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Top 10 Jobs of 2014

By Yolanda L Salazar This article is based on an article by U.S. News of their 100 best jobs selected for 2014. Here I will be providing you with the top 10 Jobs of 2014. If you click on each of the job titles in this article, the link will take you to a full […]

The Graduate Program – Why Should I and How?

By Yolanda L Salazar That is the question on many grad students’ minds! The reasons to go to graduate school are many and varied. Some students want to ensure that they will have higher earning power and others want to enhance their education — two very good reasons. While having a graduate degree does not […]

College Loans Giving You the Blues?

By Melvin Collins, Jr. College loans certainly can be a pain in the side and in the pocketbook, if not handled properly! It’s the college loan that makes students (and parents) worry about their education plan. They have to be aware of how much money it is going to take in order for them to […]

Are You Using the Right Job Search Tools?

By Yolanda Salazar For the past 50 or 60 years, resumes have been the thing to do in putting your name out there for a job. Resumes do serve their purpose; however, with today’s technology, there is so much more out there to take advantage of in order to announce to employers that you are […]

When Opportunity Knocks…

By Ayunne Collins When opportunity knocks, do you answer? Well, do you? Everyone is always told to never give up. Many people take that advice, but others may not always follow suit. At a certain age, you start to get hit with life quotes and I am throwing one at you. Here is one that may […]

Is Your Career Blooming?

By Silvia Seelig In searching for a job, many things need to be taken into consideration when selecting the companies that interest you. You should think about the type of job you want, the type of work environment that best suits you, and what a company has to offer you as an employee. One important […]

If Not Resumes, Then What?

By Silvia Seelig Regular resumes have almost become obsolete. It is still a good idea to have one, but don’t stop there. We suggest that you always have an electronic resume at your convenience, but other than resumes, we will also discuss other job search tools available to you. Electronic Resumes The internet has become […]

Proper Actions Can Lead To Success During Your Interview

I know you have probably heard it all with regard to interviews. Well, I am here to share just one more, or two maybe, items for you to ponder as you prepare for your interview. First, we always have to think about our form of dress and appearance. Your appearance is the key to success. […]

How Does An Online Job Fair Work?

An online Job Fair is designed to assist employers and job applicants in locating the best match for both parties. This is all done strictly online. The purpose of the site is to connect employers and the best and most talented employees available. Employers will post their available positions online with specifications for each job […]

Do You Have a Gift?

Do you ever sit and wonder, “What am I good at?” “What do I have to offer?” or “How can I help others?” All of us, at some point, question ourselves about what makes us important … what makes us special … and the answers lie within ourselves.  What is a gift, you may wonder, […]

Taking Responsibility

By Sheena Williams At this time in our history, it is so easy to point the finger at someone else, or say it’s someone else’s fault that something happened. It’s almost second nature to say that it was the other person’s fault. But it is your responsibility to get yourself to work on time. It […]

Employment Video Web Page

By Melvin Collins, Jr. Getting the attention of an employer is one of the greatest tasks a job seeker has to conquer. No matter how good the resume, a web page doubles your value as a qualified applicant. If a job seeker has not captured the attention of a prospective employer demonstrating their personality, positive […]

Workplace Violence

By Sheena Williams When you hear about violence in the news, it’s usually out in the streets or some far away country in an area that has nothing to do with you directly. Even if it’s closer to home, it’s always some other person who was abused by their spouse or someone else’s child getting […]

The Class — Making Healthy Choices

Excerpt From Making Healthy Choices Workbook The Making Healthy Choices Class is a wonderful and amazing personal development adventure. The wisdom students have gained here is not available in too many places. These classes are not usually taught in schools. Education and coaching of this type can be very expensive in the corporate world. This […]

The Services: Choices and Customers’ Extensive Follow-up

By Silvia Seelig Life is filled with choices … whether it’s about our personal life or our job … we find ourselves making decisions that impact our future. On a daily basis, we make choices that dictate the life we live and at other times, extenuating circumstances find us in situations that we never imagined […]

The Business Services Unit: The Employer Connection

By Melvin Collins, Jr. CampusJobXpress (CJX) presents itself as a useful tool to Business/Employment Services programs with its personalized offerings. Through CJX, business services teams are able to use the latest technology for applicants with posting of resumes, video resumes, and a video chat room. A detailed posting of an employer’s profile is also possible, […]

The Workforce Connection

The Workforce Connection: Workforce Solutions-Alamo (Rural) and Campusjobxpress Make The Difference By Melvin Collins, Jr. It began in Waco with the Workforce Solutions For The Heart Of Texas (WSHOT) and it matured with and through the cooperation of Workforce Solutions-Alamo (Rural) (WSA). CampusJobXpress (CJX), a division of Workforce Partners Management Group, LLC (WPMG) has developed […]

Finding A Job Right Out of College

So you’ve got that handy paper in hand with your name on it that says you are fully competent in your field. You’ve spent long hours researching and studying for test after test, and now, you are ready to enter the workforce. The question is, “Now what?” You have been told, for the longest, that […]


By Sheena Williams Being in the business that we are in, one of the things that we get asked about a lot is “Do I really need a cover letter?” Point blank, a cover letter is something that is personal to each individual writer. We can’t make a cover letter for you. We can give […]

Tattoos And You

By Sheena Williams There are many reasons people get tattoos. This article is not an attempt to tell you if you should or should not get a tattoo. This article is not an admonishment of getting one, or whether it was right or wrong for you to get one. This article is assuming that we […]