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Discussion 16: Interview Questions

Here are some of the most popular interview questions. How would you answer them?   What were your expectations for the job? What have you learned from your mistakes? What did you like or dislike about your previous job? What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last position? What is your greatest weakness? […]

A Great Place To Work – Check Out City of Waco Benefits

by Yolanda L Salazar The City of Waco is one of the top ten employers in the Waco, Texas area. If you secure employment with this employer, you are one of the fortunate ones. Earlier this year, we published an article entitled “Do You Want To Work For the City of Waco?” In this article, […]

So You Have A Record

by Sheena Williams There are times in our lives where we have made some bad choices, or some bad choices were made around us, and we find ourselves unable to find work due to the fact that we have a rap sheet. It can be difficult to find employment because the hiring process is all […]

An Applicant’s Blind Opponent

by Erica Mitchell-Breedlove In my Human Resources (HR) profession, I review anywhere from 80 – 1,500 employment applications on a weekly basis. Most applications are accompanied by additional precious employment documents, i.e.  resumes, cover letter, vitas.  It is when I actually have the opportunity to speak to interested candidates where an applicant’s “Blind Opponent” reveals […]

Flu Season – It Doesn’t Go Well With Work

by Sheena Williams We are not doctors, but having had a few colds around the office, we know that working with a runny nose and a fever is no fun for anyone! So in the interest of cold season coming up, we thought it would be nice (and self-serving because we needed this information too) […]

Discussion 15: Networking the New Way

With all the new social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), connecting with people has become easier worldwide. You can chat with friends and relatives in other states or share your resume and career interests with companies across the globe. These social networks still seem, to some, an unlikely place to find employment. Many resources and companies, […]

Discussion 14: Expand Your Horizons.

There is always a first step, but where that last step takes you is just as important. However, in today’s topic, where you park your car may be a better term. In many of our classes, we have discussed expanding your job search circle. For example, take a map and place your finger at a […]

Discussion 13: Smile, Say Cheese!

Good Morning Everyone, Today we would like to discuss how you present yourself in the Job Market through pictures. Your image is everything when it comes to getting a job, and professionalism is key. We must always be aware of the statement we make with our clothes, expressions, settings, etc. For instance, if you present […]

Discussion 12: UI Benefits and Other Announcements

Please be patient as the corresponding video will be up later today. Thank you!   Hello, this is Sheena. Today we have three new things to discuss: the Extended Unemployment Benefits, our last job event and the new contractor  for the Heart Of Texas Workforce Centers in this area. First, our major announcement is the […]