Discussion 15: Networking the New Way

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With all the new social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), connecting with people has become easier worldwide. You can chat with friends and relatives in other states or share your resume and career interests with companies across the globe. These social networks still seem, to some, an unlikely place to find employment. Many resources and companies, such as CampusJobXpress.com, provide people with a convenient way to stay updated with current open jobs and changes in the job market. So we would like to hear from you:
What is your preferred online networking system or social network if any?

What could CampusJobXpress.com do to improve our social network resources?



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  1. Charles Waddle

    My only sorce of networking is email. I have found the other things such as facebook or myspace nothing more than a waist of time. They are great if you want to play games and have 14,000 “Friends”. I can’t even begin to explain my views of Twitter. I don’t “follow” anyone becuase I have yet to find any of those who “want” to be followed worth my time.

  2. tammystanphill

    I like it all. Wtih regards in trying to find a job I feel the online things can hurt you. The employers do not get to see you face to face unless they see something they like on your resume which is all fine but what if the job you are appling for something you don’t have much experience in and they just look over you. I feel when you have to go and apply at the company they can get a sense of who you are with the way you represent yourself, dress and speaking to you.

  3. tommyharper

    My experience has been that facebook and twitter lack substance. Linkedin is a much more professional site that enables me to network with people in industry.

  4. lancesanders

    I use Facebook more it seems. Email at times is good if it can make it past the spam filters.

  5. vivianmonroe

    Good morning this is Vivian, I have facebook but I’m not to keen on using it on a daily basis. I like to mostly use email or web surfing to places like Monster or other places such as that.

  6. sheilaparrish

    Good morning This is Sheila Parrish, My personal opinion is that Linkedin is the only social media that I would even think about using for networking. The other’s are full of nonsense stuff. I also believe that you sell yourself better if you can get a face to face meeting.

  7. vikkireese

    Good Morning. This is Vikki Reese. I absolutely hate the on-line or social network. I hate not being able to meet and talk with someone face to face. I prefer to be able to talk with someone in person, not on the phone or in an e-mail.

  8. vikkireese

    I agree that it’s easier to sell yourself in person than by phone or e-mail

  9. Brett Baldwin

    I use the internet for my searches. I agree with Charles about face book etc. Nothing but chatter. Most employers aren’t looking for someone with Twitter experiences, I haven’t seen it listed as a job requirement.

  10. Charles Becker

    GOOD MORNING! This is Chuck. agree that LinkedIn probably more professional. Alot of people are on facebook; just don’t visit facebook often, ; Noticed after indicating a interest on websites such as careerbuilder.com , they generate alot of spam emails, phishing, etc. If I don’t know the email sender, probably is deleted. Same with caller ID on incoming calls, unavailiable …. me too. The websites atleast seem to be more current.

  11. sharringt0n

    Sylvia Harrington here. I have reconnected with a lot of former colleagues through both facebook and LinkedIn. But on facebook they are preoccupied with the “social” aspect, whereas on LinkedIn they are thinking professionally. And SO many of them have retired already. I do send messages to folks on facebook letting them know I am looking for a job, but they haven’t panned out into referrals. LinkedIn also has a “Premium Job Seeker” membership for a cost, has anyone tried that out? I haven’t, but with my regular membership I find that most of the jobs posted on LinkedIn for which I am qualified are out of state. I’m willing to relocate for the work week and commute home on weekends, but it needs to be a decent driving distance: Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth etc.

  12. beverlyheaton

    Good morning, Beverly Heaton here. It is nice to be able to share your resume and fill out applications on line.

  13. jannpage

    Good Morning job seekers. This is from Jann Page. I have to agree with Ms.Parrish. I prefer the Linkedin network over all the others. The listing Jobclub has is usually very good as well. I dont use Facebook. I look at it as a social network only. I am from the old school regarding face to face interviews. I think it is the best way over all.

  14. Oscar Amador

    Hello all, I also believe it would be better one on one. Way too much typeing, lets go back too old school.

  15. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone,
    This is Jennifer Robinson, I like E-mailing personally.I get on facebook from time to time or I check out Snagajob. Everything else I don’t do.

    Micheals is hiring for Floral Design Specialist

    Have a Blessed Day Everyone

  16. joancampbell

    I use Linkedin and Facebook and I am careful as to what I put on both. Linkedin was more useful when I lived in Dallas because I knew more people to network with. It is in part who you know.

    I had my second interview this week and it lasted almost three hours. I have never had one last that long and I have my fingers crossed. It is for property management and I have not done it in years, so don’t rule out something you may be a little rusty at.

    Joan Campbell

  17. Susan Wade

    Susan Wade agrees, agrees regarding Facebook and other social media. It appears that most people post every thought that pops in their head. It has replaced the face- to-face or person-to-person interaction that is much more productive for accomplishing anything. I understand I am from an older viewpoint, but really, do you think most people are interested in what you had for lunch? I also understand that you can get in touch with a lot of people very quickly this way, which makes it attractive to some. Linkedin is a much more professional tool for job seekers.

  18. michael calderon

    I like E-mailing, it saves me alot of time. I prefer to talk to someone face to face.

  19. Frances Gerick

    Good morning everyone! I don’t like going thru Facebook for job opennings. I prefer your job site, which has updates and information that is very helpful. But there are some things that you have listed that need to be removed that I know are no longer available. I like looking on: Findtherightjob, Jobungo and Indeed.com.. I was thinking for a while there that I may be wasting my time with this since I wasn’t getting any responses, but here lately I’ve received some inquiries.

  20. joancampbell

    I have spoke to people that do not send a cover letter with their resume. This is the first thing they see in an email and it could be the difference in getting an interview. I was also told I was the only one that dressed up for my interview the other day. She said the others looked nice, but wore jeans. She told me it made a difference in her mind. I know this is off topic, but thought I would share.

  21. Ron Stratton

    I have facebook and linkedin. Linkedin sends job opportunities to you by email, so that is very useful.
    I use several job websites that send job opportunities as well.
    It is very useful also, when members of Jobclub send any info on job openings that they have discovered, that might be beneficial to other members.

  22. janastewart

    I am using all of the above, linkedIn, facebook, twitter, etc. as I am hoping to get a job somehow. These pages do not replace the traditional job search and I can’t rely on only one source of job search. I am utilizing everything I can in order to get a job again. Since I am proficient on the computer and the medias I am hoping that my online presence will help in getting me a job again. The more you are present the better it is, but you got to watch what you put on your webpages. If you are putting negative things or only use it for play time or put gossip, etc. on a page you might actually hurt your chance of getting a job as a potential employer can read these as well.

  23. carolynwalter

    Good Morning, this is Carolyn. The problem with online applications is not that they are looking at a piece of paper to determine whether or not they want to interview you but if you don’t know or don’t research the company, you don’t know what you are walking into. I see it also from an ex-employer’s viewpoint.(Being one myself). Anything can be made to sound good on paper. I don’t search alot of websites due to spam and viruses. I agree about Facebook and Twitter, they are socially geared. And potential employers do look at them, so be aware of that.

  24. Jann Page

    Gotta close for the time being. Will check in after lunch and try WorkinTexas.com as well. From JannPage

  25. mac mcknight

    I use LinkedIn, because not only does it connect you to people in your field , but can also link to former co-workers and managers and ask them to give you referances to your work performance.
    Then you can post it on your site for future employers to see.

  26. jeridsmith

    I don’t use Facebook or any other site like that.

  27. Eugene Wlodarek

    I am limited to email and web searches for emploment.

  28. kareypatterson

    Morning everyone. I have opportunities in the works but nothing definite. I use e-mail, but I don’t understand who has time for facebook and twitter.

  29. Daniel Coulon

    Guess I’m old fashioned. I depend on email for job leads and on face-to-face networking.

    I don’t twitter, tweet, twaddle or use facebook.

  30. peggylane

    Hi, this is Peggy Lane. Personally, I think that it is a bit intimidating to use Linked In, but I have researched ways to use it more effectively.

    Here are just some of the ways to use it strategically:
    • Find and connect with people in a target company or industry. This can be a great way to learn about hidden opportunities, gain a referral, or gather new insight.
    • Prepare for an interview or networking meeting by researching your contacts’ LinkedIn profiles and discovering mutual connections or affiliations.
    • Use your status update to keep your contacts current on your job search, share information, and ask for referrals.
    • Use LinkedIn’s job board to locate exclusive job postings and those from partner sites; sometimes a contact name will be revealed in the job posting.
    • Use the Company research tab to view company profile pages, employee information, and interesting company statistics compiled from user profiles.
    • Engage in LinkedIn groups to share information and become more visible to recruiters.

    I also learned that 80% of companies use Linked In for recruiting…and its usage is growing!!!

  31. ernestinesample

    Hello this Ernestine Sample I like email better. I always check my emails. I got a face book page but I do not visited it as much, to be honest my status have been the same for almost an year. Emails for me please.

  32. ernestinesample

    Great response Charles…

  33. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Hello all! I use both E-Mail & Facebook regularly & find both to be valuable tools for job searching. These days I have found that prospective employers simply assume you have a social networking connection of some kind. I also do appreciate the job announcements from this board as well. Jeff Gregoire

  34. ginaford

    Sounds like I need to dig further into LinkedIn and use it more, but has anyone heard of a friend or family member that actually found a job from LinkedIn? I know there is alot of networking, but is there any actual connections made with companies?

  35. rhondagade

    Good morning,
    I don’t really use any site for job searching. I’m only on facebook for my social use. I do like the convienence of being able to send an on line application. Rhonda Gade.

  36. brandyrodriguez

    I feel that Facebook is mainly for social use- I wouldn’t personally use it for professional reasons. I need to learn more about LinkedIn.

    Brandy Rodriguez

  37. Penny Bell

    LinkedIn seems to be the most professional site for networking. I normally just use email for sending and recieving job posting or for job searches.

  38. Victoria

    LinkedIn is the professional site that seems best geared toward professional job searching. Targeting employers you have a specific interest in seems a better way to look for a job, however. In job openings, I see that L-3 is looking for a Composites Fabricator and MCC is looking for a Student Success Technician (SAR-Cashier). Best wishes!–V. Nimmo

  39. sherriemorgan

    I have a facebook account but don’t use it much. I use emails and web searches for jobs. After reading some of the responses here I am going to check out linkedin. I have noticed that a lot of the bigger companies only use their websites for hiring so I pull those up and apply that way. Very frustrating looking for a job!
    HEB in Woodway is looking for a customer service assistant.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  40. markbeadle

    I am old school like some of you out there.
    I do use job search web sites i.e. Career Builder, Monster etc…, but don’t use Facebook. Looking for a job now days is not the way we did back in the 70’s so it take some getting use to. Best way is to get front of the employer.


  41. angeladevinney

    My use of facebook is generally for social purposes, but following the advice of Rachael I did create one for CampusJobXpress. It is separate from my social one. I have a LinkedIn and Google+ that are more for professional purposes. I have not found any jobs through that yet. I obtain some job information through professional organizations of which I am a member.

    Angela Devinney

  42. susansmith

    Hi, this is Susan Smith. I do not see Facebook as a place to seek jobs. I too, am using Monster and have had several emails for referrals to open positions. I also check with KWTX job boards – especially good for local jobs-and more reliable that these jobs openings are still out there. After all – employers have to pay to list on KWTX and are looking for immediate response. Other jobs are on sites for months – are these really open? I do use the internet a lot for research on companies, etc.

  43. zshade37

    I have just started a facebook page once I was unemployed as requested per the workforce commission, yet I still fail to utilize it to its full advantage. I not a blogger, and I not very fond of just putting my information out there for all the world to see. I am working on trying to change this and use the tools that are available to me.

  44. Majdi Tannous

    I have registered with IN and still trying tofigure the way to link to other people. Face book been easier and friedlier for a new applicant. I will continue to study the web site and hopefully it will lead to a positive result.

  45. Majdi Tannous

    Maybe if we have classes on how to widen our searches and connections we might be able to find the right position and get off the unemployment line…

  46. ioniajones

    Ionia Jones:
    I agree with Charles Becker, a lot of the onlines job search sites produce a lot of spam, including those that encourage viewers to go back to school. Nothing wrong with going back to school, but I am looking for a job and not really looking to go back to school. I haven’t tried anything on facebook for job search assistance. Have any of you tried to go to a retail site to apply for jobs and then you are directed, without your approval, to a jobsite promoting more educational institutions? I’ve had more success with going to the employer websites, directly, for example: City of Waco, McLennan Community College, or Waco ISD.

  47. dorothy conroy

    This is Dorothy, Monster and Career Builders are good for finding jobs but Facebook is social. I use email and personal networking

  48. markskinner

    I haven’t used Facebook or Twitter much. I did have a Facebook account several years ago, but I began to get a lot of “be my friend” type messages and found out from my daughter and others just how much time it can take to deal with all of the contacts. Also, I’ve heard of so many different types of scams and mischief based on info acquired through the social mediums that I have chosen not to make use of anything other than e-mail. I agree with a lot of the comments above about the face-to-face interaction that is much more meaningful to me. I do know of LinkedIn and have had some messages asking me to subscribe, but I have not pursued that because I just didn’t know much about it. From the comments above, I do see that it must be geared more toward a more professional, businesslike approach. In the future, I would like CampusJobXpress or the TWC to promote more involvement between both the hiring companies and job seekers in the use of a really meaningful means of communication, maybe LinkedIn or something similar, so that there is an agreed upon medium for use in matching up peoples skills to what the hirees are looking for.

  49. Gary McCully

    Late getting on, been looking for jobs. I prefer e-mail and internet searches.

  50. ljwp

    Hello fellow job seekers,

    I prefer e-mail. I do use LinkedIn and Facebook, but usually just to get some leads. I have found several leads through Monster.

    Have a blessed day.

    Linda Parten

  51. christiemiller

    I use facebook

  52. ChaiHo

    I use E-mail as networking system all the time,and
    I agree with Ionia that you will get more success with going to the employer websites directly.

  53. Jeremy Holt

    Jeremy Holt here and I have to say, finding work on Facebook is not the best way to go, first of all it is too difficult to discern real employers with people with malicious intent. This is the nature of social networking. Too many unknown variables to be that risky in my opinion.

  54. Jonathon Pledger

    I use LinkedIn and Facebook to a lesser extent. The other day a friend was telling me about a company that had jobs listed on Facebook so I checked them out.

  55. William

    I use LinkedIn, because of it being able to find what your career is. I also use Facebook. Networking on there is easy LinkedIn is a useful tool but I have yet to find any job openings there. For any one looking to help people the Brookhaven Youth Ranch is hiring for all 3 shifts. It is near West. I applied there yesterday. If you want to apply do it in person. Just look up BrookhavenYouthRanch.com.

  56. Bob

    Good Morning. I use Email to send my resume and a short introduction letter pretty often. I get many leads from electronic job sites like Indeed and Monster and the local Waco newspaper. I do believe I have a lot better chance of getting a job when I get a face to face interview. I don’t believe the electronic media gives as much opportunity as a face to face meeting to show potential employers how a person can think on their feet or demonstrate skills that might make them the valuable employee their company is seeking. However electronic media does offer an avenue to get noticed. It just requires the job seeker to be more resourceful.

  57. Melvin Freeman

    I use facebook for this application but otherwise I’am clueless.

  58. Virginia Kilgore

    I use facebook some. However, I do not solicit on line for work from there. I receive enough emails regarding my resume and frankly some of them I am afraid to open. I have gotten a number of emails from what looks like insurance sales of franchising people. If the emails indicate a reputable company that would be OK but usually it is just a name. I’m very nervous about scams. I think Linkedin would be OK but I have not posted my resume there as yet. I’ll keep pluging and doing my research like I have been doing.

  59. Jon

    I Like face to face ; Submitting applications online is nice but they do not get to meet the the real me. Facebook to me is just for family and friends.

  60. MissRudd

    So far we are seeing that LinkedIn is most preferred for connecting to people and companies through social media. We agree that it is more professional when it comes to job searching. Facebook and Twitter has been useful for CampusJobXpress to connect quickly to our clients, such as yourselves, and notify them of potential jobs and events.

    On another note, we will begin scheduling classes for resume writing next week and will be by appointment only. Each class will be able to schedule 14 people each, so let us know if you would like to attend a class to assist you with your resume. You may email us your interest at either info@campusjobxpress.com or rachel@campusjobxpress.com.

    Keep your answers and opinions coming. Also, remember to post the jobs you’ve found to help out your fellow job seekers.

  61. gaylonthreadgill


  62. chriscutbirth

    I don’t own a computer.The one that I use is my mom’s.It is easier,but not being all that computer savay,it can be very frustrating.

  63. jeffwhite

    Well I Am sorry that I am just now getting on here. I been out talking with people about job offers. No interview yet but however I have a very promising job offer. They have to play the waiting game on the closing date for applications. I talked with a Chief Deputy and the Sheriff and they have my application on the Sheriff’s desk and all others are in the Dispatch office. So that right there tells me something promising. Will keep everyone updated. Good Luck all

  64. Diana Marquez

    I like using network to find and fill out applications online and I like emailing my info to jobs to but I’d so much rather put applications in person and communicate in person face to face.

  65. dennisodahlen

    Linkedin and some of the bigger internet sites work the best.

  66. donnamartindale

    Good Morning,
    I find I have better luck going through Career Builders or Indeed.com, Haven’t had much luck on face book and I absolute hate twitter. Its not like it used to be, I liked it when you could actually meet with the manager when putting in an application. Sometimes you don’t even know the company’s name because they will say company confidintial. Good Luck to everyone.

  67. Minnitt

    I do not use any social networking sites so I wouldn’t look for job opportunites there. I have used indeed.com in the past because all the jobs for my area are listed in the same place. Since I don’t use the social network stuff on Campu Job Express, I think the current practice is working.

  68. jenniferferris

    I have used LinkedIn for social business contacts and Facebook for social personal contacts.

  69. Christie Watson

    My only source of social networking is email.I have tried facebook was’nt really my thing for I am a very private person.

  70. Michael Dutton

    LinkedIn is more professional and I do have my resume posted on it, however, I have found all of the jobs that I have applied for or interview for on job search sites like Work In Texas, Indeed, Career Builder, The Ladder or specific company sites.

    I have not found quality middle or upper management jobs available on the Campus Job Express site. Also there is not a good way to search for jobs on this site by matching your skill & education qualifications. The Work In Texas site also has limitations when searching or trying to match skill sets. The private sector jobs sites are better for this and it is easier to figure out what the associated salary range is for these jobs.

  71. kn1964

    I find this article in About.com Job Searching:

    How to Get Facebook Job Search Applications
    Login to Facebook, click on Profile, type the application name in the search box, then follow the instructions to install. Or, visit the Facebook Application Directory and search using “job search” “career” or “jobs” as keywords.

  72. MissRudd

    This is great feedback everyone!

    ATTENTION! For those of you interested in getting Resume Assistance, we are now scheduling classes. Classes are by Appointment Only. So please email your interest to me as soon as possible. Thank you.


  73. shellycawthon

    I don’t know how to use Twitter. I have one but it’s no use to me. I do use FB and email. Also, Craigslist.

  74. lancesanders

    Got an email from campusjobxpress saying that I haven’t been participating or something. I’ve been checking the posts and commenting each week .

  75. edgarrichardson

    I don’t use Facebook. I prefer e-mail and searching on the internet. I am not really an computer person but I do use it.

  76. evelyndickerson

    I.Really Don,t Like Facebook.It,s A waste of time.But Can,t Hardly Wait Till They Start The Computer WorkShop.

  77. Anecia Carter

    Facebook is OK to use but Linkedin is really one of the best tools to use. The people on this site are professional and about success.

  78. hcharwell


  79. MissRudd

    To all who have received the email about Job Club participation: If you have been participating, Excellent! This email was sent to all our subscribers as a reminder that we are here to help and that Job Club is a great tool to use. Thank you to all who participate and we hope to start seeing new faces on Job Club soon.

  80. Olga Sepeda

    I have not really used Facebook to find a job, I have been using careeralerter.com and snagajob.com plus a host of others. I would like to know if TWC would be offering classes on MS Office, I would especially become familiar with MS Excel.

  81. joleajames

    I do not have Facebook and Twitter accounts (used to) but I am afraid the only thing those connected me to was a bunch of unwanted and unneeded drama. I use the internet, workintexas.com, monster and several others as my sources for job searching. I suppose if you are into all the social networking and what not, that this website and even the job club are helpful. They have some great articles, but it really upsets me when I get emails saying that I am not participating…because I don’t feel the need to comment on every single thing? In my opinion (and that’s all it is…my opinion) this is almost like social networking…I guess I’m way behind on the times…

  82. mikepetry

    it has its advantages and its drawbacks still not to sure of the potential value

  83. Candice Lovell

    I use face book often, however I rely on my e mail and search engine.

  84. evelyn dickerson

    I Only Rely On My E-Mail.


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