Discussion 32: And The Most Important Interviewing Skill Is?

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With last week’s topic still in our thoughts we would like to continue the discussion. An important question to ask ourselves: What is important to the employer during an interview? We prepare ourselves for the questions we will be asked during an interview but we don’t always know if and how we went wrong. Have a look at the following question. Do you know the answer? Tell us what you think and then review more information on the subject, as well as the answer, in the article: NEGATIVE FACTORS EVALUATED BY AN INTERVIEWER


Of the following five behaviors that candidates exhibit during a job

interview, what do you believe is the one behavior most interviewers find


1. Poor personal appearance/hygiene

2. Overemphasis on money

3. Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing

4. Did not ask questions

5. Late to interview


This topic has received much interest which says to us that further action is needed. For those interested, we may be holding a seminar type class to refresh interviewing skills and go over the do’s and do not’s of interviewing. If you would like to participate in this please email us at Rachel@campusjobxpress.com by 02-27-2013.


Quick Note: If you have found employment, please be sure to notify us and mark yourself as working on your Campusjobxpress.com Profile. Thank you.



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  1. ljwp

    Good morning!!!

    I believe that “Poor personal appearance/hygiene” would probably be the most unforgivable, because while the other
    issues could be chalked up to nerves or circumstances beyond your control, appearance and hygiene are totally up to the individual.

    Have a blessed day!.

    Linda Parten

  2. Susan Wade

    Good morning everyone, Susan Wade here. In reviewing the choices above, I would think being late for the interview would be the most negative. It says you do not think enough of the opportunity to be there on time. The interviewer loses interest at the very beginning of the process that is difficult to recapture.

  3. Charles Becker

    Good Morning JOB CLUB, The one that stands out, I think would be late for the interview. Not showing respect for the interviewers “time”, The other four, can probably be worked around. The companies today schedule very close interviews, time is money. They have a long list of interested parties. So being late would cause “others” to be delayed in iterviews,. Best to confirm, and reconfirm interviews. Will be interested in others thoughts from members.

  4. Ron Stratton

    I don’t think an employer has to look to see poor personal appearance/hygiene…it stands out. So that’s number one. the interview doesn’t even have to take place for the employer to make his or her decision. But failing to look at the interviewer would certainly raise a lot of suspicion about the interviewees confidence.

  5. vivianmonroe

    Hello this is Vivian and I think that being late for interview speaks volume. Being late says that this is what you are going to do if hired. Being late says that I have no consideration for you or anything else that you have planned

  6. Charles Becker

    More info on interviews; Saw today on the WORKINTEXAS.COM a article from us news and world report titled 4 great steps to a interview. The article does give more insight about the preparation required for success. The article was on the home page…

  7. sharringt0n

    I think it would be #5, late to the interview. It might mean the person would often be late for work.

    But really, all of those would be negatives to avoid.

    Have a good week, everyone!

    Jann Page, what happened with the job you were a candidate for?

  8. beverlyheaton

    Good morning, I think that being late for the interview would certainly be important to me if I was doing the interviewing. If you can’t be on time for the first meeting of your potential employer what’s that going to say about you as an employee.

    Beverly Heaton

  9. jannpage

    Good Morning all. I GOT THE JOB!!! I started work Monday 18tth and love it so much. It was like I had been there before. Everybody is wonderful, the doctors are easy to be around and there is a real family feeling there.I have been so blessed and the wait was worth while. Thanks for thinking of me Sharrington. The communication thru this program has been and will be a big help always. Jann Page

  10. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, I would have to agree with some of co-job club seekers, being LATE for interview or NOT SHOWING up for an interview tells the employer ALOT about you. You have some great things listed and they go hand in hand. It is hard for you to pick just one. Be Bless

  11. carolynwalter

    I know that being on time is very important and could portray future behaviors but if you can’t look someone in the eye while talking, to me, it shows lack of confidence and consideration. Confidence in yourself and your abilities to perform the job duties you are required is conveyed in how you relate to your employer. I would suggest that if you are going to be late, phone ahead and let them know. The others issues speak for themselves.
    Hope everyone has a good day, Carolyn Walter.

  12. carolynwalter

    Congratulations Jan Page….

  13. brandyrodriguez

    I think that being late would be. It’s a terrible first impression before the interviewer even gets to the see the candidate.

    Brandy Rodriguez

  14. Michael Dutton

    Late to interview without an explanation or phone call would be the first nail in the coffin, then poor personal appearance/hygiene would put you in the ground.

  15. Paul Hodges

    The following would be my thoughts on the ranking of behaviors for interviewing.
    1. 1. Poor personal appearance/hygiene – To me this represents Safety, working with others, if dealing with outside clients, the effective and efficient expected for a person
    2. 4. Did not ask questions – This would represent that the individual does not understand the job even if it is inter level.
    3. 3. Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing – To me this would show lack of self-esteem and confidences.
    4. 2. Overemphasis on money – this is a topic for discussion; however overemphasis could be misunderstood by the interviewer.
    5. 5. Late to interview – this would be wasting the interviewer’s time and not a very good first impression; however there may be a legitimate reason.


  16. MissRudd

    Excellent reasoning Mr. Hodges!

  17. markbeadle

    All those are important to the potential employer; however,
    being late is probably the worst thing you could have done.
    And be early!


  18. zonagreen

    I would think that all these reasons would make a difference to the employer because they would to me if I were the employer. I would not like it if someone was late unless there was a good reason, but first impressions matter and I think a poor personal appearance would be the most important reason.

  19. Eugene Wlodarek

    All of the five are important. Late arrival is the worst of all.

  20. jannpage

    Recently I was interviewed at 10:30am, it lasted one hr and I concentrated on one of my weakness (making eye contact)and apparently it worked along with my other abilities as I was offered the job by 3PM same day. I give
    full credit to working on my initial weakness which made a better interview that ones in the past. (jann Page)

  21. Victoria

    All of those items would be red flags. All of those items would suggest a lack of interest in the job or in being hired. Poor hygiene and being late would definitely show a lack of seriousness about the position. -V. Nimmo

  22. sherriemorgan

    Hi, I would have to say that being on time and taking time with your appearance are both equally important. Making eye contact shows you are confident in your abilities.
    Saw this job listed on KWTX’s job board:
    Job ID 189674141 Office Assistant Clerical – Administrative Waco, Texas CFWW
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  23. sheilaparrish

    Hello Job clubers,
    Sheila Parrish here. I think the biggest mistake anyone could make interviewing is being late. Most employers will not excuse lateness. They relate this to how you will treat reporting to work on time. This is an absolute No No. The attire in the medical is not that important because most medical employers wear scrubs.
    Congratulations to Jann Page for her New Job
    Thank you

  24. jeridsmith

    I feel being late is the worst thing because it shows how irresponsible you are.

  25. tommyharper

    All of these things are deadly sins in interviewing. In my own opinion,
    1. Poor personal appearance/hygiene tells the interviewer that the the prospect is either unmotivated or does not care.

    2. Overemphasis on money says “I don’t care about the job I just want to get paid”

    3. Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing can be attributed to nerves or shows a lack of confidence.

    4. Did not ask questions -usually means that the prospective employee is either nervous or has not researched the company or job.

    5. Late to interview depends on the reason and degree of lateness and if the reason is justifiable. If extenuating circumstances cause the lateness did the prospect call and inform the interviewer of the issue?

    If I had to rate the severity of each I would say that
    #1 poor hygiene/appearance is probably the worst.
    #2 Focus on pay is next
    #5 Is third
    #3&4 would tie.

    God Bless

  26. Jeffrey Gregoire

    I believe that Poor Personal appearance would be the number one choice. Next would be failure to look at the interviewer is a close 2nd. Being Late would be next followed by not asking questions then money. Jeffrey Gregoire

  27. Frances Gerick

    All of the things would stand out, but I feel being late is the most unforgiving. You should always be early, just in case other paperwork is required.

  28. ioniajones

    Hello,everyone, Ionia Jones here! All of the examples are unforgiveable, but I believe that the worst example would be showing up late. I believe that the job interviewer would rather you call and rescheudule your appointment, for a reasonable reason, then have have you show up late! I am interested in the rest of your comments on this subject. I will continue reading, and you guys have a great rest of the week!

  29. angeladevinney

    I would agree that being late would be first unless the reasoning was justified and/or if they called ahead to say there was a massive pile up on !-35 although I left 30min early, etc. To me the 2nd would be poor hygiene because it would scream that you did not care enough about yourself or the job to dress nice or at least nice enough for the occasion. Eye contact is a must, although as a counselor, I personally understand cultural factors and I would hope that employers do as well during job interviews. People from cultures unaccustomed to making eye contact with employers or people in positions of authority should rehearse this with others before job interviews in order to attempt to appear more confident before a job interview. I hear that more and more companies are frowning upon asking about money, paid vacation, etc. during the job interviews so I would rank that next. The best way to handle it “nowadays” is to ask about the benefits package. My next one would be to ask questions. I do feel it is important because you need to show you are interested in the position, the company, and their mission enough to have researched it. Just my two cents.

    Congratulations Jann!!

  30. Melvin Freeman

    This is something that I need to revist.

  31. Michael Rogers

    The thoughts on the ranking of behaviors for interviewing, I have to agreed with Paul Hodges. Also would be wasting the interviewer’s time and your’s if you are not honest and not qualify for a position you are applying for. If you feel confident, and think you can fill the position, be honest and state your reason why you want that position. Being honest will get you further.

  32. Gary McCully

    Being late. A first impression is a lasting impression. Then if your “smell” precedes you, that is bad, whether it be body odor, smokey clothes, unwashed clothes or the smell of cheeseburgers in your clothes, is a “turn off”. Some people are just not good with eye contact, it takes concentration, confidence and practice, which can be done in front of a mirror. Asking questions is impressive and shows a legitimate interest. Money talk would be last but also a negative.

  33. Charles Waddle

    I believe 1 and 5 are of equal weight. Being late is automatic. Hygiene is the same, who wants to work with filth.

  34. jbrig

    Honestly it’s a toss up “poor personal appearance/hygiene” “not looking at the interviewer” and “overemphasis on money” are all going to let an employer know that you may not be someone they will want to hire, but if I had to say the number one would probably be “being late for an interview”. That’s going to be the number one thing that will keep you from getting hired. It doesn’t matter what you look like, if they don’t see you. On a side note what would be worse showing up to an interview in a Dress shirt and New/Clean Jeans or an old/stained pair of slacks and dress shirt?

  35. Melvin

    Fork Lift Drivers – 12 hour shifts, either 7am – 7pm or 7pm – 7am. Must pass the fork lift test and have a valid driver’s license to qualify. Long term assignment (18 months) Pay: $10.50/$10.75.

    Production – 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift. Pay range (depending on shift) $8.93-$9.18

    Call Center – Collections, out-bound calls – prior call center experience a plus, prior call center/collections experience a BIG plus, pay is $9/hr.

    Medical File Clerk and Medical Receptionist – high volume business, needs individuals with prior experience and ability to work in a VERY fast paced environment.

    If you have an interest, please email Rachel@campusjobxpress.com.

  36. Mac McKnight

    I agree with Paul Hodges ,but would put late in the number two slot, but with the same reason

  37. angeladevinney

    Well everyone, please keep your fingers crossed, I have a job interview for per diem work with Hickory Trails Hospital for their Mobile Assessment Team lined up for Monday afternoon. Given the state of my current job, although this one is not full time, it would be better to take this other one and pick up extra shifts while continuing to look. I also had applied for the weekend trauma therapist position at Parkland Hospital and it said my packet was found to meet criteria and sent on to the hiring manager for review. They actually discourage applicants from calling to check on the status and it says it could adversely affect your ability to get the job. Here’s to hoping. If not, perhaps I could do the Mobile Assessment Team and some private practice work to get by for a while.

  38. ls

    Congratulations Jann Page!!!!!!!

  39. dorothy conroy

    I think being late is the worst, if you know you will be late then call or reschedule if possible. But if you show up late and stinky do not expect a second interwiew.

    Dororthy Conroy

  40. J C Riggs

    As someone who has handled interviewing prospective applicants these are all things that need to be in the mind of the person applying. You should ask yourself, would I want to hire someone that comes in late and sloppy, and all the care about is the money !!!

  41. sharringt0n

    Congratulations Jann! I’m soooo pleased for you!

    Please keep your fingers crossed for me; there is a job doing a background check on me and hopefully after that will come an interview. Fingers crossed.

  42. Diana Marquez

    I agree all five are important…

  43. zshade37

    To me the most unforgivable thing one can do is not look the interviewer in the eye when one speaks. An interviewer may feel the applicant h

  44. zshade37

    To me the most unforgivable thing one can do is not look the interviewer in the eye when one speaks. An interviewer may feel the applicant has something to hide or may not be truthful with their answers. Eye contact and body language go a long way toward showing one is confident as well as ready for any new challenge.

  45. ChaiHo

    All of these are important , and being late will be the worst thing.

  46. hcharwell

    good statements and information

  47. kn1964

    A close relative to me told me:
    Practice your body language: eye contact and firm handshake. Dress for the Job. Listen to your interviewer. Don’t Talk Too Much. Ask Questions, most candidates answer, “No” and is wrong answer. You have to demonstrate an interest about the potential job. Be punctual, use your resume and research about the company (before your interview)…

  48. Christie Watson

    I feel that being late would be the most damaging to a job interveiw.As I feel it does not represent punctuality.

  49. Lawrence LeMay

    I would say being late shows that you are not dependable.

  50. gustavoeusebio

    I beleive that all five are important, one should prepare as much as possible prior to the interview, strongly feel that either one can break the deal. In fact it would be a good idea to use it as a check-list to help us keep in check.

  51. ernestinesample

    Hello, everyone. Checking in, but I see that I might be to early again because we have the same question. Check back later. Be Bless

  52. angeladevinney

    I stick with last week’s reply on this one. By the way, I had an interview for a Mobile Assessment Team position with Hickory Trail Hospital on Monday. I should hear back within a week. It is not full time, but has the potential to pay more than my current position as it is per diem a shift, but pays good each call out I receive. Plus I can volunteer to take more shifts when people ask off.

    I know you mentioned above about questions asked during interviews and it is a topic that comes up from time to time. Here are a few of the questions I was asked:

    “Give an example of a time you someone said you went above and beyond (the call of duty or your expectations).”

    “A lot of what we do involves working with people in various departments and working as part of a team. Give an example of you working as part of a team or how you have participated as part of a team.”

    “Service excellence is important to us, what is something you can do to improve upon service excellence.”

    Most of the other questions were more specific to my discipline regarding diagnosis and treatment of people, but those were across the board interview type of questions.

    I don’t remember the exact name of it, but I saw a commercial on television that the Nissan dealership in Killeen, Texas is hiring.

    As of February 23rd a friend on Facebook had posted that Hydrous of Lake Lewisville was hiring Construction Workers for Foundation, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, Roofing, Finish Out, and Landscaping. Those interested can email info@hydrouswakeparks.com


  53. jannpage

    Thanks to all that sent me congrats on my new job. It is going well and I LOVE it and the staff I work with. I ask blessings to all that are undergoing interviews and say one thing. PATIENCE!!! iT WORKS.

  54. Jeremy Holt

    This is Jeremy Holt and want to say this is great info

  55. Charles Becker

    good morning; this is chuck becker, will check back later today.

  56. ioniajones

    Ionia Jones reporting. Charles Becker’s comment from last week was on point. When a potential employee comes to an interview late, he/she delays the appointments of other potential employees. Being late is like falling dominoes, its not just about you being late, you have made everyone else late! Listening to a well-known sports station reviewing the tryouts at the NFL Combine, I was surprised that one high-draft candidate’s overall ability came second to the fact that he was late for his tryouts. Now, this guy will get another chance at getting the brass ring, but us regular guys don’t have that same oppur-tunity. We have to try to get it right on the first opportunity. Good luck on your searches this week!

  57. hcharwell

    i know you asked for 1 , i say 1 and 5

  58. Christine Sawyer

    Hello all!
    I think #5. Late to interview…….What would leave the most unfavorable memory of yourself than arriving late to your own show. At least take the time to call if something unforeseen happens but you had best move heaven and earth to get there instead. I will agree with above as well that “Time is money”.

  59. Paul Hodges

    Of the following five behaviors that candidates exhibit during a job

    interview, what do you believe is the one behavior most interviewers find


    5. Late to interview:

    Without explanation this set the tone for the interview. The interviewer is waiting and already has negative vibes. Not good for the interviewee.


  60. lucretiar

    My question is why do they ask some of the weird questions they ask. There is a whole set of questions that most interviewers use now that don’t seem to be about skills at all, but more about personality traits. Those can be a killer in an interview. I never know how to answer them.

    As for the five questions presented, there is only one I am not confident about and that is asking questions. If the position and office atmosphere is well explained,I never know what else to ask.


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