Discussion 18: Trying New Approaches

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The following is a letter I am sending out to college students in Austin. Please read this and let me know your thoughts.

It is my belief, each of you will need to try a different approach to your job search. For some of you, this video presentation could open new doors for you. It is not for everyone but, it should be considered.

Please read: For years in our past, individual job seekers would fill out applications for employment. Those wanting a higher position, completed resumes to stand out from others. A resume was the premier instrument for seeking employment. Only a select few stood out with this document.

Today, it is very common and expected for most applicants to complete and bring a resume to apply for a job. The resume has become a generalized tool. It has become very difficult to stand out among all the applicants seeking employment. Changing styles, finding unique ways to present one’s self with resumes has not given individuals the opportunity to distinguish themselves from the general population.

That is not until today!

Campusjobxpress.com has developed a way for premier applicants to present themselves in a more visual way, video presentation. It is original, professional and personally unique to each individual.

An applicant can present their resume only as an introduction to an employer. A precursor you may call it. They can send their resume with a link to a most powerful video presentation allowing them to personally speak to a potential employer. They can tell their story, their skills, abilities, education and work history, all accessible from their online resume with a link to their direct message to the employer

CampusJobXpress.com is a division of Workforce Partners Management Group, LLC, a 23-year old employment transition and placement company. In its history, WPMG has worked for the United States General Services Administration, the State of Texas, Workforce Boards, Air Force, Navy, Army and Coast Guard.

Applicants, sign up with CampusJobXpress.com today and begin your transition to the legend of the employed. Present the best of your skills and abilities to your next employer. Let us help!

Go to Campusjobxpress.com and register, post your resume, upload a photo as well as your personal video.

Be seen by your future employer!

Sincerely, Campusjobxpress.com

What are your thoughts about this approach?

Who is willing to try it?

Are you ready to go to the next level?

Thoughts to consider:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

“When writing the story of your life; Never let anyone else hold the pen.”



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  1. vikkireese

    Good Morning, This is Vikki Reese

    Wow that is definetly a different approach. With your help I would love to give it a try.

  2. Susan Wade

    Good morning, Susan Wade here. I’m not sure this is the right approach for everyone. I would compare it to job testing. Two people may have all the same information and skills, but one does a better job presenting himself. Does this mean he is the better candidate? Not in my experience. I am personally very uncomfortable on video and feel this may present me in a negative light.

  3. carolynwalter

    Good Morning, Carolyn Walter here.
    As I understand this may be a way to get the potential employer to see a visualization of the applicants, I also believe it is relying on technology way too much. There are many people that do not and would not have access to this type of technology. I am one of those people that is very cautious as to what I do with a computer. Identity theft is very easy for criminals and this is just another way to put private information right into their hands. As for me, I would not want to participate.

  4. Ron

    this is a good idea. Something tells me that in the not too distant future, this will be the norm. If I was an employer, I would definitely prefer watching a video over reading a resume. It would sure streamline the selection process.

  5. beverlyheaton

    Beverly Heaton here, it would be a way that you could relax and possibly feel more comfortable presenting your qualifications to someone. I would try it.

  6. jannpage

    Good Morning Job seekers. This is quite different. I am looking for front desk referral position in a physician office. There are not any openings at this time in the medical field for that type of position. I have been on several interviews and they gave the position to younger people. Cant fight age! I am sure something will open up for me if I am patient. (from Jann Page) I am willing to wait.

  7. Charles Waddle

    A friend of mine in the Air Force is taking masters classes at UT Austin. Part of their class work is to develop videos and provide presentations to the class. It is to develop their skills in this area and privide prospective employers with a view of their skills.

  8. Michael Dutton

    This may work for a recent college graduate, however, most colleges have job fairs and placement services on campus that help students with resumes, internships & landing a job at graduation, plus alumni networking.

    For older workers I feel that a video sales pitch could be an automatic turn off. A resume gives you the advantage of being able to tailor it to the individual specific job requirements along with a good cover letter.

  9. michael calderon

    This is a good idea in soom ways. I do not have a computer at home. I’d rather talk to the employer face to face. I’m not comfortable on doing a video.

  10. lancesanders

    Morning , that’s a good idea. College students need to remember to be aware of the areas there studying to be in. Some don’t realize that some areas of the state don’t offer some jobs in there fields and may require them to relocate in order to get a job that they trained for. A few friends of mine had this problem.

  11. Diana Marquez

    Good Morning:this is Diana Marquez
    I gotta say this would be a very different approach for me and I’d agree to it..I would most definetly love to give this way a try..wouldn’t hurt to give it a try atleast right..

  12. Tommy Harper

    The video approach is not new, I have seen done in recent years. I does appear that it provides prospective employees the opportunity better present themselves in a much more personal manner. I am willing to try it. I do however have some questions.
    1) How long should the video be? Any guidelines?
    2) The video should be more than just reading your resume. What type of additional information should be addressed?
    3) What pit falls should be avoided in creating the video?

  13. Victoria

    I don’t think this approach would be best for everyone. My understanding is that it is not legal for employers to ask for a photo with a job application because it could lead to discrimination. A video would pose the same issue. I’ve been told that some employers will not accept applications with photos. However, if an applicant wants to try this approach and the employer is open to it, then it sounds like a good fit for them. Best wishes!–V. Nimmo
    By the way, Shine Bright, a window cleaning business is employing: 776-2580, and Brookshire’s in Tyler needs a Class A CDL driver.

  14. jannpage

    I agree with Michael Dutton, a video approach could be a turn off for the older ones. I prefer to interview face to face. I am not comfortable doing anytype of video.
    Jann Page

  15. Frances Gerick

    I also agree with Mr. Dutton. I also prefer a face to face interview.

  16. ljwp

    Good morning!

    I also believe the video approach is much more favorable to the younger applicants. Not for me.

    Linda Parten

  17. tammystanphill

    I agree with everthing everyone else has posted, it is good and bad. Resume is a way to get your qualifications across. Video can be good and bad, what if you cant express yourself the way you feel you are, I guess with practice you can get what you want out.

  18. markbeadle

    This is may be a better way for recent college graduates; however, as Michael Dutton stated earlier, that by providing a video could be a way for the employer to possibly discriminate older workers. I feel that a good cover letter with a resume would be fair too all.


  19. sheilaparrish

    Hi Job Seekers,

    Sheila Parrish here. The video presentation may be a good idea but maybe for the younger generation. For those of us that are past that middle age mark maybe not so great. After all I had a hard time just putting my picture on my profile :), and I agree with Susan Wade if you have two applicants and one is really good a presenting themselves does that make the other not qualified? My preference is still the face to face interview. Not to mention the prejudged perception that can be taken in advanced.
    Thank you

  20. sheilaparrish

    Job Seekers the holidays are coming and most days I remain encouraged. The calls for interviews have dwindled to nothing. But I did get accepted into the nursing program at MCC so if I can keep my spirits up to finish this journey I think I will be ok, but I have a long way to go.
    Thanks everyone.
    Sheila Parrish

  21. Charles Becker

    Good Morning job club members, this is chuck becker, good infomation Melvin. Technology is moving so fast in all fields. Sure some have even used youtube for their slight edge.

  22. Eugene Wlodarek

    This approach has its advantages. As some of said, I do not believe it will benefit older job seekers.

  23. gaylonthreadgill


  24. Jonathon Pledger

    This is an interesting approach. As others have said, this could work better for some applicants than others. It would also depend on the personality of the employer, regardless of the quality of the presentation.

    I might be open to trying it, but I don’t think it will be necessary. I have had two great interviews with a company, and the president gave me his “thumbs up” and told me last Thursday that the VP (who would be my direct supervisor) will be calling me soon to make it official. I am confident that I will receive that call in the next few days.

    What I found in my job search was that resumes and cover letters did not work at all if I had no connections within the organization. I would recommend asking around to see if anyone you know works or has worked at the company in which you are interested before applying. If so, contact them and see if they can put you in touch with the hiring manager. If not, perhaps try bringing your resume and applying in person. If it is a large company, that method may not work as well, but be aware that you may never even get a response if you apply online.

  25. Daniel Coulon

    A video would show my age. Better in person where I have a better chance to overcome the age problem.

  26. Brett Baldwin

    No smoke and mirrors for me ,I would rather be live and in person. This way if there is any additional information they need ,all they need to do is ask.

  27. rhondagade

    Good morning,
    . I feel that this is a great idea for the younger generation, this may very well become the norm for the future. But, I don’t feel that this approach is right for me. This is rhondagade.

  28. Melvin Freeman

    This is the other Melvin,Sounds worth checking out.

  29. Jann Page

    Congrats to Sheila Parrish. I have taken a part time job and find it to be very satisfactory. There is a small chance it could turn into a full time. I love it and for the time being I am happy with it. from jann page

  30. jenniferobinson

    Good morning Everyone,
    Jennifer Robinson here. Definetly a different approach. I’m not sure this is the right approach for everyone. I am very uncomfortable on video and some time in front of people too. So this isn’t good for me.

    Staff Management is hiring for a Skilled Labor/Forklift

    Have a Blessed Day

  31. MissRudd

    We agree that this is not going to be something that is suitable or comfortable for everyone; just as it will not be what every employer wants. Employers are not requiring this and neither are we. However, this can benifit both parties in very positive ways. As an applicant, it can increase your chances at impressing before the interview when you give an employer convenient options and show that you are personable.

    Age is NOT a factor just like being Over Qualified is not a reason for you to not recieve employement. The Real Reason is usually that you are too expensive. We understand that most experienced workers may have been recieving higher wages at a previous job, but like most everyone, we’ve had to work our way up to that pay rate. Therefore, upon asking for new employement, we have to take into consideration the fact that we may once again have to work our way up. A favorite quote of mine: “The only place to go when you hit rock bottom is up.” When I read this, to me it translates to mean: Do not let this trial break you down. We have all fallen to the ground at some point in our lives, but that is not the end. We must strain and show strength to pull ourselves back up onto our feet. No matter our age or the situation we are facing, we all feel triumphant when we lift ourselves up again and again and show no signs of breaking.

  32. evelyn dickerson

    Good Morning,This Is Evelyn Dickerson.I Think This Is A Great Ideal.I May Be Nervous doing A Video.But At This Time I will Try Anything.If It will Get Me A Job.

  33. chriscutbirth

    I couldn’t find a job in the job field i was in,so I’ve decided to change fields and my outlook is outstanding.My problem wasn’t my resume;it was my field.

  34. MissRudd

    Also keep in mind that no matter what company you apply with, all will end up asking for a face to face interview. Whether you explain yourself through a paper resume, an application or a video resume in the end the employer will always see your face and hear your voice BEFORE they decide to hire you.

    The video resume is basically a compilation of your hard copy resume and a face to face interview. One way it can be an advantage to you is if you are the type to get nervous in an interview. A video resume can allow you to show the employer how you can speak fluidly about your knowledge and skills before being in an actual interview.

  35. ernestinesample

    Hello everyone, A very interesting topic. Alot of people brought some good ideas and concerns that make you wonder what would be the best approach. I do realize that everything is moving more to computers and such, so I will give it a try, but I know it is going to take more then one try. Lol

  36. ernestinesample

    Good Luck, Jonathan. You made alot of good points.

  37. Jon

    Jon here , The video is good ,but I feel it is a better sell yourself in person. A video cannot answer a questions or clarify certain things.

  38. Jonathon Pledger

    Thank you, Ernestine.

  39. Penny Bell

    I like this idea. I think with help on presenting oneself, this could really help a lot of us fnd a job. I’m willing to try nything at this point……in person to me would be better but I think would be a great approach in landing a job. And can be time saving for employers and also persons that are looking.

  40. Susan Wade

    This is Susan Wade. I’m wondering why ALL the comments are suddenly appearing on my e-mail. Can this be stopped. I would rather not have 80 comments show up on my e-mail.

  41. MissRudd

    In regards to the questions about what needs to be included in a video resume, the following should be kept in mind:

    Your video should only last about 1 minute.
    Your setting should be completely plain, white background if possible. No personal affects in the background.

    You should only discuss your qualifications, special traits about you that relate to work (bi-lingual), and what you can offer the company.

    Things to remember during your video:
    Be dressed professionally
    Show a positive attitude
    Speak clearly and look into the camera

  42. joancampbell

    I think this is a great idea and I am willing to give it a shot. We all need something to make us stand out.

    Joan Campbell

  43. cjxpadmin

    Hello, in regards to the comments I will answer the questions for you!

    However, each commenter can change that. When a person is making the comment they can use the drop down menu shown in the screenshot below and either choose to not receive any notifications, or to only be notified if someone replies to their own comment.


  44. angeladevinney

    Melvin, now I understand more fully what you were meaning by explaining my story to employers. I was busy with a test and doing an Ethics CEU course this previous week to question you further, but I was planning to say yes even before reading this today. I’ll go for it, but I might want a little more specifics before jumping into it. Specifically, my part time job is here in town and I would be curious how you would be displaying it/using it so I would know how much she would know about my current “job searching.” I don’t want her to fire me because I’m looking for another job. Honestly, that is my main concern. I know that with me being “morbidly obese” I run the risk of having my resume/curriculum vitae thrown in the “no pile” just like everyone else has discussed regarding age and other factors. I’ve never been one of those women who is overly concerned with others’ opinions regarding appearance (vanity). I believe I could attempt to use the few minutes (with the coaching from Melvin and Rachel) to my advantage with respect to explaining what I’m looking for, how I could best benefit their organization/company, my strengths, and maybe…just maybe that few minutes will put my resume/curriculum vitae on the top of the pile instead. At this point, I really need the extra money and benefits more than the risks. I haven’t had any interview calls in a while.


  45. Victoria

    Dear CJXADMIN:
    I have received more than 30 emails from this site today. Please let me know which boxes I need to check so that my email will not be clogged. The instructions seem unclear, and this has never happened before.

  46. Victoria

    Dear CJXADMIN:

    I do not have the “All” button that was on the screenshot you provided.

  47. dennisodahlen

    I’m sure this is the future of job searching. I don’t think it is for me.

  48. sherriemorgan

    I can see where a video resume would be good for younger workers w/o the experience, they can ‘sell’ themselves better. But for an older worker the video wouldn’t be such a good ‘selling ‘ device. A resume or face-to-face interview would be better.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  49. jeridsmith

    I would feel more comfortable sending a resume and speaking with someone face to face. Rather then on a video but it would be worth a shot.

  50. lschwarz

    I still like face to face interviews.

  51. angeladevinney

    FYI, I know someone mentioned earlier that they started receiving 80 some odd emails today and needed to stop it. Today is the first time ever I had received notifications/subscriptions also. This may be a system glitch. I wanted to post it here because I had to go in under the comment section (where it says manage your subscriptions and then check the box for today’s discussion since it was the only one that was there as I have never received any others and then check suspend). Hopefully that will take care of it.


  52. Brett Baldwin

    I understand your point Rachel, but employers DO consider age (whether they are supposed to or not).
    My wife worked as a Business Office Manager, and part of her job was interviewing applicants. She made 3 piles – 1.want way too much money 2.overqualified (typically meaning that they won’t stay because they will/are still be looking for another job) 3.possibles & “no way”. After calling pile 3, she then weeded out the people that sounded disinterested/careless on the phone. She would then go through each pile again to verify her initial reactions.
    As far as the video, I had a hard enough time just having my picture taken for this site!!

  53. Brett Baldwin

    Don’t want to sound negative, just realistic as an older worker!! 🙂

  54. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Hello all! I agree the video approach may become the norm in the near future. I do see both sides of the coin with this mediam. The type of employment I am seeking definately requires the face to face approach so a video would not be a priority for me. Interesting, though. Jeffrey Gregoire

  55. Olga Sepeda

    I think that this would be a good idea. I know you should basically state your general information and you should not ramble on but what would be an appropriate length of time the video should be? I think I would be willing to try this because nothing else is working. I am ready for the next level. I am changing careers and having a hard time of it, should I let the employer know what I am trying to do?

  56. leebumpers

    I agree the video is not for me. lee bumpers

  57. edgarrichardson

    I like face to face contact. The video is not for me.

  58. Ron

    As an interviewee, I prefer face to face, but I would think that this would help the interviewer greatly in the initial screening process. If you are relatively young, I think it would be a good idea to get in practice and make some demos, because I believe it will soon become the standard procedure for companies.

  59. Gary McCully

    I don’t like my own picture. Face to face with a chance to sell myself in person would be better for me.

  60. ioniajones

    Ionia Jones here! I’ve heard about this approach with young students seeking a college acceptance. All I can remember,however, is when Kennedy debated Nixon. (I know, I’m dating myself.) Some say that Kennedy had the advantage, because he looked good on TV, but Nixon really had more experience. Some, people photogragh well and some people look very good on videos, I am not one of these lucky people. I think that this would be a good idea for some, but not for me. The fact that you only have one minute may make it better for some who have doubts, because it is only one minute, now that’s a plus, buuuuuttttt…. Have a great week, yall!!!

  61. evelyn dickerson

    I Thought I Had Signed On Earlier,Don,t Know If My Computer Is Acting Up Are Not.But At This point Like i Said I,m Willing To Try Anything.But I do Perfer One on One.I Just Need A Job.

  62. sharringt0n

    When I was on the hiring end I would prefer to look at resumes first; mainly because I was hiring graphic designers and their resumes would tell me not only their experience but would also show me a sample of their work. And if they mailed me CDs to look at I usually did not – mostly because I was pressed for time and saw this as too time-consuming. My initial thought is that a video would not show me to advantage the way my nicely-designed resume and a face to face would.

  63. ioniajones

    Ionia here: Good point!!!


    I can see both good and bad with the video, I would be willing to try it, and any other thing that might give me the edge to gain employment.
    The video my only show one side of you, that could be a turn off to employers.
    I think what might be better is to have employers submit a list of questions that they might ask and allow people to respond back in video.
    and list the employers that might like to see a video of applicants.

  65. hcharwell

    all info is very helpful

  66. Susan Wade

    Susan Wade here. Please fix the glitch. My e-mail and my phone e-mail are clogged. This has not happened before and I didn’t change any settings on my computer. I tried to follow the instructions by checking today’s discussion and suspend, but it switched right back.

  67. kareypatterson

    I think this will be the norm in the future, but I have mixed feelings about it. I still prefer the face to face interview.

  68. janastewart

    It depends on the type of job you are applying for if a video presentation is acceptable or wanted. I think if you are applying as marketing rep or any other position where your personality and speaking abilities count more than anything else than it is a great way to show that you can do it as you are presenting yourself to a “stranger” – new employer by doing so. Otherwise I think it’s over doing it.

  69. christiemiller

    I do not prefer a video to my resume. It may be for some people, but I prefer face to face interaction. How do you truly become to know someone through a video, you don’t. I also don’t like all this online applications, with these stupid assessment tests. They are dumb questions and have nothing to do with the actual job you would be doing. I prefer the old days, where I went into the place filled out the application there and then called everyday until they got tired of me calling and gave me the job. What was wrong with that?

  70. William

    I like to talk to someone in an interview face to face if I am nervous or not to me does not matter. If you area confident in your job you really should not be nervous. I am confident that I will be able to get a position in the Dental field and I am confident that when I get another interview. It will be fine.

  71. brandyrodriguez

    If someone is going to do a video- they would have to be VERY well spoken, comfortable in front of the camera and have something good to say in the short amount of time. I know that I could do 2 out of the 3 but the most important one (in my opinion) is the one that I lack- being comfortable in front of the camera. Not anything I would be looking into doing unless it was requested by the employer.

    Brandy Rodriguez

  72. cjxpadmin

    Don’t forget the job fair at the convention center. It’s a wonderful opportnity to see 60+ employers in one spot! Good luckk!

  73. dorothy conroy

    This is Dorothy Conroy,I feel more comfortable with a resume and interview. Thanks

  74. jeffwhite

    Hello all,
    I am so sorry I did not get logged on yesterday. I was at providence hospital with my newest Grandson who was born on Tuesday. I am a proud Grandpa of three grandsons… Now if I can just find a job so I can take them hunting later.. LOL but on a serious note I have been applying at numerous places and I got one phone call that I could not be hired cause of not enough skills.. Hummm either over qualified or under qualified. Why can’t they give people a chance.

  75. kilgovir


    I think it is a great idea. I would love to try it but I do need your help. I have a meetig tomorrow at the workforce center and I will speak with someone about this.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Vrginia Kilgore

  76. MissRudd

    I would like to share a realization I had today while talking to the many employers at the Job Fair. The video resume creates an appeal that a resume cannot. It gives the employer a better sense of who you are rather than seeing you as just another sheet of paper. It shows them how you can present yourself and makes them feel as if they have met you before the interview. I spoke with over 20 employers today and discussed this new approach with them. Each and every single one was excited about it. Their eyes widened and a smile appeared. These employers genuinely felt that this would be convenient, interesting, and create a better feel for potential applicants. The video would not replace a face to face interview or a resume. It is intended to give the employer options on how they can get to know you and gives you another advantage over your competition. If the employer knows you can be flexible then you have earned yourself even more points.

  77. tresheniamcclenan

    this is a good idea, but i would rather talk face to face with the employer……

  78. ChaiHo

    I still like face to face interview.

  79. jenniferferris

    I question the video approach a person can pretend to be someone they truly aren’t ; just because they standout does not make them a better candidate? Before I would think about making a video I would want clear answers, like how they judge a video, will the equal opportunity standards be upheld.

  80. ls

    Job fair was great! I met many employers from the V.A. to Whataburger. Hope I get a responce from any of these contacts.

  81. Melvin

    Okay, I have heard so much about the comments that are being made about doing a video, email and age.

    I would like to address them one at a time. However, I want to start with some of your attitudes. I have asked all of you to try and keep your spirits up. It is very easy to go to a negative place and then it becomes more difficult to bring it back to positive.

    The comments I am seeing are negative and some even seem to be mean-spirited. If you don’t care to try something new, then don’t. It sounds to me like you don’t want to try it and you want company. Our job is to help you find work and we search for any way possible to give you an edge.

    You make it hard for us when you exhibit a negative or poor attitude. Employers ask us what kind of person are you recommending to us? We tell them what we see. Your attitude and spirit of cooperation paints a picture for us and for others to see.

    My next discussion will most likely be demonstrating a positive attitude. Your mind paints the picture that others see. What pictures are you painting? We have asked employers to join us on Job Club. What impression will they get about you?

    I said in many of our classes, if you are getting interviews, your resume is working for you. However, if you are going to interviews and getting no positive feedback, then, the problem is you, in most cases.

    All we try to do is find ways to help you present your best. All of these ideas are not for all of us, but if they are, then, try it. If they are not for you, express your opinion as it is your right, but do it in the spirit of cooperation and benefit to other people.

  82. zshade37

    Its an idea, I’ll give you that. But, I agree with several of the other comments, it may not be for everyone; at least not yet. Once it becomes mainsteam and catches on people will be used to it and embrace it as the best way. Until then you are going to have those individuals whom are afraid of change.

  83. Melvin

    Next, I am jumping to the emails you are getting. I get them all, but, that is because I want to know what you are saying. However, for those of you that wish only to see emails regarding your comments, just look at the bottom of the post comments section and you should see a button that says “all.” Click on that and select ‘only my comments”. That is, if you want to get responses to your posts. If not, click unsubscribe and you will get no emails from the postings.

    I will also have Sheena to send instructions to all of you if this button does not appear, when you make a comment.

  84. Melvin

    I will post the names of companies that are now using video resumes later today.

  85. Christie Watson

    I agree with Susan Wade.I am a very camera shy person and do much better one on one verses a video.

  86. Melvin

    Thank you for your comment, this is not for everyone. I even am nervous about doing it. However, as you may have seen, I do video and I do not like they way I appear. This is just the way things are going.

    If it is not for you, that’s okay. If you would like to try it without us posting it,someday, we will do that also. Everything we do is about serving you, the customer.

  87. Majdi Tannous

    Thank you Melvin. People these days can not see that job opportunities are hard specially to older generation that is trying to adapt to the new technological world were in.
    It doesn’t hurt trying new adventures. I willing to try anything that can help me at least get a parttime job just to get me off the laziness of not doing anything. I worked for 32 years in one job and now I can’t do it anymore. Need to keep my mind and soul alive.
    I’m a firm believer that age is not the issue. Just see what an older person knows through experience and hard knock school.
    Having a VEDIO presentation is a step forward for employers to examine you as a person instead of a picture or a resume on a file. Present yourself professionally and you will get a call from someone that is willing to see what you can do for his/her company.
    I’m taking this step when it gets available. Not worried. I am who I am take it or leave it.
    Thank you Melvin for giving us a new weapon that can work for us.

  88. Bob

    Thanks Melvin. This is an interesting approach. Like everything else it may help some and not others. It does give a person the opportunity to get beyond just presenting a resume that might be lumped in with many others. It shows more initiative and proactive behavior than just waiting for an interview.

  89. traceytazz143

    Very interesting approach.

  90. Arcadio Mora

    I don’t have a computer at home let alone home Internet. This just seems like another way for job seekers to have to jump through hoops attempting to get a job

  91. Melvin

    The purpose of this job club is to keep in touch with one another, to share job search possibilities and to get information. You may use your phone, computers at the local library, computers at community centers and the housing authority and your local workforce center.

    As I have said continuously, I would rather serve those who want to work with us toward finding a job, than to force anyone to participate. Your participation is totally your responsibility. I certainly hope you choose to participate.

  92. kn1964

    I feel that this is a good idea for job seekers.
    I read an article about Video-Resumes and they said “The future is happening now – before you know it your life will probably be run through a cell phone. Clearly we are living the future everyday, and every advance in technology continually reshapes our culture.
    So in terms of job searching, are paper resumes going to last much longer, or will they be completely replaced by online profiles and video resumes as we change with the times?
    2 concerns: Video Resumes in 3-5 minutes is enough? and the cost?

  93. Melvin

    Well, for those that live in the Waco Area and are customers of the Workforce Centers, there is no cost. The limit on time will be set after we see how many people want to try it.

  94. shellycawthon

    This sounds like a good idea. I have a son that will be graduating from college soon and I worry about these young peolple finding a job in today’s economy.

  95. Ionia Jones

    Those were the days, weren’t they, Christi Miller? I think that employers would, probably, go to the videos when they have narrowed down their choices. They just wouldn’t have the time to look at all of them, before that instance.

  96. Brett Baldwin

    Totally forgot about the job fair!! My wife has had several Dr. appointments that is keeping me busy! May have a line on a job, hope things work out!! 🙂

  97. Joan Campbell

    How have I missed the info on a job fair? I have not received an email or notice.
    Joan Campbell

  98. lindahill

    After thinking about the idea and reading the comments, I have to say I don’t think this approach would be for me. As another “mature” applicant, I think it would weed me out before I even had a chance. There is a bias on older applicans and I just don’t understand why. Since we are usually settled and experienced, I would think a responsible personnel department would PREFER us. Oh, well…it is what it is…

  99. Loyd Edwards

    Hang in there folks – it supposed to get better.


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