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5 Foods to Eat Before Your Interview

5 Foods to Eat Before Your Interview From You are what you eat, so when it comes time for your interview, what can you eat that will make you alert, calm, focused, and quick thinking? We’ve spoken to experts and done our share of research to compile a list of foods that are essential […]


  Austin Account Executive II Dell Round Rock, TX Jan 17 Executive to perform as a quota carrying salesperson responsible for the sale of Dellsolutions in the Dell Americas Medium Business (MB) Group in major US … plan as well as a great Benefit Package. Please visit the About Dell section at for more information. Relocation to this area […]


  Austin SAP Public Sector Job Openings IBM Austin, TX Feb 09 a life outside of work too. Sound interesting? Then come to work with us at IBM. IBM is the industry leader in delivering SAP Public Sector industry solutions to Federal and State & Local jurisdictions. At IBM, we have a special focus on Public Sector solutions focusing […]


Austin Store Team Leader – Austin, TX Area Job Target Austin, TX Jan 23 Opportunity Employer and is a drug-free workplace. About Target Expect the Best. At Target, we have a vision: to become the best – the best culture and brand, the best … thing for our guests, shareholders, team members and communities. Minneapolis-based TargetCorporation serves guests at […]

Best Buy – Austin

Back If you have any questions or would like to be pre-screened about any of the posted positions, please contact: Employment Specialist at 254-768-6442 or

So Much More Than Candy

The Mars Waco Plant began operating in 1976, becoming the first Mars facility west of the Mississippi River. The company built a plant that has brown to 625,00 square feet with 870 employees, who in addition to M&M’s, also make Skittles, Starburst, Twix, Mars, Snickers and Milky Way candies. Snickers is America’s favorite candy bar. […]

Myths About Getting Fit While You Work

You know how it starts. “I need to rest; a small nap after work won’t hurt.” Maybe a “I don’t have time to work out, I’m busy with work all day!” and my fave “It’s just an innocent cookie to tide me over till lunch, what could it hurt?” However it happened, you are now […]

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper originated in Waco, Texas. Dr Pepper was created around 1885 by a young pharmacist named Charles Alderton. He introduced it to the owner of Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store. He liked it so they began selling it to a few local customers. After collaborating on the production, Mr. Morrison, being the owner of […]

Banishing a Negative Self-Image

By Sheena Williams “I don’t have the skills.”, “They won’t hire me”, or “I’m not cut out for this type of work.” Why don’t you have the skills? How do you know they won’t hire you? Who told you that you were not cut out for that type of work? Sometimes we can be our […]

Sweets for the Sweet, Coffee for the rest!

welcome to the world of baskin-robbinsFor over 62 years, Baskin-Robbins has been delighting customers with its irresistible treats.It still follows the credos and innovative thinking of its founders, Burton Baskin and Irvine Robbins. With more than 6,000 retail shops in 35 countries, Baskin- Robbins is now the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops.From […]

Fashion for the Whole Family

shopping at target. see. spot. save. Just like its Bullseye logo, Target’s history comes full circle. Their department-store roots evolved into discount-store savvy. Their first-in-the-industry innovations led to retail revolutions. In 1962, Target opened its first store and it was heralded as a “new idea in discount stores.” Target differentiates itself from other retail stores […]

Something For The Employers

HIRE FROM AMONG THESE 9 GROUPS Long-Term TANF Recipient*- Member of a family that: 1) received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (T ANF) payments for at least 18 consecutive months ending on the hiring date, or 2) received TANF payments for any 18 months beginning after August 5, 1997, and the earliest 18 month period […]

A Personal Marketing Package

A personal marketing package is an individual’s first introduction to a prospective employer. That is why it is very important for you to make the appropriate selection when you are getting ready to do your resume. There are many selections to make, such as style, format, font type and size, content as well as the […]

Interviewing Gets The job

The Interviewing Process Can Be Demanding, But Rewarding. One of the most important part of the interview is, of course, you know it, appearance! Be impressive, but not overly dressed and create a great first impression. This is what the interviewer will based their opinion on from the very start. Also, remember to remove any […]

Unseen Careers to Aspire to

What Can They Teach You About Your Aspirations? Customer service representative… technical support specialist… administrative assistant… snore! Are you tired of empty job titles that just don’t get you out of bed in the morning? From banana gassing to wrinkle chasing, check out 10 of the most unusual jobs you’ve never heard of and stimulate […]

Working Dads are Appreciated

Oh, the joys of being a dad! Rough housing with the kids, building tree houses with the boys, and, of course, the random tea parties with princes pearly pants! The only problem is trying to balance out your work life and your life as a father.  If you’re the good dad we know you are, […]

Our Hut is your Home

  On May 31, 1958, Pizza Hut began with two college-aged brothers borrowing $600 from their mother to start a pizzeria in Wichita, Kansas. In 1959, Pizza Hut is incorporated in Kansas and the first franchise unit opens in Topeka, Kansas. As early as 1966, Pizza Hut built its first Home Office in Wichita, Kansas […]

Office Etiquette

We’re not going to cover hygiene. We assume everyone knows how to do these things. We are talking about those unspoken rules that are applicable to a work setting with which you may not be familiar — things that make getting along with customers and co-workers a breeze! Degrees may vary depending on how laid […]