Discussion 30: Job Event and Showcase

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As we work on finding employers for you to apply to for employment, check your resumes and update your Work In Texas Profile. We would like to give you material that is thought-provoking. The following is for you to think about and check if you are taking the right approach for yourself.
We do not endorse the author of this site but like the message. Do not feel that you need to join this site because we are showing it to you. This is not our purpose.
Our Job Events are coming soon, on February 13th, a Job Fair and an Employer Showcase. You should have a resume and we would like to review it as soon as you will permit. The showcase allows for you to interview, if you qualify.
We are now posting new items on Campusjobxpress.com many times a week. You will now see information on employers we are interviewing to provide you the information you need to decide if you would like to apply for employment with a particular employer.
Please enjoy this article.



– – Reminder – –

Screening can assist in matching you to an available job positionoffered by an employer atending the Invite-Only Showcase Event.

The following positions are avaialble for screening:

Psychiatric Nursing Assitant (A Degree is Not Required-Will Train)

Salesman/Public Relations for a Hydraulic/Water Pump Company

Office Manager (Property Management Experience a Plus)

General Managers for the Food Service Industry (Benefits Offered)


Production Machinery Operator

If any one is interested in interviewing for one or more of these position send an email immediately to Rachel@campusjobxpress.com, and express which position(s) you would like to be screened for.




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  1. J C Riggs

    Looking forward to the Job Fair.

  2. tommyharper

    Very good and thought provoking. Think I’ll have some coffee. God Bless.

  3. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for the information. I would like to know what is a employer showcase? How does that work? Thanks for everything.

  4. jannpage

    Good Morning All. I look forward to the employer showcase. It should give us some new thoughts. You should have my resume to review. I cont. to look for front desk, pre-registration job in a (stable) physician office. I realize my age is a problem, however I am remaining positive…jann page

  5. jannpage

    Going to sign off for the time being. Have to keep a 10am appt. to get my (complicated) taxes done. Will check in again and ck the job search again. Who knows? Something might turn up that quick. (jann page)

  6. Melvin

    An employer showcase is an event where we screen all applicants for the employer. We, then, setup face to face interviews at the event for six to sometimes fifteen minutes. This has proven to be a very effective way to get participants jobs.

  7. Gary McCully

    Sounds good.

  8. Michael Dutton

    Great message. Thanks,

  9. sharringt0n

    Very inspirational, thanks for the link. Food for thought!

  10. ljwp

    Good morning fellow job seekers,

    Thanks for the clarification, Melvin.

    Space Exploration in McGregor continues to list quite a few jobs – everything from welders to software engineers.
    I look at them on Work In Texas. Just an FYI.

    Good luck and have a blessed day!

    Linda Parten

  11. markbeadle

    Thank you for the information.

  12. Frances Gerick

    The video was great, thanks for that message. I will be looking out for the information on the employers you are interviewing. Hopefully there wil be some employers at the Job Fair that I will be interested in. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Charles Becker


  14. Charles Waddle

    Thanks for the help.

  15. carolynwalter

    Carolyn here. There were several office jobs in Sundays classifieds for those interested. Also, the new plant that is coming to McGregor, Benhel Equipment is opening soon. I’m sure they will be advertising soon for positions.

    McGregor Tire and Auto on Main St. in McGregor is accepting applications for Lube Tech. Ad says to apply in person.

    Thank you for the information and hope everyone has a safe and prosperous day.

  16. Susan Wade

    Good morning, Susan Wade here. The message is inspirational. I think I am some of both; middle class and world class, and I am fine with that combination. I try to do the best I can in every situation and to avoid hurting other people. I believe everyone is important to the whole. Thanks for the message, and I will look forward to the showcases.

  17. Jann Page

    Thanks Melvin. Sounds like a good deal. workintx,com has many listings (none for me however) that might work for somebody. (jann page)

  18. beverlyheaton

    What an inspiring message, this would be a great sales tool for all kinds of customer service providers. Looking forward to showcase and job fair.

    Beverly Heaton

  19. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Good Morning all! The message from the video is inspirational. To me it says to have the courage. Go on & do what is needed. Thank you for that. Jeffrey Gregoire

  20. Victoria

    Thank you for the information. Very inspirational! Good luck to everyone.–V. Nimmo

  21. Melvin Freeman

    The job fair should be interesting.

  22. Eugene Wlodarek

    Good video. Looking forward to next week.

  23. sherriemorgan

    Thanks for the update on the job fair.
    There were some medical office positions listed on kwtx.com’s job board section.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  24. Melvin

    Job Snapshot
    Employee Type: Contractor
    Location: Waco, TX
    Job Type: Other
    Experience: 3 to 4 years
    Date Posted: 1/30/2013
    Apply Now
    Not ready to apply?
    Job Description

    About Us: About Aerotek:

    Join Aerotek. We specialize in the Environmental, Civil, Geotechnical and Construction Management industries. We are one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing providers to these industries. We offer nationwide opportunities and comprehensive benefits to include medical, dental, optical, and optional 401k. Don’t put your career in the hands of just anyone, put it in the hands of a specialist. Join the Aerotek team! Allegis Group and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers and will consider all applications without regard to race, marital status, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.

    Company: Aerotek

    Category: Construction Management Jobs

    Rate: $18.00 to $23.00 per Hour

    Post Date: 1/28/2013Safety Coordinator Job Description:

    Aerotek has partnered with a nationally recognized MEP contractor to work on a high profile project in the Waco area. Great opportunity for safety coordinator with 3-4 years of experience in commercial construction looking to join top MEP firm. Looking for a safety conscious individual with OSHA 30 hour, CPR and First Aid certifications. Looking for an individual that considers safety not as a job, but as a way of life!

    Job Requirements

    Required Skills for Safety Coordinator Job:

    OSHA 30 HOUR

  25. jeridsmith

    Thank you for the web page. Thank you for the update on yhe job fair.

  26. ioniajones

    Ionia Jones, here. I am, also, looking forward to the Job fair on the 13th. I like Susan W.’s comments on the video. I think that the middle class has been beaten up a lot, lately. Many of those world class aspirations can, also, be found in the middle class. Have a good week, everyone! Remember, Job Fair on the 13th, BE THERE!

  27. ChaiHo

    Thank you for the information . Looking forward to the coming job fair.

  28. ChaiHo

    It is a great video. I feel I am in the middle class most of the time and sometime in the would class.
    Looking forward to the job fair.

  29. Mac McKnight

    Thanks for the info.
    My resume is posted if you want to look at it and see if I qualify for any position.

  30. jamesswanson

    Thanks for the info Linda!

  31. Michael Rogers

    Thanks for sharing video. I know a job fair is approaching on Feb. 13, I am willing to take anything available.

  32. bobbydavis

    I WILL be there! Wish everyone good luck in finding work.

  33. angeladevinney

    Thanks again for all of the information for the job fair. I am looking forward to it. This is the first one I’ve been invited to attend. I see that the Psychiatric Nursing Assistant position does not require a degree, that they will “train you.” Ms. Rudd could you email me more about it if you know anything else about it prior to the showcase? When I went to the website and applied for the Assistant Director of Treatment position the other day, I still did not see the Psychiatric Nursing Assistant position posted. Do you want us to e-mail our updated resume/curriculum vitae directly to you? Thanks.


  34. cynthiafrye

    Great message! Thanks for sharing!

  35. dorothy conroy

    Thanks for the link and the info that gives us the safety tips in the new world of ‘your life’ on the internet.
    Dorothy Conroy

  36. Loyd Edwards

    Thank you for the information. I will be checking out Aerotek for I.T. jobs.

  37. Diana Marquez

    Good Morning Everyone..Thanks for the Information looking forward to the job fair..still searching for work on a regular daily basic

  38. zonagreen

    As always thanksfor the information.

  39. reginamarshall

    Went to the resume class this week and going to try and freshen up my resume. Wishing Everyone good luck on a new job!

  40. Paul Hodges

    Interesting information. Thanks

  41. zshade37

    Sounds like an interesting job fair this time,thanks for the information.

  42. Christie Watson

    Thank you for the information and the website.

  43. hcharwell

    again thanks for info

  44. kn1964

    Great video and I read positive comments about the book:

    Here is a summary:
    Champions are driven by emotional motivators
    The great ones chose discipline over pleasure
    Middle class vs. world class
    The great ones believe they cannot fail…they can only learn and grow
    The great ones take responsibility
    Champions have an immense capacity for world class concentration
    Common sense is the foundation of high performance
    The great ones make the complicated simple
    Champions are driven by a world class belief system

    I will read the book. Have a good day!

  45. Christine Sawyer

    The link was very thought provoking. Thank you! It helped organized my mindset about everything that is happening to me right now!

  46. davidw50

    It would be helpful to the “job seekers” if a job description and or requirements, education level,and experience level etc were provided to the applicants before the job fair. This would help the applicants to focus on their experience level and background before the interviews.

  47. Melvin

    in the past we would list all employers attending the job events we schedule, however, job seekers would take that list and go to the employer ahead of time to apply for positions. This upset the employers as they have very strict schedules for seeing applicants. Also, it was not fair for those who were getting up early dressing and getting to the event prepared and on time.

    An agreement was made with the employers to keep their names out of announcements. As for as job descriptions, we do try to post as much of the information as possible. That is if we get it in time. We will try to do better.

    Our primary tool is Work-In-Texas and if the employer has posted that information with us, we will promptly post it. In addition, if you have a question about a particular position, send us your question about that position.

    We are now calling companies about what positions are available, benefits and more. The answers to these inquiries are being posted in the Employee Spotlight Section of the magazine.

  48. jannpage

    YAHOO!!! I finally have an interview with a medical office DOING WHAT I DO BEST, front desk/insurance verification/customer service. The down side is that it is part time but I will take it if offered to me. That could always turn into full time (with patience) (jann page)

  49. brandyrodriguez

    Nice message!! Thanks for the info!!

    Brandy Rodriguez

  50. Melvin

    Great news to hear, I wish you the best!

  51. Jann Page

    Good Morning. Off to the interview. I feel positive!! Will also see you at the job fair sometime today.
    Jann page

  52. Loyd Edwards

    Job prospects for Information Technology in this area are not happening at this time. I am now looking at the possibility of going back to school. Good luck to all job seekers!

  53. James Swanson

    I’m still looking!

  54. reginamarshall

    Submitted my resume to a couple places this week that I’m super excited about. Figers crossed for an interview. Good luck Everyone!!!

  55. Loyd Edwards

    Still looking here also!

  56. James Swanson

    I’ve been doing some on-line job apps, but nothing yet.

  57. Loyd Edwards

    The majority of my applications are online – with a few local exceptions. Still looking ! Good luck to all.

  58. irenewilliams

    thanks for the new source of info


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