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Discussion 7: Punctuation Question

Punctuation, what is it good for? Absolutely everything! This is true; punctuation is important in many situations, especially when the situation is your employment. Intelligence is a necessary tool at every place of business and knowing how to use punctuation/grammar correctly is a sure sign of this. For those who have not received a formal education, good grammar […]

Searching for Information

by Sheena Williams You Have A Question. You have a burning desire to get information. Happenstance has caused you to require the answer and by gosh, you are going to get it! Swell, you turn to the library and then you turn to the internet, and your search has yielded nothing. Not a single thing. […]

Managers and Leaders

by Marrisa Maldonado The role of a manager and the role of a leader are often thought to go hand in hand. Many individuals think that in order to be a manager, you have to be a leader and vice versa, but the fact of the matter is that both positions have differences in their […]

Grammar Income Test

From Ash to Ask by Sharon Rector   Understanding How Language Can Affect Your Income In the summer of 1971, I was afforded the opportunity to attend Baylor University’s Upward Bound Program as an incoming freshman. I had just graduated from high school with good grades and a great overall school record on my way […]

Social Media for the Worker

By Sheena Williams Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, bloggers are all social media sites. Let me reiterate, they are social media sites. If you break those three words down, it means a site that uses media for you to be social. You can share pictures, thoughts, songs, and videos to let others know what you’re doing with […]

Discussion 6: Grammar Test

The Grammar Income Test UNIVERSITY OF MOTTSBURGH OCCUPATIONAL INVENTORY OF GRAMMATICAL KNOWLEDGE As demonstrated in the research of Dr. Edward McCormick, an individual’s habits of grammar correlate with her or his income. Test results indicate that one can predict with 80 percent accuracy the income of an individual based on his answers to the questions […]

Discussion 5: Hey, What’s the Big Idea?

What IS the big idea, we ask. So far Job Club has been a hit, but we want Opinions. What do you think would improve Job Club? What would you like to see added or talked about. Tell us Your Big Idea. Just another serious reminder, many of you are not making at least one […]

Discussion 4: Is That Your Final Answer?

We have asked everyone to be ready to do a one minute presentation on the ultimate interview question: “Tell me about yourself”. Everyone assumed they were ready to do that, but after hearing some individuals this is not the case. All answers to every question should always be work related and kept positive. The below […]

Am I too Old to Change Careers?

Am I Too Old To Change Careers? You said you want to change your career at this stage of the game? Well, let me tell you that you are never too old. Today, most of us are finding ourselves having to work much longer than we ever imagined. The days of an early retirement have […]

Preparing for the Interview

PREPARING FOR THE INTERVIEW   It’s a known fact that employers hire people they like, people who they can relate to or who they seem are like them somehow. Because of this, first and foremost, be likable and create a good first impression on your interview. P E O P L E get hired — […]

Culture at Work

Culture at Work Culture is at work every day and while most people think of culture as a way to distinguish their membership to an ethnic group, they seldom think of it as having an impact at their job or their interviewing process.  When you apply to a job, you are automatically giving the impression […]

Creating Your Future

Creating Your Future In creating your future, you need to learn how to choose to be the YOU you want to be! We are not our actions, because we can change our actions and still be ourselves. For the same reason, we are not our thoughts, our opinions, our beliefs or our feelings. We can […]