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The Program That Keeps on Giving

Life is full of challenges that can really test an individual. At times, unfortunately, devastating events occur that literally turn a person’s life upside down and they find themselves at a crossroad. It’s during these devastating times, whether it be an illness, a divorce or losing a job that greatly impact the livelihood of the […]

“Success in life comes not from holding a good hand ………………….

Posted on June 16, 2013 by Barry “Success in life comes, not from holding a good hand, but in playing a poor hand well.” – Denis Waitley, Motivational Speaker and Writer Have you ever watched the World Series of Poker on television – you know, where the winners walk away with millions? If you have, […]

Discussion 73 – What Does Your Resume Say About You?

While teaching class this week, it came to our attention that many of our participants have good looking resumes; however, the resume does not fit the job they are seeking. If you have a varied work history and a number of careers that you are able to pursue, does your resume reflect the job that […]

Tell Me About Yourself

In January 2014, is bringing online a new service. This service is a personal web page featuring you. It will have your picture, resume,  summary of qualifications and a one-minute video. This page will then be emailed to employers to show who you are and what you have to offer. This may not be […]

Proper Actions Can Lead To Success During Your Interview

I know you have probably heard it all with regard to interviews. Well, I am here to share just one more, or two maybe, items for you to ponder as you prepare for your interview. First, we always have to think about our form of dress and appearance. Your appearance is the key to success. […]

How Does An Online Job Fair Work?

An online Job Fair is designed to assist employers and job applicants in locating the best match for both parties. This is all done strictly online. The purpose of the site is to connect employers and the best and most talented employees available. Employers will post their available positions online with specifications for each job […]

Do You Have a Gift?

Do you ever sit and wonder, “What am I good at?” “What do I have to offer?” or “How can I help others?” All of us, at some point, question ourselves about what makes us important … what makes us special … and the answers lie within ourselves.  What is a gift, you may wonder, […]

Discussion 72