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Food Substitutes

Food Substitutes So you spent the entire winter on hibernation from exercise, huh? Put on a few pounds, or maybe you just want to get fit for the summer! The only problem is diets are restrictive, weight loss food tastes like cardboard, and all the good stuff has tons of calories. Well I’m here to […]

You are your Own Worst Critic

You Are Your Own Worst Critic “You are your own worst critic.” Truer words have never been spoken. This especially applies when you’re sitting in front of an employer at an interview shaking in your Doc Martins when they ask you to describe yourself.  What do you tell them? How do you find the words […]

Well Point


Hewlett Packer HP

Back If you have any questions or would like to be pre-screened about any of the posted positions, please contact: Employment Specialist at 254-768-6442 or

General Motors GM


General Electric


Dell -Austin

Back If you have any questions or would like to be pre-screened about any of the posted positions, please contact: Employment Specialist at 254-768-6442 or

Volunteering: Good For You and Your Resume

Few can deny the benefits of helping others. It gives you that warm special feeling that lets your heart grow 3 sizes every year. There is nothing like helping someone and seeing the smile and hearing the “thank you” that comes when you have made a difference in someone’s life. One cannot explain the satisfied […]

Making Your Own Luck

Fortune has always favored the bold, but the bold also always has a plan. There is nothing like being at the right place at the right time. Except you have to plan to be at that place at that time with a snazzy work appropriate outfit and a business card! You can let fate carry […]

HOT Workforce Announces Enhanced Job Placement Efforts

Beginning March 12th, the Heart of Texas Workforce Center is placing an even greater effort on placing the dislocated worker (UI Claimants) into employment opportunities. Individuals will be receiving emails, phone calls and post cards prompting them to come in, call in or logon to take advantage of this new effort. This program will place […]

Do You Want to Work for the City Of Waco?

Have you ever seen a great position that has just come up working for the City of Waco? You tell yourself, “I probably can’t work there; I don’t know anyone there.” Well, not to worry. You don’t have to know anyone there or have a relative or friend who can get you in. You just […]

Crank Up Your Creativity

You not only think outside of the box, you operate to its left. You have always been one to find a way around a problem that no one has ever thought of before. If not, then, it’s a skill you can learn! There are always ways to get something done and with a little practice, […]

Boost Your Will Power

The art of self-control is an art form that many would benefit from learning — even ourselves. So to help you and us, we researched some ways to bolster your innate ability to say no to temptation. We know you’ll thank us later for teaching you not to eat that last cookie. You won’t like […]

Dress Codes Decoded

What The Codes Mean: I know. You hear the word dress code and something inside you inwardly cringes. The very words make you want to rise against the establishment, rage against the machine, and all of that noise. But, dress codes are a part of life that we all have to live with. They don’t […]

Starting Your Career Over – Workforce Investment Act

If you are a laid off worker, this means you left your job through no fault of your own. There may be help available for you with regard to your education or training to start a new career. Many of us have lost our jobs during this economic turn down and may be facing difficult […]