Discussion 33: Interviewing Continutation

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This is the question we ask you all to answer last week in Discussion 32:

Of the following five behaviors that candidates exhibit during a job

interview, what do you believe is the one behavior most interviewers find


1. Poor personal appearance/hygiene

2. Overemphasis on money

3. Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing

4. Did not ask questions

5. Late to interview

The following is the answer given by the author of the book Interviewing Skills:

“If you guessed #4, you are correct! Job applicants who donʼt ask questions make

interviewers lose confidence in them and it makes them feel that you might not possess

the ability to take on a job as great as the one he is offering you. So, remember to have

your questions ready.”

However, it is our belief at CampusJobXpress that the answer should be all of the above.

We found all of your answers very informative, well thought out, and applaud the way you

answered. The following is the remainder of the discussion from the author and we

welcome your thoughts and opinions.

“Now, back to what other situations interviewers view

negatively during a job interview. Make sure you donʼt do any of these:

• Late to the interview (Big No-No)

• Personal appearance that is unprofessional

• Overbearing, overaggressive or egotistical behavior

• Lack of positive purpose

• Failure to look at interviewer while interviewing

• Lack of interest and enthusiasm —passive and indifferent

• Lack of confidence and poise, nervousness

• Over emphasis on compensation

• Evasiveness, making excuses for unfavorable factors in work history

• Lack of tact, maturity and courtesy

• Condemnation of past employers, managers, projects or technologies

• Inability to carry on a conversation

• Lack of commitment to fill the position at hand

• Failure to ask questions about the position

• Persistent attitude of “What can you do for me?”

• Inability to take criticism

• Indecisive, cynical, or lazy

• Lack of preparation for the interview—failure to get information about

the company resulting in inability to ask intelligent questions.

Employers hire people they like; they do not hire people they do not like.

Therefore — first and foremost— be likable and create a good first

impression on your interview. People get hired — experience alone does




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  1. Susan Wade

    Good morning everyone, Susan Wade here. I went back to Work in Texas and printed the discussion on Candidates Guide to the Perfect Interview. A lot of the things mentioned coincide with the above information. It made me realize I have to work on some aspects of my skills. I don’t think to ask questions; assuming I will receive all the information I need from the prospective employer. I never considered it from the other side. Something to improve. Thank you for all the good information.

  2. Frances Gerick

    I knew all of the above were important things to be prepared for, but I guess I was thinking more towards the experience being the number one. It’s almost like selling yourself in the best possible way, without being overbearing or overaggressive. This has definitely made me think more into presenting myself as a better candidate when interviewing. Thanks for your help!

  3. tommyharper

    My thoughts are that in order to be able to ask intelligent and relevant questions, it is necessary to do some research about the company and position before your ever get to the interview. Even if the research provides the answer the interviewer can clarify or refine the answer.

    God bless

  4. angeladevinney

    I posted too early so the additional information was not yet there on this one. Here is a repeat of my earlier post. Sorry for those already on the other one. Also, I have made some of the mistakes above. Since my last job was unethical, I had listed that as the reason I left my job and others ask about it in the interview. I stressed it too much when asked about it in the interview in the past. I had to be quite diplomatic about it this time in the interview since I was actually interviewing for a “sister” hospital to the one I left back then. I admitted there were some things I did not agree with which were going on and left it as I felt they were likely fiscally driven and by someone I understand is no longer there. I felt it was stated in a way in which if their focus truly is “service excellence” it would go over better.

    I stick with last week’s reply on this one. By the way, I had an interview for a Mobile Assessment Team position with Hickory Trail Hospital on Monday. I should hear back within a week. It is not full time, but has the potential to pay more than my current position as it is per diem a shift, but pays good each call out I receive. Plus I can volunteer to take more shifts when people ask off.

    I know you mentioned above about questions asked during interviews and it is a topic that comes up from time to time. Here are a few of the questions I was asked:

    “Give an example of a time you someone said you went above and beyond (the call of duty or your expectations).”

    “A lot of what we do involves working with people in various departments and working as part of a team. Give an example of you working as part of a team or how you have participated as part of a team.”

    “Service excellence is important to us, what is something you can do to improve upon service excellence.”

    Most of the other questions were more specific to my discipline regarding diagnosis and treatment of people, but those were across the board interview type of questions.

    I don’t remember the exact name of it, but I saw a commercial on television that the Nissan dealership in Killeen, Texas is hiring.

    As of February 23rd a friend on Facebook had posted that Hydrous of Lake Lewisville was hiring Construction Workers for Foundation, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, Roofing, Finish Out, and Landscaping. Those interested can email info@hydrouswakeparks.com


  5. Charles Becker

    Good Morning, this is Chuck Becker. Good insight. Almost like setting goals in January. Picking several a week and working on them.Action develops confidence. I’m not the expert, however, when interviewing, consider you’re speaking with the “owner”, or CEO. Looking thru their glasses what would they be looking for.Also, the more knowledge of their business and competition gives a edge.The more you can relate to them, and offer solutions, and feel at ease gives you a edge. just reading the information from campusjobxpress, developing affirmations, will help with interview. Sometimes, we get down on our selves. Don’t let the world ruin your attitude. Yes…. SMILE in the interview, . One other thought… Maybe the interview goes bad…. can happen. Ask the interviewer:, Help me, we know this wasn’t the “best”, what could I do to improve my skills? Maybe will help in the future. Let me know what you think..?

  6. Ron Stratton

    No doubt, all of the points are important, and a lot of it will depend on the interviewer. The sales positions that I’ve interviewed for, are very appearance and image oriented. So, confidence and attitude are high on their list. The rest of the list plays a very large part too, so the best thing to do is print out the list and try to be able to put a positive check mark on all.

  7. sheilaparrish

    Good morning Job Club seekers,
    Sheila Parrish here. Thank you for providing the results. It’s always good to get other people’s views on subjects like these. The wide variety of age plays a big role and is very important to keep us updated on the younger view.
    I also agree that it really depends on the type of job that is available as to what order some of the items can fit into but most definitely they all should be on this list

  8. Jeffrey Gregoire

    I think the overall likeability of a perspective employee shines through most of all when all the the principles noted are displayed. Great advice & information, thank you! Jeffrey Gregoire

  9. Diana Marquez

    Great advice and info Thank you!

  10. Michael Dutton

    All good comments.

  11. Melvin Freeman

    I did not understand the importance of asking question.

  12. Eugene Wlodarek

    The information in the discussion was really helpful. I will have to devote more time to researching the company, so I will be able to ask relevent questions.

  13. beverlyheaton

    Beverly Heaton here, good article to review before going for an interview.

  14. sharringt0n

    This is great feedback, thank you.

    Midway ISD ishaving a job fair 3/23, and Hawaiian Falls is hiring for summer season.

  15. Victoria

    These are all very important points, and it is great to have a chance to review them. Research the company online as much as possible so you can have questions available to ask, and pay close attention to what the interviewer says so that you can be thinking about questions to ask. Good luck to everyone.–V. Nimmo

  16. Charles Waddle

    Asking questions shows interest and knowledge about the job. No questions and the interviewer has no way of assessing your capabilities other than what you have written. One of the reasons the interviewer ask you questions is to elicit a response both in showing knowledge of the job area and assessing your interest in the job itself.

  17. sherriemorgan

    Although all the above is needed…being on time and appearance are the most important as they are the key to how the rest of the interview goes. If you’re sloppy looking or late then no matter how intelligently you handle yourself the person has already made their decision.
    Saw this listed on indeed.com: Meter Reader Atmos Energy.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  18. carolynwalter

    Carolyn Walter here. I agree that all of the above issues are important when interviewing. There are some good points in the article and I’m going to have to practice on “asking” the questions. I am not very outgoing in nature so I am sometimes reluctant to open the door first in a conversation. You always assume all the information you need will be given to you.

  19. Mac McKnight


    Is there a interview class at the workforce center and how do I take it.

  20. jeridsmith

    Thank you for the information. That helps me be more prepared for interviews and what theylook for.

  21. wendyboone

    I think one thing when you go to an interview is when you are very cocky or have a air like you think you know everything. I have seen this on some interviews I went on and those peoples interview was very short.

  22. Loyd Edwards

    Very good analogy, inline with today’s expectations coming from interviewers.

    Good luck everyone

  23. jamesswanson

    All good comments, especially being on time and dressed appropriately. First impressions are lasting impressions. Also, need to be self assured, but not cocky or too humble.

  24. Melvin

    Asking question shows the employer you are engaged in the process, you are interested in more than money.

  25. markbeadle

    Excellent information. All of the above issues are very
    important. A potential employee needs to find out as much
    information as possible for the job prospect. Need to ask
    questions is very important for the candidate.


  26. MissRudd

    Thank you for the information Ms. Devinney. I communicated through email with the company you mentioned was hiring and I would like to add the information that we gathered. The construction positions have been filled. The only positions available at this time are for seasonal park attendants. This comapny is a Wake Park (WaterPark) near Dallas and the comapny would like to only hire people who live within a 15 mile radius.

    Everyone keep up the good work on reporting jobs. We will get you all the extra information possible from any job opening that you notify us about. Thank you all!

  27. Penny Bell

    Great feedback. Will keep this hese in mind on my next interview!

  28. ljwp

    Very good info.

    I’ve found that doing some research on the prospective employer gives me more confidence and the employer seems to appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to get to know more about them.

    Linda Parten

  29. J C Riggs

    Really liked the comments. Good advice, thanks!

  30. Christine Sawyer

    Good morning, all….The above listed No-Nos and advice has been printed out and stuck to my bulletin board so that I remember to do all of these things before I actually go to an interview. The funny part is that I still don’t seem to get anywhere even when I have done all of these things… I will have to try harder and hopefully make the fit for someone!

  31. zonagreen

    Thanks for the information. Although I thought all the points were important for a first impression I didn’t realize questions would be the most important. Good to know.

  32. jbrig

    I guess that’s something I never thought of, not asking questions of the (potential)employer. I’ve always gone into interviews with an idea of what my (potential)job would entail, so I never really saw a need for asking questions. I guess that’s something I’ll have to work on for any future interviews. It’s food for thought anyways.

    On a side note I have seen that the Tractor Supply Co. DC on I 35 south has a “Now Hiring” Banner out front facing the freeway directing those interested to their website.

  33. brandyrodriguez

    Thanks for the information!!

    Brandy Rodriguez

  34. dorothy conroy

    This is good info, I will read the book on interviewing skills.

    Dorothy Conroy

  35. Christie Watson

    Thanks for the information.I was unaware of some and familiar with others.Again thank you for the tips on the most effective way to handle a job inerveiw.

  36. Paul Hodges

    negatively during a job interview. Make sure you donʼt do any of these:

    • Lack of confidence and poise, nervousness

    • Lack of tact, maturity and courtesy

    • Inability to carry on a conversation

    • Failure to ask questions about the position

    The above would in my opinion carry a lot of weight, however all are important.

    Paul Hodges

  37. zshade37

    Very informative, I definitely can understand an interviewer point of view.

  38. hcharwell

    i agree all five too

  39. kn1964

    Thank you for your support and advises.
    According to Forbes Magazine, the best questions to ask in a job interview are:
    1. How would you describe the ideal candidate?
    2. How do you envision this position supporting you?
    3. How does this position fit into the company’s long-term plans?
    4. How would you define “success” for this position?
    5. What can I do for you as follow-up?
    And other experts advise “Never ask about salary and benefits,” “Don’t ask any questions related to your needs.”

  40. ChaiHo

    I will think and prepare all the questions I have for the job before the interview.

  41. jamesswanson

    The questions from Forbes magazine are very interesting!

  42. shellycawthon

    Good advice!

  43. ls

    Excellent information, thank you

  44. carolsmith1960

    personal appearance and good hygiene are most important because you can only make 1 first impression


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