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Happy Anniversary WPMG

By Melvin Collins. Jr. January 1, 2013 marks the beginning of the twenty-fifth year of Workforce Partners Management Group, LLC. This company began as ADAPT Publishing Company, Inc. by Melvin Collins, Jr. and Yolanda L. Salazar to write and publish transitional and self-reflective materials. The very first book, Common Knowledge, A Clerical Reference Guide was […]

Top Five Personality Traits Employers Hire Most

by FORBESWOMAN Top Five Personality Traits Employers Hire Most I know you: You’ve made looking for your next job, well… your job. You’ve scoured your resume of clichéd buzzwords, brushed up on body language and even gotten a handle on the dreaded video interview. But all of that might be for naught if you just don’t […]

Top 10 Worst Body Mistakes To Make In An Interview

by 10 Body Language Interview Mistakes From eye contact to posture to the way you fix your hair, avoid these 10 physical slip-ups in your next job interview.   1. Bad Postured Posture Leaning back is lazy or arrogant, leaning forward is aggressive and slouching is just lazy. Instead, experts say to aim for […]

The Countdown to May and Graduation Begins

Beginning January 1, 2013 starts its countdown to graduation. (CJX) was developed to serve college students as they approached graduation. Many students finish their education with a degree, certification or license, plus a loan to pay back. Finding a job becomes paramount to start their new life off correctly. Also, CJX has discovered […]

New Year’s Work Resolutions

    By Sheena Williams It’s that time again! The holidays are over, and it’s time to take down the tree. Time to reflect on what a year 2012 has been. The ups and downs, the high and lows, and the sometimes those days that were just middle of the road! It’s been a year […]

A New Year and A New You

By Sheena Williams A makeover is something that everyone should try, now and then. I don’t mean getting a new suit or buying a new brand of make-up. Those are fantastic too, however, there are changes that we can make, on the inside and around us, that can also constitute as a makeover. A new […]

Discussion 24: New Job Resolutions

Hello, our discussion is late this week due to the holidays, don’t worry participation will be counted as normal! A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. A key element to a New Year’s Resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it […]

Discussion 23: Happy Holidays

To start this discussion we would like to give the most up to date answer we have received regarding UI Benefits from the Heart Of Texas Workforce Center:”You can still make your payment request on your scheduled day even if that day is the 29th , 30th, or 31st.”We want to be sure you understand […]

Discussion 22: UI Benefits and More

Below you will find a notice from the Texas Workforce Commission. This notice is to inform you of the latest information available on UI benefits. Please read it carefully. If you have any questions, just ask! Here’s the link: We have UI Specialists monitoring the Job Club. They will research your questions and will post […]

Discussion 21: Attitude of Gratitude

This is a story we could all learn a lesson from!     Gratitude Napkins by Robert Williams Frank’s Diner was once an energized, thriving business, a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike in the scenic New England town of York Beach, Maine. But when the economy hit a brick wall, Frank found it more […]

The Perception of Tattoos

By Sharon Rector  The essence of the articles I write deal solely with life lessons, oftentimes my own, but also the life lessons of others. It is said that with age comes wisdom. Hopefully, the tidbit of wisdom I am about to share will help someone to make a better decision about their future, especially […]

Crafty Christmas

By Sheena Williams Christmas Gifts that cost very little… So, do you have a lot of people who are looking at you as their Great Santa this year? But not being employed has put you in a gift-giving pinch, right? While the obvious answer would be to politely abstain from gift-giving this year, you know […]

FUN Things To Do in Waco at Christmastime FOR FREE

By Sheena Williams The worst thing about the holidays is not being able to be with the ones you love. The second worst thing about the holidays is not being able to afford to celebrate with them the way you would like to. There are so many things around the holidays that remind us of […]

Is Being Unemployed Making You Just A Little Crazy?

By Yolanda L Salazar Being unemployed is a very stressful thing to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Being unemployed during the holiday season can also add to that stress. We definitely know it is not easy. Not knowing where your money is coming from during the next several weeks or months can certainly lead […]

Ethics in the Workplace

By Marissa Maldonado When you get hired and put time into your job, most of us tend to get comfortable with what we say and do in the presence of our co-workers, but can this hinder your career in the long run? Sometimes co-workers become our personal friends which has a lot of benefits when […]