Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services

Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services


Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services – a dedication to the growth and productivity of our clients and JOAT Adtheir people. It is very evident that a company is made by its people. Every business depends on its people for success.

This makes hiring a crucial part of your company’s operations.

This is also where we come into the picture – Jack Of All Trades Personnel Services is at your service to support you in Human Resource Pooling, Job Matching and Employment. We screen our applicants and sort them according to experience and specialization. This makes it more efficient for us to provide you with the staff that you need when you need them.

We respond to your staffing needs promptly. Call our office to begin services – 254-754-7997.


Jack-of-All-Trades Personnel Services is a full-range employment agency representing the best companies in central Texas. We place qualified workers in short-term, long-term, temp-to-hire and permanent positions.

We invite you to check us out!

Jack-of-All-Trades is an “Equal Opportunity Employer”.

Jack Of All Trades has much to offer:

  • Vacation Pay
  • Safety Awards
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance Available
  • Telephone Answered 24/7 by a trained counselor
  • Bilingual Counselors
Let Spherion Help You Find Your Dream Job

Let Spherion Help You Find Your Dream Job


Your Dream Job is Out There …
Let Spherion Help You Find It!

At Spherion®, we believe a job is more than just a means to pay the bills—it is a creative outlet for people to apply their skills and talents to something that’s bigger; something that is both challenging and rewarding. The right job will not leave you dreading Monday morning, but joyfully anticipating what new things the week will hold. If that is something you have yet to discover, then it’s time to call Spherion!

Consider us your local career connection

Spherion is a locally owned staffing company with more than 68+ years of experience helping job seekers find fulfilling career opportunities that enable them to live the life they love! With Spherion as your career partner, you’ll gain access to some of the best jobs in the market. And, because we have strong relationships with the companies in this area, you’ll attract the attention of leading employers who rely on Spherion to fill their jobs with strong Jobs designed to fit your individual needs…

Whether you are seeking a temporary job or a permanent position, Spherion can help you get situated in a job that’s uniquely suited to your needs. Every year, we help 160,000 individuals find jobs that complement their skills, including:

  • Administrative
  • Contact Center & Customer
  • Light Industrial
  • Non-Clinical Healthcare
  • Professional Specialties

Let Spherion help you find a job you’ll love!

334 Towne Oaks Drive
Waco, Texas 76710
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Making Your Own Luck

Making Your Own Luck

Fortune has always favored the bold, but the bold also always has a plan. There is nothing like being at the right place at the right time. Except you have to plan to be at that place at that time with a snazzy work appropriate outfit and a business card! You can let fate carry you anywhere it wants to, or you can give fate a hand to re-direct that river of success in your direction!

Fortuitous Encounters.
That shooting star called Serendipity can take off anywhere and any time! Make sure you’re ready to grab hold of it with both hands. If you’re out and about, you are more likely to have a fortuitous encounter if you’re at a place where you can encounter people. Take up macrame, go to a free seminar held at your local school, or check out the Chambers of Commerce. They are always holding events that let you get out and meet people. You can meet anyone there such as CEO’s, managers, supervisors, your next baby sitter who happens to have a Ph.D. It does not matter! But you wouldn’t have met any of these people if you’re sitting at home. Get out and encounter!

Don’t Ignore Oddities.
So you’re sitting on a bench at the park and a guy wearing overalls and a straw hat with muddy accessories sits down. He introduces himself and holds out his hand to shake. You’re wearing a suit or a dress and you’re hesitant to breath the same air, let alone touch his hand. Get over it and yourself! That man may be the one giving you your next interview. That man may be the father of your supervisor. That man could be the missing link between you and your next pay check. It can happen!

Happenstance can happen anywhere.
Your job is to make sure it happens when you’re ready. Going to a seminar? Research the company that’s sponsoring it. Look at your goals and see how that company could  fit into it. When you prepare for a conversation, it makes it easier to engage. Going to a knitting circle? Talk a little about what you do. Someone may know someone else who needs what you’re offering. There are always ways to spin any situation to your advantage. Be inquisitive!!

Take a Chance.
Is your comfort zone getting you that job? Try something new! You can accomplish all three of the above by going somewhere you’ve never been. You don’t know what is going to give you that “Aha” moment! You just have to be open to new things. If you’re knitting a rug sitting at the park, you may see people walking their dogs, people jogging, and maybe even a clown creating balloon animals. Someone who isn’t open is seeing: dog walkers, joggers, and a clown. The person who is open is seeing sees: a new love interest, a new work out buddy, and an entertainer at their kids’ birthday party. It doesn’t cost anything to take a chance.

Remain Flexible.
Your boss has given you a lot of work to do over the weekend. But there is nothing that says you can’t take your work to a restaurant and do it there. There was no stipulation that you couldn’t go to an internet cafe and sit with others, busy typing away to get your work done. As long as you’re getting your work done, there is nothing that says you can’t be where the action is and where your next opportunity might be!

Know What You Want.
The biggest mistake that people make when staring luck in the face is not knowing exactly what they want. You are being given the chance to have it all, however, you don’t know what it is that you want. By knowing what you’re looking for, you’ll know what to look for. You volunteered to knit for a charity. Someone bought your creation and now they want you to make sweaters exclusively for their store. You have always wanted to design clothing, but since it’s just sweaters, you said no.  You could have made those sweaters, used the store in your portfolio, handed out your card and a brochure to let others know you do more then sweaters, and set up a web space that would get you noticed. But you missed your chance by trying to get the big picture instead of the small opportunity to get you there.

There are little moments in time when you look back and think “Why didn’t I do that?” or “If I had just said this,” and you didn’t. There are days you’ll cringe at some of the things you’ve done and wish you could have had another chance. Luck is a tricky task master, but if you prepare yourself, you can make your luck work on your schedule!

Something For The Employers

Something For The Employers


  1. Long-Term TANF Recipient*- Member of a family that: 1) received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (T ANF) payments for at least 18 consecutive months ending on the hiring date, or 2) received TANF payments for any 18 months beginning after August 5, 1997, and the earliest 18 month period ended during the past 2 years prior to the hiring date, or 3) whose family stopped being eligible for TANF payments because Federal or State law limited the maximum time those payments could be made, and the individual is hired not more than 2 years after such eligibility ended.

*Note. Based on the Internal Revenue Service’ s 2003 Revenue Ruling, members of these four groups (i.e., Veteran; Short and Long-Term TANF; and SNAP Recipient groups) need not receive the assistance/benefits period if the family received it for the entire period and the individual was on the grant and thus received such assistance benefits for at least one day of the specified period (see TEGL #: 20-04, March 18, 2005).

  1. Other TANF Recipient* — Member of a family that received TANF payments for any 9 months during the 18-month period ending on the hiring date.
  1. Veteran*- Member of a family that received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits (food stamps) for at least a 3-month period during the 15-month period ending on the hiring date, or a disabled veteran entitled to compensation for a service-connected disability hired within one year of discharge from active duty, or unemployed for a period totaling at least 6 months of the year ending on the hiring date.
  1. 18-39 Year-Old SNAP (Food Stamps) Recipient*- Member of a family that received SNAP benefits (food stamps) for either the 6-month period ending on the hiring date, or for at least 3 of the 5 months ending on the hiring date in the case of a family member who ceased to be eligible for such assistance under Section 6(o) of the Food Stamp Act of 1977.
  1. 18-39 Year-Old Designated Community Resident* — Individual who lives within an Empowerment Zone (EZ), or Rural Renewal County (RRC).

Note: P .L. 111-312 reauthorized each HUD- designated urban Empowerment Zone (EZ) and each USDA-designated rural EZ from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2011.

  1. 16-17 Year-Old Summer Youth – Individual who works for the employer between May 1 and September 15, and lives in an EZ*.
  1. Vocational Rehabilitation Referral – Disabled person referred to the employer upon completion of (or while receiving) rehabilitation services approved by the State, Ticket-to-Work Program, or the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  1. Ex-Felon – Individual convicted of a felony and hired within one year after the date of the conviction or release from prison.
  1. SSI Recipient – Individual who received Supplemental Security Income benefits for any month ending during the past 60-day period ending on the hiring date.


For most target groups, the WOTC can be as much as $2,400. It is based on qualified wages paid to the new hire for the first-year of employment. Generally, qualified wages are capped at $6,000. The credit is 25% of qualified first-year wages for those employed at least 120 hours and 40% for those employed 400 hours or more.

For Disabled Veterans, the WOTC can be as much as much as $4,800 with qualified wages capped at $12,000.

For Long-Term TANF Recipients, the tax credit can be as much as $9,000, with qualified wages capped at $10,000 for a combined 2-year period.

For Summer Youth, the WOTC can be as much as $750 during the 90-day period of employment with wages capped at $3,000.

For employers to qualify for the WOTC, the new hire must begin work after December 31, 2005 and before January 1, 2012. ?

Unseen Careers to Aspire to

Unseen Careers to Aspire to

What Can They Teach You About Your Aspirations?

Customer service representative… technical support specialist… administrative assistant… snore! Are you tired of empty job titles that just don’t get you out of bed in the morning? From banana gassing to wrinkle chasing, check out 10 of the most unusual jobs you’ve never heard of and stimulate some fascinating career field exploration.

Unusual Job #1: Ice Cream Taster
John Harrison has the most delicious job in the business. As Official Ice Cream Taster for Dreyers Ice Cream (not to be confused with Breyers), John gets paid to sample three cartons of each flavor daily to check product quality. He claims the gig isn’t all fun and games since he must maintain a strict, spice-free diet; however, being surrounded by Rocky Road sounds like a sweet deal nonetheless.
Find Dreyers Ice Cream Jobs >>

Unusual Job #2: Hair Simulation Supervisor
Believe it or not, those proficient in the art of creating 3-D hair are hot commodities in the world of animation. Just ask Mark Thomas Henne, the man responsible for every follicle flip in Pixar’s CGI blockbuster, ‘The Incredibles.’ According to Nathan Pieratt, Director of the Online Animation Program at Westwood College, the industry has shifted from 2-D design to 3-D digital media, giving rise to highly specific jobs. “This industry is huge,” Pieratt says. “Students are blown away by how hard it is and how exciting it is, too.”
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Unusual Job #3: Palliative Care Technician
A cross between M.D.s and hospice workers, palliative care technicians ameliorate symptoms, but don’t cure disease for terminally ill patients. On top of medical training, technicians must be prepared to handle the legal, psychological, and ethical issues associated with death. Online courses like the End of Life Issues Program at the University of South Florida provide medical professionals with background to help patients and families cope with grief.
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Unusual Job #4: Banana Gasser
Less flatulent than it sounds, banana gassers finish off what Mother Nature started. To make sure the bottom of your split is tasty, bananas are shipped while they’re still green to prevent bruising. Gassers for the JFC Fruit Company are in charge of moving new shipments into hermetically sealed chambers where the fruit is sprayed with an ethylene gas to catalyze ripening. According to the company Web site, trained gassers use the computer program “Probe” to determine how much gas should be applied and for how long. The process can take anywhere from three to eight days, after which bananas hit grocery store shelves yellow and ready to be eaten. Bon appetite!
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Unusual Job #5: Fire Scientist
Specializing in experiments involving flame, fire scientists do everything from checking gas pipe leaks to blowing things up. Grads from the University of Maryland’s University College online fire science program not only learn the science behind smithereens,but are also trained in emergency management and arson investigation.
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