Discussion 67: Being Positive

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.
-Aristotle Onassis
During your job search you are going to have times of doubt and worry. Things aren’t comng as fast as you need them to, and you are fast getting into a bind. Those are the moments when you need to be the most positive. It is those exact moments when life seems its darkest that you need to rally your strength, your faith, and your support group around you. you won’t ever see the light if you are focused on the darkness around you. You need to focus not on what may happen, but what will happen. You will get that job, you will go back to school, you will be financialy solevant. The only thing that needs to happen to make those things possible is for you to believe it is possible. What WILL happen for you today?

Discussion 66 Alamo: Getting that Job

You know what job you want. You know that it’s open, and that if you can just get your foot in the door you’ll get it. Are you ready to get your foot in the door? Getting a job is not just about being qualified. It’s about going above and beyond. Have you?


1. Worked on staying current?- All of the people who are interviewing for this job know the same things you do. What is setting you apart?

2. Revised your resume?- Have you tailored it to fit your new job?

3. Practiced talking about yourself?- You should be able to sum up your qualifications in roughly 30 seconds to a minute

4. Made sure your interview outfit is read?- Keep it simple, and keep it neat.

Discussion 65 Alamo: When Opportunity Knocks

There are times when we are given the chance to do something and we don’t. Not because we aren’t capable of doing them, but because we are afraid to take that step. Or maybe we just don’t believe it’s the right opportunity. You hear about a volunteer job that could give not only experience, but give you connections, but you don’t have the time or don’t want to be bothered. You are asked to go to a mixer after work, and you’re tired, but your supervisor is there with his employer announce that a new job is opening up. They are giving away free class at a local venue, but you doubt that you can learn something new. The town is throwing a job fair, but you don’t go because you think there will be nothing fast food jobs. We need to learn to take each opportunity that comes our away, and not be afraid. Some times to get what we want we have to do things that we have never done before.

Discussion 64 Alamo: The Little Things

When we look for work there are times that we are so focused on a job that we gloss over the little things that might help us land that job. Are your shoes scuffed? Did you print your resume on resume paper? Maybe a new haircut or color is in order? Do you have a thank you note ready to send to the employers? Are you keeping busy by volunteering or networking? Are you still in touch with your references?  Try checking your cover letter for any mistakes. There are so many things that could boost our chance of getting a job that really make a world of difference. Is everything ready for you?


Employment Video Web Page

Employment Video Web Page

By Melvin Collins, Jr.

Getting the attention of an employer is one of the greatest tasks a job seeker has to conquer. No matter how good the resume, a web page doubles your value as a qualified applicant. If a job seeker has not captured the attention of a prospective employer demonstrating their personality, positive being, enthusiasm for the position and a general knowledge of what is expected, you’ve wasted your time and theirs. With all of this, it becomes a plain application for employment.

Showcasing your talent on a resume can be very difficult as you have to show various skills and talents on a one- or two-page document. How does the employer know that you have a great attitude? How does the employer know that you possess the drive needed to accomplish the needed goals of his position? How does the employer know that you can communicate your thoughts and knowledge?

The competition for most good jobs is fierce, to say the least! You are competing against an untold number of individuals with various levels of skills and abilities. You may be the best person for the job, but they may be the better writer. Therefore, a resume has afforded them the opportunity to interview and compete for a job with a resume they probably didn’t even write. They hired someone.

How do you effectively compete? We are now suggesting that individuals who are very serious about their career may need to consider an employment video web page. The video web page contains a resume, a bio or summary of qualifications as well as a photo. However, one added feature to this page makes this tool uniquely yours and no one else’s. It would be your looking for jobsone-minute or less video featuring YOU! With your video, it is you… and only you. It is your smile, your voice, your words and your feelings. This cannot be faked.

With the employment video web page, an employer gets to see you and considers the real you, not just a piece of paper. Your presence on the screen will convey your sense of commitment, desire for the job and works as a face-to-face interview, under your control. You tell the employer what you have to offer and what you are looking for in a position or company.

CampusJobXpress presents a special way for applicants to demonstrate their skills, education and abilities. With this web page, an individual shows what they have to offer. Employers will be able to review:viewer

  • A snapshot of their summary of qualifications
  • A full resume
  • A photo
  • A video presentation of the applicant telling their own story

After reviewing this web page, an employer can determine their next move. They are impressed with what they see and hear. They have a resume and a good feeling. This trumps a two-page resume any time. You now have the option to send an employer a link to your page which should put you in a better position for consideration for any position you seek. Save time and money by using this most efficient tool! △