Discussion 14: Expand Your Horizons.

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There is always a first step, but where that last step takes you is just as important. However, in today’s topic, where you park your car may be a better term. In many of our classes, we have discussed expanding your job search circle. For example, take a map and place your finger at a spot where you would like to work. Second, take a pen or pencil and draw a circle around your finger as big or as small as you would be willing to travel outside of the area covered by your finger. This will determine how far you are willing to travel for work and it will multiply your possibilities of finding a job. For many of you, travel and relocating are not a possibility due to a newly bought home, family, childrens’ schools, etc. We understand this and have no problems searching for a position that suits your preferred location but is there anything that could change your mind? For those of you who are able to ‘expand your horizons,’ tell us how big or little your circle is.

What would change your mind about expanding your circle?

How far are you willing to drive for a job?

What resources do you use to find out-of-town work?



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  1. Frances Gerick

    I would like yo stay in the Waco area , but if the pay is good , then yes I would consider the temple/Killeen area . I look for out of town jobs from the newspaper , Internet, and your job express.

  2. Frances Gerick

    At this point I just need something.

  3. ljwp

    Good morning!

    I would like to stay on the west side of Waco, but am also looking in the Temple area. I would rather not have more than an hour commute to work. Closer is always better.

    I use this web-site, work-in-Texas, newspapers, monster, linkedin and other internet resources for my search.

    Linda Parten

  4. tammystanphill

    You are right for most of us relocating is not an option but driving 30 minutes to 1 hour is doable. When looking for out of town jobs it is easier to go to that towns newspaper online and search that way anc of course websites like Indeed were you can pick the town and state.

  5. markskinner

    Morning. I will respond to these questions in reverse order. I have a list of resources that I utilize in searching for a job, and as I run across new resources, I add them to my list. These include the usual search resources (Indeed, Monster, etc.), local job placement services, and then individual businesses that I have deemed possibilities for my particular work experiences. I would be willing to drive as far as needed to a job, with the qualifier being the consideration of the costs associated with the commute and the pay and benefits being offered. Calculating the commute expenses and then weighing that against the expected wages earned is nothing more than a reasonable consideration that anyone should undertake in pursuit of a job that requires out-of-the-ordinary travel time and distance. Another consideration is if a prospective job opportunity offers training or exposure to possibly acquire new skills that could later be utilized to obtain a position that provides either an improved economic opportunity or that is more in line with a profession that I would much prefer. I don’t need to have anything change my mind about expanding my circle because I already do that. Again, I think it’s about the return you can expect, and weighing that against 1)the costs that would be incurred or 2) what you might see as a possible future benefit.

  6. lancesanders

    I would like something in the waco/hewitt area, but willing to work in clifton/valley mills to.

  7. markskinner

    I ran into another scam off of a job posting on Craigslist. The posting was for an administrative assistant. After submitting a resume and cover letter via e-mail, I received a response that was obviously searching for personal information along the lines of finances and credit. I was also queried as to home address and then was told that I would be expected to take care of out-of-town business. BEWARE of these types of postings and think before you provide information.

  8. vikkireese

    Morning this is Vikki Reese. I lived out of town for many years because of the pay difference. I really don’t won’t to live away from my kids and grandkids anymore. Prefer to work in Waco

  9. jannpage

    Good Morning. (from Jann Paged) I need to stay in the Waco area and prefer NOT to commute any distance, such as the other side of Waco (toward West, Bellmead, etc.) I spend a lot of time on the computer for job searches, also do phone calls and scan the newspaper every day. I fax my resume fairly often. I just dont find the type of job I am looking for. They are few and far between. Driving out of town in not a option. I tried that once and it was not for me.

  10. vikkireese

    I agree.

  11. sheilaparrish

    Good morning Job club,
    I am not willing to work out of Waco. My husband is disabled and my daughter is in eigth grade. No possible for me. I need to be close in case of an emergency.
    Sheila Parrish

  12. Brett Baldwin

    My location is roughly the same distance to both Waco and Temple,which allows me to search both areas.Starting over in a new location would be a very difficult. My home is paid for and at my age it would be tough to start over on a mortgage. The vehicle I drive doesn’t get very good mileage and that limits the distance.I use the newspaper,internet web sites and Work in Texas to search for jobs.

  13. vikkireese

    The pay and benefits would really have to be huge to make me want to drive hours to work.

  14. tommyharper

    I would prefer to be close to home, but I been looking in a radius of 50 miles. The type of position and pay might entice me to commute farther. There is a point where the cost fuel and other expenses make it not profitable to travel.

  15. Charles Becker


  16. Ron

    The price of gas is a large determiner. Or, maybe I should say that the fact we can’t determine what the price of gas will be…
    I actually live in Bosque County and can figure at least 20 miles to work in the Waco area. The work that I have been doing for the last 12 years has involved a lot of local travel too, so if there are company vehicles or a gas allowance, my circle could be much larger.
    I’ve used several web sites that allow you to enter a zip code and choose a distance from a drop down menu, or just enter the location.

  17. jannpage

    Sorry about the typing errors in last comment. Got a new keyboard and the touch is not what I am used to. Trying to get the “feel” of it. (good reason, Right?) from Jann Page

  18. Susan Wade

    Good morning everyone, Susan Wade here. I have expanded my job search to the Temple/Killeen area. There is a lot going on there in the medical field. Unfortunately, they are offering the same salary ranges as Waco, so commuting may be out of the question. It is always good to keep an open mind though, as it may lead to something else. Work in Texas allows you to search anywhere, but I agree that local newspapers are an option, as well as knowing the area. I made a lot of contacts at my last job and periodically check in with them to see if they know of any openings. This has been valuable to me in the past as it lead to my last job.

  19. jeridsmith

    My wife and i just bought a house so i would not be able to travel far. I would be willing to travel 20-30 miles depending on the pay.

  20. joancampbell

    My horizon has broadened lately more so than normal as I have been searching in Dallas too. I lived in Dallas and drove extensively. On the bright side, I have an interview Friday that looks promising.

    Joan Campbell

  21. ChaiHo

    I would like to work in Waco area, or no more than 30 miles away.

  22. jenniferobinson

    Good morning Everyone,
    I’m willing to relocate to the Killeen,Ft. Hood area. I’ve been putting applications in this area and in waco.

    Amedisys is hiring for a Physical Therapist Assistant

    Have a Blessed Day Everyone

    Jennifer Robinson

  23. carolynwalter

    Carolyn here. Driving a distance or relocating would be hard for me as I care for my elderly parents, my home is paid for and gas if a factor. Never knowing what the price of gas may rise to makes it impractical to drive a far distance without compensation. I do the regular searches on Work in Texas, Monster, Waco Trib, local newspaper, etc. With the elections soon to be over hopefully things will look brighter. Wishing everyone luck in their search.

  24. jannpage

    good thinking Carolynwalter. I hope the medical field increases open positions after the election. Seem like that will help a lot of things like gas prices, etc. Not just jobs (from Jann Page)

  25. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Good morning all. I agree that gas prices is definately a factor when looking outside of one’s area. I have worked/lived in the Dallas area & of course the opportunities can be better & the pay considerably higher. However, the trade off is worth staying in a non-metro area. Jeffrey Gregoire

  26. mac mcknight

    I have explored other jobs as far as another state; it really depends on location, pay and type of work.
    One can’t drive a two hour a day trip for $10.00 a hour.

  27. vivianmonroe

    I just want to work I dont care where just as long as it is at night so that I can get back in time to get my children off to school and at this point I dont care what type of work it is I just want to work

  28. Charles Waddle

    For years I drove a 100 miles a day. I am tired of being on the road so much. I would like to stay in the general area which means Waco/Temple.

  29. jeffwhite

    Good Morning all, Taking a job out of area would not be suitable for me Due to outrageous gasoline prices. Also with the price of tires this would be a mistake on my part due to the work wage around $9.00 to $14.00 hr and gas is spiking nearly $4.00 a gal and to get 4 tires for my truck is a little over $1,000.00 I tried working away from home in the past. I went through 2 vehicles and that was when gasoline was cheap but the wear and tear on vehicles. I am still looking in the Waco area but I am not going to go much further than that. But the ones who venture out of the area to search good luck to them and the local searchers good luck to ya’ll too.

  30. Michael Calderon

    I would to stay in the waco area. I have two children that are in school right now. I would be willing to relocate within 60 miles. I have an interview friday. Hope to get the job.

  31. Sylvia

    I would prefer a job in Waco, of course that is easier in terms of wear and tear, both on me and my car. But I am searching statewide because there are so few opportunities in my field here in town. I have applied for jobs in Denton, Stephenville, Comanche, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Houston. I figure, if I found a job in any of these places, I could find a small roommate situation, maybe near a college campus (more would be available), and then commute home on weekends.

    Someone mentioned the election… I think companies may be holding off, waiting to see what happens, and once there is certainty they will start hiring again. I hope.

  32. Sylvia

    Meant to say: Sylvia Harrington here.

  33. jannpage

    Sheena Williams, with the help of a “BFF” I finally uploaded a picture this morning. I understand that you will be approving the picture and that might take awhile. Let me know if you need something else. (from Jann Page)

  34. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, I have thought about working outside Waco, but I have to look at the situation as a whole. I really do not have great transportation to travel and the cost of gas is very high and I do not know if I could afford to actually wait two weeks for pay. I would love for someone to give me a chance in the field that I am currently going to college for (social work) but that would be difficult. So a change would be good, but I have to be realistic.

  35. ernestinesample

    Hello Jeff, gas was a main concerned of mine also. It is hard enough just to get around Waco to different interviews,but our day will come.

  36. Eugene Wlodarek

    I would prefer to work in the Waco area.

    I have been also looking into Temple-Killen area.

  37. jannpage

    time to log off, good karma to all job searchers. back next week

  38. brandyrodriguez

    When I was working- I was driving to Temple daily- so a 30-45 minute commute is what I consider reasonable. My husband’s job is stable (knock on wood) and my children are pretty established here. So I wouldn’t want to try and relocate.

    There is a company in downtown Lorena that does medical collections… I just happened to stop by there and asked if they were hiring- they said yes. On the website it had a job listed but wasn’t the one they told me about. If you are interested in this type of work- I would either stop by the store or email them from the website. The site is http://www.marketapproach.com/

    Good luck all!!
    Brandy Rodriguez

  39. Mark Beadle

    Having been in previous sales jobs, traveling within my
    territory of 60 miles around Waco has not been a issue for me. You just have to spend your time smart. Less windshield
    time is always better. Have to plan your calls and hope that
    gas stay down.

  40. dennisodahlen

    I to would prefer the Waco area,but if a good paying job was someplace else,I’m out of here!

  41. cjxpadmin

    Hello everyone! just a gentle reminder. You must log into your work in Texas at least once every 14 days, or your account becomes in active. It will flag your account and may cause a problem with your benefits.

    In regards to the topic. Sometimes you have to take a hard look at your reasons for not taking a job in an another area. There are many valid reasons for not doing so, but fear is not one of them. You don’t know what could be waiting for you just 10 more miles out of your circle. I’m not saying take whatver you find, but consider where you are and what you are trying to achieve with your life. Sometimes our comfort zones can be too comforting.

  42. Daniel Coulon

    I’m expanding my search to include Temple (as long as the gas doesn’t eat my lunch)

  43. lschwarz

    I would prefer to stay in the Waco/Hewitt area.

  44. sherriemorgan

    I would prefer to stay in the Waco area. But I have been searching in a 30 mile area out. As many of you said cost of gas and up-keep on my car (which isn’t in great shape) would keep me from going to far outside the Waco area. I search online and local newspaper. And I have people keeping an eye out for jobs. The ‘work in texas’ site is a problem for me. I have tried logging in but it keeps telling me my password isn’t correct so I change it and it still doesn’t work. Not sure what’s going on there!
    I ran across this job on indeed.com: Receiver/Stocker-Nightstocking Part-time at Lowe’s.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  45. dorothy conroy

    This is Dorothy Conroy I need to stay in Waco.
    I own my home, I have a aging Mother and a 1999
    vehicle–still looking

  46. Sylvia

    I came back to answer the second part of the question. I use craigslist a lot in other towns, there are a lot of employers listing there now especially in Austin, Dallas, Houston areas. I also use random google searches like “graphic design vacancy tx”, sometimes things pop up there that never show on the job boards. I also have some career-related boards I frequent that I use; professional clubs and associations in the cities in which I’m searching.

    How far am I willing to drive for a job? About an hour, in terms of a daily commute. About 3 hrs, in terms of a weekly (live elsewhere, come home on weekends) commute.

    What would change my mind about the distance? Excellent salary and/or excellent benefits.

  47. Victoria

    I would prefer to work in Waco. For a truly rewarding job with an excellent employer offering an excellent salary and benefits, I would consider relocating. I need to live near where I work. For out-of-town job resources, going directly to the sites of employers where you would wish to work is an excellent place to start. Also, Hillcrest has an opening for a social worker, and the First Central Credit Union in Bellmead is looking for a branch manager. Best wishes!–V. Nimmo

  48. rhondagade

    Good morning,
    This is Rhonda Gade here, due to teenagers in school and only 1 car, I cannot work outside Waco, Hewitt. Everyone have a great week.

  49. sherriemorgan

    I tried again on the ‘work in texas’ site and was able to finally login . But while checking my profile and info I noticed the website lists a part-time job I had years ago as the first work history listed…it would be helpful if this could be changed to the full-time job I had for 15 years. I emailed the site but was wondering if there is a quicker way to fix that? thanks, Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  50. beverlyheaton

    I would prefer working in the Waco area I have clients who are just waiting for me to get a local position and I wouldn’t want them to have to travel to far of a distance alot of them are elderly and it would be better for me to be local.

    Beverly Heaton

  51. chriscutbirth

    Having a truck with motor problems,fuel cost is a big concern of mine.I just went to see about a job that is twelve miles away,but my truck was acting up and the high head wind,it cost me ten dollars just to get there.Thats only four miles to the gallon.I need a job so I can either fix my truck or get a better one.

  52. chriscutbirth

    Hey Jeff White.
    I bought a set of brand new tires,right before I was laid off,for $560 and thats drive off price.My point being is that all I buy is 10 ply.Most people don’t relize that you can get 10 ply for only $20 more than 4 ply on average.My first set I bought I drove on them for 4yrs,a 52 mile round trip to work,and never even had a flat.When I bought the next set,they still had the orignal air inside,but we’re talking about your normal tires not low profile or specialty tires.Again my point is next time you need tires,check to see how much more the thicker ply is.

  53. Gary McCully

    Not really willing to relocate at this stage of my life unless the job offer is overwhelming.

  54. Ramisha Fields

    Ramisha Fields
    About 30 minutes outside of Waco is okay to drive to work for single mothers.

  55. Bob

    I would like to work in the Waco area and I would consider working in the Temple area.

  56. Melvin Freeman

    With a truck that gets about 16 miles per gallon the maxumim distance that I will be able to travel is about 40 miles to 50 miles one way.

  57. jenniferferris

    This is a hard to answer. I have always had a drive of 45 min to 1 hour of where I was living, but in order for me to change this circle I would need a dependable, trustworthy person to help with my daughter. I am using the internet, and internet to look for jobs.

  58. tammywitt

    I am afraid between not having a car and being my mothers care taker and children, for me not being in wack just might me a little too much. Although I have began looking for work in temple the problem still is transpertation. Of course as I was informed today maybe I should just move to a bigger city and live on the streets then I wouldn’t have to worry about little things like having my children or mother or even the issue of transpertation.

  59. evelyn dickerson

    I Am Trying Now The Killeen,Temple And Belton Area.But Right Now If The Pay Is Good i will Be Willing To Relocate.

  60. mikepetry

    ive worked out of town before and wont again to long to travel wear and tear on my vehicle and last but not least the cost of fuel

  61. edgarrichardson

    I would prefer to stay in the Waco/Hewitt area but I would consider working in Temple if the pay is good. I have a family to support.

  62. susansmith

    This is Susan Smith. I lived in Houston area and commuted to downtown. Waco area is a cupcake compared to that. I agree with Mark’s comments – job benefits and advancement have to be weighed against the added cost of commute. A longer commute shouldn’t be ruled out immediately. Although with the Waco street layout – it is amazing how long is takes to go a short distance! It is not only distance, but roads you need to look at – you would think I35 is great – it is fast, but with all the construction, I received 3 rock chips in less than a year- only the 1st one did insurance take care of.

  63. jannpage

    I too have a problem logging into workintx.com.Same problem, always saying password incorrect and when I change it, guess what? NEVER WORKS. kinda difficult to put up with every week. Any advice? (from Jann Page)

  64. christiemiller

    I would like to stay in Waco. If the money was good enough I would travel but I have sick family here and am not willing to be too far away in case something happens. Family first always in my book.

  65. kareypatterson

    I would prefer to stay in Waco. I have applied to Dallas and Austin area and I am still not getting any interviews from them. Last week I went on an interview here in Waco and the interviewer did not even ask me any questions so I think it was just a formallity so they could say they put the job out there, but I think they already had someone in mind. Disappointing when you have spent the morning preparing for questions and they dont even ask any.

  66. gaylonthreadgill

    sorry for the late comment,got tied up yesterday,I would move if the pay was right,my wife’s business is here though so it might cause some difficulty,A good job down by the coast would change some minds…..maybe

  67. rhondagade

    This is Rhonda G., just got called for an interview for this morning. Thank you, Jesus!

  68. Jonathon Pledger

    I would be willing to work in Temple if I found a better opportunity than what I could in Waco.

  69. William

    I took a resume to Austin for a dental position there on Monday. There are a cluster of dentists where I took the resume so I am going to go back on Tuesday and see if I can put in more.

  70. Jeremy Holt

    Jeremy Holt here and I have to say it is difficult for me to move out of the Waco area due to family obligations, but if the pay was right, I am certainly willing.

  71. zshade37

    I would like to stay in Waco if possible, but have already applied to several jobs in Temple, Killeen and even Austin. I concur, I may not find what I need just here at home and must be willing to move outside my comfort zone.

  72. Penny Bell

    I am willing to relocate at this point. I’m looking in the Austin and Dallas/FortvWorth area.

  73. angeladevinney

    Sorry for my late entry. My grandmother was found yesterday with a broken hip after six days without food or water. She is stable, thankfully and has elected not to have surgery. I had been in Baytown with family and it slipped my mind. I remembered and here I am. I have been searching all along in the Waco, Corsicana, Waxahachie, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Lewisville, Ennis, etc. areas. Essentially anything North-ish of Waco is fine as I go to school in Farmers Branch. I am certainly open to relocation at any point for a job. I rent my apartment. We could relocate although that would mean the other person in my home would also need to seek work elsewhere or we would have to find a place to live in the middle. I use Work in Texas, CampusJobXpress, Indeed, my school’s job search engine/postings, craig’s list (although I don’t always trust the postings), Texas Counseling Association, Dallas Psychological Association, Fort Worth Area Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Heart of Texas Counseling Association, Texas Department of Juvenile Justice, Chi Sigma Iota, previous school’s alumni associations, college job postings, and other internet searches I may find. Thanks,


  74. Loyd Edwards

    Wish me luck guys, I have an interview this Friday morning for a job with the State of Texas !

  75. Minnitt

    I would be willing to travel at least 20-30 miles outside from home to find work. That is as far as I’m willing to go!

  76. Diana Marquez

    Morning,I’m willing to just find work here in Waco/Hewitt..I got children and I would like to be has close to them as possible just in case the school calls are something happens..So I’m still searching for work everyday

  77. Diana Marquez


  78. Todd Kramer

    If you are still relatively young and not settled yet, moving to a position that adds to skill set and long-term marketability is actually a very good move. Had I really thought about it when I was younger, I would have done so sooner. While the driving force to do so, in my case, was the nature of my business, doing so will benefit almost anyone in a largely technical field. That said, you want to do your moving while you are younger, as I have to say my wife and I are getting rather tired of it. That said, if your ties to an area are limited to local friends, you may want to consider a long distance move if you have to move more than one to two hours from your existing support network of friends and family, as it is problematic to maintain these connections at a longer distance anyway. While I had planned to actually work in Waco until I retired, since this has not been the case I am looking for positions within a two-hour radius Waco or of Houston and Waco. If I have to move substantially further anyway, it is not much more disruptive at that point to make a move anywhere else in the country.

    On a quick additional note regarding my prior posting, the career fair in Dallas hosted by Expo Experts was VERY slim pickings. I would strongly advise anyone interested to do their due diligence and make sure that companies relevant to them are in attendance before deciding to attend.


  79. kilgovir

    Good Morning, I live in a central location where I can entertain jobs in Waco, Temple, Belton and maybe Killeen if the pay is right. I’ve been looking but to no avail. Seems like I’m getting mail from many new people saying they have seen my resume and trying to recruit me for either work in home or insurance type jobs. I’m a little leary to even open the emails on those that I have not applied for. Is anyone else out there experiencing this?

    Thanks, Virginia

  80. Donna Martindale

    Good Morning,
    I’m looking for something in the Hewitt/Waco area, The resources I use to search for jobs are newspaper,monster, Indeed and several other sites I have found latel, Checking with friends frequently to see if they know of anything. The disistance I would drive is determined by the pay.

  81. Christie Watson

    I have been searching for jobs in the Waco area.I agree with some of the other comments regarding the pay.I feel as though the pay would need to compensate for the price of gas as well as the time spent traveling.If this was a possibility then would consider a job outside of Waco.

  82. kn1964

    I need to stay in the Waco area. At this point, I’m able to work in Crawford, McGregor, Clifton, and Meridian.
    But the question is … How far are you willing to drive keeping in mind that gas is expensive? Good salary vs. expensive gas vs. drive far from home vs. more miles and wheels, etc..

  83. Michael Dutton

    Although I would prefer to stay in Waco, I have enlarge my search area to within 100 miles of Waco.
    I have been using TWC, Indeed, Career Builder, Vet Jobs, The Ladder & LHH to select find jobs within each of the towns in that search area.

  84. Majdi Tannous

    Waco is the only place I can work. Have to care for children and family schedule. Willing to work at any position available. It’s been a long time since having a job. Satying cheerful and hopeful. Good luck to all of us.

  85. hcharwell


  86. evelyn dickerson

    I Am Still Willing to Relocate.But I perfer Waco Area.And I Have Experience In Apartment Manager. And I Also Have Done Medical Billing.Besides Been A Certified Nurseing Assisant.I Am Willing To Take Anything.


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