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If Not Resumes, Then What?

By Silvia Seelig Regular resumes have almost become obsolete. It is still a good idea to have one, but don’t stop there. We suggest that you always have an electronic resume at your convenience, but other than resumes, we will also discuss other job search tools available to you. Electronic Resumes The internet has become […]

Job Search: Ready! Set! Go!

By Ayunne Collins When preparing for a job search, what are the appropriate steps to take? What do you have to do to get ready? What items should you put together for purpose of ease? How should you conduct this job search? All these questions come to mind when you get out there trying to […]

Getting An Employer’s Attention

By Yolanda L Salazar With the job market the way it is today, it is not only difficult to get a job, but it is becoming extremely difficult in just getting an interview. There could be many reasons why you are not getting an interview. Take a good look at your resume. Is it concise […]

General Assessment

As you conduct your job search, besides considering the usual — dress for success, arriving timely, questions to ask, knowledge of company, knowing your interviewer’s name, etc., realize also that upon getting the interview, you may be asked to go through various assessments, surveys or questionnaires prior to you getting the job. In fact, how […]

March: A Time To Spring Into Action

By Silvia Seelig As the cold weather days dwindle into the ends of winter, look ahead to Spring — a time for regeneration, a time for cleaning out and throwing away the old and bringing in the new. As we look at ourselves, let us think how we can perform some regenerative skills to spring […]