    I think the healthcare issues are part of a problem getting good job listing. Everything is being put
    on hold. Of course I will keep looking because I really
    love working and like Charles said, a job will show up or it won’t. Life is good.

  25. Jennifer

    I am still looking for some type of job whether it is for Office work or management. I have had several interviews and many regret letters or no return calls. It is frustrating. I have filled out so many applications and sent my resume out and I just keep on doing it. I know I will find something but it is very discouraging when you have awesome interviews and they don’t even give you the courtesy of a call back to say they have filled the position but thank you for your interest. Each day I look on multiple job boards and one will show. The question is will I lose everything before that time. It is hard we are struggling more each month and luckily for now all the bills are paid except my credit cards. I can deal with that. I know one will come in good time I just continue to look and pray. God Bless!!

  26. ChaiHo

    There is one full time library technician position open
    at west Waco library. you can go to city of Waco web site under office/clerical to see the details. You can complete the application form and send it by e-mail or you can print the application form , complete it and deliver or mail or fax.

  27. Jonathon Pledger

    L-3 Communications has 87 positions open in Waco, including mechanic, engineer, and analyst positions. I have applied for two of the analyst positions and am considering a third. To view the open positions, visit the following website and search Waco, TX.

  28. sheilaparrish

    Home Depot has a lot of positions open for cashiers and department specialist. snagajob had them listed on their website. I am sure several companies are starting to look for seasonal help now. Apply at the store on West Waco Drive or the Bellmead location.

  29. jannpage

    I agree with Jennifer. A simple courtesy call would be so nice, however it seems that is out of question. I will at some point have to look out of the beloved medical field, but for the time being I’ll keep plugging. Gotta log off for now,Good Luck to all.

  30. lancesanders

    Morning all. With the holiday season coming up retailers should be gearing up to hire more people. Walmart , toyrus , and many others. Still looking myself.

  31. carolynwalter

    Good Morning. In the past I have listed a couple of jobs available on here. Hope they have helped someone. I know Space Exploration (Space X), here in McGregor has openings for several positions from Welders, Electrical, Production Coordinator to Internships. You can contact Human Resource at 310-363-6000. Good Luck!
    I also believe the individuality has diminished with the online applications. Hopefully the economy and jobs will improve after the election and people can get back to work.

  32. jeridsmith

    I am still looking for an apprenticeship opportunities in plumbing.

  33. peggylane

    I am still looking for a position, but I am hopeful that I may receive an offer this month or next (as a company I have worked with in my former job is creating a new position that is a perfect match for my skills and abilities). However, I am open to all options (especially medical or pharmaceutical sales). I continue to work my professional contacts in the field and make application online.

    Here is an interesting opportunity that I came across. It looks as if anyone can apply:

    Movie extras wanted in Marlin, TX – new
    Casting 360 – Marlin, TX
    Casting Extras Make Up to $300/day Clerical experience required Flexible Hours Full or part time No experience required All looks needed more»

    I am not applying, but it looks legit — might be fun, but not a permanent position! Are they making a movie in Marlin, TX?

  34. brandyrodriguez

    Just out of curiosity- do employers see the profile pictures that are used for this site??

  35. Mac McKnight

    I had a interview with Advance auto for Asst. Manager position , that sounds positive but will not know untill next monday.
    Also have a outlook on going back to teaching automotive , but positions are in San Antonio and Corpus, back with ATI.
    Will just have to wait and see.

  36. Mac McKnight


    There is someone on craigslist looking for a plumbing apprentice, in skilled trades I think

  37. tammywitt

    Last week we talk about punctuation. I am attending collage and one of my classes is business speech and another one is freshman comp. In speech the lady teaching it has a doctorate and is showing us how important punctuation is not only in speech but in writing. She works with a lot of the business and they say that this is one of the main problems out there. People don’t know how to respond to the employers and they don’t want to hire them. I am hoping that when I am done with these classes just maybe I will be better equipped to handle this new problem for me. I hope that everyone learns from this information. I hope that you all had a good weekend unlike mine. I spent mine doing a little over 2000 work report on communication styles for speech and now have to go do another 150 word response. Lord please help me and keep in the prayers this school year.

  38. peggylane

    Is anyone interested in working from home? It so, there is a great company out there called FlexJobs that helps you find telecommuting jobs and freelance work. I have been on several conference calls with the owner, Sara Sutton Fell, an amazing, innovative entrepreneur who is an expert in the online job market. She has appeared on CNN, and in many publications discussing employment trends.
    There is a small fee to work with this company, but evey job is handscreened and legitimate.
    Check it out:

  39. sherriemorgan

    ran across this job on kwtx job board…
    job ID# 166572786 Maintenance Worker Maintenance 922 Estates Drive Woodway, Texas 76712 City of Woodway

  40. vikkireese

    Log on late. Internet was down. still looking for a job. Still amazed at the low pay scale. Not sure what to do at this point. I made to much last year to get grants to go back to school. Afraid to borrow alot of money at my age.
    Not sure what degree that would suit me and be affordable or reasonable at my age. CONFUSED AND WORRIED.

  41. vikkireese

    Work from home sounds good. I may check that out.

  42. Eugene Wlodarek

    I am primarily looking in the Drafting area. I submitted and application to company call Elixer. I have not heard back.

    On the TWC job site, there are several positions listed under architecture and engineering.

    I may have to consider in the sales field.

  43. MissRudd

    American Income Life Insurance is having a job fair today.
    Will update you in a moment with time and place.

  44. Susan Wade

    Yes, there are a lot of jobs in the Waco and Temple area in the medical field. However, most offices are going to the less skilled position of medical assistant and paying only about $10/hour. As an LVN who can no longer work as such due to physical limitations, it is discouraging that someone who trained a few short weeks or months can do your job and more. I’m not disparaging the profession, just commenting on the loss of jobs in medical offices for LVNs and RNs. The medical field is always evolving and trying to get by with less staff. Even when I worked in the hospital, staffing was a big issue.

  45. sharringt0n

    I’m in the same boat. Promising interview but they hired someone else. Going to keep an eye on linked in to see who they ended up with and whether it gives me any clues.

  46. sharringt0n

    I hear you. I have started to wonder – what if I just can’t find another job? I have been looking in other cities (Dallas, Austin, Stephenville, Itasca, Cleburn are some places I’ve applied) and gotten emails or phone calls telling me I lived too far away to even be considered. Even when I assure them I’m willing to relocate they seem to just disqualify me. I’m willing to get a small apartment and commute home on weekends but it doesn’t seem to be an option to employers. An employer in Stephenville told me, oh well, we have four local candidates, so we won’t consider you. *sigh*

    It is hard not to get discouraged. I try to exercise regularly to keep my spirits up, and keep a positive attitude. I only need ONE job, and you only need ONE job too.

    I think going into fall businesses will pick up their hiring for the busy season.

  47. Melvin Freeman

    Hi,this is another Melvin,
    I Have been looking for work for 6 months with about a dozen interviews.

    City of Waco
    Waste Water Plant Operator position is open.

  48. ljwp

    Keep the faith, everyone. Best of luck to you. I have to log out for now.

  49. Victoria

    Hillcrest Hospital is looking for a Food Services Supervisor, and the Waco city buses are advertising openings for CDL drivers. Try not to get discouraged, and good luck to everyone.

  50. davidharper

    im new to camus jobs i hope it will become a positive experience…

  51. ernestinesample

    Hello everyone,thanks so much for the updates on jobs. Iam currently looking for management in retail or somewhere I can use my management skills I have learnd and do not require a degree.However, I am in college now (only go two days)to get my degree in social work (counselor). Any ideas on where to go would be helpful. Thanks

  52. ernestinesample

    Hello David, it is a great experience. A lot of good ideaa. Hope you enjoy it.

  53. ernestinesample

    Thanks , Peggy I will look into it.

  54. markbeadle

    I saw your comment about your job interest Penny. I saw in
    today’s job search a opening for an apartment manager.
    ID597 at Windsor Hills location – requistion code 8799.
    Hope this helps Penny.


  55. zshade37

    Possible opportunity, Jackson Hewitt is starting an Income Tax Preparers course this week. Once finished it will allow me to at least supplement my income during tax season. I am pretty excited at the opportunity to gain more knowledge in a subject that has always intrigued me.

  56. lynwaren

    Good morning Job Club: The City of Waco has numerous openings for clerical needs at this time, both part and full time. I have applied there many times and in all instances, no one will send a regret letter. I have had the priviledge of receiving a regret letter from different departments from McLennan County job search. I wonder if this is because no one has ever been trained about the respect job seekers are due. As a job seeker, I think I can say for everyone that looking for a job is like having a job. You get up early, looking….have lunch…continue looking until the day ends. During that search, you hope and pray that you meet the needs of one of the places you’ve applied for. During that search you ask yourself, will I get hired and meet the deadlines of the bills I owe this month, or will I loose what I have worked for so hard in prior years. We as job seekers continue to call the places we applied at, hoping someone will say, yes, we would like to see you again, or no, the position has been filled, or we have sent you a letter; but in this day and time, I find that less and less. Well, hang in there guys, yes, things will get better, it always works out, even if it is not what we have planned in our mind’s eye. Don’t give up. Please excuse my grammar with this comment, as I am writing from the heart to all those who may feel depressed, disillusioned or are ready to give up.

  57. kareypatterson

    I am discouraged about the amount of medical field jobs in Waco area. I have been looking for the right job for 9 months now and no one seems to be hiring like they used too. I have also lowered my standards, and extended my area of interest and still have not seen results. I wish you all better luck than I have found.

  58. jannpage

    Good News, The interview I went on last week is still active.They are still interviewing and that means I am
    still being considered. Got email today, so wish me best
    luck, karma or just plain ole blessing!!

  59. davidposton

    I have found that and are powerful sites to post your resume on. The 2 sites are the best sites I have found as many companies and recruiters working for companies search regularly.

  60. Arcadio Mora

    I’m done with law enforcement, unfortunately I’m tired of seeing help wanted ads but they always want experience in that career / job field. What happened to the days of training people?

  61. tammystanphill

    MCC has a custodial position open and with some positions you are able to attend school and your children for free.
    They also have a position open in the horse barn.
    I feel since alot of applications are online and they don’t want you to come to the business that makes it difficult, where are the days when you applied at the business. Feel if they see people instead of just reading something online it would make a difference.

  62. Frances Gerick

    Thanks Lynn I feel the same way! Your encouragement is appreciated. Haven’t had luck here in Waco, so now trying around Round Rock area. Hoping there is better luck in that area for payroll position. I applied at the Round Rock ISD, they have quite a few positions open, just go on their website to see. Good luck everyone !

  63. Sherry

    The state of Texas has several positions available for clerks if anyone wants to apply. I always match with these on my Work In Texas but never get called. I meet all of the qualifications they list and have similiar experience but haven’t received any calls or emails. I sometimes think they don’t call because I receive benefits. I think to myself if I could land a job like this, I wouldn’t need the benefits anymore.

  64. Ron

    I’m not sure how they pay, but I see that Harley Davidson has an opening for a customer service position. It sounds like a good job but one of the requirements is:

    Must be an enthusiastic Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider with a current motorcycle license with a clear driving record acceptable to insurance carrier.​. …left me out.

  65. evelyn dickerson

    Logged on Late was sick.I Have did many application,s Enrolling in School For Next Semester.Have a Promising Interview Tommorow.Wish Me Luck.

  66. Minnitt

    I visiti a site called which lists lost of jobs in the Waco area. I noticed HEB is hiring. I have heard they are a good company to work for with good benefits.

  67. angeladevinney

    Hey everyone,
    The city of Waco is hiring for:
    Water Water Plant Operator Job ID #8536
    Customer Service Rep Job ID#8518
    Instrument Technician Job ID#8483
    Retail Aid Job ID#8440
    Dispatcher (PT) Job ID#8523
    Class A Mechanic
    Class B Mechanic
    Bus Operator

    There were more, but I was just listing a few.


  68. angeladevinney

    Oh, the Waco Center for Youth job I interviewed for has been eliminated for now because of things happening within the agency. It was a newly created position anyway. I received a “thank you for your interest, but you were not selected for the position” e-mail for the Trauma Counselor position at Parkland Hospital job for which I had applied. The state benefits would have been nice, but I am enjoying what I do at my new job. I’m not having much luck applying for any of the individual health insurance policies.

    I began my first day of the INH medication for the latent TB treatment. For those of us who at least have jobs and some income we have to pay for the treatment since it isn’t active TB. They waived this first month’s fee for me since I was not working much this past year, but it will be about $47 a month since there is monthly lab work also.


  69. chriscutbirth

    Just checking in. I’m about to leave to go turn in some applications. Fingers crossed.

  70. Daniel Coulon

    Came close but no cigar on last interview. Working on getting another interview today.

  71. Ron

    This is all good info. I think it’s a great idea!

  72. elisaoliver

    I did have a brief job in Dallas as a RN.It was a 15 week contract & I was terminated after 2 weeks. I do not have good computer skills & that is what they were looking for.
    I do want to improve my computer skills. I do not know where to go to look for that. I would appreciate help with that.

  73. Mac McKnight

    also look at

  74. Susan Wade

    I noted there were some seminars/training at Workforce for computer skills. Most of the computer skills needed in the medical field of course relate to electronic records. There is no universal operating system in place, so each entity chooses which system it will use. Kind of hard to have experience on EVERY system out there. I’ll try to find some available computer skills training as I could use some help myself, despite working in a medical office for 12 years.

  75. elisaoliver

    I read your site, & agree with your rememberances. This online submission is not the most affective for screening people, but I am not a human resources person.

  76. elisaoliver

    Thanks for your help.!!!!!!!!!!! I will look at Workforce.

  77. MissRudd

    Yes Ms. Rodriquez, Employers are able to view the photos posted on here. We recommend using a picture with a plain background and professional clothing.

    Ms. Oliver, the screening process does not occur through JobCLub. We ask that your profile be complete and a resume posted so that we may preview your experience and qualifications before calling you for a pre-screening. Pre-screening may occur in person, over the phone, or through email.

    To all those with frustrations about the employers who do not give a courtesy call, may I provide some advice. Don’t hold that grudge. We know it’s a difficult time for you, many of us have been in your shoes, but you cannot let the frustration show. Even if you feel that you do not express frustration in interviews the negativity shows through more than you realize. Be sure to keep a positive upbeat attitude when searching for a job.

  78. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Hello all job seekers. I am in process of seeking Landscape maintenance customers in the McGregor area. If anyone knows of people in need of my services I would appreciate it! Will be checking in with this forum periodically. Thanks!

  79. dennisodahlen

    Hey, today is my first time with JobClub. I found some good infomation to help me. Thanks alot,I will stay in contact.

  80. joycepolk

    I have completed applications. Searching on other sites like monster. I am awaiting responses from the applications.

  81. angelacotton

    I am still looking and not giving up.

  82. mikepetry

    seems as though the job market keeps getting tougher but ill hang tough

  83. cookie57

    Hello all job seekers ,I have applied so many places no response have search and applied many job site no luck

  84. Melvin

    Please keep your spirits up! There are jobs opening for the holidays and I suggest taking one of these as a way to extend your UI Benefits.

    Also, having a job of any type is a better way of getting a job. Employers like to hire people that are working. There is a retail job fair coming the week of the September 26th.

  85. William

    Still looking for a dental assistant position. Saw today that a lady I used to work with is going to Stonewood Dental. Never even heard they were looking for someone. Its really sad that I can’t find a position here in Waco as an assistant when I graduated at the top of my class. I have put in several resumes and applications to places like Fusion in Bellmead and I never get a call or even an interview. Out of work for 9 months and nothing even close here in Waco. I have had interviews in Austin and in Dallas but never was called for a working interview. If anyone knows or hears of a dental office here hiring let me know please. The stress is really starting to ware on me and my family.

  86. sandrarenner

    I had a job interview yesterday morning. The interview lasted 1 1/2 hours & I felt things went well. I received a call this morning asking for a second interview on Monday. Im praying that this will be the one. Wish me LUCK

  87. debbiearmour

    Melvin & Rachel,

    Hi! Just wanted to thank you for your suggestions in tweaking my resume. I’ll be working on that during these next few days and will get that to you the first of next week. I’ve been rather busy this week doing educational research for my clowning (which includes watching old Keystone Kops movies!). I LOVE being a clown!! Have a great weekend!

  88. lolabuchanan

    USAJobs is an excellent website tool for employment search. The positions listed are as close as the VA hospital in Waco to overseas.

    Providence Healthcare Network has a very good reputation. Amongst the more than 50 job postings for the Waco area are positions for a Speech Language Therapist and Physical Therapists in the Rehabilitation Services.

  89. machellharrison

    hello every one jack harwell detetion cention are taking applications, i am wating to hear from them.will continue to search for work.

  90. shellycawthon

    I’ve been volunteering quite a bit recently. I think it is a good way to meet new people, help a worthy cause and possibly open doors to something new.

  91. shellycawthon

    You should go to the BBQ fundraiser and Pie Auction for Parnell McNamara next Sunday. Bosqueville Community Center, 4:00-9:00pm.

    It is being hosted by the Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Assoc. of McLennan County.

  92. Melvin

    I agree volunteering is a good way to meet people and make connections.

    However, we have asked everyone to leave religion and politics out of our discussions. We are connected to the Heart Of Texas Workforce and other public agencies and are not allowing the use of this site for any political purpose.

    All this said, I do encourage everyone to vote and Shelly I like your enthusiasm in trying to make connections.

  93. Brett Baldwin

    I have several job finder tools that show up on my email, not quite sure how I got on them. There are a ton of local jobs listed.

    I hope this helps someone!

  94. Brett Baldwin

    I also feel a great sense of frustration while applying for jobs on employer websites. Some company’s generate a generic email thanking you for your interest, they also add that you should not reply to their emails. The company’s that don’t send any acknowledgement that they received your application is difficult, how do you know they really received your resume & application?

    I also apply for jobs that don’t always fit my qualifications hoping that someone will be willing to train for the right job applicant. What happened to on the job training?

  95. Christie Watson

    I have found a job on craigslist,post id 3250707807.
    The position is for a staffing assistant.The job description
    includes:assisting with clients,pulling files,coordinating meetings,completing documents and and other assorted office duties.

  96. edgarrichardson

    I look at the website and I am constantly looking at the job openings at Waco Tribune online

  97. Candice Lovell

    Hello Everyone! I am still looking for a job and going to school two days a week to futher my resume. I have also changed my wardrobe, as this was a problem for me, Racheal. I have hope next week however.

  98. hcharwell

    using my C D L would be great

  99. Olga Sepeda

    Good morning, I am still looking for a job and still have not had any leads. I agree with Jennifer, could they at least call or email to let you know that they are not interested or have the position filled.Is that too much to ask? I have sent out my resume but I may have to work on it some more. I have been on a website called maybe someone can find something there. There are a lot of medical and clerical jobs there if anyone is interested. Good luck to everyone.

  100. Olga Sepeda

    Hi Brett,
    I agree with you, I wonder if they employers I have been sending my resume are even getting it. I do not get an email or anything thanking me for the interest of the job. I am beginning to wonder if I am doing something wrong when I fill out the application. I am also filling out applications that I am not qualified for hoping that someone will give me a chance as well and train me! Good luck to you.

  101. amyarthurwhite

    I am also having concerns regarding my applicatioon/resumes getting to prospective employers. I am on a number of job search engines however, I am inclined to believe that my application and/or resume is not being received or that formatting issues may not adquetly represent my experience and quelifications in a professional manner. I am contacting customer support with these various sites in order to ensure that employers are in fact receiving my applications and that my resume is properly formatted for their review.

  102. Melvin

    We are sharing your concerns with employers and hope to have a few of them come on job club to give you answers.

    C3 in Mcgregor is having a job fair today.

  103. melissajohnson

    I’ve been on several interviews for customer service and/or office related and still nothing yet. Will keep at it.

  104. Jeffrey Gregoire

    I am still in the process of acquiring Landscape maintenance customers. With the seasons changing in the near future I’m also offering Fall services including leaf raking/disposal & gutter cleaning. Should have some customers soon.

  105. Tae Kim

    Hello Everyone,

    So far i have not had a great luck getting a job. I had a few interviews but that’s about it. Thank you so much for all your info, this helps alot! Hopefully I will land a new job soon.

    Good luck with your job search!

  106. MissRudd

    Is anyone qualified to be or interested in a position for Assistant National Bank Examiners? If so, email me at!

  107. laurareid09

    The problem I keep having is going to the interview, doing great in the interview, the interviewer tells me I am perfect for the job and I will definitely get a call back for a second interview. Then a few days later I get a generic email thanking me for my time and telling me that the position has been filled. Is anyone else having this problem? I have an interview tomorrow afternoon and I am praying that it is not the same scenario!! I desperately need a job and I am more than qualified for what I have been applying for.

  108. MissRudd

    A reason employers usually do not get back to someone to let them know they have not been chosen is because employers have hundreds, if not more, resumes and candidates to review and interview on a regular basis. For them to contact all of the applicants that do not qualify may be even more time consuming than the hiring process itself. That is why they seek out agencies to assist with this and why we offer services such as job events or pre-screening. Most employers have a lot on their plate aside from hiring and resume/application review just as applicants have a lot on their plate to seek out a job. We know it’s hard work finding a job, but a positive attitude and determination can go a long way and we are here to help with that.

    “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” -Henry Ford

  109. Gary McCully

    Also doing some volunteering.

  110. dontanner

    Hi job seekers this is my first time here and it looks to be some good info , Good luck out there

  111. sandrarenner

    I went for 2nd Interview yesterday & was told that they would get back to me by Friday. I continue to look for work but am getting a little depressed. I need to find something soon. Im trying so hard to keep a positive attitude.

  112. richardgarey

    good evening everybody. i noticed on red lobster was looking for everything. this looking for a job is really tough when you don’t have much under your belt. this is the longest i have ever gone without any kind of job. does anybody know of any ranches needing ranch hands.

  113. jannpage

    Good Wednesday morning, no luck from last interview. Thought that was a perfect job, but the people applying
    was in the large numbers. Still looking,but trying to
    be calm about it. Thankful for this type of participation as allergies took my voice this week.

  114. vikkireese

    Good Morning! No luck for me either.

  115. lancesanders

    Morning , still looking for work. Hoping local business will be hiring for the holiday season.

  116. vikkireese

    My problems is, who can live on $10.00 per hour? Alot of that will be spent just on gas to get there.

  117. vivianmonroe

    Im passed the stage of depression I mean its hard to have a child wanting simple basic stuff and I have to tell him that we cant afford it. Ive always been able to supply my children with not only their basic needs but I have really good children and it saddens me deeply that I cant reward them for that good behavior like I done it the past I lay awake at night crying asking God why I even looked over my insurance policy to see how much it would pay out in case of my self inflicted death

  118. gaylonthreadgill

    i have had interviews at tstc and baylor with no positive results yet, hope they call back soon.

  119. gaylonthreadgill

    I’m 57 years old and begining to believe there is a thing called age discrimination……no one wants expierence, they want youth…………..

  120. kareypatterson

    Don’t give up Vivian. I also want to give up but reading that others are having as much trouble finding a job as I am lets me know I am not alone, and neither are you. We have to believe that God is faithful for us in his own time, just not always ours. I was told by a neighbor that the VA has over 300 jobs. I also applied there, but never heard anything. Just don’t know what the problem is. Keep trying.

    I am 55 years old and I also believe age discrimination is alive and well.

  121. kareypatterson

    Check out Work Reimagined, AARP’s new oline service, powered by Linkedin. The site connects experienced workers to openings with employers who have pledged to recruit across all age groups. Get the latest news about the work world. Log on at (

  122. hcharwell


  123. jerri woolbright

    thanks for all of the encouragement. I’m still in the process of working on my resume.

  124. joancampbell

    Pier 1 is still searching for a store manager. It is on Monster as well as all the others.

  125. lynwaren

    This will be my last entry on JobClub, I have a job, YEAAAAA…may all of you have the blessings you deserve. Thanks for all your help.

  126. markbeadle

    So many of you are correct.
    I too am 57 and feel that companines prefer younger applicants as well Gayland.
    And Vikki is correct when said $10.00 will only pay to get the interview and back.


  127. myrnacardenas

    Me hicieron la traduccion al espanol y gracias por dejarme participar del Job Club. Estare siempre atenta a sus consejos para poder encontrar trabajo pronto.

  128. barbaramccrary

    Hello everyone, My name is Barbara. I’m new to this site: very excited to have a place to go where at least people know how it feels to be looking patiently and determined to get a job somewhere. I know that sounds bad but hopefully together we will make a difference.If there is anyone out there that is bilingual: here is a link on Bright for a LVN or RN

  129. michealshriver

    Hello my name is micheal Shriver and I am new to this board!! I have had an interview a week for the past 6 weeks and it’s depressing bc I haven’t yet received a call back just keep getting the “I’m sorry” letters!! Would like to know when it’s gonna be my time!!

  130. nancy adam

    Hello everyone, my name is Nancy I am also new
    to this site.I’ve been looking for a job for awhile
    no luck yet. Maybe this site will open new doors.
    At leastI can talk to others that know how hard it is to find work. Good Luck Everyone

    Thanks Nancy

  131. Virginia Kilgore

    Good Morning, I am still searching for a job. It seems like less job postings than a few months ago. I have to look harder to find interesting positions that match my skills. Looking for a job via the internet is so frustrating. Seems like perspective employers would prefer to meet and interview applicants to find out more about them. I think they are missing good people by only reading resumes and applications. However, I will continue to complete applications and inquires for jobs which I have the skills to do. Thanks, VK

  132. Melvin

    Bienvenida Myrna. Estamos aqui para ayurdarle. Mucho placer que desea participar.. Gracias por us interes.

  133. charlesshelby

    hey everyone its charles shelby and i hear freebirds in waco that just opened up still has some last min help needed apply in person and good luck

  134. Kristin Leffingwell

    Hi everyone. I’m new to the board. Just moved down here from Dallas and am astounded at how small the job market is down here. There are almost no Human Resources positions available!

  135. shellycawthon

    a bit down today:(
    this can be depressing

  136. shellycawthon

    Good deal. I understand.

  137. evelyn dickerson

    This is Evelyn Dickerson I am Currently Still Looking.But Hopefully I will Have a Job Soon.I Have got called back for a second Interview.

  138. evelyn dickerson

    I Tried To Apply At Southern Hospice.The Director over There is Kim Powell.She is not Hireing For CNA.But She Say She Really Needs A Marketing Rep.And RN,S.

  139. katherinecastillo

    This is Katherine Castillo, found some temp dental hygiene work that bascially has cancelled out my unemployment benefits most weeks, hoping it could turn into something more permanent soon.

  140. mikedpetry

    still lookimg nothing yet

  141. daletrail

    i am looking forward to the job fair for veterans november 16 hopefuly my luck will change for the good

  142. billknox

    I agree the Waco area is difficult to find a job. I’ve have been unemployed for almost a year. i have applied to so many companies during that time. I’ve gotten interviews, been told sorry the job closed, or you don’t have what we are looking for. Surprisingly, from companies that don’t even interview me for the position. I know my resume is good because TWC put it together for me. I just don’t know what to do any more. I tried to convince my wife to move. That we may can get into an area where I can actually get a job. My choices are slim to none now, I have gone from making 12.40 all the way to 7.26 and hour on past jobs. I’m getting close to giving up………..


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