Discussion 16: Interview Questions

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Here are some of the most popular interview questions. How would you answer them?


  • What were your expectations for the job?
  • What have you learned from your mistakes?
  • What did you like or dislike about your previous job?
  • What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last position?
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • How will your greatest strength help you perform?
  • How would you describe yourself?


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  1. hcharwell


  2. vikkireese

    Morning this is Vikki Reese. Nothing like waking up sick with sinus and Asthma and still unemployed! 🙂 Happy Halloween. These are really good questions. I think it will take some time to answer them truthfully.

  3. ljwp

    Good morning!

    I would answer them succinctly, with no embellishments or personal history.

    I would ask them more questions about their expectations for the person filling the position and get more info about the job.

    Linda Parten

  4. Ron Stratton

    he only question in the list that I don’t remember ever being asked, is “what have I learned from my mistakes?”
    my answer…a lot! because I’ve made a lot of mistakes. but in sales, that can really work out for a better relationship between you and your customer, depending on how you handle the mistake. If you own up to it and solve the problem, they know that they can count on you.

  5. vivianmonroe

    Goodmorning this is Vivian the question that I would answer the best to would be ” what is your greatest strenght?” My greatest strength is my love for what I do I have been a geriatric nurse for almost 30 years and I do it because I love everything about the aging person. They have stories to tell that I can only imagine, experiences that I thank God for that I will never have to experience. Their wisdom is unbelievable and though some or sometimes bitter there are lessons to learn from their bitterness. I love waiting on them.

  6. lancesanders

    Expectations, To have a job that I can stick with for a long time.

    I’ve learned not to take on more then I can handle.

    Enjoyed my previous job , wasn’t anything that I disliked about it.

    Got to learn some new skills and new recipes.

    My greatest weakness is not being able to tell when someone has an interest in me. Happened a couple times before in the past.

    Strategy is my greatest strength. After looking at a scenario or problem. I tend to think about it hours after it had happened or was asked. It’s odd my mind has a way to piece things together in order to make sense .

    I enjoy having a fun time. Anywhere from going to town to just sitting out at home. Whether its visiting family and friends. Meeting new people is always fun. There’s always something new to learn. Single atm so its been pretty boring as of late. Trying to avoid steering this into a long conversation so gonna leave it at that. =P

  7. Charles Waddle

    It is best to be prepared to answer these questions. They are a good example of what to expect from employers trying to get a feel for you and your background.

  8. sharringt0n

    Good morning and Happy Halloween everyone! Sylvia Harrington here.

    “What have you learned from your mistakes” is a great question, because it gives you the opportunity to explain a situation at a previous job. For example, I once had a project at my last position. It was detailed, “an emergency”, with a very quick turnaround. I broke my neck completing it by the designated time needed and submitted it, only to find out at the last minute that the people who requested the project didn’t know all the information about it and that there were other stakeholders involved. Of course they had other requirements and now the project was late, and needed extensive revisions. From that point on I was able to always draw out of the requesting parties who any additional stakeholders in the project might be, and get their input at the beginning of the project, making my work process much more efficient.

  9. beverlyheaton

    I would answer them honestly and truthfully. I think a future employer would appreciate that.

    Beverly Heaton

  10. jannpage

    Sorry I am late. started the morning with emerg vst to the vet. So to the message today. I would always answer the questions as honest as possible. I try to never be evasive in an interview. MY greatest strength is that I love to work. Simple as that. (from Jann Page)

  11. Charles Becker

    Good Morning Job Club members, Hope Vikki Reese gets better.Also agree with Ron, be prepared for the questions, turn into a positve result. These are also godd questions to discuss with a “friend”, if possible. Last week took a personality quiz, eye opener with good insight also,.Also agree with Linda P., you need to relate to the company and flex to their questions. My greatest asset would be able to stay focused, in a positve way.

  12. tommyharper

    Good morning, just some quick short responses.
    • What were your expectations for the job? This really depends on the job I am applying for.
    • What have you learned from your mistakes? My of my mistakes have been people related. I have learned that I cannot rely on everyone to do the job they say they will.
    • What did you like or dislike about your previous job? The politics.
    • What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last position? Seeing students graduate and go to work.
    • What is your greatest weakness? Dealing with people.
    • What is your greatest strength? My greatest strength the Lord, He has provided me with excellent technical skills and the ability to share them.
    • How will your greatest strength help you perform? I can approach a problem logically and find a systematic manner to deal with it.
    • How would you describe yourself? Mostly and optimist and always

    TommY Harper

  13. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Good Morning! Yes,these questions are all open-ended questions that one can expect from a prospective employer. They are ambiguous enough to give them some insight into what they can actually expect from you in a job situation. They are fundamental questions & its good to be prepared to share your experiences. Jeffrey Gregoire

  14. joancampbell

    Good morning. Happy Holloween.

    I would be honest. These are relevant questions.

    Joan Campbell.

  15. sheilaparrish

    Good morning Job Club Members:
    Sheila Parrish here. I like the questions listed today. They are really good questions. I Loved my last job and would still be there if the company did not close and move out of town. I would answer all of the questions honestly and I would be as positive as possible. I would let the interviewer know how open and flexible I am and I love, love, love being a team player.

  16. Brett Baldwin

    I would answer them with accurate and honest answers.Apply what I have learned from My mistakes to similar situations to resolve problems.

  17. Michael Dutton

    These are great questions that I have been asked in some form or fashion on most of my interviews. Everyone makes mistakes in doing their job, even the top person in an organization. Most companies are trying to find out if you have learned a positive lesson from the mistake or how you evaluate risk / reward for trying to bring ultimate success.

  18. MissRudd

    Just a Note:
    To all who have received the email about Job Club participation, if you have been participating, Excellent! This email was sent to all our subscribers as a reminder that we are here to help and that Job Club is a great tool to use. Thank you to all who participate and we hope to start seeing new faces on Job Club.


  19. kareypatterson

    These are great questions. But, I have a problem campusxpress sent me an e-mail telling me I haven’t been participating in these discussions. I replied that I have been logged in as Karey Patterson each week and that I have made a comment each week. Is there something else I need to be doing. I am not sure why they are telling me this. Any suggestions?

  20. janastewart

    These are interesting questions. However, I have never been asked any of them besides the one about my greatest strength. None of the other questions came ever up in an interview. Not even in a variation of it. If they would come up I would answer them honestly and that’s all I can do. I still think honesty is the best way of getting a job for long term. If you lie in your application or interview they will find out and let you go anyways sooner or later.

  21. michael calderon

    Expectations, to be prepared for the best chance to get the job.
    I’ve learned to double check every thing I do.
    I had no problems with the last job I had.
    Accomplishment, to learn more office work.
    Not being able to speak up.
    I learn very quick on the job.
    I would be able to solve the problem with no help.
    I am a very hard worker, I love doing my job.

  22. Mark Beadle

    Those are very important questions which a potential employee
    should have a good answer for. As far as me, I feel looking
    back that my greatest weakness was that I took the job too
    personal. Being in sales, I was told no, or I did not need
    anything else 8 out 10 times. But, when the customer said,
    yes, it was worth it the effort.


  23. tammystanphill

    Nice questions and I always feel when I go into an interview I am prepared to answer them and then when they are asked I feel at times I can choke. I hope employers look at everything in an interview and not just how you answered one or two questions. I feel I answer honest and explain to the best of my ability but I also feel I can get flustered too.

  24. Jann Page

    One of my interviews actually did ask all of the questions listed. I was surprised, however I had not interviewed in many years, so changes were expected. I feel I answered them ok. The job just was not what I felt I good do at that time. I will keep the questions in mind and try to be more prepared for the future interviews (if I ever get any!) from jann page

  25. Daniel Coulon

    Need to review these potential questions prior to any interview. Also, have your questions about the job lined out.

  26. ernestinesample

    Happy Halloween, Those are great questions and I have answer aleast all of them before in a interview one time or another. I expect on the job to have people that I work for love what they do, if they do not it shows then it will work its way down to others. You need to learned from mistakes that is how you grow to be better. My biggest accomplishment is doing a event or a project that I thought I would not do, gettine it done, make you feel good about youself as well as the team that help. MY greatest weakness is people because you see things in them that they do not see and you want better for them . My greatest strenght would also be people because if you have great people you have a great team. Unity builds with unity you can plan and exceed.

  27. Angela Devinney

    What were your expectations for the job? (this would depend on the job, specific to the job being that I applied for at the time)–To be allowed the autonomy to do what I was hired to do.

    What have you learned from your mistakes? To ask questions when I am uncertain of my expectations so that I may perform to the best of my abilities.

    What did you like or dislike about your previous job? I loved working with children and adolescents and the flexibility to work around my school schedule. I disliked the lack of benefits and few number of hours received.

    What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last position? The biggest accomplishment was seeing a client who had previously been in jail, sober up when she found out she was pregnant and become a great mother to her child. She was able to bond well with her daughter, take online college classes, and her daughter was meeting her developmental milestones in advance of “average” expectations. My “failure” if you will in my last position would be that in working with that particular population (CPS clients) there is a standard attrition rate that is higher than average. Sometimes you have to work faster with them than you do with your “regular” clients and it is a difficult balance to learn.

    What is your greatest weakness? Procrastination
    What is your greatest strength? Empathy and discernment
    How will your greatest strength help you perform? I am able to “put myself in the other person’s shoes” metaphorically speaking. This comes in handy when you are a therapist. You are able to feel what they might be feeling. It is important to understand that you cannot assume that you are right in what you think they are feeling, however until you confirm that with them.

    How would you describe yourself? I enjoy helping others to learn the skills they may need to be assertive, solve their problems on their own, and communicate with others in their lives in more effective ways.

    I think these were good questions. A while back, I submitted other questions that I was asked during an interview. The strengths and weaknesses question is a common one.


  28. ernestinesample

    I like the way you word that Micheal Dutton.Great comment.

  29. jenniferobinson

    Good Morning Everyone,
    Happy Halloween!!!
    This is Jennifer Robinson
    Very good questions,
    What have you learned from your mistakes? I’ve learned to be more of a people person.
    What is your greatest weakness? Trying not to get upset so fast.

    Job Post:
    Acosta Sales & Marketing is hiring for Retail Services Merchandiser

    Have a Blessed Day Everyone

  30. Frances Gerick

    Good Morning and Happy Halloween everyone!

    1 To have a position that I can contribute sucessfully and grow with the company.
    2. From past job, to communicate more when things get too much for me.
    3.I loved my job and I disliked all the things put on me simply because others didn’t want to do them when it was their job duties. I’m all about team work, but there has to be a limit.
    4.Being promoted to supervisor position, and the failure was allowing myself to trust to much that things were getting and being done correctly.
    5. My last boss told me my weakness was I was too nice.
    6. Greatest strength is loving what I do, being able to count on me to be here on time and pride in doing my work that is expected.
    7.If you love what you do and are happy with the work place, everything just seems to fall in place the way it should.
    8. I am very honest, dependable, reliable and I’m a team person. I love doing activities with my family and friends.

  31. Tommy Harper

    I have been posting without filling in the name and mail, I do not remember seeing them previously. Is this new?

    I usually prepare my responses in MS word and paste them here,it allows me edit my grammar and to really make sure that my intent is conveyed?

  32. Melvin Freeman

    How will your greatest strength help you perform?

    My greatest strength is my ability to make decisions and knowing when to handle the issue myself or call on higher-ups.

  33. Sherry

    Good Morning! I will be thinking of how to answer these questions so as to be more prepared if asked at an interview. Thanks! Have a good day!

  34. Jonathon Pledger

    I would answer all of those questions in an honest, positive manner and relate my answers to the position for which I am interviewing.

  35. Euguene Wlodarek

    I think my greaest strength is creativity. Working in the engineering , I received several patents.

  36. gaylonthreadgill

    Sometimes I wonder if to much said about ones self is not good.i think brief descriptions are best

  37. Jann Page

    In reference to the recent email about participation. I find the job club online is very helpful. I enjoy it and look forward to it each week. The support from others is important and knowing that others have the same concerns as I do. (jann page)

  38. Euguene Wlodarek

    I think my greatest strenght is creativity. While working in the field, I received several patents. Sorry for the last comment, email was wrong.

  39. Eugene Wlodarek

    I think my greatest strength is creativity. While working in the engineering field, I received several patents.

  40. Susan Wade

    Good morning, Susan Wade here. I was actually asked every one of those questions at an interview. I was surprised that what I saw as a weakness, the interviewer saw as a strength. At my last job, some of us were able to participate in a program that took your answers to specific questions and computed what type of person you were. Surprisingly, we perceive ourselves completely differently from what everyone else does. It might be beneficial to ask a GOOD friend to list your strengths and weaknesses. You might be very surprised how you are perceived.

  41. jeffwhite

    Good Morning all: and Happy Halloween. I love going through the interview process. It gives me a chance to show them how I really am. If they ask a question I answer it then I ask them a question as to where this job takes people. Then I listen and give my feedback to them. I throw them off a little when I ask things like, Where would you see this company 5 years from now? Or with What do you see yourself at 5 years from now? They love that. These are great questions My past mistakes I tend to learn from them and hope I don’t make them again. With that said I try to keep in mind of what not to do versus what to do.

  42. Penny Bell

    Good afternnon, my expectations are to work for a company that has values.
    I learned to not just jump to any and everything in regards to monetary value. It is not always worth it.
    I dislike that the job was not stable and the reputation it had.
    My biggest failure was taking on way more than I could handle.
    My strength is a passion for helping people.
    Makes me strive to do more and more everyday.
    I’m dependable, honest, caring, hard worker and team player.

  43. rhondagade

    Good morning,
    I have never been asked these questions before @ an interview, but if I were, I would answer them honestly. My biggest weakness is my shyness. My strength is that IAm always on time. Happy Halloween

  44. Jann Page

    Time to close, this has been very helpful and I will try to remember the questions and look forward to them in my next interview. jann page

  45. brandyrodriguez

    I think that all of the questions are reasonable questions to expect. I personally would answer them pretty straight to the point without embellishing and in the most positive way that I could. I think that I will go over this set of questions before I go to an interview to try and prepare.

    Brandy Rodriguez

  46. dwells110

    None of the mentioned questions have been asked on any interviews that I have been on yet. The biggest question any future employer can ask is, What would you bring to our organization?

  47. sherriemorgan

    Hi All!
    These are good questions to be prepared for. I have been asked a few of them on interviews. For me the hardest one to answer is the ‘what did you like or dislike about your previous job?’, mainly because I think it wouldn’t be prudent to answer it honestly. And I’m an honest person so I will need to study that question so I can answer it without being to harsh. I think I will print the questions out and use them as ‘study notes’ for my next interview.
    **C3 in McGregor is looking for a Operations Supervisor**
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole.

  48. Victoria

    I would answer everything as positively as possible. A solid job history probably means that someone has learned how to deal with a variety of situations and personalities in an effective way. As for what your expectations would be for a job, you would need first to ask questions so that you understand the needs of the particular employer. As for job openings, KWTX is looking for a photojournalist, and MCC is looking for a security guard. HEB is looking for someone with culinary experience. Best wishes and Happy Halloween! –V. Nimmo

  49. Jeremy Holt

    Jeremy Holt here and have to say, good questions to keep in mind.

  50. jeridsmith

    I would answer these questions positive and truthfully.

  51. zshade37

    I would answer all questions as positive as possible. These questions not only make you think they make you look inward and help an employer see the real you. I look forward to my next interview when I am again confronted with these questions of “Who is Chris Salinas”.

  52. Jon

    I have been asked everyone of these questions on interviews. I have answered them with honesty. The company wants to know about how I will fit in with their company,and if I’m not honest at the interview ,it will show up later in my work.

  53. dorothy conroy

    This is Dorothy Conroy,I would answer these
    questions honestly with a short and positive

  54. markskinner

    What did you like or dislike about your previous job?
    I once made the mistake of answering this by saying that one of my previous employers displayed poor management. Not a good answer.
    What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last position?
    What is your greatest weakness? I was sympathetic to individuals issues.
    What is your greatest strength? As a manager of about 30-65 people, I think I was overly sympathetic to individuals and their issues.
    How will your greatest strength help you perform? By putting myself in others shoes to consider how they feel.

  55. Mark

    Most job interviews I have been on have asked more job related questions, then the ones listed above. Good to keep in mind, just in case………..

  56. ioniajones

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great discussion this week? Ionia Jones, here: just want to thank everyone who participated today. What great comments. I especially, like the comments where you guys, actually, answered the questions.(that was very helpful) I haven’t had to do this in 18 years and I have to say that I have been quite nervous to go on an interview. These questions will make me feel a little better about any future interviews. Thanks to all and Good Luck!!!

  57. carolynwalter

    These are all good questions and I believe a prospective employer would benefit from asking them. However, I am not the type person that likes to talk about themselves so a couple of them would be hard for me to answer. But, I would do so as positively as I can without boasting. I think that talking about your past employer should be avoided. For several reasons and circumstances of termination, this may be a delicate subject.

    Home Zone on Franklin Ave. in Waco is looking for salesperson.
    McGregor ISD is looking for bus driver.

  58. mac mcknight

    Very good questions, everyone has good answers that will help.
    so far both jobs that I had fell through,but keeping my head up and something will come soon.

  59. carolynwalter

    Just found out the Equipment Depot is looking for Staff Accountant. Bachelors Degree and 3 yrs. experience required. Microsoft Office and Excel.
    Hope this helps someone, I didn’t have the degree.

  60. susansmith

    hi this is Susan Smith.
    After working 40 years, I don’t have a problem with identifying my strengths, but the question of what are your expectations for the future. I have done the management route, and promotion oportunities; but now I am not looking for much other than stability, etc. That does not translate well to an employer – what suggestions for someone 60+ to say? Another question that is very subject to incorrect interpretation is “Why did you leave your last job? You don’t want to go into some long story of politics or conflicts, but don’t want to look bad either.

  61. ChaiHo

    I have never been asked these questions for my past interviews. Thank you for list all these questions and I had reviewed and practiced several times .I think I will answer these questions honestly and positively.

  62. susansmith

    hey, carolyn walter- is the the one on their web site?
    I applied for that in August – still says being reviewed! Looks like Equipment Depot is setting up new department in Waco – but don’t know when?

  63. joleajames

    Great questions!

  64. William

    Good questions. I had a busted job interview on Tuesday in Killeen. I hope to go back and actually get the interview soon.

  65. chriscutbirth

    I do get nervous in interviews.

  66. Bob

    These are good questions to think about. I want a job where I will be able to use my skills to contribute to the company goals and help make the company more successful.

  67. Gary McCully

    My biggest weakness is “interview boards” in general.

    Mistakes – learned how not to repeat them.

    Weakness – lack of patience, sometimes in too big of a hurry to get the job done.

    Strength – lack of patience, want to get the job done sooner rather than later.

    Biggest accomplishment – made it to retirement.

  68. nancy adam

    I agree these a good questions to think about.
    I am also in my late fiftes and would like to find
    a job long term and with insurance,etc.I have worked
    since I was fifteen and love to work. I worked a few
    jobs,the last two jobs I worked were 25 yrs.at one and
    16 yrs at the last.Good luck to all.

  69. Majdi Tannous

    These are the basic questions any manager or HR person will ask. I have had the experience of hireing several employee. Keep your eyes straight. look the intervier straight and avoid twitshing. Be calm and speak calm. Try not to be intemidated by the new environment your around. Relax and answer the questions stright to the point. Try not to add libb. Good luck to all of us..

  70. jenniferferris

    Good questions, I am always tensed during the interviews.

  71. Diana Marquez

    Very good question’s that would be asked at a interview.Well u answer them to your best knowledge I would say.What did I learn from my mistakes from my previous job if I had any.What were my expectations ,my likes,dislikes.What was my biggest accomplishments or did I have any failures.What was my greatest weakness or greatest strength.How well did it help me to perform my job duties.How would I describe myself?Hmm openminded a fast learner welling to take on any job that fits me well.I’m a very confident type of person ready to learn new skills and succeed what ever comes my way.I’m still unemployed but I’m still searching everyday.I have faith a good job will come my way.

  72. Minnitt

    It is good to know what the most popular questions are so that you can be prepared during an interview. This makes it easy for me to provide an answer because I am prepared for the question.

  73. donnamartindale

    Good morning, this is Donna. I usually go in prepared for these kind of questions, then never get answered those questions. So I usually just try to be relaxed as possible and be myself and answer the questions truthfully. It usually works for me. I have found a job and will be starting on the 19th. Thanks for all of your support and I wish each one of you the best of luck…God Bless

  74. Christie Watson

    I would have to say that my biggest strength is my ability to work hard and go above and beyond the job expectations.

  75. kn1964

    A relative is job counselor in Workforce and she asked me 2 more questions:

    FIRST QUESTION: Why Should We Hire You?
    Basically, this question is about selling yourself. Tell them something about your self, and about what makes you unique and what you can contribute to the company. Summarize your experiences: if you have any like “With five years’ experience working in the financial industry and my proven record of saving the company money, I could make a big difference in your company. I’m confident I would be a great addition to your team.”

    SECOND QUESTION: What Do You Know About Our Company?
    The interviewer wants to listen for an answer that indicates you’ve given this some thought and are not sending out resumes just because there is an opening.So, for answering this question, you must have a research about the company you are applying to.It would be better if you tell them that you want to know more about the company.You can say that you are searching for companies like them and their company is very high on your list of desirable choices.This shows that you are interested to the company and you really wanted to be part of the team.
    Have a good day!

  76. melissajohnson

    I believe that answering truthfully is the only way to go, and I would also ask questions back for more detailed information and to let them know I was sincere in seeking a job with that particular company.

  77. mikepetry

    you have to be prepared to answer these and other questions as well some that you might be surprised at

  78. Candice Lovell

    I will always answer these questions honestly. The hardest one for myself to answer is,What are you most weakest at, this question always makes me think.

  79. daletrail

    should you offer a resume when filling out an application at a business

  80. MissRudd

    Great Question Daletrail!

    Always offer a resume! Resumes can provide a much better idea of your skills than a generic application. So if you are able to provide your resume, always do so.

  81. MissRudd

    Thank you Ms. Walter for the Job Listings, they are very helpful. The bad news is that McGregor ISD does not have any positions open. They stated that it must have been an error. Keep those listings coming!

  82. Brett Baldwin

    All recipients of Extended UI Benefits: In order to be “counted” as logged in to the Work In Texas website you MUST click on and apply for jobs that are listed under the :Match Jobs Now” tab. If no jobs are listed, you must modify/change your profile to add/delete or go to the “Job Match Advisor” tab to change work location/pay/shift, etc. Applying for jobs by location/occupation/shift does not count you as being logged in the system.
    This information was given to me by a TWC counselor.

  83. Brett Baldwin

    I will re-post this info during the next on-line discussion.

  84. Jeremy Holt

    Jeremy Holt here…very useful information

  85. christiemiller

    I haven’t been asked some of those questions and I probably wouldn’t answer most of them they way anyone would like me too. Those are some loaded questions

  86. evelyn dickerson

    I Would Answer The Question,s Honestly And Truthfully.And Most Of Al.I Would Prepare Myself Before i go on the interview.And Give it my Bet

  87. zonagreen

    good questions, good answers, gives me something to think about


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