Discussion 29: We Support Our Job Seekers!

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As you know, we are constantly looking for ways to assist you in your efforts to find work. We would first like to remind you of the many services that Workforce Solutions could provide you with, including the following:

Universal (core) Services for individuals seeking assistance in their job search, e.g., outreach, intake, and an eligibility determination for additional WIA-funded services.

Intensive services for individuals deemed in need of additional assistance in order to become employed, e.g., comprehensive and specialized assessment of the skill level and service needs of adults and dislocated workers.

Training services for individuals deemed in need of training in order to become employed or retain employment, e.g, on-the-job training, occupational skills training for nontraditional employment.

Support services such as child care, transportation, and work-related expenses when needed by the individual to work or participate in a WIA-funded activity.

Dislocated worker services specific to workers who have been laid off because of a plant closure or other dislocation. These services include job search assistance, introduction to job search tools, labor market information, access to computers, instruction on resume writing, financial planning, stress management, and referral to vocational skills training as appropriate.

One service in particular stands out to us and we would like to put this one in the spotlight: Support services such as child care, transportation, and work-related expenses when needed by the individual to work or participate in a WIA-funded activity.

This service is one that must FIRST be applied for in order to be determined eligible. We will be offering our assistance if you would like to apply. Our team will keep applications available for you within The Workforce Center. Just ask for Rachel, Sheena, or Melvin and any one of us will get you set up to apply.

Have a great day!


There will be a Showcase and Job Fair Event held on Wednesday, February 13th from 10AM-2PM.

The following positions will be interviewed for at the Showcase Event:





If you are interested in any of these, you will need to email us ASAP at Rachel@campusjobxpress.com for a chance to interview with hiring companies on February 13th.



Please keep in mind that if you would like our assistance in matching you to jobs, you must first provide accurate information in your Campusjobxpress.com profiles. We will always need to know: Your previous work experience, What you are looking for now and Most important, how to contact you if we have an opportunity. In order to insure that you will receive assistance, REVIEW and EDIT your Profiles. The ‘edit profile’ button can be found under the section where you initially signed in. Thank you.




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  1. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Thank you for this list of the services you provide it is helpful to know & will certainly keep them in mind. Thanks so much for your continued support! Jeffrey Gregoire

  2. Jonathon Pledger

    Thanks to everyone at Campus Job Xpress for all the hard work you put into helping people find jobs. Good luck, job seekers!

  3. tommyharper

    Good information, I did not know about some of the things TWC did. Still looking forward to the job fare on the 13th.
    God Bless.

  4. beverlyheaton

    It’s nice to know about all the services and help that can be received from the Workforce. Thanks for all that you do.

    Beverly Heaton

  5. Ron Stratton

    I’ve been impressed with the Texas Workforce team and by the amount of effort that goes in to trying to help with finding employment…childcare, transportation etc.
    I look forward to finding out what jobs and company will be represented at the Feb. job fair.

  6. Charles Becker

    thank you for the information, you work hard behind the scenes. I’m sure this information will help job seekers. There is alot of help for the asking. Also, some job club members have worried about when benefits end, being thrown to the wolves. There are alot of resources for the asking, tools to assist, classes offered, advice for help. There are more resources now than ever. Several job fairs in the near future. Thank you campusjobxpress.com, even job club is a tool that was not there a year ago… HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

  7. Frances Gerick

    I’m very thankful for the Texas Workforce and Campusjobxpress for all the work that you put in and the services provided to help us to succeed. Good Luck Job Hunting Everyone!

  8. ljwp

    Thanks for the additional information.

    Linda Parten

  9. jannpage

    Hello Job seekers. Another week of job searching. I have been looking at a list of approved job searches that was given to me at the reassesment appt. I find it to be informative. Nothing listed for me however I will keep checking on each one. Not far from being one year since I became unemployed. It is a daily struggle to keep upbeat.
    (jann page)

  10. Susan Wade

    Good morning everyone. It is good to know someone is out there to help. I was not aware of all the services provided and am glad they are there if needed. Thank you for all you do. Good luck everyone from Susan Wade.

  11. sharringt0n

    Thanks for the additional information. I haven’t heard back from any job applications lately. But every day I start anew.

    Today is a beautiful day for a walk. Bundle up, get out there and get your spirits up!

  12. Charles Waddle

    UPS has a few jobs in the area. Go to the web site
    http://jobs-ups.com/ and type in area code and select miles.

  13. carolynwalter

    Good Morning, Carolyn here.
    Thank you for the information. It’s appreciated.
    Saw some job listings on Craigslist last night some may be interested in in Administration. My qualifications are a little short of their requirements. Those looking for that field, I’d suggest taking a look.
    Hope everyone has a good day. God Bless You.

  14. jeridsmith

    Thank you.

  15. ernestinesample

    Hello, Wow , thank you for that information.I did not know that TWC offer so much assisant. Thank you for putting that out there. Great info. Be Bless

  16. Eugene Wlodarek

    Thank you for the additional information. Looking forward to the 13th.

  17. kareypatterson

    Thank you for the information. Looking forward to job fair.

  18. sherriemorgan

    Hi, thanks for the info. I saw this listed on indeed.com:
    Water Clerk-Full Time
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  19. Mac McKnight

    Thanks for the additional information

  20. zonagreen

    Thanks for the additional info.

  21. Victoria

    Thank you for this information. It is good to know about the many services available. Good luck to everyone, and never give up!–V. Nimmo

  22. dorothy conroy

    Thanks for this info–I can’t say enough about all the help I have recieved from the WIA program and the computer and resume classes you offer. I always recieved very positive and upbeat attitudes from everyone.
    Dorothy Conroy

  23. kilgovir

    Thanks for the information and all the good work that you do for us. I appreciate you and the service you provide.

    Thanks, Virginia Kilgore

  24. Penny Bell

    Thanks, will be in this week to talk to someone. Be Bless!

  25. Melvin Freeman

    Thanks for the information.

  26. sheilaparrish

    Hello Job club seekers,
    Another week of job searching, but I remain encouraged. I have been on a couple of interviews but no call backs.
    Thanks for all of the valuable information.
    Sheila Parrish

  27. ioniajones

    Ionia Jones here! Thanks for the information. I have one question, “What type of work related expenses does Workforce assist unemployed workers with?” I was driving around this week and noticed that Dollar Tree and Melrose had some vacancies. Dollar Tree had sales associate and cashier positions available and Melrose had some part-time positions. To inquire, go to Melrosestore.net/careers.html and DollarTree.com. Good luck this week, guys!

  28. angeladevinney

    Thank you for all the additional information.


  29. reginamarshall

    Really appreciate all the information and updates weekly!!!

  30. William

    Well this will be my last post in job club as I have exhausted all my benefits that have been afforded to me from TWC. I would like to say it has been real and it has been fun but it just has not been real fun. No money equal no gas, no work search, no rent, no electricity, no place to live. So i guess I will be living in my car or on the street in the next month. Thanks for your support. So I would like to say goodbye to everyone here and thanks for nothing. I know I will not get a comment because I have never gotten a comment on anything I have written in the past. I would leave my e-mail but I will not have internet soon so I would not be able to see the message and then my phone will be cut off so then I will not be able to receive the calls either.

  31. Gary McCully

    Truly sad William.

  32. Michael Dutton

    Thanks for the information.

  33. cjxpadmin

    We try to see that everyone gets a response to any inquiries that they make. What we need from you, in order to assist your job search, is the type of fields you would be willing to accept work in so that we may match you to a hiring company.

    Keep in mind that you are always welcome to communicate with us and utilize the resources we provide regardless of benefit status. Do not give up hope. So long as you keep your chin up, you will continue to see the sun on each bright day.

    If you would, email us at rachel@campusjobxpress.com with your WIT ID # and a resume. If you do not have a resume let us know and we will help you construct one. Please respond as quickly as possible.

  34. hcharwell

    i do thank yall for all the help, thanks

  35. Diana Marquez

    Thank you for the informatio..

  36. J C Riggs

    Thanks for all you do

  37. William

    I am sorry that you thought my commit was sad. I really haven’t had any luck finding a job and no one has helped me in finding a job. I was under the impression that job club was to help people find jobs try ans I might the jobs that I am qualified to do there is nothing here. I have to go out of Waco to even get an interview. I am to the point that I am willing to do almost anything to get back to work. I have been busting my butt putting in resumes and business cards in anyplace I could. Now I have no money and no prospects for any help so I am on the fast track to homelessness to be another statistic and to be dropped of the unemployment numbers so the unemployment rate will drop or go up either way I won’t be counted anymore. What is really sad is no one really cares that much either way. A few people I know have tried to help but others can care less. So sorry for my rant but my life sucks and I can’t keep my chin up any more there is just too much despair in my life to really care much now.

  38. markbeadle

    Thanks for the information.

  39. Melvin

    I do not want you to apologies, we are here to help. Please come in to the workforce center and bring your resume. I do not want to see you homeless. Between our various teams, I want to see what we can find to help you get through this difficult time. When you come to the center ask for Melvin at the front desk. Do this on Tuesday 10:30, this is when I will be in Waco.

    Let us give it all we have, okay?

  40. ChaiHo

    Thank you for the information.
    Thanks for all TWC did for us.

  41. Christie Watson

    I was unaware of this services that TWC offers.This is good to know and thank you.

  42. Paul Hodges

    This is good information thanks.

  43. Charles Becker

    William, JUST DON’T GIVE UP. Melvin is offering you a lifeline; Take him up on it, stay positive. Stay open to his advice…. be willing, and it will work out. Hope to hear from you in next job club. GOOD LUCK!

  44. kn1964


    Texas – Ground Support Equipment Operations and Engineering
    Electrical Engineer (Instrumentation), Texas
    Ground Support Equipment Engineer, Texas
    ground Support Equipment Technician, Texas
    Machinist, Texas (2nd Shift)
    Welder, Texas
    Texas – Test Operations and Engineering
    Electrical Technician, Texas
    Instrumentation Technician, Texas
    Test Systems Engineer
    Test Technician (Propulsion), Texas

    Good Luck!

  45. brandyrodriguez

    Thanks for the additional information!!

    Brandy Rodriguez

  46. Melvin

    MANUFACTURER GENERAL LABOR Cooper Coil Manufacturer Day shift $8.75 hour JOB-LINK 254-399-WORK (9675) Drug Screen and Background Check Required

  47. cjxpadmin

    – – ATTENTION – –

    There will be a Showcase and Job Fair Event held on Wednesday, February 13th from 10AM-2PM.

    The following positions will be interviewed for at the Showcase Event:




    If you are interested in any of these, you will need to email us ASAP at Rachel@campusjobxpress.com for a chance to interview with hiring companies on February 13th.

    – – ATTENTION – –

  48. cjxpadmin

    Looking for General Managers, as well.

  49. MissRudd

    We may have a job for you! However, your profile does not list any applicable information regarding you work history or contact information. Please check your email for further information.

  50. zshade37

    Thanks, for the list of services you facility provides, it was quite informative. As you may see I am entering my comment late this week as I was sick with flu. Now that I am over that illness I am looking forward to the future.

  51. Melvin

    This job closes on February 7th.

    Posting Type: Open to All Applicants
    Category: Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance FLSA Exempt/
    Non-Exempt: Non-Exempt
    Agency: Dept of State Health Services Department: Plant Maintenance
    Job Title: Maintenance Assistant Posting Number: 220663
    Full Time/Part Time : Full Time Regular/Temporary: Regular
    Job Location: 3501 N 19TH ST City: WACO
    Contact: AccessHR Service Center Telephone: 888-894-4747
    Salary Range: $1,625.50 – $2,357.00 Salary Group: A06
    Shift: Days (First) Travel:
    Closing Date: 02/07/2013
    Job Description:
    Maintenance Assistant **FUNCTIONS AS THE FACILITY PAINTER** Performs entry-level maintenance and construction work. Work involves assisting in maintaining and repairing buildings, utility systems, or stationary and motorized equipment. Works under close supervision with minimal latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.
    Essential Job Functions:
    PREPARES AND PAINTS INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR SURFACES. Provides tools, materials, and supplies to other maintenance workers. Loads and unloads supplies, tools, and equipment. Cleans and maintains work area, machines, and tools. Performs routine inspections of equipment and operating machinery. Assists with carpentry, plumbing, electrical, construction, and mechanical maintenance. Assists in maintaining and repairing facilities, buildings, equipment, vehicles, and grounds. Performs related work as assigned.
    Knowledge Skills Abilities:
    EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE OF TOOLS, MATERIALS, AND PRODUCTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE PAINT PROFESSION. Knowledge of building maintenance and general repair work. Skill in the use of tools and equipment. Ability to follow instructions.
    Registration or Licensure Requirements:
    Must have a valid Texas drivers license with a good driving record per DSHS standards.
    Initial Selection Criteria:
    EXPERIENCE AS A PAINTER. Experience in building maintenance and repair work. Completion of the eighth grade is generally preferred. Experience and education may be substituted for one another.
    Additional Information:
    Waco Center for Youth is a psychiatric residential treatment facility that serves teen-agers, ages 13 through 17, with emotional difficulties and/or behavioral problems. Waco Center for Youth bases its treatment philosophy on the belief that both behavior change and an understanding of self and others are equally important in achieving significant long-term success in treatment. The mission of Waco Center for Youth is “to give each youth a chance for change” by providing comprehensive psychiatric residential treatment services to emotionally disturbed adolescents of the state of Texas. The facility is operated by the Department of State Health Services and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Facilities. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), HHS agencies will provide reasonable accommodation during the hiring and selection process for qualified individuals with a disability. If you need assistance completing the on-line application, contact the HHS Employee Service Center at 1-888-894-4747. If you are contacted for an interview and need accommodation to participate in the interview process, please notify the person scheduling the interview.

  52. Loyd Edwards

    Thank you for the information – I am considering going back to school at this point to ensure I have an edge in this very limited job market. Good luck everyone.


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