Discussion 11: It’s Not Over!

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Hi, this is Sheena with CampusJobXpress and this is Discussion #11. In response to our discussion last week, we got a letter and I am going to read it to you now. It is called My Past, My Future. Actually, the title of it is It Is Not Over. It comes with a quote that says “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

The other day I was talking with a very good friend. We had not spoken in a while and so we covered a multitude of subjects to include family, common friends, health, work, abundance and various combinations of these.

As we talked about our journeys through this road called “life,” we recalled those events that we had planned or expected. Over the 30 plus years that we have been friends, our families have had many mountaintop experiences. But just as mountains have tops, they have their corresponding valleys. So we acknowledged also the valleys of our lives, the times when we experienced events in our lives that we did not expect and/or did not want.

Then, in my friend’s usual witty and humorous fashion, he said, these events were just “course adjustments,” not failures or defeats.

Life unfolds as it does. In spite of our best plans, wishes and prayers, events happen that are not of our liking. If we had the control over life as we would want, these events, these happenings would not exist. But we do not.

Sometimes these “course adjustments” are small and go almost unnoticed by us. But there are those “course adjustments” that when they happen, we are shaken to the very core of our being. We think that this is the end, that we cannot overcome this “course adjustment.”

Everything happens for a reason. I deeply believe this. About a day after my conversation with my dear friend, I read this anonymous quotation:

“Just when the caterpillar thought

the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Here is a demonstration by nature of a “course adjustment.” As it is in nature, so is in our reality. When life unfolds, as it does, it does not mean that it is the end. It just means that we are, just like the caterpillar, experiencing a “course adjustment” — a transition to a different level in our human experience.

Our challenge is to accept the change and believe that it will lead to something much better, that the Divine of the Universe does all out of love for us.

Keep Your Hope Alive!

Here are some things that we want you to remember as you are going through your own course.

  1. Wednesday, there is a Showcase, appointments only, you know who you are. On Thursday, at Richland Mall, it is completely open to the public. It is a Retail Job Fair so if you are looking for something over the holidays, this is probably for you.
  2. Next Wednesday, there is a major announcement about the Workforce Center.
  3. Keep posting your jobs. There have been so many people who have been helped through you all posting your own jobs. Some of you have moved due to job opportunities that you have found on the Posting Board that we have.
  4. Last, but not least, if you don’t have a resume posted, please post it soon. It is hard to match you to an employer without it.


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  1. Gary McCully

    Very appropriate.

  2. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Good Morning! Thank you Sheena for the positive story. I am process of “course adjustment” so this is inspiring. Will keep on looking!

  3. ljwp

    Good morning Job Club,

    Thanks for the positive message, Sheena.

    Linda Parten

  4. jannpage

    Good Morning all job seekers. Sheena, thanks for your wonderful video. I feel so much better regarding my
    situation. Until this morning, I felt like the business
    world had no use for “older” people, regardless of
    experience. Your message was a blessing. From jann Page

  5. vivianmonroe

    Hello this is Vivian thank you Shenna for that letter you posted its just that when you get my age starting over and trying to adjust your life is very hard. For the last 20 plus years I have known what my job was went out and performed it well and thought it would be the type of job that I would have until I retire. This is very hard for me to deal with its like Im nothing and I have nothing to hold on to to make me want to face tomorrow

  6. beverlyheaton

    Good story, thank you for sharing. I had another interview with a local financial institution yesterday and should know by the first of next week if I got the position.

    Beverly Heaton

  7. tommyharper

    Thanks Sheena. Sometimes the “course adjustments” do seem to be difficult, but God has a plan.

  8. chriscutbirth

    It does’t seem like it but being laid off was actually the best thing to happen to me.I had a dead end job and I was too comfortable to really want to leave.Now not only do I have the chance to get a better job,but one I really like.

  9. Ron

    Thanks, very good! …and I agree. I’ve never seen things “not work out”, and in cases like this, things usually work out for the better.

    I see that Aerotek has several positions open…entry level and higher.

  10. Frances Gerick

    Thanks for that positive letter. It has come at a time when I greatly needed this boost!

  11. Charles Becker


  12. jannpage

    Vivian Monroe, hang in there!! We apparently have the same situation, having spent the last 16, almost 17 years with the same employer. Not to mention many many years in the medical field with several other positions. Now suddenly, no place for me. But todays message gives me hope and a more positive feeling.

  13. vivianmonroe

    thank you Jann Page,its nice to know that Im not alone

  14. brandyrodriguez

    I think that a lot of us needed to hear this letter, even if just as a reminder that things will get better. Thanks for sharing it!!

    Brandy Rodriguez

  15. sharringt0n

    Good luck at your interview, Chuck! Let us know how it went.

  16. donnamartindale

    Good Morning Sheena! This is Donna and I want to think Job Club for all of the positive encouraging advice that I receive from here. Have a blessed day.

  17. Frances Gerick

    Jann and Vivian, I’m right there with ya’ll also. It’s so hard when you’ve been employed for the same company for 18 years and this happens. I’m sure another door will open for us, just not as soon as we would like, but it will as long as we keep positive, and know it’s out there somewhere.

  18. sharringt0n

    Good morning, everyone!

    Sheena – Thank you for that positive message.

    MCC has an opening for a Math Lab instructor

    Baylor is looking for someone in purchasing/procurement

    Core Medical Group is looking for a physical therapist

    and I am still looking for something local in the creative field; my background is graphic design with some teaching experience.

  19. michael calderon

    Thank you Sheena, life is not over, and the future will be better for me I know it in my heart. I will allways be positive, and I know something will come up.

  20. cjxpadmin

    I am glad everyone is enjoying the message. Something to think about as you go through the course adjustment is “What am I doing today that is affecting my course adjustment?” Sometimes a course adjustment takes longer because we as individuals are fighting the course that our lives are taking. So we fall back into old patterns because they are safer. It feels safer not to take that new computer class. It’s safer not to put your application in at that new company. Can you pin point things right now that you are doing to help your adjustment along? Maybe see some of the things that are keeping you from making headway on your journey?

  21. Michael Dutton

    Sheena, great message!

  22. cjxpadmin

    Side note. Please remember that this does count as a Job Search Activity, and for those of you who are at the event today that counts as one as well.

  23. Susan Wade

    Good morning everyone, this is Susan Wade. A very positive message today and something you begin to realize as you get older. Life does change and goes on, even if sometimes you don’t want to go with it. I noticed in the paper this morning a lot of seasonal jobs in retail are opening. Will this be addressed during the Retail Job Fair?

  24. cjxpadmin

    Thank you for sharing those jobs Mrs. Harrington! Susan, I asked our business services team, and they said that there will be a lot of seasonal jobs, but a lot of them could go in to permanent.

  25. jenniferobinson

    Good morning Everyone,
    Thanks for the positive letter.I’m a work in progress.
    For my job posting:
    TrueBlue,RGIS and Time Warner Cable is hiring.
    have a blessed day everyone.

    Jennifer Robinson

  26. Susan Wade

    Thanks for the info. Retail is not something I had considered, but it couldn’t be too much different from the medical field–it’s all about the customers!

  27. cjxpadmin

    Hello, lol sorry I’m speaking to business services as I’m reviewing your comments. Ralph says that there is going to be roughly 20 to21 employers. This one is open to the public and you should feel free to bring your family and friends. Please remember to dress appropriately for interviews as some will be doing them on the spot. Make sure you stand out in a good way

  28. jannpage

    Good article in todays paper regarding hiring for C3 in Mcgregor, different positions. (not sure what C3 is, I think it is a communication center of some type.

  29. markskinner

    Good morning. Thanks for the great message. It does get somewhat discouraging after a while, but things are looking up for job prospects. It just seems that, overall, there are more openings and possibilities now than there were several months ago. Several new listings that I’ve seen are with Profiles International and with some of the local governmental agencies.

  30. carolynwalter

    This is Carolyn, Good Morning. I have encountered many course adjustments in the past few years. I have somehow managed to move forward thru them all. Losing my job was, what some would call “a blessing in disguise.” The place I worked for was going downhill fast and losing my job gave me the opportunity to help my family. My Mom was very ill, still recovering, my daughter had her first child and lost a sister in law and nephew (due to childbirth complications) all in the same week. My struggles didn’t seem so big then. I knew it was God’s Plan for me to be here for my family during those times and losing my job gave me the ability to do that. Thank you for sharing your story about course adjustments…we all have them, it’s how you handle them that counts.

  31. sheilaparrish

    Good Morning Job Club:
    Sheila Parrish,
    Thank you Sheena for the encouraging words. Not having a job really gets me down some days. I try to stay positive but it’s hard when you don’t get any calls. It’s hard when you have been working at the same place for 18 1/2 years and then one day you don’t have a job and your whole routine is gone haywire, but I remain positive and it really helps to log-on every Wednesday and know that I am not in this boat alone. Thanks Everyone for the encouragement.

  32. Eugene Wlodarek

    As others, I also think the letter was positive.

  33. Jeremy Holt

    This is Jeremy Holt, Thank you Sheena for this inspirational talk. Encouragement is a much needed commodity at this time of job searching.

  34. jeridsmith

    Thank you for the great story.

  35. tammystanphill

    Very nice story and something I think all of with Jobclub can understand. Processes sometimes are very difficult to go through but we always make it to the other side, maybe a little bruised and banged up but to the other none the less. I did not think this process would take me to where I am now, unemployed for 6 months but feel this is the best thing for me.

  36. jeffwhite

    Good Morning All:
    Sorry I am checking in late. But right now My internet is down. Dont know when I will be back online. I drove up to Waco to workforce center to use there computer. Sheena That was a great letter and great wording in it. Thanks.
    Jeff White

  37. ernestinesample

    All I can say is “WOW”!!!!! What a great and postive message, epecially now. Thanks Sheena.

  38. elainedouglas

    Goodmorning I haven’t yet found a job but I haven’t.given. up. Hopefully soon!

  39. ljwp

    Best of luck to everyone and “Keep the Faith”!!!!

  40. jannpage

    Good message and very good remarks. Look like it has helped everbody. Thanks once again, Loggin off to talk next week. Good Hunting to all

  41. mac mcknight

    Just when I thought thing were at its darkest, I now have two job offers.
    one in La. at at great pay and one locally at half as much.
    Now my delima is which one to take ?
    Hope everyone else is going to have the same Problem.

  42. sharringt0n

    What a terrific problem to have! Best of luck.

  43. Victoria

    What a great message! Hillcrest Hospital is looking for a Radiology Registrar, and Baylor has an opening for a police officer. Best to everyone.–V. Nimmo

  44. angeladevinney

    Thank you for your post/video, Sheena. Although I have a new job with a few more hours. It still isn’t full time. She does pay $200 a month towards insurance benefits and that is a bonus that I didn’t have before. I was quite discouraged this week when I realized that she had shorted me $2 an hour on my past 3 paychecks. I had to bring it to her attention. I did so politely. She said that she thought that was what we had agreed upon. Thankfully I keep all of my e-mails and she had e-mailed it to her so I said to please see her e-mail dated August 9th when she discussed salary requirements. I’m not sure when she will correct it, but it has certainly been disheartening to say the least. I had already accepted the job making literally half of what I made at my full time job that I am collecting the unemployment for. All that to say, we do appreciate the encouragement Sheena. I wish there had been something at the job fair for me. Maybe next time.


  45. Melvin Freeman

    This is the other Melvin again with a job posting:

    Water utility operator DOT
    City of Waco
    P.O.box 2570
    Waco TX 76702

  46. gaylonthreadgill

    sheena that was a good story, thanks for the encouragement

  47. dennisodahlen

    Great story of encouragement. We all need that!

  48. Jonathon Pledger

    Congrats, Mac!

    Nice message, Sheena. I agree. A friend of mine shared a with me the other day that I feel has some relevance here:

    “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

    Stepping outside our comfort zones isn’t easy, but it’s necessary for growth. And believe it or not, we’re built to handle it. Just look at all the technological advancements the world has made. No way we’d be where we are if no one stepped outside their comfort zone.

    I have a job interview tomorrow that I am very excited about. I wish everyone else the best of luck. If anyone is interested, I hear Coca-Cola and Mars are both looking for “hands-on” employees.

  49. Jonathon Pledger

    *shared a quote

  50. zshade37

    No its not over, but even I am starting to get a little discouraged. My unemployment is almost out and I haven’t really had any solid leads. I have never had to worry before because a job would just come along, without too much effort. Yet now, I have put in applications and even been given a phone interview and still have not heard back from them. I know I shouldn’t put all my chickens into one basket.

  51. dorothy conroy

    Thank you Sheena for this postive message


  52. ChaiHo

    Thank you for the great story , Sheena.

  53. rhondagade

    Well, for me, unemployment has run out. Thank you Ms. Sheena for the encouraging words, they are much appreciated. I wish everyone the best of luck with their job search. 🙂

  54. Minnitt

    This was a very good, positive, and inspirational story. It keeps us motivated to keep pushing! Thanks for posting it!

  55. ioniajones

    Ionia Jones
    What a wonderful message! Thanks for passing it on. I look forward to the job fair at the mall tomorrow. I hope that I can find something, even it its seasonal!

    Thank again!

  56. jannpage

    thanks for the job info at hillcrest and providence. I have faxed resumes to both, maybe luck will follow.

  57. Sherry

    Thank you for the positive message Sheena. Things are definitely going to get better, you just have to have faith!!! Have a great day everyone!!!

  58. cjxpadmin

    Don’t forget everyone! There is a job fair at the Richland Mall! 9:00-12:00 We’ll see you there!

  59. cjxpadmin

    Lol! It is so nice seeing everyone face to face again! Wishing everyone a great day and good luck

  60. joleajames

    Motivational and inspirational! Thank you!

  61. junehodde

    It’s alway nice to hear of or from someone who can lift our spirts. Have a great day.

  62. Candice Lovell

    Thank you for the positive story. I think my interviews went great yesterday,I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  63. joancampbell

    That is very fitting and I am keeping my chin up. I really liked the job fair and thank you for hosting it for us. Tractor Supply is hiring for an Assistant GM at the distribution center.

    This is Joan Campbell.

  64. Penny Bell

    Wow such an amazing but encouraging story. Just what I needed to hear. I’ve ben really looking for a job. I hope nd pray that my ideal job will call me soon.

    Jobs hiring: Walmart Distribution, Time Warner Cable, Hobbs, PCA, American Income Life.

  65. mikepetry

    never give up change is good although it at times is hard to sort out

  66. cjxpadmin

    Just wanted to tell everyone that we were so happy to see all of you at both job event. We will let you know as soon as possible when the next one will take place!

  67. Mark Beadle

    Thank you for that story Sheena.

  68. Diana Marquez

    Thank you Sheena for the shared story..I have faith that a job will come my way..Im still searching..

  69. Virginia Kilgore

    Good Morning,

    I’m Virginia Kilgore. Thanks Sheena for the great words of encouragement. Great story and so appropriate. I am remaining positive and continue the search. VK

  70. kareypatterson

    Hello everyone: Thank you Sheena for the uplifting message..

    I am going today to talk to someone about a position.

    Wish me Luck. God Bless

  71. Jennifer

    Thank You great story!

  72. Christie Watson

    I found this video to be very inspirational and shines a brighter light on the situation at hand due to being unemployed.I know the perfect job will come about when least expected.

  73. Brett Baldwin

    Showed up at the job fair on the 26th at my appointment times (9 am & 9:30 am)and neither interviewer showed up, very disappointed.

  74. lolabuchanan

    There are currently five positions posted in the Office/Clerical category for the City of Waco.

    Three positions are for customer service representatives for the police department — one is part-time and two are full-time.

    One position is for a retail aide for the Convention and Visitor Services.

    The fifth position is a part-time position for the Parks and Recreation Service.

  75. kn1964

    Thanks Sheena, very good story…. most business are looking for individuals that are accepting of change and are willing to be more flexible with their work. If the business is changing be among the people that make the changes happen. It is true that not all changes are right, but businesses need to try them and see if the change is going to bring better productivity or more customer business to the company.
    Have a good day!

  76. Olga Sepeda

    I believe that I am also a caterpillar opening up to a butterfly. After being laid off, I decided I wanted a different career and I am going for it. It was time for a change and I am both nervous and excited about it. Life takes you through all sorts of things and you learn and grow from them. I would not want it any other way. They are still hiring at C3 here in McGregor as well at McLane in Temple.

  77. shellycawthon

    I am working with the McLennan County Elections office counting early ballot voting. It is temporary work. They still need folks!

  78. sharringt0n

    Thanks for that info Shelly! I will look into it.

    I am excited because I just got home and there was an email asking me to come to a skills assessment for a job I applied for on 9/6. So I’ll go do that on Tuesday. I will need to do well at it to get an interview but I’m quite pleased.

    Fingers crossed, this would be a good job!

  79. michealshriver

    Thanks Sheena, even in this god has a plan and everything always works out in the end!

  80. daletrail

    thank you for sharing this information

  81. hcharwell


  82. Loyd Edwards

    I don’t feel alone, I was pushed out of the “current” business model – corporate america – now there’s a concept.

    I hope to find work with a small, privately held company now. Good luck to all.

    Thank you Sheena!

  83. joleajames

    Truly excellent! Thank you for the inspiration as well as the motivation to keep your chin up!

  84. vikkireese

    Hi this is Vikki

    I missed last weeks discussion due to scheduled interviews. But I found it to be very encouraging. Thanks

  85. edgarrichardson

    I agree, it is very encouraging

  86. christiemiller

    Positive discussion. I enjoyed it.

  87. cgaines

    This information was very inspiring. I am glad campusjobexpress is available it is very helpful in many ways.

  88. irene williams

    food for thought

  89. evelyn dickerson

    mrs,sheena thank you so much for that wonderful message.

  90. billknox

    Mrs. Williams,
    I want to thank you for the story. It is getting difficult being unemployed. I haven’t given up and I don’t plan on doing so. I keep praying and trying hard every week. Again thank you for the support and help!

    Bill Knox


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