Discussion 19: Playing your hand?

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This is Melvin. First let me say Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Campusjobxpress and the Heart Of Texas Workforce Solutions Centers.
I would like for you to reflect on all the good things that have come your way and the great possibilities of the future. Some of you have allowed doubt to creep into your lives. You must believe great things are possible. None of you have any idea what tomorrow will bring. But I do know, if you begin to have bad thoughts, bad things seem to come your way. Please believe in yourself and in all the good things that can come your way.

A month ago, I got up getting ready to go my friendʼs wedding and that night I began the first of four days in ICU. After having four transfusions, five doctors and a prognosis that was grim, my friends and family helped me keep my spirit and faith alive. I walked out six and a half days later understanding what is important — family, friends and life itself.
You are alive, you must act as you are. Stop the negative thoughts, being mean-spirited and most of all, stop the complaining and focus on what is really important. You!

Make yourself happy by being happy. Enjoy what you have, life itself.
My favorite quote is “Life is not about having a good hand, rather, itʼs about playing a poor hand well.”
How are you playing your hand? Again, Have happiest of Thanksgiving!



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  1. Daniel Coulon

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Keep up the fight.

  2. sheilaparrish

    Good morning Job Club Seekers,
    Melvin you hit the nail on the head and thank you. This is why I love to log on every week. If you don’t have encouraging people around you then it’s hard to maintain. All I can say is I pray that your health continues to get better. My favorite quote is “If the Good Lord brings you to it, he will bring you through it”. You have to have faith and believe. I have wonderful things in my future (notice I said future) I remain positive. Let’s all say a special prayer for all the people affected by Sandy.
    Sheila Parrish

  3. lancesanders

    Hey all , Happy thanksgiving

  4. Ron

    Great advise Melvin. Good to have seen you at the veterans job fair…especially after hearing of what you’ve gone through.
    It seems that with such a lousy economy, a lot of our aspirations of making it to the top, have changed to just making it. But when you consider what is really important in life and how much better most of us have it than others, I believe we were all dealt a good hand.

  5. Gary McCully

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and luck in your job search. Interesting analogy with card playing Melvin.

    Mine: “I was playing solitaire with tarot cards. Good news, I got a full house. Bad news, four people died”.

  6. jannpage

    Happy Thanksgiving. I know that all of the job seekers have things to be thankful for. We all forget them at times in our busy schedules. I am grateful for the wonderful support this program has given to me. Melvin, keep fighting and your right, the most important thing is family,friends and life. Thank you for always giving us happy thoughts. (from jann page)

  7. christiemiller

    Thank you Melvin for your words this morning. I agree be thankful for what you’ve got, because it can all disappear. I am thankful for all the support I’ve been shown and thankful to my family. Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

  8. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thank you Melvin for that inspriing post. That is a wonderful attitude to have & thank you for sharing it!! I’m so glad you are feeling better & hope you have a great Thanksgiving. You are right, life is about living so thank you for the reminder & inspiration, it made me feel good!Happy Thanksgiving to all at the Workforce Center 🙂

  9. Melvin Freeman

    While this year has been challenging I still thank the lord!

  10. michael calderon

    Happy Thanksgiving. I am blessed to meet such wonderful people. I will keep my hopes up and I know things will get better for me and my family.

  11. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving
    Thanks Melvin for those encourging words,also sharing your story with us.Thank you. Be Bless everyone

  12. ernestinesample

    Mr. Freeman, you said a mouth full!!! I also thank the LORD for everything!!!!

  13. Charles Becker

    Good Morning fellow JOB CLUB members, and Hello Melvin, so glad you are doing better. You can thank also , your “positive” outlook, which I’m sure speeds recovery. Yesterday I was thinking about Thanksgiving, and the challenges we face, then we have to think of the opportunities that are coming. I saw a homeless person at McDonalds, makes us count our BLESSINGS and our Health.This is Chuck Becker, wishing everyone a good Thanksgiving, and future Success… just around the corner!!

  14. zshade37

    I really like this weeks topic, it reminds us that though we may not be in a perfect situation, things can always be worse. Be thankful for what you have and strive to obtain those things that you need.

  15. Eugene Wlodarek

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Melvin,thanks for the encouraging words and best of health to you and everyone.

  16. sharringt0n

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! And Melvin, so glad you came through that illness, that must have been a fright to you and yours.

    This year I am thankful for my health. For my family. For my hard-working husband who keeps the lights on and the internet connected. For my UI benefits that keep food on the table and medicine in the cupboard. For this program and all the moral support it has provided.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. God bless!

  17. Frances Gerick

    Good Morning Job Club and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Thanks Melvin for your incouraging words. Your words have come at a MUCH NEEDED time for me. I get so caught up with things and find myself forgeting what is important and as long as we don’t stray from that and pray, things can and will get better. Everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday !

  18. Brett Baldwin

    Happy Thanksgiving and keep a good attitude and good luck to all.

  19. tommyharper

    Hello all. As we enter into this time of thanksgiving, take time to count the blessings that God has given you. I know that for years I allowed my job to define me, I am thankful that the Lord has taught me to appreciate each day.

    I’ve been doing some networking among colleagues, and it looks like a possible opportunity might develop.

  20. Jonathon Pledger

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

    Melvin, I’m glad you are doing well now. Traumatic events can really allow us to appreciate the things we seem to take for granted in our lives.

    I will admit that I have battled self-doubt myself, and I have come to realize that the only thing holding me back is my own mind. Negative behaviors are not shed overnight, but they can be overcome through rigorous effort. I say thanks for what I have every day because I know that day was never promised to me.

    Sometimes we get caught up in what we don’t have, but when we really sit down and think about it, we realize that what we do have is quite a lot. Furthermore, we owe it to ourselves to make the very most of it.

  21. Charles Waddle

    Thanks Melvin. Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope your prognosis is full recovery now and keep the good attitude. Life isn’t fair, but it can still be good and if we get over the “that’s not fair” part, we wind up with enjoyable family and friends.

  22. beverlyheaton

    Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanks for the encouraging words Melvin. In life you have to play the cards you are dealt and it’s like you said it’s all about how you play them. Good job hunting everyone.

    Beverly Heaton

  23. Jon

    Be thankful and happy with what you have. God gives everyone what they need.

  24. ljwp

    Hello fellow job seekers!

    I hope all of you have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Linda Parten

  25. sherriemorgan

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thank you for the encouraging words Melvin. Hope you continue to get better.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  26. dorothy conroy

    Thanks Melvin for your faith and all the hard work you do for us. I have learned thru this experience the old saying ‘when God closes one door another door bigger and better will open up’ this is so true, I have had so many blessings I can not count them all. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    Dorothy Conroy

  27. tammystanphill

    I agree with your message Melvin and everyone else. I am happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery.

    We all have our moments and I do feel we can have them and feel those moments but we must not reflect on them for too long.

    Positive energy out Positive energy in!!

    I hope everyone has a Blessed Thanksgiving…

  28. jannpage

    I agree with TommyHarper. For years I let my job define me.
    Now I remember the person I really am. A wife, mother,sister and beloved aunt and great aunt. It cant get any better!!!! I have much to be thankful for. (jann page)

  29. Susan Wade

    Good morning everyone and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Susan Wade here. Melvin, I am grateful for your recovery and continued good health. Thanksgiving is, for me, the family holiday. It is a time to remember all we have been blessed with and continue to enjoy. I am grateful for my family and extended family of friends. I have had to rely on them many times in the past years. It is also a time to remember the less fortunate among us by volunteering when we can and contributing what we can.

  30. Victoria

    Thank you for the inspiring words, and Happy Thanksgiving! Taking time to give thanks every day makes you realize what is truly important. Things have a way of working themselves out, so never give up because giving up is never an option. Jobs I’ve seen ads for currently include a teacher at the child development center of MCC and an insurance verifier at Hillcrest. Best wishes, and Happy Thanksgiving!–V. Nimmo

  31. ioniajones

    I love Thanksgiving, because its not about running around and buying things to make others happy. Thanksgiving is all about being with the family and nothing else. Its just about being together. Hope everyone will have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with family and friends. Take care Melvin!

  32. Brett Baldwin

    Though my wife & I will be spending Thanksgiving alone, we are blessed to have each other. My wife has also suffered an illness that we have been dealing with for 3+ yrs. – though we continue to struggle with her issues, we always hope for a workable solution. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

  33. Penny Bell

    Hello, this is Penny. I’m trying to stay positive in a negative situation. It’s been very hard….but I just keep praying. I’m blessed still. I may not have the things I want but I definitely have the things and people I need. Thank God!

  34. angeladevinney

    Evening all. I’ve been working all day so I’m sorry for the late post. Melvin-I’m glad to hear you have bounced back from your turn in ICU. It took my rollover wreck in 2002 to make me slow down and appreciate life. It also helped me to appreciate the little things like being able to walk, walk and carry things at the same time, etc. While I certainly need a full time job with benefits, I’m thankful for what I currently have and am making the most of it. I’m thankful for Melvin, Rachel, and Sheena for all the help they have given us and for trying to keep our spirits alive. I’m thankful for my family through this tough year (first Thanksgiving and soon to be Christmas without my Paw Paw). You know what they say about idle hands. For those of you who may not have part time jobs, I would encourage you to go out and volunteer somewhere maybe at least two days a week. Who knows, maybe it could turn into a part time or full time job later on if funding comes through? Many jobs come from great volunteers and supervisors seeing your work ethic through how you volunteer. It would get you out of the house, be something extra to put on your resume, and most importantly, it will help you feel good about yourself because you are helping others. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all!


  35. ChaiHo

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  36. rhondagade

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  37. Mac McKnight

    Thanks Melvin and Happy Thanksgiving to everryone
    I know what you are talking about Melvin, seems if it wasent for bad luck, I wouldnt have any luck at all.
    Besides being out of a job, my truck broke down in salado and it took everything I had to get it back to waco,and then my wife went back in the hospitial with congested heart failure, she got out on the 21st but can not go back to work untill after the 28th.
    But I know for whatever I go thru God will bless me more.

  38. lindahill

    I understand that it is important to keep your hopes and spirits up, but it can be so hard sometimes. I’ve been down before and have always bounced back. I am older now, and bouncing back is harder. I sometimes feel like a failure that I have reached a level of maturity and STILL facing the same problems that I have had before. When will this get easier??

  39. Jeremy Holt

    This is Jeremy Holt. This was very nice, but not very realistic to hold on to in today’s economic times.

  40. Diana Marquez

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.I’m still searching for work and i still have the faith that a good job will come my way..Hope everyone has a great Friday

  41. jenniferferris

    Melvin, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  42. jeridsmith

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. Thank you Melvin for the story. It reminds you how life can change so quickly for the good or bad and always keep your head up high.

  43. Patricia Gresham

    I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Melvin,you will do great due to just your attitude alone. I will keep you in my prayers as well. Keeping a good attitude works well for everyone. Life is a journey. What sometimes seems like a bad thing,can turn out to be wonderful. Keep a postive mind and try to be happy. Good job huning and God bless everyone.

  44. brandyrodriguez

    Thanks, Melvin! I also believe that keeping a positive attitude is crucial.

    Thanks –
    Brandy Rodriguez

  45. kilgovir

    I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving! I had a house full of family and friends and all turned out well. We all have alot to be thankful for.

    Melvin, glad you are doing better now. Thanks for all your encouragement. A positive attitude is a very important thing and helps in every way.

    Thanks for what you do. Virginia Kilgore

  46. Bob

    Thanks for the encouraging words Melvin. I know I have a great deal to be thankful for and I believe most of us do but there are some that definitely do have a heavy burden. Like you and others are saying, it isn’t always what we have to deal with but how we deal with our circumstances that matters most. Thanks for reminding us to keep a positive attitude. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  47. kiashasimmons

    Morning to all and very good advice Melvin. I will definitely take that with me.

  48. Christie Watson

    Wow!!! What a great word of encouragement.I needed to here this with all that has been happening,not just with job search but life in general.Thank you Melvin for the advise,hope ur feeling better.Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  49. Michael Dutton

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankfull that in spite of all the disturbing things going on in the US and the rest of the world, I have the assurance that God Almighty is still on His throne and we are in His loving & firm hands. My faith is even stronger as I go thru this time of unemployment. He still has a plan and a purpose for the rest of my life. I still have worth in His eyes.


  50. shellycawthon

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  51. hcharwell

    happy holidays

  52. kn1964

    Happy Thanksgiving! and thank you for the inspiring thoughts. “Faith that Moves Mountains” …. job seekers have to have faith in their job searches, potential and possibilities. I read in internet: Even in a down market, job seekers and employees are not powerless or without recourse. In fact, we have more control over our career circumstances than we might think.

  53. Candice Lovell

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Thank you Melvin for your encouraging words.

  54. daletrail

    dont let the holidays get the best of keep a positive attitude

  55. Michael Rogers

    We are coming to the end of 2012, the new year is coming up, and I’m so looking forward to a better, greater, and a blessed new year. 2013 here I come!

  56. audrey1966

    Melvin, glad to hear that you are doing well. Nice article. I know that I must play the hand that I was dealt, but I sometimes feel that the game is fixed.

  57. Olga Sepeda

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I do appreciate everything in my life and am grateful for everyday. It does tend to get a little depressing when you have looked and looked for a job and cannot find one. But one must understand that tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning, it is also true that you never know what will happen. You just have to be positive and keep moving forward. Happy to hear you are doing well Melvin.

  58. jeffwhite

    Sorry I checked in late but due to holiday and Company from out of state visiting. I have been going to different places putting in applications. I had one place want to hire me. But They are only seeking part time work. It is a toss up to take it or not. But it will be 3 days a week and the pay is not that great due to the drive I will have to make. Choices we have to make LOL. Anyways I will be sending a email to Miss Rudd to find out all the information I would need if I took this part time job. Thanks. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving..

  59. markskinner

    Happy holiday to everyone. After being so discouraged, I finally ran into something positive. I happened to mention to my wife’s friend that I was looking for work. She called me that evening and had a lead for me. I started a part time job with a business in Waco at the airport. I really wanted something fulltime, but I’m hoping that will develop from the part time work. Good luck to all & hang in there. Mark Skinner.

  60. Charles Becker

    good morning, not sure what happened to job club today, weds 11-28; have been watching for new discussion…will check back later.trust all is well.Melvin, fyi, Mr. Zig Ziglar passed away yesterday, short illness. He was a master of encougagement; we will all miss him. This discussion was alot about Thanksgiving, from Mr. Zig Ziglar:”Of all the “attitudes”we can aquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.”

  61. lancesanders

    hey all

  62. sharringt0n

    I’m pretty sure you HAVE to take that job.

  63. sharringt0n

    I’m encouraged that openings seem to be more plentiful. Still looking for that perfect opportunity but as a friend of mine said, “you only need ONE job” and I know mine is out there.

  64. kareypatterson

    Thank you Melvin for your inspiring story. I hope you continue to do well. I have taken a part-time job for the last couple of months and maybe thats all that I need to be doing at this time. I did go to the veterans job fair and filled out an application for a full time job with follow up, but I havent heard anything. I just have to belive that God knows what is best for me at this time.

  65. Majdi Tannous

    Happy thanksgiving to Melvin, Rachel and all the people that make JobXpress count.
    Holidays are great and makes us thankful we are alive and going. It is wonderful to get going and get a position in life that will keep your spirit thankful as well.
    Looking forward to a better new year when we all have positions with new companies and help ourselves to better things in the job world.

  66. Loyd Edwards

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    I hope all find work before the end of this year – I know thats a tall order, given today’s economy, but if you can’t dream big…

  67. MissRudd

    ATTENTION EVERYONE! If you are interested in any of the following positions, please email me immediately at rachel@campusjobxpress.com.

    Donation Attendant
    PT Word & Excel Instructor
    Temporary Spanish Interpreter
    Maintenance Technician
    Tutor (Teacher Certified Preferred)
    Warehouse Assistant/Forklift/Warehouse S&R Assistant

    Showing interest in one of these could get you a referral card to one of the employers at the job fair IF you match the necessary qualifications. You will receive a referral by email ONLY, so be sure to email me your interest.

    Don’t Wait!
    The Job Fair is December 13th from 10AM-2PM at The H.O.T. Workforce Center.


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