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Preparing to Write your Resume

Preparing To Write Your Resume Before you write a single word on your resume, you must consider what you want to say. We will get to the proper resume format and the recommended order of presentation in future articles. But first to get started, you must gather your thoughts and carefully consider what are the […]


INITIATIVE What is the definition of initiative? Well, when you’re talking about a personal nature such as social settings, it would be an introductory act or step, leading action, such as it would take initiative to make friends. In other settings, it could mean readiness and ability in initiating action, something enterprising or adventurous. Now […]

Illegal Interview Questions

ILLEGAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Have you ever been to an interview and you were asked certain questions and in your mind, you wondered, “Was that question legal?” “Should I answer that or object?” Well, it happens to a lot of people. There are various situations where you may be asked questions that could go either way. […]