Discussion 13: Smile, Say Cheese!

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Good Morning Everyone,

Today we would like to discuss how you present yourself in the Job Market through pictures. Your image is everything when it comes to getting a job, and professionalism is key. We must always be aware of the statement we make with our clothes, expressions, settings, etc.

For instance, if you present yourself to an employer wearing a t-shirt and shorts, that may say to an employer that you are not looking for a professional position. In reality, you may have a degree in Business but your image does not express this.

In a resume, we also suggest that you leave out your personal interests which is also true for your picture. We suggest that your personal life should not be expressed in a picture that is meant to be professional. Even if you are not seeking a professional position, it is always recommended that you express yourself appropriately in the Job Market, whether it be during an interview or through a professional profile.

With that said, our question for you today is:

What does your picture and/or appearance say about you?

What would you change, if anything?

What may help you change your look?



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  1. beverlyheaton

    What an appropriate question. This morning at 10 I have another interview (this will be the 4th one) with this financial institution and I was choosing what I would be wearing.

    I think my appearance says that I dress professionally and that I am prepared to meet customers in a way that will let them know that I can help them with their banking needs.

    I don’t think I would change anything just maybe update some of my suits.

    Beverly Heaton

  2. jannpage

    Good morning Job seekers. I love the questions today. I have learned over the years, importance of proper and
    professional appearance for interviews and work place.
    I am comfortable with my choice of a suit, slacks, matching top, limited jewelry (wedding band and watch)with
    proper heels. (from jann page)

  3. gaylonthreadgill





  4. tammystanphill

    I feel my picture is fine. I always go to interviews or turning applications in a professional manner. My attire would be black or tan pants and a dressy shirt. Things I would change is sometimes I don’t know if what I have put together looks good, I guess their perspective on me. I always try or feel I look my best when I go out for these things.

  5. Charles Waddle

    It says I have been around for a while (older), but confident.

    What I change? I probably should have worn a tie even though I hate the things.

    What may help me change my look? Loose wieght.

  6. jannpage

    Gaylon you have hit the nail on the head!!! I agree with the age situation, however this unemployment process is
    teaching me patience. (i think) from jann page

  7. jeridsmith

    I feel my apperance says i am very professional and hard working. I believe i wouldn’t change anything.

  8. lancesanders

    Hard to say really. Look good atm, but whose to say that I wouldn’t look better in a suit. Just don’t have a suit atm.

  9. Charles Becker


  10. Susan Wade

    This is Susan Wade. Good morning everyone. I realize appearance is important, but is it the only thing that matters? You can dress to the nines, but still not be qualified for the position. Do prospective employers only look to the physical appearance when hiring?

  11. joancampbell

    This is Joan Campbell and I would remove my glasses from the top of my head in my picture. I do dress professionally. I do not think anyone is going to interviews thinking they look bad. Some people are just not aware of how they look to the world. I have conducted interviews and had my jaw drop with what some people wear. I think you should scrutinize this in mock interviews like you do with our resumes.

  12. Susan Wade

    I believe the criminal justice system has a variety of suits donated for an accused’s appearance in court. Is there any such program for job seekers in Waco?

  13. Ron

    I know that during an interview, the interviewers look as much as they listen. They look for hints of a personality that will fit the position that is open. The ingredients to this personality, I think, will always contain neatness. Off hand, I can’t think of any positions that sloppiness would be a plus. As far as my picture, I probably need to add a smile and take away some years.

  14. joancampbell

    Employers do not judge on appearance alone, but it can be the first judgment they make.

  15. Penny Bell

    I try to wear clothing to an interview that fits the position I’m applying for. I believe my appearance says I’m professional…at least I try to be.

  16. ljwp

    Good morning fellow job seekers,

    I agree that appearance and that all important “first impression” is crucial to securing a position. I also agree with Gaylon about the employers seeking the younger candidates.

    I would lose some weight, but can’t and probably wouldn’t turn back the clock on years, if I could. Except for the employment situation, I like my life.

    Have a blessed day and smile, it will get better.

    Linda Parten

  17. Susan Wade

    I am not suggesting going to an interview wearing Daisy Dukes. Certainly, you should appear as professional as possible. Cleanliness is at the top of my list. Second would be to maintain eye contact as much as possible. This is the best indicator for how engaged you are in the exchange. It also projects confidence in yourself and your abilities.

  18. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone,
    We are blessed this morning again.
    I dress professional when I’m on an interview.
    For my job post this week: Target is hiring

    Have a blessed day

    Jennifer Robinson

  19. tommyharper

    Tommy Harper here, I would like to think my image says that I am competent and reliable. I know that it says that I am experienced (read that as not a teenager). I really do not think I would change anything. I am what the good Lord made me.

  20. ljwp

    Just wondering if anyone will be updating the job postings. I haven’t seen any new ones on this site for several weeks.

  21. jannpage

    As always, Susan your on top of the list. Eye Contact and of course, CONFIDENCE. Proper appearance makes a good 1st impression, however that is not the total package when one is interviewing.( from jann page)

  22. sheilaparrish

    Hi Job Seekers,
    Sheila Parrish here. I personally think that when I go on a job interview I look pretty good. So that brings up another question, because I was on the hiring end up until the company closed. If I interviewed someone that came in with a nice shirt and slacks but were very confident and I felt was trainable I would personally give them a chance (no matter what the age). The thing is Waco is so relaxed in the attire area that I really don’t think most people have business suits (which is ok) but it does need to be taken into consideration. Not to mention that while we are on unemployment we are not even making the bills let alone having money to go spend on an interview suit.
    None the less, I remain positive.
    Sheila Parrish

  23. sharringt0n

    Good morning everyone! I think my picture says I am confident and a happy person. I do of course take special care with appearance when going for an interview; I try to have a beauty appt a few days in advance so my hair is recently trimmed. Any jacket or sweater/overblouse stays on a hanger in the car until I get there so the seat belt doesn’t wrinkle it.

    I’ve gained weight over the years and feel it contributes to an “old” appearance. I’m happy to report since I started a diet/exercise program I have lost 10 lbs. So that’s progress.

    Scott and White in Temple is looking for a medical office person, if I remember right one of our Job Clubbers was looking for that type of position. https://swtep.mycmsc.com/psp/swtepprdext/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?FolderPath=PORTAL_ROOT_OBJECT.HC_HRS_CE_GBL2&IsFolder=false&IgnoreParamTempl=FolderPath%2cIsFolder

  24. sheilaparrish

    I agree with Susan Wade as well. You have to sell yourself in the interview (Eye contact, Experience etc.),
    Sheila Parrish

  25. Frances Gerick

    Good Morning Everyone! I went to a interview last Friday and was complimented on my appearance (so I feel good on what I choose to a interview, at least, that time). I felt the interview went really well, but as of yet I haven’t heard anything and she said she would let me know Monday. I called Monday late in the day to inquire and she wasn’t available, so I left a message with the receptionist(no call back). I have called this morning and was able to leave a voice mail on her phone line.
    At this point I don’t think I have gotten the position and just feeling down because the interview went really well. Question is: Am I being too pushy when she said I would hear from her on Monday and haven’t? What’s the time frame to call back an employer to inquire?

  26. sheilaparrish

    Job Club members,
    Also the Allergy and Asthma Center at the corner of Londonderry and Medical Parkway is looking for a research person. I don’t have any of the details.
    Sheila Parrish

  27. tommyharper

    If you get to the interview, your dress does say a lot. More importantly, your expression, manner, and posture speak volumes to the interviewer.

  28. peggylane

    Hi all, this is Peggy.
    Not only appearance, but body language is important too. As Susan Wade said, it is so important to make eye contact and show that you are very engaged in the interview.

    Studies have shown that employers will form an opinion of you within the first 10 minutes of the interview–it’s not always based on what you actually say, but it’s on “body language”. About 85% of what you communicate is not with words. It’s through the tone of your voice, the way you sit and a wealth of other messages that your body involuntarily sends.

    Here are six do’s and don’ts on the art of non-verbal communication. I found these in some of my job search research – might give you a winning advantage in a job interview.

    1) Be Real From the Start

    When you greet your interviewer, smile a real smile that engages your eyes, and offer a firm handshake. Say something like, “I’m pleased to meet you” to provide a positive anchor.

    Janine Driver, a body language expert also known on the Internet as the “Lyin’ Tamer”, states that maintaining good eye contact shows respect and interest. She advises that in the U.S., 60% eye contact is ideal. She suggests focusing on the upper triangle of the face from the left eyebrow across the bridge of the nose to the right eyebrow. Avoid staring at the other person’s forehead, lips and mouth.

    2) Watch the Excess Energy

    The more energy you have, the more will need to be vented. This often results in mannerisms Hartley terms “adapters”. What this means is that excess energy gets dissipated into fidgeting, a definite sign that you’re nervous or ill at ease. While it’s easy to say, “watch the fidgeting”, Driver suggests you never touch your face, throat, mouth or ears during an interview. The interviewer may feel that you’re holding something back, typically, the truth. Although this is a false assumption, to try to establish credibility, it’s necessary to avoid touching your face.

    3) What to Do With Those Hands and Arms

    Driver says that clasped hands are a signal that you are closed off. A palm-to-palm gesture with one thumb over the other thumb sends the signal that you need the interviewer’s reassurance.

    To come across as confident, receptive and unguarded, have your hands open and relaxed on the table. When your body is open, you project trustworthiness.

    Avoid crossing your arms over your chest. When you do, you signal that you are close-minded, defensive, or bored and disinterested.

    4) Crossing Those Legs

    Don’t cross your legs. According to Driver, this posture creates a wall between you and your interviewer. It can also become a distraction when you keep crossing your legs back and forth. Crossed ankles are a “no-no” because you are signaling that you want to be elsewhere.

    5) Posture

    A straight posture is imperative during an interview. Pull your shoulders back and sit up straight. You’ll give yourself a burst of confidence and allow for good breathing. This can help you to avoid, or at least reduce, feelings of nervousness and discomfort.

    6) Finger Gestures

    Bet you never thought you had to worry about your fingers during an interview. Driver suggests that steepling your fingers makes you look arrogant. She also says to never point your index fingers like gun barrels. These are the types of aggressive messages you want to avoid sending.


    While it’s a no-brainer to focus on how best to answer those typical interview questions, don’t forget to pay some attention to that other 85% of what you’re communicating non-verbally. It can pay dividends after your interview when you realize your body often speaks louder than your words.

  29. markskinner

    Perceptions. When our son was in middle-school, he started one particular school year off by only wearing black or dark colored t-shirts and had a watch chain hanging from the belt loop of his jeans. For the teachers who knew him from previous years, they knew him to be a good hearted, kind student. For the new teachers who didn’t know him, he was a big question mark. Our son couldn’t understand why we harped on him about perceptions, stereotypes, and first impressions. Those things are the “truth” for someone who doesn’t know you…at least until they do learn what you’re really all about. The way a person presents themself initially, whether looking for a job or just walking down the street, is the same. You project your personality and demeanor by your appearance. It is the “truth” until you have the opportunity for people to get to know you. Problem is, if you’re job hunting, you might not get a second chance to do the proving. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t work for everyone. Give yourself a chance. Present yourself appropriately.

  30. jannpage

    Frances Gerick, I have recently experienced the same thing. no return call on the day they said they would. I called them the same week and had to leave voice mails. Never rec.a call. Then suddenly 3 weeks after the interview they called to tell me they hired someone else. It seems to be the rule of thumb, since it happened to me twice, both from medical offices. From Jann Page)

  31. Frances Gerick

    Thanks Peggy, that is great info!

  32. vivianmonroe

    hello this is Vivian, I think that looks can sometimes be deceiving. I’ve seen people going to an interview dressed to the nines but their work performance is horrible.Then on the other hand there are people that come to an interview looking like someone that spent the night in their car and totally be the best worker you can employee. I myself when I go to interview I like to look my best.


  33. donnamartindale

    This is Donna and I totally agree that the way you present yourself and your attire has a lot of influence on the employer. I have seen people come into places I have worked in shorts and tee shires. Thats the first thing I notice. I’ve had a few interviews, but I have not been the lucky one to get the job yet. I think too its who you know within the company or personal references.

  34. Frances Gerick

    Thanks Jann,it’s a relief to know it happens to other people. It’s just so frustrating!

  35. Michael Dutton

    Good morning. I am pleased with my picture. A smile on your face and clean cloths says alot in a picture.

    Most companies today have adapted to casual clothing even for management positions. For men that meaning a pressed shirt and slacks with shined shoes. If the job requires a suit and tie you should already know that from the type of position you are looking for.

    I disagree with Gaylon’s comment that companies are just looking younger and low wage employees. I have read a lot of articles that shows that older knowledable employees are valued in the market place. That age group not only has a stable work record and real accomplishments to back up their value but they are less likely to need time off to take care of kids etc. In an interview it is important to highlight how you have creatively overcome obsticales and persevered. It is also important to highlight that you are a quick learner and adaptable new things. Never stop learning.

    Those who need to add to their wardrobe for little or no cost can look to Salvation Army, Goodwill or any of the Church sponsored pantries.

  36. Susan Wade

    Thanks Peggy for all the great tips. I usually cross my ankles but will watch that in the future. I also hold my hands together in my lap, relaxed, thinking this showed I was relaxed. One more thing I might add is to not wear overpowering perfume or cologne to an interview. More people than you realize are turned off by this kind of thing, especially if they have allergies.

  37. michael calderon

    I feel my apperance is fine. I would like to lose some weight. I find out as much as I can about the company before the interview.

  38. jannpage

    Gotta check out, SMILE EVERYONE, the last job I had, the office manager gave all of us a hand mirror. We looked in it when we answered the phone. It was and is a handy tool
    and if you try it you will be amazed. See you next wk.
    jann page

  39. Brett Baldwin

    I feel confident with my photo, like lots of others I need to shed some pounds.Other than that there not much I can change.

  40. Jeremy Holt

    This is Jeremy Holt and I would like to say that I agree with this wholeheartedly. Appearance is a key ingredient to success in the job market. I found this blog to be very informative.

  41. kareypatterson

    This is a timely topic. I have an interview today and hope it goes well. I liked the information on body lanquage. Wish me luck.

  42. jeffwhite

    I am here and a little on the mad side. I got my payment today. Altho it was very short and Now I have been calling and calling but the recording says it can not take my call. How do I get a human on the phone this automated stuff is really lacking on customer service. And I would like a new picture. But since I did not get my full payment I can not Drive to Waco anytime soon I need to buy tires for my truck and have it inspected. And Help would be greatly apreaciated. Thanks

  43. chriscutbirth

    If you can’t afford the nicest clothes then they atleast should be clean.

  44. Eugene Wlodarek

    First impression is extremely important. You must dress approriately for the first interview. I am please with my picture.

  45. Brett Baldwin

    I have to disagree with you Michael Dutton, the articles may say that but you can “feel” when an interviewer is not interested even though you have the job knowledge. I have had several ask me repeatedly if I am aware that the job is “physically demanding”, even though it is a “supervisor’s job”. Translated, this means they want someone “young”!

  46. Bob

    I believe appearance is an important aspect of the job interview but it is more difficult to gage how to dress for a job interview because dress standards have become so much less formal in the last several years. I rather be a little too professionally dressed than too informally dressed but I’m not sure that helps my chances of getting an offer.

  47. Brett Baldwin

    Well, I have to log off – I have a “PHONE INTERVIEW”!!!!

  48. jeffwhite

    Well I just got off the phone with a human finally. I had to apply for emergency benefits. This is so messed up. I have applications and resumes out there everywhere and Not even a phone call, email, or nothing. Very discouraging and I see in my future no money very grim it is. Anyways I am logging off Hopefully I will be here next week, Cant afford to get my internet turned back on yet. Good Luck to all job seekers hope your day is better than mine.

  49. sherriemorgan

    Hi all. Kool Smiles is looking for a Patient Coordinator.
    At my previous job I had to dress professionally so I have the clothes. The only improvement I would make is having my teeth whitened. I have learned over the years that a smile is the most important thing about my appearance, that and brushing/smoothing the eyebrows up and out. It doesn’t sound like much but it opens your face up and makes you appear more open and friendly. Try it and you’ll see what I mean!
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  50. sharringt0n

    “SMILE EVERYONE, the last job I had, the office manager gave all of us a hand mirror. We looked in it when we answered the phone. It was and is a handy tool
    and if you try it you will be amazed. ”

    another trick when on the telephone is to stand up when you’re talking, it puts a little more energy into your voice.

  51. Melvin Freeman

    More hair?

  52. brandyrodriguez

    I believe that a first impression is one of the most important things- especially when it comes to interviewing. If they get the wrong impression straight out of the gate- it usually takes a lot to change their minds. So if you walk in looking sloppy- there is already one strike against you. Even with the profile photos- if they see a so-so photo or if you look like you weren’t prepared for the photo- then that can also give them a preconceived idea about you. I personally think that some of the photos taken by the Work Solutions are terrible and look a lot like mugshots. I would rather not have a photo than use one with poor lighting and looks like they put you up against a wall in the hallway. Just my opinion….

    Brandy Rodriguez

  53. mac mcknight

    I think that you need to dress according to position you are Appling for.
    Example you would necessarily wear a suit and tie if you were Appling for a welders or mechanics position, a nice golf shirt and nice jeans might be appropriate.
    On the other hand if you Appling for a corp. level executive position, you would want to wear a suit and tie.
    You should know about the company and the position you are Appling for to know what kind of dress code they have.
    The new freebird burrito place in town is a good example, they want their employees to wear everyday clothes to work, no restriction and what you wear.
    As far as change it is more about addapting to what needs to be done.

  54. vikkireese

    This is Vikki, Sorry I am just now logging in. I had to make an emergency trip to the dentist. UGH! This conversation is very informative. You need to be sure and understand what environment you are in so you can dress accordingly

  55. Victoria

    Whether going for an interview or going to work, I always dress in a professional manner. How you present yourself is important. You also want to present your employer in the best light when you represent them. Also, KXXV is looking for a Production Assistant, and McLennan County has an opening for an Adult Probation Community Supervision Officer. Best wishes!–V. Nimmo

  56. Mark Beadle

    I agree that you should dress for the interview. Also very
    important to take paper and pen to the interview. Plus a


  57. ernestinesample

    Hello everyone, I think my picture is fine.To me I look confident and professional. Been on a lot of interviews and it really depends on the job that you are beening interviewd for.First impression are good, eye contact is letting the interviewer know you are alert and interested, and knowing how ro answer the question that the person ask you is very important.I would not change anything about my picture. Weight loss could be the next best thing.Everyone had some great responses.

  58. susansmith

    This is Susan S. I wouldn’t change the clothes I wear- I make sure I look neat, clean, professional but not to overdressed – especially the jewelry. I also look at the employer’s setup- factory versus downtown building to choose my outfit. With so many applicants for a job, I think the interviewer definitely goes beyond qualifications and looks if you will “fit the environment”. Maybe unfair but they have the luxury of that choice nowadays.
    If I could change anything, it would be my wrinkles – looking old is a real drag to employers – “shorttimer” label is a killer.

  59. Diana Marquez

    I look confident and professional and I wouldn’t change anything about me.I think my first impression at any of my interviews are eye contact letting the one interviewing u know that I’m well alert and that I’m really interested and second knowing how to answer correctly to a question being asked.Third just having a friendly smile on my face

  60. Jonathon Pledger

    I like my photo. It was not taken for this purpose so it was not forced at all. On the other hand, it might be a tad too casual. I have been wearing ties to all my interviews though.

  61. tammywitt

    My picture would state that I am a heavy set person with little to no money. Although I think I dress nice doesn’t mean that they will. I can not afford to dress in three peice suites or better. Nor do any of my clothes come with large name brands. So What Does This Mean. It means that most people see me in a picture they see someone who never seems to messure up.

  62. ioniajones

    Ionia Jones: I agree, your clothes need to be neat and clean, not necessarily dressy.

  63. ioniajones

    I understand what you’re saying. I feel like I’m behind an 8 ball. Where will I get the money to … I’m hoping the best for you.


  64. ioniajones

    Ionia Jones here: Good discussion today. I have not purchased any clothes in over two years. I am limited on my selection; however, I would say go on your interview neat and clean. If you know that you have an interview, put away your best outfit for that occasion. I read an article on the WorkinTexas page that said that older workers might do well by using those temp services. I’m not sure that I agree; wholeheartedly, but that might be something to think about. Look forward to next week’s discussion.

  65. angeladevinney

    Hello everyone. Worked about 10 hours today so I’m just now logging on. Interesting conversation. I believe that other than being overweight (ok, so morbidly obese according to the medical diagnosis), my appearance for interviews is acceptable. I generally wear a little make up, not much. I dress in professional attire and always smile. I make good eye contact and try to research the place well in advance so I have some follow up questions ready for them in the event that not all of them are answered during the interview. It helps you look interested in the job and motivated to start right away.

    Sorry things have been so rough lately, Jeff. Keep your head up. To those with interviews this week, good luck. I have not found any new jobs to post this week, but will keep looking.


  66. angeladevinney

    And about being overweight, I have recently joined a gym. I have been eating better over the past year (although I do slip sometimes). I lost over 25 pounds last year. I’ve only been walking unassisted again for the past two years. Being sedentary for almost 8 years following a major motor vehicle accident when you are use to an active lifestyle will add on the pounds!


  67. Sherry Wiltshire

    First impressions are definitely important. I do believe it is important to dress or the position you are applying for, not neccessarily business dress for every situation. Have a good day everyone!

  68. Daniel Coulon

    2 interviews as a result of the last job fair and they’re still in the works.

  69. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Good moring all :-)! I like the “Smile” theme this week. It is always inpiring to keep pushing forward. Thank you all! Jeffrey Gregoire

  70. William

    I believe the way I am dressed is very nice. I have a jacket and tie that I wear to interviews. I look as professional as I can for the job weather it is in dental or what ever I am interviewing for or just going to put in an application. The first impression you give someone in the office is going to be what some people work off of. Now if I can just get more interviews for dental I would be better off.

  71. Irene Ortega

    I hav’nt posted a picture but I always dress professional
    for job interviews in navy, black, or gray colors, I always keep my hair styled nice.

    As for what I might change, I could lose a few pounds my goal is to lose 10 lbs in 30days

    I think I look just fine

  72. dorothy conroy

    Dorothy Conroy
    This is a good info on the resume and picture

  73. Minnitt

    My picture says that I am confident in myself and a happy individual. This shows that I am a positive individual and would work well with others. I don’t see anything I would change at this point.

  74. robbinp

    I totally agree that your appearance is the very first impression before the employer actually converses with you. Your appearance represents your persona, and it can represent your work ethic.

  75. zshade37

    I agree appearance means a lot and I always try to dress the part, when going to an interview. That’s why it bothered me when we had our orginal meeting in the classroom at the workforce commission, and one of the employees stated I looked a lot of things, but not like a person with clerical background. I felt as though he were sterotyping me due to my ethnicity and demeanor.

  76. cjxpadmin

    Hello everyone this was given to us by Business Services!

    JOAT Job Fair Rm.#130 10/15/12 Waco WFS 9am-2pm
    All job seekers welcome. Employer has several positions available.

    D&B Solutions Hiring Event – Rm.#272 10/15/12 Waco WFS 1pm-2:30pm
    All job seekers welcome. Employer hiring sales reps.

    Color Spot Nurseries Hiring Event Rm.#141 10/18/12 Waco WFS 9am-2pm
    All qualified job seekers welcome. Employer hiring CDL drivers.

  77. joleajames

    I agree that appearance is extremely important. It’s very crucial to look professional and confident. When you look good, your confidence is automatically boosted as well…so you win twice! And in no way is that a bad thing! Keep on smiling, keep your chin up, and get ready to show them what you’re made of 🙂

  78. kilgovir

    I agree your appearance means a great deal in the interview. The first impression is very important. I think you dress according to the job you are interviewing for. If it is a business or office position you should dress business casual. However, if you are interviewing for a job like driving a truck, as an example, you could wear clean jeans and shirt. Wearing a business suit for an interview like truck driver might be over dressing for the position. Always put your best face on when applying and be upbeat and positive. Never complain about previous employment, supervisors or coworkers.

  79. janastewart

    In a photo it is important that you look clean and smart. I wear glasses and I am always making sure that they don’t show a glare over my eyes. It doesn’t look right if you have a glare. If you take passport photos you have to take them off most of the time in order to get correct photos due to the flashlight.
    My previous job required some business casual. However, it was more casual than business. So I have to agree with the people who say that the clothes need to be clean and stain free.
    I am not purchasing any clothing at this point as I don’t know what a new job might require. If I get something in a doctors office or pharmacy I will need to get different clothes than in an regular office.

  80. nancy adam

    I also agree that apperance is a big part of the interview.
    If you go in with a postive attitude and a big smile you
    that goes a long way.

  81. Todd Kramer

    Before I give my, very likely, less than popular opinion on the role of photos and appearance based marketing on resumes and professional profiles, I’d like to first post information on some upcoming career fairs in case anyone has not yet heard of them. I encourage you to verify the dates and the times for the events right up until the last minute as they have changed since the last time I looked at them and the information given to Workforce yesterday now appears to now be outdated. The website of the company presenting the workshops is http://www.expoexpertsllc.com. While they were rather thin on the number of companies present in Orlando FL when I attended, those that were there yielded very high quality leads.

    October 16
    Dallas (Irving Convention Center)
    11:00am to 5:00pm
    Engineering, Technology, Security Clearance,
    Professional, Nursing, and Healthcare

    October 23
    Houston (Norris Conference Center – Houston City Centre)
    11:00am to 4:00pm
    Engineering, Technology, and Security Clearance
    Professional, and Nursing & Healthcare

    October 24
    Houston (Norris Conference Center – Houston City Centre)
    11:00am to 4:00pm
    Professional and Nursing & Healthcare

    As for my opinion on today’s topic, skimping on the appearance component of the career equation is a trap that’s very easy to fall into. For most of my career I’ve proceeded on the assumption that substance is far more important than appearance. However, after many years of watching people advance on a smile and their appearance instead of their capabilities, I’ve come to realize that appearance is easily as important a factor. That said, a great many of the factors discussed here are totally subjective, based on the specifics of the venue or the position applied for. For instance, I have to disagree on having a picture with a smile, in many instances. While it is appropriate in some cases, I’ve found it erodes one’s credibility in others. Further, some people, such as myself, tend to be in nearly constant motion when in the mood to smile and look forced if we try to capture it in a static pose. If I am making a hiring I strongly prefer to not see a photo prior to this and evaluate a prospect face to face to avoid forming any preconceptions. A photo merely a visual record of an instant in time that can often manipulated to produce an image that is completely untrue. Unfortunately, society as a whole is nearly evenly split between placing value on substance and placing value on appearance. In my case, if I see a picture with an obviously forced smile, it is a negative against a potential candidate. While appearance should not be disregarded in cases where it is indicative of other qualities of a prospective candidate, it should not be a major determining factor. It is sad to say, however, that it often is. In my case, I’ve found that being overweight is often associated with both laziness and a lack of intelligence and often leads to lower offers of compensation. As stated by a previous poster, it is more likely due to working extremely long hours and maintaining a “See Food” diet in support of this activity. Similarly, where middle age once indicated solid performance, it is now far too often associated with higher costs for management members receiving bonuses for reduced costs of operation in the short term. As a result, experienced workers are now often bypassed in favor of younger workers at the cost of long-term results for the company and a perpetuation of the fallaciously assumed cycle of “Using Up” employees.

    In summary, while I have posted my photo here, as per request, and maintain it on my Linked-In profile as a personal touch to my more formal presence, I am quite firmly against ever attaching a photo to a resume, or for that matter, profiles on non-professional sites.


  82. Gary McCully

    If we had ALL the answers, we’d have jobs. Take me as I am.

  83. Jennifer

    If you over dress though it kills your chances at the job for instance wearing stiletto red heels that don’t match the top and bright red lipstick that is worn for a position at an eye doctor is very inappropriate and yet I saw that on someone on Thursday when I had an interview at an optometrist. I honestly had a thought going through my mind are you applying for a receptionist position or are you applying for a dance job if you get my drift. Me having many years of management experience, I was appalled and embarrassed for this woman. Business casual is the norm for most interviews slacks and a nice button down or a top that doesn’t reveal too much. And overkill on the makeup and perfume also enhance your chances of Not getting a callback. Cross your fingers I had 2 awesome interviews on Friday and I have another one on Tuesday!!

  84. Christie Watson

    I feel that my appearance is important as it is a reflection of ones inner self.When dressed in professional attire I feel alot more confident in my self and confidence is an important role when job seeking.

  85. kn1964

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”…the first impression is important.

  86. christiemiller

    I wear scrubs, no makeup and I don’t style my hair. But I dress perfectly for my profession. In my profession my patients are asleep and they don’t care if you have on makeup, hair fixed or nice clothes. They want someone knowledgable enough to fix thier problem.
    I also read a comment on here that a woman was downing another woman for wearing red lipstick and heels for a reception job. It is people like this rude lady that make it so hard for other people to survive this horrible world. I personally don’t understand how red lipstick and heels makes you a dancer? Well all i can say is that I really hope the lady with the red lipstick gets that job.

  87. mikepetry

    always look the camera in the eye just as you would a person and portray a confident look it can and will be noticed

  88. Majdi Tannous

    The first impression will determine your future with the company. Look your best feel your best and present your best will always get you forward. Good luck to all of us.

  89. cjxpadmin

    There are many different ways to dress for an interview. A lot of times the way someone dresses is a refelcting of their taste. Regardless of how one dresses it is always important that we stay mindful of the feelings of others, and remain respectful at all times. Though we do not censor what those who post say and do I must remind you that there are a lot of people who look at this page including employers.

  90. shellycawthon

    I think being conservative is the best bet.

  91. cgaines

    Hello, I believe my picture and appearance says that I am a happy person and that I am professional. I wouldn’t change much I have professional attire I just need more. I am currently working out to tone up so that I also look good in my clothes.

  92. Michael Rogers

    I think I may have to work on my picture and put on a good smile. Good advice to follow. Thanks.

  93. evelyn dickerson

    I Always Dress Professional.And I do Not Wear Heals,Are Makeup.But I Do Wear Jewerly.And I Always Make Eye Contact.And Answer All My Questions Honest And Truthful.And I Give Any Job Percent.

  94. edgarrichardson

    I think my picture says that I am a happy and optimistic person. I have on a collared shirt which is better to me than wearing a T-shirt. There is nothing that I would change about my picture at this time.

  95. hcharwell



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