Discussion 34: What are you looking for?

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Most people are looking for work because they are in need of money. Many people look for a job because they want to explore new experiences and find themselves. Some people look for a certain type of job because its fashionable (i.e. interior decorating. photography, etc.)
Reality is that an individual needs to look for a job that fits their individual personality, their family’s needs and one that suits their skill level. Money should be the last thing on your list.
Money is simply a pacifier, it can only get you so far. As human beings, our work should mean more than a paycheck. We should feel successful and confident in our choice. So tell us, what kind of job are you looking for? Any specifics? Why do you feel like this job will suit you?


Hiring Event 3-6-13
HOT Workforce Center - Room 130
Positions include Insurance Agents and Regional Team Leader
Job Posting Numbers: 6231652, 4901876, 4910015


Midway ISD Job Fair 3-23-13
8200 Mars Drive
Register at midwayisd.org/apply

The following is a list of Job Postings in WorkinTexas that are actively looking for the right candidate. These positions have a high possibility of resulting in an interview for those who apply through WorkinTexas.
Posting ID & Position
4902512 Catering – part time
6218571 Combo Truck Driver
3152471 Truck Driver
4903010 Truck Driver
3152671 Driver/Merchandiser
3149542 Production Assistant
8212217 Commercial HVAC helper
2677963 Dean of Instruction – Technical Education
8208746 News Reporter
6871232 Production Assistant
8209220 Maintenance Worker
3140805 Program Director Occupational Therapy
6862607 Data Base Specialist
8205261 Programmer Analyst
4898211 Division Chair – Nursing
6221574 Business Consultant
8213052 Business Consultant
4903291 Parts Specialist
4903294 Management
6871587 Driver
8213336 Retail
3145460 Route Sales
2663630 Cost Engineer
6867116 Driver
6867121 Driver
3151816 CNC set up programmer
6872409 Account Representative
2664023 System Application Integrator
8196811 College Police Officer
2679923 CNC Machinist – Day
6871054 CNC Machinist – evening
3151391 Driver
6225618 Diesel Mechanic
3158536 Insurance Agent
3159469 General Maintenance
2668814 Substitute Teacher



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  1. tommyharper

    I am looking to get back into post secondary technical education. I like helping people learn new skills and advance their career goals.

  2. ljwp

    Good morning!

    I am looking for an accounting job, because that is what I majored in at college, I am quite good at it and I enjoy doing it – mostly.

    Have a blessed day!

    Linda Parten

  3. Susan Wade

    Good morning everyone, Susan Wade here. I think you look for different things in a job/career depending on the stage of your life. When you are young, sometimes money is the only consideration. For some people, this never changes. Some are lucky to find their “dream job” early on and continue with this course. For others, a change can come with the loss of a job and a change of course. This happened to me when I returned to school and my original choice of career in nursing. Now, I would just like a job similar to my last one in a medical office.

  4. Charles Becker

    GOOD MORNING, this is Chuck. Some good thoughts.

  5. Frances Gerick

    Good morning everyone! I’M looking for a position in Payroll. I have over 30 years experience in this field. I love working in this position, mainly because I’m confident in my work and it keeps you busy.

  6. brandyrodriguez

    I am looking for a job in radiation therapy, I have a degree/licensure in that field. I truly enjoy this field and the work and the hours work well with my family schedule. And the money is nice too!! :0)

    Brandy Rodriguez

  7. cjxpadmin

    Hello everyone! Good morning.

    There is a mini job fair at the workforce center today!

    Local Employer hiring for:
    Insurance Agents (Temple, Waco) and Regional Team Leaders (Belton).
    They will be in room 130, and will be interviewing from 10 am – 4 pm.

    Job posting numbes in Work in Texas are: 6231652, 4901876, 4910015.

    Good luck everyone!

  8. markbeadle

    Good morning everyone and best of luck.
    I am looking for a job in outside sales.
    Possibly if the job had potential, I would consider management in the restaurant industry. Problem with the
    restaurant industry is that they work you 70-80 hours.


  9. jannpage

    Good Morning, my job is still wonderful and I love it. For those still looking, today’s newspaper had some good listing (for a change). Hope all goes well this week for those that are still looking. (Jann Page)

  10. Michael Dutton

    I am searching for a position to expand my career in Supply Chain Management & Continuous Improvement. Companies internally label this with a variety of titles such as Materials Management, Procurement, Inventory Management, Buyer Planner & Logistics.

    I am a detail oriented person & enjoy the challenge of working with a wide range of individuals from vendors, engineers, marketing, operations & quality to the assembly person to achieve efficiencies in the supply chain and ultimately make or increase the profit margin for the company I represent, while meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations.

    My work history & previous success demonstrate competence in this career choice. I look forward to learning & growing with a new company.

  11. Jeffrey Gregoire

    Good Morning all! I am looking for a job which is satisfying both mentally & creatively. I have had jobs that I detested going to work every day & want to avoid that again, it just does not last. I enjoy the landscaping business from a residential perspective & have done research & found it is in demand now more than ever. Wish me luck in that endeavor. Jeffrey Gregoire

  12. Charles Waddle

    This is probably my biggest problem. Identifying the job I would enjoy. As a retired military officer (flier), I find most jobs lacking in some way. Mostly the thrill of the chase type thing. I guess it was the adrenaline rush I miss.

  13. sharringt0n

    I am looking for a position that will benefit from my skills as a graphic designer with strong experience in packaging, print and pre-press. That will use my expertise in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Companies title these jobs in many different ways: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Graphic Design Production, Preflight Specialist, Communications Manager, Marketing Director, Packaging Specialist.

    I am still noticing an uptick with job listings, every week there seems to be an increase in what’s available out there. We each only need ONE job.

  14. hcharwell

    to be happy with your job would be great

  15. angeladevinney

    I would most like a job counseling adolescents full time. Although I would do counseling full time (with adults, children, or adolescents).

    I was offered a job yesterday and accepted for the position I interviewed last Monday. It is contingent upon the background check (and I have to wait until it comes back). It is not necessarily your standard full time job since it is a “per diem” job, but I am already scheduled for 3 12-hour shifts per week and I am paid an amount per shift and then per callout. I will be allowed to pick up extra shifts when they may come available.


  16. Ron Stratton

    at one time, money was the number one factor. The older I get, the more it is less a factor. I don’t have the financial burden that I had when I was younger so I have a little freedom in being able to do what I feel I’m geared for.

  17. amylynntowery

    I have worked as a supervisor and insurance verification specialist for the last couple of years. My goal is to be successful in my career. I also have the confidence needed to change my career, if given the chance.

  18. ernestinesample

    Hello Everyone, what a great topic. It is very imporant that you love what you do. What happen is that you be at a job at so long that you are just there for a check and that is not good. You must love what you do even if it is a pay cut.

  19. ernestinesample

    Hey Angela, I read your message and I would love to know where you are working. Iam currently going to school to be counselor and I would love to get my foot in the door.Any suggestion?

  20. Victoria

    I am looking for a job in which to use my research, writing, critical-thinking, and analytical skills. Best wishes to everyone!–V. Nimmo

  21. Mac McKnight

    I would say, All the above.
    looking for some thing that I like and pays enough to support my famley

  22. Lawrence LeMay

    I am looking for truck driving or equipment operator. I am very suitable for this job I have done it my whole life and am very good at it.

  23. sheilaparrish

    Hello Job clubbers,
    Sheila Parrish here, I am loved the job that I had and I am currently looking to change my profession. Still in the medical office but on the medical side instead of the business management side. Hopefully the training that I am going through now will be a big success and I will be in that dream job soon.

  24. ioniajones

    I cannot believe that I just lost everything that I had typed! Well, here we go, again. Ionia Jones, reporting; I would like to work in the classroom as an assistant or as a substitute(I applied for the sub job at WISD last week). I worked for 13 years as a secretary, and would love to do that again. I would like to use some of the crafting skills that I have received over these many years and, maybe turn it into a little business venture.

    Getting off the subject for a minute, I read an interesting article about new ways that employers are getting their new employees. Hope that we can revisit that subject on JobClub sometimes down the future.

    I am, also, interested in taking some of the computer training that Workforce is attempting to start up. Will I need to contact someone at the office or is my stating my interest here, enough?

    Good responses this week, see you next week. Have a good one!!!!

  25. debb6

    Hi there to all:
    I loved my job as customer service rep for 30 years in a small office, and moved to Houston.

    Now I am seeking another job
    I am at the age where employment is tough.
    Keep searching…….

  26. Melvin Freeman

    After being out of work for a year I a looking forward to both working & earning an income.

  27. zonagreen

    All the jobs I had in the past were because I had to have money in order to pay bills, not because I enjoyed the job that much. Now I would like to find a job that I really enjoyed doing.

  28. carolynwalter

    Carolyn Walter here. In the days we are trying to survive in, money is an important issue. But, in order to “want” to go to work, you must love your job and get along with co-workers.
    I am confident in the bookkeeping skills I have learned on my own by running an office for our own business. Building everything from ground up. I like the atmosphere in an office. At the same time, since I have been unemployed I have been able to do some crafting and sewing, this is a hobby of mine but I could see it turning into something profitable if I put my items out there to be seen.
    I am confident in the skills I have but am not comfortable in large crowds.
    Hope everyone has a good day and Good Luck in the job hunting.

  29. stantongreer

    I’m looking for something that will let me try teaching math/engineering to determine if it is really a good fit for me.

  30. Loyd Edwards

    IT or Information Technology is my strong suit –

    I’m proficient in computer hardware and computer networking. This includes server side operations and hardware maintanance.

  31. ChaiHo

    I did restaurant, retail store,and manufacture management for the past 25 years. all my jobs I had were very very stressful and long hours . And now i really want to get a full time job that offer me insurance and work no more than 40 hours every week.Still looking for it.

  32. beverlyheaton

    I had worked in banking for 36 years but have been unemployed for almost a year now. I enjoy helping people so any type of customer service position would be something I would be interested in or even a receptionist with secretarial work.

    Beverly Heaton

  33. jbrig

    I see myself as someone who is looking for something that will pay bills for now(I know it’s a poor attitude to have) but hope that I will find something I will be happy enough with to stay with for an extended length. The type of work I would like to find is either working with parts sales or as a service advisor at a car dealership or other service center.

  34. alanmccoy

    Hello All

    I was employed in the South Tx oilfield as Field Safety Coordinator. I worked for a company that develops drilling rig pad sites and access roads & bridges to get to the rig site. I have worked in construction over 20 years and am searching for work in this field. At the end of the day i get a good feeling of satisfaction when i look at the work that was accomplished.

  35. reginamarshall

    Looking for office manager position or account executive position seeing that’s what I did for over 15 yrs for wireless companies.

  36. J C Riggs

    I am looking for a position within the Central Texas area. I would like to stay in my chosen profession of law enforcement.

  37. Christie Watson

    I am looking for work in the clerical feild of medical office enviroment.I went to school for medical billing and coding and due to no on hands experience company’s will not give me a chance.I find very discouraging,but God will provide in the end.

  38. zshade37

    My ideal job would be a video game tester and or advisor. I enjoy playing games and helpingpeoplethe best game for their needs.

  39. kn1964

    I am seeking a job with a manufacturing or warehouse company where I can use my experience as a Forklift Driver to become a valuable asset.
    Location: Waco/Clifton/Meridian/Hewitt/Bellmead
    I am able to receive cargo into packing area, report any overages, shortages or damages from the delivery to the appropriate agents, and follow packing instructions as indicated by paperwork. I am capable of physical activity, fast problem solver, ability to meet deadlines and efficiently work with others in the department.
    Able to work first shift and monday-saturday.

  40. debb6

    We all hope the jobs turn around in Waco area soon, and I think they will. there are several to check on at TWC. I would like to see receptionist position and phone work, as I did that for several years.Nice talking to good people on the phones.

  41. jamesswanson

    I’ve worked in aviation for 51 yrs. I’d like to finish up in aviation.

  42. jannpage

    checking in before i leave for wrk. good vibes for all (jann Page)

  43. ernestinesample

    Hello all, did not see anything new, so I will just check in. Be Bless Everyone.

  44. sheilaparrish

    Hello Fellow job club seekers,
    Sheila Parrish here and I was looking for a new subject today but I did not see one so I am checking in to see. I will keep checking throughout the day just in case Rachael is late today
    Thank you

  45. sharringt0n

    Midway hires substitutes, too, you might look into them also to get more calls.

  46. sharringt0n

    I am looking for a position that would use my computer skills. My main background is in graphic design, so Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator and Photoshop are strong suits. I’ve done a lot of Powerpoint presentations. My typing skills are very strong, 78 wpm tested. I know my way around Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

    So, ideally I would find a graphic design or production job here in the Waco area, but am also looking at office positions.

    Good luck everyone! We each only need ONE job!

  47. beverlyheaton

    Also checking in will check back later.

    Beverly Heaton

  48. Susan Wade

    Good morning, checking in today and will keep checking throughout the day. Thanks, Susan Wade

  49. tommyharper

    Just checking in, I will check back later.

  50. ljwp

    Also, checking in — anyone know if we are getting a new topic for this week?

    Have a blessed day, everyone.

    Linda Parten

  51. Charles Becker

    Hello, Chuck Becker checking in. Will check back later…(?)

  52. Gary McCully

    No news.

  53. Victoria

    I would like to use my research, writing, and analytical skills in a job. I would like to feel that I am valued where I work. Best wishes!–V. Nimmo

  54. sherriemorgan

    Just found out that the post I made did not go thru the 6th. My computer crashed as I tried to reply. (I had my fingers crossed but no go.) I am looking for an office job that allows for growth within the company. In my prior job I was in sales but I also wrote our product marketing ads. I love to write and learn. Don’t really want to say money is most important but right now it is.
    Sherrie Morgan-Cole

  55. dorothy conroy

    I am checking in -still looking

    Dorothy Conroy

  56. Melvin Freeman

    I found A job-Thanks for your help!

  57. shellycawthon

    I love the saying…Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life 🙂

  58. J C Riggs

    Looking to get back into Law Enforcement, I’m going to keep trying !!

  59. James Swanson

    The saying about doing something you love is really true. I’ve been really blessed in that department.

  60. debb6

    checking in today..not seeing alot, but will still work on it.

  61. debb6

    I am still searching, wanting something fun and at my age its tough. Money is not problem just fun.

  62. Loyd Edwards

    Checking in today – still looking for a full time job in the Computer Technician or Computer Systems (LAN) Administrator area – McLennan county area

    Good luck to all!

    Loyd E.

  63. Melvin Freeman

    I thought I was employed,but I did not work out,so I am back.

  64. jamesswanson

    No luck yet! Still looking.

  65. Melvin Freeman

    I am just looking for a job period.

  66. cloudyday07

    Is this in Waco? Any listings in the Alamo Area?

  67. Debb6

    checked over all today, and not seeing much on job applications. Will keep looking, as something will come up soon.


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